Discredited Barbados Police can’t shake the tourist rape case that won’t go away.

Barbados rape dna police

Tourist Rape Victims continue to press for justice – for them and  for the wrongly accused!

Rape victims Dr. Rachel Turner (left) and Diane Davies (right) continue their quest to have the Royal Barbados Police Force re-open their rape cases. The two women were violently attacked in October 2010 while visiting Barbados, and then spent the next two years trying to free the man who was falsely arrested for the crime. Derrick Crawford spent two years in jail before the charges were dropped, despite the protests by the victims that he was not the man. True to form, our professional police force never took DNA samples from the victims, and the innocent man, Derrick Crawford, says most credibly that the police beat his confession out of him. You know, just like usual as people on this rock know.

The Commissioner of Police at the time was Darwin Dottin. BFP had been calling for Dottin’s sacking for years but it was not until June of 2013 that Bajans were finally rid of the man who led the Royal Barbados Police Force into a steep decline in professionalism and public support. Last June, the victims cheered Dottin’s removal…

Mrs Davies told the BBC she was “absolutely delighted” that Commissioner Dottin was no longer in charge.

“He supported the police investigation and turned on us,” said Mrs Davies.

She called on whoever replaces Commissioner Dottin to “reopen the case and find the man who attacked us”.

… from the BBC’s Barbados Rapes: Police Chief Removed

Now the victims are back in the news, having written to Prime Minister Freundel Stuart after Acting Commissioner Tyrone Griffith also refused to re-open the case.

How long will it take on politicians and police to learn that these days, you can’t make difficult or embarrassing happenings go away by ignoring them!

The internet is here. This story won’t go away on it’s own. It will keep coming back because the real rapist remains free and the victims want justice.

TopGear is coming. Watcha gonna do, Commissioner?  

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11 responses to “Discredited Barbados Police can’t shake the tourist rape case that won’t go away.


    Its good when People can stand up for what is right, Just because you may be the police ,it dont mean that you are always right , and then to admit when you are wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    Well!! some of the white single tourists go to Barbados to meet and have a fling with the men and they will cry Rape, it has to gt better than this.

  3. Identification 101

    In a criminal assault or similar case, if the victims can,t identify the perpetrators, there is often an immediate dismissal of the charges,

    This case is 10 times more outrageous as the victims clearly stated to the police that they had the wrong man, so this means the police and the judiciary who are suppose to ensure justice, once again knowingly falsely imprisoned an innocent citizen.

    Similar to the Raul Garcia case of the Cuban who was held here in Barbados for years for drug charges was just left to rot for a couple of more years because no politician or member of the judicial system had the guts and leadership to find a simple solution.to relocate or settle him for several years.

    Where is the barbadian leadership on these matters?

    The only way to get strong leadership is to form a body of independents who agree on some basic principles such as full ITAL and help fund them against the pathetic two existing parties of tweedle dee and tweedle dumber.

  4. Neither of the two established political parties (BLP or DLP) will EVER pursue, pass or implement ITAL and Freedom of Information such as exists, will always be limited and restricted.
    Why bother to watch CBC which is always limited in its choice of newsworthy items, the extent of its coverage and never practises serious investigative journalism ? Better to read the blogs !

  5. robert ross

    If the person subject to arrest was (eventually) released the case cannot be ‘closed’. Is there evidence that anyone else was involved? If not, what can reasonably be done? Or – a better question – what is the police strategy to find the ‘person or persons unknown’? A clear statement of intent is obviously required and refusing to re-open is not an option since, as I say, the case cannot be closed.

  6. David

    Pieter pie per

    Is there anything in the Barbados Constitution that advocates for a free press? Now, if you’re saying that CBC is constrained by the invisible hands of government, isn’t that an obvious conflict of interest? And shouldn’t the press be an independent advocate in the epicenter of a democracy?

  7. robert ross


    Is truth absolute or relative? Where do the blogs really fit in the ‘truth’ scale of things?

  8. Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    Who are the Barbadian officials protecting by refusing to reopen the case? Maybe one of their colleagues, you know, the one with the secret handshake.

  9. Dr Love

    Barbados is one of the most CORRUPT places on this Plantet
    OH SHUT UP!!
    All you who are going to quote reports and Statistics,denying that fact.
    Just live there and experience.
    “Dem feels it knows it”
    “Actions speak louder than words”
    We have a Bow – tie Nose BLUFFER as a PM,would sell he Grandmas dirty Knickers on the internet and spend the proceeds.
    We have an OBJECT of Guyanese origin ,purporting to be THE
    Has been seen to ignore the Law,circumvent the Law, Twist the Law,IGNORE the LAW, generally “SHITE” on the Law and the people of Barbados AND STILL REMAIN in OFFICE.
    Who gives a FCUK anyways.
    Its all part of the CIRCUS.
    Police who Beat the FCUK out of innocent people ,there by allowing the real CRIMINAL to cry “FOUL” and everybody stand and scratch dem BOXIES and WONDER!”WHA THE FCUK GINE ON??”
    Who can blame them.
    I does wonder everyday “What the FCUK GINE ON!!”
    Nobody KNOWS.
    ANY SHITE does be “GINE ON” and has been for years.
    Judges,FCUKING up normal people,Lawyers !”Teifing”
    Lieing! Overcharging! Doing any SHITE for a $.
    A now total INBUILT DISTRUST of ANYTHING or ANY BODY in offic e, in Law ,in any position to manipulate and misuse ANYTHING thats is in their realm of reference,is pervading in our dear ole BIM..
    IF YOU CAN!!
    Discussing “merits ” of politicians or political parties is AKIN to farmers discussing the MERITS OF various MANURES.
    In the END, its ALL SHITE!!
    We in BIM are not only Financially bankrupted by these various “Piles of manure”.
    We are morally destroyed,our souls are crushed, our Spirits smashed at the sight of the palce we love,
    of this hoard of self sustaining ,shit sucking,smooth talking Scumbags.

    “WHA DE FCUK GINE ON???!!!”

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