Barbados Attorney General admits Integrity Legislation is dead, dead, dead

When this article was first published in July of 2012, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite was still lying to the people that his DLP government really intended to enact the long promised Integrity Legislation.
That was then. Today Brathwaite and the DLP don’t even bother to promise. They lied, we elected them. They lied again and we elected them again. Bajan politicians: laughing all the way to the bank… in Switzerland.

Barbados Free Press

Integrity Legislation has no chance and Adriel Brathwaite knows it!

Hey folks:

The Bajan news media isn’t carrying the real story. The Nation and the rest are repeating the government line like they rely upon the government advertising to survive…

Oh… wait… The mainstream Bajan news outlets do rely upon government advertising to survive! Do you think that impacts their editorial decisions? We think it does and that any citizen can see that our news media isn’t giving us the truth. Here at BFP we say that the Bajan news media sold their souls a long time ago and consequently the public is fed a version of the news that is less than citizens deserve.

Attorney General Adrel Brathwaite says:

“Legislatively, we have the anti-corruption legislation which is before a joint committee of Parliament. We had promised that we would have that done before the end of the year. It’s…

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7 responses to “Barbados Attorney General admits Integrity Legislation is dead, dead, dead

  1. Party Animal

    Crooks, Crooks and more Crooks, the Calypsonians should have a field day this year with their songs, Grind the Grynner.

  2. Jason

    I said it then and I’ll keep saying it: Thompson and the DLP had no intention of passing integrity legislation. It was nothing more than another election lie.

  3. just want to know

    Well, the whole of Barbados, know that the DLP bought the last election, so, now let the people who put them there see if the few dollars they got for their votes can help them. Wasn’t it The Minister of Agriculture said some time ago it was the policies of the DLP government that got them into these difficulties? Bajans have short memories, even the calypsonians seem to have lost their voices.

  4. Mac

    @Jason The same lies as ” No layoffs” before the last election & the Bajan people fell for it – again!!!

  5. SLICK!

    BLP administrator Dr. Duguid got out in a slickly planned exit. Moved his family to Canada, who knows where his bank accounts are? He planned it for years.

  6. just asking

    The man is a dentist. Have you been to a dentist lately, their fees are higher than medical doctors. The man worked for his money, so if he want to get his family out of Barbados good luck to him. Did you know he still have an office here?

  7. “Barbadian Attorney General Bullies Local Media, but cannot bear scrutiny: CDEMA looks at why they failed to warn St Vincent in Xmas last year “