The other Barbados

Barbados Barrels CharityIt’s not all Platinum Coast, you know.

There are more than a few folks I know looking forward to barrels from friends and family abroad.

(Is is Christmas yet? No? Send them anyways!)

Things are going to get very very bad this year and next.

Hey you lot over there… please send some barrels.


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9 responses to “The other Barbados

  1. H-man

    Correct BFP. IT’s not all Platinum Coast. At least not in Haggatts.

  2. robert ross

    Was it ever?

  3. Old Rooster

    Barbados is all platinum in the tourist advertising. Where it is ‘rustic’ there is no reminder that this also means ‘poverty stricken’. No wonder the young people leave just as soon as they can if they have the means in education and expenses.

  4. just want to know

    Besides sending barrels, they have to send the money to get them out of the port.

  5. robert ross

    “No-one will come”. Sorry, what did you say?

  6. Sanky

    Don’t forget that Gov’t plan to increase the costs for receiving barrels from this year. Wuhloss…..yuh just can’t win bout hey

  7. Cycles

    Things are tough. Does that mean that the barrels will weigh less when they are received?

  8. D Oracle

    i’m looking forward to sex with new faces and young bodies as the economy’s screw turns, pun intended.

  9. just want to know

    Well, I can understand why D ORACLE looking forward to sex because the M of E on the budget want more people to have more children; it’s on the back page of the nation. I am just thinking he will probable open a public service for this event. LOL !!!!! That was his contribution to the debate.