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1967: When sailing the Atlantic to Barbados was a big thing…

Tony Knight - Advodate, 5 Jan, 1967 (click photo for large)

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I hope you can help me with this request, as I  don’t really know where to start…

My Dad is the handsome young chap (then !) on the front of your newspaper (January 5, 1967)

I would love to get a better quality copy of the photocopy I have and get it framed for Fathers Day this year…

Do you have the original version please, its very poor quality the version I have… He would be totally thrilled, he tells us stories about his crossing and how the Bajan folk swam out and greeted their boat in Bridgetown and threw bottles of rum on the deck etc it was quite a feat in those days with no navigation tools to speak of etc

If you can please let me know either way that would be lovely.

Thank you very much!

Samantha Grimsteed

BFP Editor says: Hello Samantha! Wonderful story but you have the wrong newspaper. Try the Barbados Advocate: letters@barbadosadvocate.com

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A day late and a dollar short…

By Janelle Riley-Thornhill

Over the last few years it seems that we have been losing more and more open windows to the sea along the South, and particularly the West Coast of the island, and many persons have expressed concern about this limited beach access and the impact it has been having on Barbadians…

…Preserving our windows to the sea

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