If LIAT Chairman Jean S. Holder wants to communicate ideas, why didn’t he electronically publish?

Jean Holder LIAT Book

LIAT’s Chairman Jean Holder launched his new book last week. Caribbean Tourism is probably a very worthwhile read if for no other reason than the author is the current victim in charge of LIAT Airlines.

Our old friend Bajan Reporter posted an excellent review of the book by Sir Ronald Sanders that makes me want to run out and buy a copy, but alas… the book sells for US$40. Sorry old bean, I’ll have to defer that read.

Why oh why in this age of iPhones, iPads, MS tablets and online electronic publishing at Amazon did Dr. Holder only publish a dead tree version of his book and at a price that virtually assures only a handful of people will read what he has to say?

Dr. Holder won’t make any money anyway – few authors of such narrowly targeted books make anything worth talking about – so why not publish electronically and move a hundred times more copies than on paper?

Perhaps Dr. Holder’s choice of obsolete technology, high prices and limited distribution mirrors the way he runs LIAT? (Hey… it’s a cheap journalistic shot, but at least I’ll admit to it!)

Come on Doc… publish the new book electronically for US$10 a copy and I’ll buy and read your ideas.

Thanks to Ian Bourne for allowing us to steal his photo.


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7 responses to “If LIAT Chairman Jean S. Holder wants to communicate ideas, why didn’t he electronically publish?

  1. Glick

    Good point about the e-publishing. Not a chance I’ll buy Holder’s book at $40 but I might buy an electronic version for seven or nine dollars. How many books will he sell at $40? A couple of hundred tops?

    Old thinking is right!

  2. GPS

    I agree wholeheartedly that it is useless to publish a book like this on paper only. Practically vanity publishing without the e-component.

  3. robert ross

    Oh dear…what IS the point of this post?

  4. Passin thru

    Good post BFP. I get what your 3 points are!

  5. He didn’t even provide the media with Review copies, I also refused to plonk out the sum of what is nearly a tankful of gas in Barbados for his reminiscences, despite Sir Ronald’s exhortations and Comrade’s – even the CDB President made a joke about the costs of setting up a print run (still have the full audio of the whole event, so if anyone gets their knickers in a knot? I got proof that Dr Smith was snickering about Finance saying not another print again)

  6. Oh and no biggie on the photo, you do the right thing, I had my share of wrangling that last year with other folks

  7. Farce

    In this day of mass electronic communications for free, it is obvious that the launch of a printed on paper book without an e-version is a farce. This is just a ‘look at me, I’m an author’ binge, and is not about spreading ideas on a mass basis.

    If Holder didn’t even give out media copies that underlines his intent. What a farce!