Barbados China Friendship Association – Happy to not talk about China’s slave camps, forced abortions

Long-time readers of Barbados Free Press will remember that our founding editor Marcus (passed in 2013 and greatly missed) had a special place in his heart for the millions of Christians and others imprisoned as slaves in modern China’s Laogai slave camps. Marcus also wrote about the horrific forced abortions where Chinese mothers are kidnapped off the street, and held down while their babies are ripped from their wombs and killed.

All at the direction of the Chinese Communist government.

“In Communist China, the authorities kidnap pregnant women from the street, hold them down and abort their babies.

That is the government were talking about. The same government that has been showering gifts and financial aid upon Barbados in order to win our votes at the United Nations.

Shiu Yon Zhou knows this first hand. Her story is one you will not forget.”

from BFP’s Mother Jumps From Second Story Window To Escape Forced Abortion By Communist Chinese Government

Difficult to believe? Don’t believe an anonymous blog like BFP! Do some research yourself. Here are a few past BFP articles to get you started…

September 10, 2010: Barbados silent about China kidnapping, forcing late term abortions, sterilizations on 7000 women

November 3, 2009: Barbados students forge special bond with imprisoned Chinese pastor – through footballs made in slave labour camps

November 28, 2008: China’s New Slave Empire: Africa

June 28, 2006: Slave Labour Camps “Vital Part of Chinese Economy” – Should Barbados Take Gifts From Communist China?

Meanwhile… if you’d like to learn Chinese and join the Barbados China Friendship Association, here are the details. Just keep quiet about the slavery and forced abortions, okay? 

The BCFA, a non-governmental organisation, was established in 2005 as a way for members of the various sectors to contribute to the welfare of Barbados by developing stronger relations with the People’s Republic of China. The BCFA is recognised by the CPAFFC in the People’s Republic of China as the official NGO to promote sustainable relations in various sectors, between Barbados and the PR of China.


The goal of the Association is to promote stronger friendship relationships between Barbados and China in order to provide a mechanism for various sectors (Business and Trade, Culture, Education, Science & Technology; Agriculture, Health & Sports; Tourism) and their clients to give back to the broad segment of Barbadian society through conferences, forums, exchange visits, lecturers & luncheons, networking and projects

Learn Chinese. Details (pdf): Chinese Language Classes Flyer


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3 responses to “Barbados China Friendship Association – Happy to not talk about China’s slave camps, forced abortions

  1. passin thru

    Good to see you back BFP. How was Las Vegas? Please tell us!

  2. Saracenic Janissary

    While everyone has no doubt on China’s Human Rights record, before we go jumping on Islam, Asians and only UK or USA white folk as saviours to mankind? Let us pause and recall Jim Jones, Dave Koresh and Timothy McVeigh and other recent examples of Jesus-juice gone amok.

    Obama’s human rights record is none too brilliant either as the West in East goes; while he received a Nobel Peace Prize barely a year after in Office? He increases the surge in Kandahar, how many drones did he send which killed innocent civilians as in children of Pakistan and anywhere which my choose the Quran (PBUH) as part of their required reading?

    Obama and his posse want to extol Press Freedom and offer Whistleblowers 30% of any monies recovered from companies who cook their books, should that not mean Edward Snowden deserves a Medal & Pardon? All I’m saying is everyone is dirty and don’t pull a holier than thou pastiche on Beijing which seems so passe in this day & age, it’s better suited for Edgar Rice Burroughs’ racist tract known as the Tarzan series. Next thing you know you’ll suggest we canonise Sax Rohmer? Fu Manchu’s ‘daddy’!

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