Barbados bus terminal? Nothing wrong here!

Barbados Bus terminal Freundel

Courtesy of BFP reader PJ (click photo for large print size)

I’m not really sure what has become of the Transport Board…

It’s a dicey topic to be honest – unserviceable vehicles, long and arduous routes, tardiness…the list could go on!

Here’s my take on the whole thing.



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2 responses to “Barbados bus terminal? Nothing wrong here!

  1. Party Animal

    The Transport Board needs Buses that suits our needs/Roads, ones that can take the terrible road conditions. Why do we need to buy hundreds of buses every couple of years, Buses can last 10 to 20 years with proper maintenance.
    When you drive around the Island you see at least three or four buses broken down on the side of the road, any day.
    We need to stop importing the wrong type of Bus, particularly the ones that can’t get on the road even when NEW.
    Why do we continue to subsidize the Transport Board to the tune of $ 60 Million a year, when the Private Buses are making money.
    Why does the Governments continue to throw money in to this dead entity.
    Privatize the Transport Board and put the money to good use, like repairing the roads and save the Foreign Exchange that is going out to buy replacement Parts for all the Vehicles using the road.

  2. Shameful!

    When you can’t repair the buses that you have, and many of them need new engines because nobody bothered to change or check the oil, you are coming to the end of the line.

    there must be a hundred or more buses laid up on this island, that broke down because of the lack of routine maintenance.