Irony: Shot tourists return as guests of Barbados – as another tourist is shot.

tourist shot Barbados

“I would not mind getting shot again to go through that! It really was a fantastic holiday and they did us so proud. It was quite overwhelming.

Everybody was so kind and so concerned, and so very, very happy that we had gone back, but for us, it did not hold any fear or trepidation.”

DISS Express: Couple shot on Barbados holiday return for “holiday of a lifetime”

March 3, 2014 Ipswisch Star: Philip and Ann Prior to return to Barbados a year after shooting

March 17, 2013 BFP: British tourists shot in broad daylight – Sunday afternoon walkabout in Bridgetown

Dear Barbados Free Press,

Is it the government’s policy that tourists get a two week all-expenses-paid free vacation if they are shot during a visit? Does this offer apply to the most recent victims, or just Mr. and Mrs Prior?

Should we advertise this as a feature of vacationing in Barbados? I can see the advertisement now:

“Our Bajan vacation guarantee: Should things go terribly wrong, we’ll give you a free holiday once you’ve recovered!”

Many will say that I am being unreasonable by bringing this up, but my point is not that we shouldn’t have looked after these good people (or any visitors having some trouble to any degree). My point is that something is going terribly wrong on this island and has been going terribly wrong for a number of years. And it is getting worse.

At the same time that Mr. and Mrs. Prior were here for their free ‘compensation holiday’, another tourist (this one from Canada) was fighting for his life after being shot…

On March 12, 2014, four gunmen burst into a rented beach apartment at Bath and shot Canadian tourist Johnathan Huddle in front of his wife and 11 month old daughter. Fortunately Mr. Huddle survived – according to various reports because he and his wife are both trained soldiers with tours in Afghanistan…

… from BFP’s One month after Canadian tourist shot – no excuse for 1 hour ambulance wait

And there have been many other incidents in the last year. Is it just me, or is it all going to hell?

name withheld by request


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12 responses to “Irony: Shot tourists return as guests of Barbados – as another tourist is shot.

  1. CJB

    Yet another Caribbean country to avoid for a vacation to spend hard-earned dollars then – but with corrupt politicians and developers (you know who I mean), and ineffective police what else can be expected? Clean up your act Barbados and the tourists might return. But when we were there even the predatory ZR minibuses were getting aggressive towards us. All not good.

  2. Why Barbados?

    Yes, everything is going to hell.

  3. Party Animal

    If I went to a Country knowing it to be unsafe and something did go wrong why the Hell would I want to go back ?

  4. robert ross

    What are we really trying to say here?

  5. Old people look at things differently

    Party Animal: you would go back for the free vacation under first class and controlled conditions, knowing that you would not again be walking Bridgetown streets alone on a Sunday in broad daylight under dangerous conditions of not having an escort while being old.

  6. just want to know

    Barbados if not far from Jamaica & Trinidad. Full hot sun in Trinidad over the week-end and a woman was shot to death in her SUV by gun men, Hope nobody say it can’t happen here. Even the police are corrupt in this country, when you complain they say it’s not their job. God be with us!!!


    just want to know
    May 5, 2014 at 3:08 pm @ True about the Police , they move faster when you are a tourist ,for they looking at the dollar and , The papers control the NEWS and the DBLP controls the papers NATIONS and CBC so all will always look well on the island , If its not reported then it never happened,

  8. African Muslim Slavery Continues

    It is all going to hell on this island, but no worse than the rest of the Caribbean or Detroit USA.

  9. CJB

    So you get shot and killed. Do your relatives then get offered a free holiday in the sun? I know of no other country that has such an offer. Wouldn’t it be better to have adequate policing and punishment? After all prevention is better and all that …?

  10. Victor

    Walk round Bridgetown quiet, quiet, looking poor. Bustle along. Don’t go long with a bunch of tourists gaping at everything. Avoid Swan St where you will be pestered by crackheads. Lef the Rolex in the tour bus or safe. Actually, just stay on the ship, nothing to enjoy here.

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