Internet pornography kills love, warps young minds and sustains slavery.

Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at

Government Minister Donville Inniss associated website: Pregnant women porn at …CLICK PHOTO FOR DETAILS AND STORY…

by Grenville Phillips II

by Grenville Phillips II

Pornography is now easily available to all school children who have access to a tablet or a smart phone.  It is facilitated by persons who allow unrestricted access to the Internet in their homes or at the many Wi-Fi hotspots around Barbados.  So let me share a solution; but first, let me describe the problem.

Pornography has two main damaging effects.  The impact for viewers is that that they can primarily view sexual intercourse as a means to satisfy themselves rather than satisfying their partners.  For male viewers, this can lead to a less satisfying sexual experience for her and a boring routine for him.  He will likely develop an uncaring attitude towards her if she does not express a similar delight in his sexual performance as those whom he watches.  His sexual experience should be all about satisfying her, and her sexual experience should be all about satisfying him.

The most damaging impact is on the victims whom the watchers are viewing.  Many women, especially from Asian and eastern European countries, are forced into the sex slave trade, with harsh consequences if they do not show delight when raped (See ‘Half the Sky’ and other research into sex slavery).  As the watchers view these victims, they are supporting and sustaining this slavery.  If people choose not to pay to view pornography on the Internet, then they still support and sustain the sex slave trade by adding to the web sites’ page views, which increases their potential advertising revenues. 

For men to intentionally choose to harm themselves and their marriages for a few moments of pleasure is irresponsible.  However, for viewers to sustain the sex slave trade, and the hopelessness of the victims who are repeatedly raped into submission, is unconscionable.  The persons who forced the victims into sex slavery are vile.  However, how do we describe the viewers who keep them in slavery by sustaining the slave owners’ profits?  For us descendants of slaves, who should be held to a higher standard in this matter, to now sustain the enslavement of these women, is beyond my comprehension.  So what is an economical and effective solution?

The obvious solution would be for the local Internet service providers to block pornographic images.  However, this may attract claims of censorship from persons who feel entitled to access pornography regardless of the consequential damage to viewers and their victims.  Yes, the sex slave actually becomes the victim of their Internet viewer.  Therefore, the responsibility of helping the victims must fall heavily on all Internet subscribers.

Every household, school, resource centre and business with an Internet account should protect our children, and refuse to support the sex slave trade, by installing an effective pornography blocker at their router.  I recommend the free “Open DNS Family Shield” software, which can be installed at the router in less than 2 minutes.  This should have the added benefit of significantly improving productivity in the work place.

Grenville Phillips II

BFP Editor’s Note: Mr. Phillips did not mention Barbados Government Minister Donville Inniss in his article. It was BFP that inserted the links and photo referencing Mr. Inniss’ history of profiteering from internet pornography.


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11 responses to “Internet pornography kills love, warps young minds and sustains slavery.

  1. robert ross

    Never mind porn. I think we should abolish sex. It’s dirty, unbiblical and results in over-population.

  2. James Elmo

    Excellent article by Mr. Phillips. This porn politician Inniss? Will he be re-elected?

  3. Passin thru

    Pornville Inniss needs to come clean in more ways than one.

  4. The Watcher

    On another blog, contributor Caswell Franklyn fired the first volley in the discussion by suggesting something interesting. He, like James and Passin thru, seemed to have aimed squarely at one of our government ministers who has been accused of running a pornographic website. While this may have moral implications, and may even be considered un-becoming of a government minister, I do not know how his coming clean or providing the country with full disclosure related to his personal activities would help. It would probably have the impact of giving news organizations fuel for front page stories for the next two weeks thereafter, but to what end? as it hasn’t been proven that any of our political figures is indeed a pornographer. Certainly, if it were to be true and the site were to be shutdown, what about the other 100,000 , or 1,000,000 pornographic sites that are left and are still accessible? Would we go after the owners and managers of those site too?

    I do find the Barbadian society to be way too “knee-jerk” in their reactions to problems, not to mention too hypocritical in their approach. Barbadians at large will pretend that they are so upright and moral, when in truth and fact, they are the upholders of this sort of behavior. We seemed to have gained a sense of piety and self-righteousness from our British ancestry, while succumbing to our innate and ravenous carnal desires for the opposite, and now by a steadily growing degree, the same sex.

    If the statistics were to become publicly available, some of you who make these loud, useless noises may (or may not) be shocked to realize that pornographic content rates as the #3 most viewed content on the Internet from Barbadian based IP addresses behind YouTube and Facebook. Following pornography is Streaming Media ( Internet TV), Movie and Music downloads. Did I say anything in there about access to training or educational materials? I didn’t and its no mistake on my part either. That is what Barbadians en-masse are interested in having Internet access to do, Get Nosy, Get Entertained, or Get off! Not Get Educated or Get Informed!
    Cellphones and their tablet cousins are out there and are in increasingly large numbers now. They are more portable, and more easily manipulated then laptops were, which has increased their share of the market for sales of Internet Access devices. They can also be more clandestinely deployed which makes them ideal for the many nefarious activities which children, and be extension adults can conjure up.

    Children do not need the Internet to view, or access pornography, they share it among themselves after they create it for themselves. When the rest of us see or hear about it, it is because it has gone “viral” for one reason or another. Possibly fell into the wrong child’s hands, or some individual is “getting even” with another for what they consider an infraction against themselves.
    Parents, happily handed children these devices without first establishing a structure or framework under which they would be monitored or managed. So, the net result was that idle hands and minds are now led to view and perform the acts that they have viewed from various sources. We now have a problem on our hands!

    And our solution? Well, we now want LIME, Digicel, FLOW and whosoever will to install filters and other control mechanisms so that we can continue to be irresponsible. This is unbelievably selfish on our part!
    Why so, one may ask? Should we not protect the children from the ills of our society? Many of you would agree that we should. Hands down!

    However, bear this in mind. Any expense incurred by the Internet providers in this country, is going to be shared among all of us whether we are a party to its apparent benefit or not. And all because some irresponsible parents gave their children a tool, that they did not manage monitor or teach the same children the responsible use of that tool.Now, that its seen as a tool of lesser than stellar value, we would like to make the wrong people pay for its sins. We aren’t trying to take the tool away, or control its use mind you, we just want someone else to pay for our irresponsibility.

    Well I don’t want to pay another cent more for Internet access without its value to me being justified. And this case certainly to my mind cant start to even form the foundations of that justification.

    Here is my solution to this problem. Stop hiding, pretending and acting all hypocritical about sex and sexuality among humans. Stop trying to act like these things should not happen and should go away. Take action by installing your OWN filtering, monitoring and management in your OWN home and on your OWN devices and those of your children. Yes, become a spy in their lives. Have those phones and tablets report back to you where they go,(location wise), what they access, and what is stored on them.

    I believe firmly that if parents took a more active and visible role in their children’s lives and activities, this problem will become less and less of a focal point, and we can go back to re-building the country knowing that there is a generation fit and ready to take the leadership when we strep down.

    Going back to watching how this plays out.

  5. robert ross



  6. just want to know

    Watcher, we are not disagreeing with all that you have said, what I am asking should a Minister of Government be involved in this? Anywhere else in the Western world these allegations came up, the minister will have to resign, & we do have the Westminster style if Government don’t we ? And to top this all up, they are bringing a charge against The Nation publishers, what hypocrisy is this? What is good for the goose is it good for gander?

  7. robert ross

    “No-one will come”. Sorry, what did you say?

  8. proudbajan2

    It is amazing how for years bloggers here have accused a Government Minister of being involved in porn and yet no one has produced a shred of evidence, I have seen a lot of stories put together here and there by folks who obviously feel offended by Inniss existence. Last election I saw Sandra Husbands and Liz Thompson stooped to an all time nasty low against Inniss in the campaign.

    I actually admire the Minister for ignoring the nasty and personal attacks and for sticking to real issues. Mia Motley is a well known very aggressive lesbian who has inflicted physical harm to women. Caswell Franklyn champions her cause. Tom Adams who a pervert. Caswell Franklyn worked hard for him.

    I am no fan of porn and wish it did not exist. But what I do find distasteful is BFP constant attack on this one Minister using a lot of unsubstantiated crap. It is time to be fair BFP and leave Inniss alone. You do make it seem so personal, as though he did someone at BFP a wrong during his childhood.

    I think that Inniss is one of the most sincere and competent Ministers today.

  9. Looks like proof to me!

    Inniss company trademarked the logo in the USA. How about that?

  10. Looks like proof to me!

    Here is the same trademark used for pregnant women porn.

    Looks like proof to me!

  11. Nair

    I like WATCHER’s comment but kids today know a damn sight more about PCs, laptops etc. Parents loading filters…. Children circumventing, unloading, blocking faster than they can be installed.