Another gunpoint tourist robbery, complaints about Barbados Police incompetence, uncaring attitude

Barbados Murder Gun Revolver 3

by Cliverton

Two serious incidents in a few weeks does not make for an epidemic of violence against tourists – but one must be concerned to look at all the foreign press stories over the past two years of tourists returning home from Barbados with tales of thefts, gun-point robberies, bus accidents and other bad vacation experiences.

And the news stories don’t stop at just reporting the crimes. Invariably the victims also recount unprofessional police officers, uncaring tourism workers, ambulances that never arrive or the state of the run-down slum that passes for our Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Violent crimes against tourists damage our reputation not just because of the crimes – but also because victims are then confronted with sub-standard emergency services and the limitations of our crumbling infrastructure.

Our so-called leaders have failed to fund and develop a professional police force. They have failed to maintain the quality of our environment and tourism offerings. They embraced every get-rich-quick scheme or new tourism trend and in so doing ignored what is important to the core of our economy. Oh… Cricket World Cup was going to save us. Then it was health tourism, and when that didn’t work it was sports tourism, faith tourism, history tourism and tourists from China, India or Brazil.

While the big shots padded their overseas bank accounts and retired to Canada or Switzerland, domination of the hotel sector by the Government of Barbados undermined independent owners to the point where investors gave up building new room stock on the island.

And so it is that another story of another tourist couple robbed at gunpoint has implications far beyond the crime itself.

Why is it that the vision of what must be done to save Barbados is so clear to ordinary Bajans, but seems beyond imagination to our glorious leaders?

Read it and weep…  

Scots couple robbed at gunpoint on holiday warn of dangers

A COUPLE have told of their horror after being robbed at gunpoint by masked assailants during their holiday in Barbados.

Laura Holland, 28, and her partner Joe Chapman were only days into their trip to the island when masked men with guns demanded their wallets after a beach party in Christchurch.

Now the Dundee couple want to raise awareness about the risks of attacks for holidaymakers after their own experience.

Ms Holland, a retail manager, said: “We had gone down to get a bus around 10pm, we waited at a bus stop and there were a couple of young guys there.

“They walked away, came back with handkerchiefs over their faces and a gun and asked for our wallets, it was bizarre.”

The reality of the situation hit her quickly once their muggers had departed.

She said: “As soon as they left I just cracked. I think it wouldn’t have been as bad if it was just ‘Give us your wallet’ but because there was a gun involved you start thinking what could have happened…

read the whole sad tale at the Herald Scotland.



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15 responses to “Another gunpoint tourist robbery, complaints about Barbados Police incompetence, uncaring attitude

  1. robert ross

    So: There are no muggers in New York, London, Tokyo?

  2. Anonymous

    Good take BFP.

  3. Hmm-m. I wonder what Rihanna thinks about this, since she’s from Barbados.

  4. LOOK

    Barbados we know are proud of that THUG WOMAN, Rihanna. The United States likewise if proud of the ELEGANT and very talented Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift only 23 years of age is NOT linked to DRUGS/ALCOHOL. She additionally is a high school graduate (July 30, 2008), graduated from Aaron Academy, a christen school that offers home schooling.

    Barbados may love that THUG WOMAN Rihanna the same as the United States love Olympic gold metalist Gabby Douglas. Douglas only 17 years of age has a net worth of millions and NOT linked to DRUGS/ALCOHOL. Rihanna herself is product of her environment.

  5. RLL

    There are muggers everywhere but lately they are running wild on this island to an extent never seen before. You used to see tourists wandering the beaches and the Gap after dark without a care for crime but that is done and done at least five years ago. The safe feeling of Barbados has changed drastically over the last five years. The muggers do not fear getting caught and the moral position that it is wrong to steal and be violent is all but dead among the young people. The problem is deep but nothing is being done about it.

  6. Amy Beam

    page not found.  4/28  4:30pm

  7. BFP Robert not signed in

    what link doesn’t work amy? copy it and paste into a comment and I’ll deal with it. Thanks, Robert

  8. Breadfruit

    Was this in The Nation? first I’ve heard about it. Crime is rife all over the world & ‘petty’ crime as they call it is getting worse & worse here, not sure what it takes for the police to DO SOMETHING about it!

  9. when ever someone mention about crimes in Barbados , bajans always want to compare Barbados to other big countries that have crimes, just because they are crimes in other countries, does not give an excuse for crimes to happen in Barbados, and yes, most of the time the police wont arrive, they will stay in the police station

  10. and now with the bad economy in Barbados, lots of people getting laid off, whats going to happen to the crime rate? its going to be really high, police should arrest all the vagrants, too much house break ins, etc. something more proactive needs to be done, to combat crimes, not only crimes against tourists but homeowners as well.

  11. people don’t understand that in big countries there are crimes, but no person is going to build a shanty on your unoccupied land, or break in your house and just live there, they will be shot on sight, in Barbados most guys that are homeless will break in your house, or set up housing on your unoccupied house or land, and nothing happens, there should be a strong property law in Barbados to stamp out this lawlessness.

  12. Canajan

    RLL, hit the nail on the head, with so many jobless, lawless, people with no morals around crime will increase. The bad boy culture has been allowed to grow and I’m afraid crimes are on the increase and will continue to do so.
    The police aren’t the problem! The parents of these individuals, where we’re they, why weren’t these people taught the rights and wrongs of living in a society! My parents both worked, and yet I was still taught theft of any kind is bad, I shudder to think what the future holds for little Barbados.

  13. Victor

    Why do people always fall back on the idea that “crime happens all over the world not just Barbados”? Look at the per capita figures and you will see Barbados is worse than many “big” countries.

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