Shocker: Frozen Taiwan Mahi-Mahi sold as fresh Barbados dolphin!

UPDATED: Importer to Barbados is… (drum roll please)…

Yinnex Co.
Taiwan 3 shipments total Has verified third-party data
2 shipments match west indies
…Stowed In A Refrigerated Set At The Of 25 Also Morgans Fish House Inc. 7 Gibbons Industrial Park, Barbados West Indies

Attn: Mr. Jonathan Morgan (link here)

Barbados Fish Market Mahi Mahi

We used to have to explain Bajan Dolphin to visitors. “It isn’t flipper but a fish known elsewhere as mahi mahi”.

Now even Bajans may need some explanations. As this recent photo taken at the Bridgetown Fishing Complex shows, your “fresh Bajan Dolphin” may well be defrosted Taiwanese Mahi Mahi!

How can this be? The answer is that it is easier and cheaper to import fish from the other side of the world, rather than to pay local fisher folk fair value.

Wary Bajan Fish Eater

Barbados Taiwan Dolphin (click photo for large)

Thanks to an old friend!

And from another old friend, we received this:



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24 responses to “Shocker: Frozen Taiwan Mahi-Mahi sold as fresh Barbados dolphin!

  1. Party Animal

    Is this Mahi Mahi, Bajan Dolphin ? boxed and imported from another West Indian Island ?
    This got me wondering where the Flying Fish I bought yesterday come from.

  2. just want to know

    This is Barbados where anything goes.

  3. robert ross

    Is Mahi Mahi what we know as dolphin? If so, move to second question.

    Is May Mahi being described and packaged as “Bajan Dolphin”. If not, end of story.

  4. fooled again

    This Taiwan Mahi Mahi is not being sold as from Taiwan. It is sold as local catch.

  5. fooled again

    It does not say “product of Taiwan” laying on the ice at the market!

  6. Party Animal

    I am surprised the Fisher Folk are not up in arms with this one, how does one get to import this stuff ?

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Party Animal, This raises so many questions. What or who will stop Sandals bringing in refrigerated container loads of imported fish if they do not do so already?

  8. robert ross

    Fooled again

    Please explain “sold as local catch”

  9. Nostradamus

    Fish, including Mahi Mahi can be imported and the appropriate duties paid and inspected on arrival by Health authorities. Nothing underhanded in that. Mahi Mahi caught by local fishermen cannot supply the demand of the local market.
    What would be of concern was if this imported frozen Mahi Mahi is being sold as local fresh fish catch.

  10. robert ross

    Hence explanation of “sold as local catch”

  11. Sanky

    Oh my goodness….”Catch of the Day”……fresh local dolphin…..imported from Taiwan…….how we does get fooled so? Just like Bajan Cherry Drink….cherries imported from Brazil. Guess they mean…..bajan water.

  12. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    What nonsense is this that there is not enough dolphin catches to supply the local market. There is enough dolphin to go around, the problem is that during the off season, boats are not catching dolphin and flying fish so how on earth are fish businesses gonna supply the demand for dolphin – THEY HAVE TO IMPORT ( TO THE IDIOT WHO TOOK THIS PICTURE/). Thee is no ban on importation of fish so any fish business can import their surpluses if the local market is not providing enough stock. That is why I am glad that the health authorities are clamping down on the disgusting practices that go on fish markets because some of these vendors are nasty is shite.

  13. David

    There need to be a concerned effort on the part of carrying Barbadians to fight again this unpardonable act of killing dolphins for consumption.

  14. David

    The thought of killing dolphins for local consumption turns my stomach. We can do better than this as a civilized people with a well developed academic system. We ought to have known better and can do better than what we have been doing.

  15. sungirl

    David.. there is a difference between Dolphin – the mammal and Dolphin – the fish.. we aren’t talking about Flipper.. we are talking about Dolphin Fish.. most of the world knows it as mahi-Mahi.. but’s dolphinfish.. look it up..

    and the real issue isn’t the importing fish from other sources. it’s the passing it off as local fish.. no one ever asks “is it local??”.. “was it caught off Barbados”??

  16. David

    You have excuse my obvious lack of knowledge with respect to this fish because I was thinking about common dolphin like Flipper, as you have stated.

  17. David

    Sun girl

    So you’re saying that the Mahi Mahi isn’t a local fish? So the question then becomes what make a fish indigenous to a particular region of the world because some fishes I assume are migratory? For ample: the Snakehead fish is indigenous to Southeast Asia but it is founded in great numbers in the North American waters.

  18. robert ross


    I guess fish like breath know no boundaries and rightly so.

    Does anyone know what’s happened to ‘smoked bangamary’? Is that out-of-season too?

  19. Cubano

    Is it true that some fish caught in Bajan waters are transported to Cuba and then shipped back to Barbados with other fish because some large Bajan hotels with restaurants prefer to buy ALL their ‘fresh’ fish in Cuba?

  20. David


    Help me to process this intellectually: now, you’re saying that the fisher men in Barbados catch fish in Barbados waters shipped them to Cuba, and then the Cubans sell them back to the Barbados hotels because the holets in Barbados like their fish fresh? It sounds rather confusing and not to mention complicated as well as counterproductive.

  21. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    There is a lot of misinformation going on in this blog. Dolphin imported by any fish business is imported in its raw state under preservation methods. It is quite obvious than when the fish business processes it it will be packaged in his brand and sold as his brand. Even if he says fresh dolphin on the package what the heck is wrong with that? The dolphin could have been caught in its freshest state, frozen and ship in that state. What you should try to find out is if freezing will keep it in its freshest state. And the question you fish experts need to ask is, what defines a dolphin or any other fish as being fresh.

    Most of the dolphin that is caught in Barbados spend several days out to sea on ice before it comes to shore.. Is that dolphin fresh? Listen up folks, fresh means caught the same day and brought in to shore within a matter minutes to 1 or 2 hours without any form of preservation (at least that is me definition what is yours?). Do we know how long a dolphin should be kept after caught before we can declare fresh or not fresh? Also if something is frozen or chill is it still fresh?

    There isn’t a fisherman I know will come back to shore after catching one or two dolphins except if his boat break down or he gets sick. And the only way he will come back to shore immediately after catching fish is if he hits the jackpot and catches about 20 dolphins within the spate of an hour. Fresh is relative and it has to be define within a specific context before a determination can be made. Its called research people and before you condemn frozen dolphin as not being fresh find out what the research on dolphin or any other fish says first. Otherwise tek this propaganda against this fish business as a simple act of malice. See ya.

  22. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    People if I buy strawberries from America and make the most delicious bajan juice and I say…”Juiceit, the bajan brand with the big squeeze an big taste, made right here in Barbados and is fresh all the way.” What declaration must I make on my package. That the ingredients took 6 weeks to get here and where frozen so to be upfront must I now change my label to read, ” Juiceit, the bajan brand with the big squeeze and big taste, made right here in Barbados but the ingredients took six weeks to get here and where frozen but is fresh anyway?” Think about it

  23. Derek

    This had been going on for years. Never nrw bout Taiwan but no of it imported from Trinidad. Red snapper too out of Guyana sells as fresh too bren happeming since the 90 s nothing new i came and found it so when i worked at a fish processing place and left it so again nothing new

  24. Derek

    Sry for spelling errors typing on the touch screen phone does that to me