UPDATE: One month after Canadian tourist shot – no excuse for 1 hour ambulance wait

Somebody should be sacked

by Passin Thru

On March 12, 2014, four gunmen burst into a rented beach apartment at Bath and shot Canadian tourist Johnathan Huddle in front of his wife and 11 month old daughter. Fortunately Mr. Huddle survived – according to various reports because he and his wife are both trained soldiers with tours in Afghanistan.

On the good side, our Royal Barbados Police Force arrested three adults and one 15 year old less than two weeks later. Excellent work – assuming that they have the right thugs. (That is always a realistic concern in Barbados when a tourist is harmed. The police sometimes beat confessions from the ‘usual suspects’ by default.)

As bad as the story is though, the Canadian press is still playing up the fact that Mrs. Huddle kept her husband alive for AN HOUR that it took the ambulance to arrive.

That’s right: an hour for an ambulance to arrive when they knew that a tourist had been shot.

Concerning the hour for an ambulance to arrive, there are two messages that Barbados can deliver to Canada and our other tourism markets:

1/ This is acceptable and standard in Barbados, and tourists should know that if they get hurt it may take an hour or more for an ambulance to reach them.


2/ An hour is unacceptable, and the persons responsible have been sacked.

If Barbados doesn’t sack someone over this, then any assurances and apologies are pure cow turd.

Prime Minister Stuart… watcha gonna do?



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22 responses to “UPDATE: One month after Canadian tourist shot – no excuse for 1 hour ambulance wait

  1. Barbara Hyder

    *unforgivable; I grew up in Barbados and know that everything moves at snail’s pace, but to take an hour to respond to this kind of emergency is beyond my comprehension.*

  2. robert ross

    And Bath is how far from Bridgetown? And under normal conditions it takes how long to drive there?
    And are you saying that tourists should be treated better than everyone else?
    And are you saying that the police rope in the ‘usual suspects’ when a tourist is hurt and routinely beat the shit out of them?
    And was that remark necessary?
    And who do you want sacked?

  3. robert ross

    The second link says that the ambulance took “even longer” than the half hour it took the police to arrive.

  4. Too bad

    First link has video interview and story of victims saying ambulance took over an hour.

  5. troll alert

    The attitude of Ross is typical: settle for 3rd world conditions instead of demanding that Barbados maintaining ambulance, fire and police services capable of getting anywhere on the island within 15 minutes. It’s called “dispersed stationing with central dispatch” and the concept is only about a hundred and forty years old dating to the advent of the telegraph.

    As far as the beating of suspects to force confessions goes, does Ross live in Bim? !

    Beating to obtain confessions has been exposed time and time again. The Bar Association says so. Rape victims say so. Ross is just a troll or he doesn’t live here. period.

  6. troll alert

    Sacking: Sack who ever is responsible for the ambulance’s failure to arrive in a reasonable period. Start with the head of the ambulance service and his deputy. Appoint the 3rd in command as the new head with a warning that if it happens again, you’re gone too.

    It’s called ‘real accountability for results obtained’. I know it’s a foreign concept on this island.

  7. robert ross

    I must be a troll then…you bumptious twit.

    But now….little big man….alias whoever you are

    READ EXACTLY what I wrote NOT what you WANT to read. PERIOD

    Too Bad

    Thanks. I couldn’t get the first link to work.

    To be candid…I am sick and tired of BFP running down Barbados by innuendo and composition. IF, BFP, you want things changed come up with some serious proposals don’t just GRIPE.

  8. robert ross

    I note that the 11.02 post “Another gunpoint tourist robbery” – complaining of a mugging in Ch Ch, can no longer be found. My comment was “And muggings don’t occur in New York, London, Tokyo?”

  9. robert ross

    Too bad

    For info….I still can’t get the first link to work – nor, now, the second. The second link refers to “longer” than 30 minutes and not as its caption suggests

  10. RLL

    The links work fine. From the first link: A Canadian couple has a harrowing story to tell after masked men broke into their Caribbean vacation home and shot one of them during a struggle.

    Jonathan and Heather Hubble say the ordeal — in which he was shot and his wife performed first aid while waiting an hour for an ambulance — has brought them closer together, deepening their respect for each other and leaving them grateful they and their infant daughter are safe.

    The Hubbles, who are both in the Army, were vacationing in Barbados last month when four masked men walked into the house they were sharing with other family members.

  11. RLL

    Those are the first few paragraphs from a written story and also a video interview on the Canadian Broadcasting website, Canada’s national news organization. Dozens and dozens of Canadian news outlets carried the story. do a google search yourself. it is all there.

  12. passin thru

    RLL, ignore Ross. He’s a troll. He probably knows the links work fine. He has nothing else in his life.

  13. robert ross

    passin thru

    You are sick…….passon sicko……


    They do for you – not for me. As I say, the second did. That was a newspaper report which says much the same as you relate of the first.

    Following your lead I checked a few links. Most said very little. CBC News has a fairly long story. In it the couple say they would return to Barbados, that they are grateful to the police, doctors and nurses and tourist authority, and that when travelling abroad it as well to know first aid and the emergency numbers. There is a heading which says “Ambulance an Hour Away”, which suggests that the couple realized how long it would take for an ambulance to arrive, but nothing more. The clear impression is that the couple were not unhappy about any aspect post-shooting and were certainly nor critical of the ambulance service.

    I accept that other links may give a different impression. If you have one perhaps you will refer me to it..

  14. robert ross

    Strangely the links are now working. The first link is basically the CBC News story I mention above. There is the same heading “Ambulance an Hour Away’ and later the woman’s comment that “we knew it would take an hour’. The second link, which I’d seen, has a video clip in which the interviewer asked how the woman had managed during the hour they’d had to wait. In NEITHER case is there any criticism of the ambulance service.
    How long would it normally take to drive from Bridgetown to Bath in the early evening – 6.45 – with a fair amount of traffic on the road? Why did the couple reiterate that they knew it would take an hour?

  15. RLL

    An hour for an ambulance is totally unacceptable no matter how far it is from the hospital. Mr. Ross obviously cannot imagine that there should be ambulance and fire stations throughout the island so that victims can have trained help on scene asap. The days of basing everything in the city should have ended two decades ago. Time to move forward.

    Sack everyone who gets in the way.

  16. robert ross


    Please don’t tell me what I can or cannot imagine. At no point have I said it would not be sensible to have outposts. We are talking about THIS incident when no complaint has been made by anyone so far as I know except here.
    On the issue of one hour – we shall have to agree to disagree. My view is that it is just about acceptable. But yeah sack them, castrate them and yell “We demand. We demand.”

    BTW – where are the fire stations in Barbados? Do you know?

  17. Anonymous

    One hour for an ambulance is as third world standard.

  18. Starboy

    Ross the troll is a shit disturber! He should get a life! One hour response time is unacceptable anywhere in the world. Is he saying this is good enough? Ross like he forgot to take he pills again. He should STFU.

  19. robert ross

    I fully accept the title ‘shit disturber’ for that’s what this post is.

  20. fred

    I wonder if Mr. Ross would think an ambulance one hour response time was ok if, god forbid, one of his family was mortally wounded and needed immediate medical attention. Just sayin…

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