Sir Roy Trotman accuses government of using preferential list in NCC layoffs, BUT…

Where was Sir Roy’s complaint about preferential hiring?

General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union, Sir Roy Trotman, accuses the Government of unfairly selecting employees to be laid off. (Barbados Today article here)

Sir Roy says there is a ‘do not touch’ list of favoured persons who are not to be fired – because they are politically connected.

We agree with Roy Trotman: knowing what we know about how things are done ’bout hey, there probably is a ‘protected’ list where experience, seniority and performance don’t matter: only being a friend of government matters.

That much is probably true.

The only thing I want to know is this: Why is this political favouritism only a concern at firing time?

Why hasn’t Trotman previously complained about preferential hiring based upon political favouritism?

Where was Sir Roy’s outrage when a family of 3 all lost jobs at the National Housing Corporation?

Why didn’t he demand to know how three people from one family all came to have juicy NHC jobs within a short time?

Here ya go, Mr. Trotman. Family loses 3 jobs, exposes nepotism at NHC.

Come on Trotman – Let’s see some equal outrage about how folks get hired ’bout this place.


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2 responses to “Sir Roy Trotman accuses government of using preferential list in NCC layoffs, BUT…

  1. Party Animal

    Sorry peoples, but I do not feel sorry for those who are politically appointed.
    They did not deserve the job in the first place, Government employ people to get a vote. Corn Beef and biscuits done, $100 and $ 250 dollars talk… thanks to the Private sector who raised this money, don’t feel sorry for them if they go under too, I hope they realize their mistake and don’t do it again.
    The out come of the last Election has further put pressure on the whole Country by people that don’t have a clue of what to do. We knew they where useless in the first five years, yet we put them back in. “not me I did not waste my vote.”

  2. just want to know

    Both unions were all in this terrible disaster, not a word was said when the NHC workers were being sent home, & the fuss they are trying to make now just show, the horses have already escaped, & most of unions hierarchy are already on demand for posts overseas.The voters themselves were told, but ( corn beef & biscuits ) mentality have them where they are now, while Government Ministers & their spouses are travelling the world. Serve them right.