Glorious consultations between China and wonderful Barbados friends!

China Barbados Negotiations

Chinese Embassy Held the 4th Regular Consultation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados

Chinese Embassy in Barbados press release

On February 27, H.E. Ms. Wang Ke, Chinese Ambassador to Barbados and Mr. Charles Burnett, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Barbados co-hosted the 4th Regular Consultation at the Ministry. Mr. David Bulbulia, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade attended.

The two sides both spoke highly of the achievements of the bilateral cooperation that had been made since the 3rd consultation, and deeply exchanged views on keeping promoting the cooperation between the two countries in the areas of economy and trade, consular affairs, culture, education and international affairs.

Read the Glorious account of the meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China!

DO NOT read the lies of the bourgeoisie Barbados Free Press! They are lies! Lies against the peoples of the great Republic of China and the Wonderful Barbados Homeland!

Pay no attention to these fanciful stories of Chinese slave camps, forced abortions and repression of Christians… 

China gives Barbados journalists “Hard-to-resist treats, free trips, all expenses paid… and flattery”

Barbados silent about China kidnapping, forcing late term abortions, sterilizations on 7000 women

What would Sarah Ann Gill think about our silence over religious persecution in China?

The new Bajan export commodity: Wives to China!

Barbados signs environmental deal with one of the world’s worst offenders: China

On this day of emancipation, we pray for millions still held as slaves in China, North Korea, Africa and throughout the Muslim world

China’s New Slave Empire: Africa

China Olympics – Police Ask Bar Owners Not To Serve Blacks Because They Are Pimps, Prostitutes And Drug Dealers

Barbados Prime Minister Promises To Ignore China Human Rights Issues As Long As Communist Dollars Continue


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17 responses to “Glorious consultations between China and wonderful Barbados friends!

  1. Old Rooster

    Your cartoon is too true!

  2. Anonymous

    Very believable cartoon

  3. robert ross

    Politics is the art of the possible they say. I read the ‘Chinese Olympics’ post. A number of commentators began their posts by saying “IF this is true…” It was, in fact, hearsay from another blog.

  4. robert ross

    The “Do not read the lies of…BFP” is not part of the press release. BFP – You are composing.

  5. Old Rooster

    Gosh Robert Ross, I guess BFP believes its readers are probably intelligent like you, and would instantly know that the Chinese Embassy didn’t really caution against BFP and list all the BFP articles.

  6. just want to know

    How quickly Barbados Government has forgotten Tianamen Square, & the number of people who was killed there for protesting against the Chinese dictators; but this is what is happening now in Barbados, threats of cracked head & shooting if people protest, even the newspapers reporters are being investigated for articles in the press; maybe this is why Bajans are fearful of protesting peaceable, afraid of being mowed down like garbage. Did anyone listen to the PM from St.Vincent last evening on the CBC-DLP TV news report, to have a conversation with Barbadians because of their living & life styles standards, too high he said , when half of us can’t even buy food for our children, & pay our rent. God help us & this country of ours, he even brought Barrow name into it.

  7. Irony

    Population China. 1,390,000,000
    Population Barbados. 285,000

    Bureaucracy The Same

  8. robert ross


    Cop out.

  9. Nully

    I’ve always thought Robert Ross should start his own blog. But he won’t.

    No one would come.

  10. robert ross


    Another cop out. You people become s m a l l e r and s m a l l e r .

  11. robert ross

    10 contributions….two substantive……and you say no-one would come? Get real. Look in the mirror.

  12. Anonymous

    So what’s the point? The numerous “atrocities” committed by the US and British now and in the past pales in comparison…So what to do run everybody Oh and slavery..Forget about that..Cho man dat happen long time ago….while the holocaust is still in the forefront of people’s minds?

  13. BB

    So Barbados wants slavery reparations? What will we do with the money except have the political class steal it?

    I say use the reparation money to fight slavery. There are more slaves in the world now than at any other time in history.

    And millions are in China and Asia

  14. D Oracle

    take the slants money, and otherwise, give them robert and KEEP THEM OUT, nasty orientals.

  15. proudbajan2

    oh please be fair. China is our friend. What alternatives are being offered by BFP? Typical bfp pettiness. Grow up please

  16. Looks like proof to me!

    That’s it proudbajan2. Don’t talk about the slave camps, forced abortions, China’s imperialism and racism in Africa. Shhhhhhh!

  17. Richard Johnston

    Is this cozy relationship the reason Barbados unlike the US, Canada, the European Union and other Caribbean countries cooperates with China and demands visas from Hong Kong residents, discouraging tourism and investment by these well-off Asians?