Adrian Loveridge looks at government spin on the disaster of Barbados Tourism

Sandals isn’t paying VAT to Barbados

Government has a 10 point Tourism plan? Really?

In four years the Government of Barbados hasn’t paid VAT refunds to Loveridge’s Peach and Quiet Hotel.

“Water is up by 62%. Electricity up by 70%…

What government in their right mind increases land taxes by 50% in a recession? Tell me!”

On the incredible tax and other concessions given to Sandals…

“Put it in simple terms. For my hotel to buy a 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch would cost me sixty US dollars. Sandals are able to pay ten dollars.”

“Unilateral concessions to Sandals immediately destabilized the other 120 hotels on the islands, not to mention the condos, villas, apartments and guest houses. Completely destabilized the industry.”


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36 responses to “Adrian Loveridge looks at government spin on the disaster of Barbados Tourism

  1. I am speachless! If you can’t laugh, you must cry.

  2. Party Animal

    I would really like to know what the PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLIES have achieved to date, besides a lot of talk, are they waiting for the Dollar to devalue to do some thing? From the time the August budget was presented, this Government should have been sent home, it was a meaningless Budget and more burden on the people.
    We need to act NOW, not when it is too late.
    Giving Scandals all those Tax incentives is total madness, particularly after what they did with Paradise.

  3. just want to know

    This is B’dos, lots of talk & no action. If the people themselves don’t stand up & be counted, what do you expect the opposition to do? The unions are getting all the top postings in the present administration, the rest are in bed with them, so what do you want to do? Party animal, get a placard & stand in front of parliament, & you may be surprised you will get others following. We as a people are too docile & let our politicians treat us like trash, only when they want a vote come & offer you a $ or 2, & expect you to vote for them, & our people are so lame brained do just that, & then say how they regret ever after, but will do the same thing again.

  4. D Oracle

    Thieving Government chimp Ministers.

  5. Party Animal

    Is it true that Mia and Chris is getting married ?

  6. Choice

    After watching this truly patriotic and hard working gentleman speak, I am not sure his Quaker ancestors made the right choice.

    Between, tar and feathering, hanging or being sent to Barbados as an indentured servant, in 1685, in retrospect the hanging would have ceased the agony.he is forced to endure to this day.

    You can feel the resentment and entitlement from half the audience who somehow view Adrian for less than the Barbadian champion he is.

    Thank-you Adrian for your incredible strength to tell the truth and lift Barbados up to where it needs to go with the tourism industry.

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    Choice, Thank you so very much. Having the priviledge to live on Barbados for the last (near) 26 years have been some of the most rewarding times of my life, albeit with many challenges. Every fibre of my body tells me that we can do so much better in tourism and I have the personal choice to stay silent and passive or try and speak up to encourage change and improvement. I have chosen the latter because I feel obligated to put something back.

  8. Party Animal

    We need many more Adrian Loveridge’s, keep up the good work.
    no pun intended, very few Bajans have the balls to speak out or do anything
    for the good of their Country. But very good at supporting their Scumbags.

  9. Due Diligence

    Adrian’s presentation is clearly articulated and non-confronational, but it is still hard to understand why none of those assembled at the Assembly had any comment or question.

  10. brown

    all forecasts materialize now and it will get worse.
    no safety and friendlyness on the island no customers in future.
    keep going on in details like the price of a bottle…useless…
    the main problem is the local population represented by the local
    corrupt ignorant government.
    some tribes have genes to win others will vanish.
    unfortunately evolution taks a while…

  11. Party Animal

    Due Diligence Bajans don’t like to hear the truth and that is why no one asked any questions.
    They rather listen to the lies of their Scumbags.

  12. Anonymous

    If possible take a look at today’s New York Times Travel Section.
    There is a full front page and inside two page article on rum. Jamaica,
    Barbados and Martinique are featured. The Barbados section was
    very positive. A Mr Paul Yellin seems tom have been the guide.

  13. new blood needed

    @ “Due Diligence” the reason no one at the Peoples Assembly had any questions or comments to Adrian Leverages speech on tourism , is that the people that go to these assemblies are only there for something to do, the people that should be attending do not go, as they are tired of wasting there time listening to bullshit and lies from our current and past Politicians, If we had a group of honest business men, historians or even calypsonians, that cared for our island and our people, and were not thieving lawyers running for government, just to fill there pockets with bribes, and this group came together with a plan to better our country, you would see a different turn out and plenty of questions asked.

    Change for the better, needs to happen ASAP.

  14. just want to know

    I agree with you ” new blood needed “. Not so many lawyers (liars), people that really have this country at heart. Do you see some of these representatives, they go in looking hungry & squarney, & a couple months they like like real bull frogs, while the rest of the population are told to tighten their belt, & don’t even ashamed.

  15. new blood needed

    LOL very true , I believe if a legislation was passed that made the ministers assets be made public before and during his time in parliament this would go a long way, the DLP promised something something along those lines but that got thrown out the window,

  16. Due Diligence

    I read the well written BHTA article on page 10 of Barbados Today.

    There is one sentence that stands out….. “The destination must be visible because, if no one knows you exist, no one can make the decision to visit Barbados.”

    It then goes on the tout the power of the internet as a low cost media through which to give visibility to a destination.

    No argument there; but the fact is that some of us still read the travel sections of our newspapers to decide on a destination for our next vacation.

    DD understands that newspaper advertising is an expensive medium to gain visibility; but some tourism players believe there is value in newspaper ads.

    Judging by the volume of newspaper advertising by Sandals/Beaches, they clearly understand/believe that there is a demographic of vacationers who use the newspapers, and employ them as an important part of the strategy to flex their “marketing might”.

    Similarly, St. Lucia Tourism (St Lucia Now), regularly run full page ads (with Air Canada).

    On the other hand the Barbados destination has virtually in newspapers, in Canada at least.

    If BTA and BHTA want to gain visibility to those of us who still read newspapers, they have to bite the bullet and spend some money on newspaper ads to gain the Barbados destination the visibility it needs to get things turned around, because if those newspaper readers do not know Barbados exists, they can not decide to visit Barbados.

    The newspaper ads would include BHTA’s website (which is very good) and others so the newspaper readers can do their bookings in the new digital way.

    If Butch does it, there must be something to it.


    Adrian only of recent had the opportunity to watch your interesting, informative talk to the assembled at the BLP Peoples Assembly.
    It was rather alarming though to hear the very cold facts and statistics that you quoted. It gives one some idea as to the rather dire and serious situation that the Barbados tourist industry our major source of employment is presently in and have been for some time now.
    That the nodding donkeys on the platform behind you had no contribution to make or pose any questions was undoubted because of their past complicity on the mess that Barbadian tourism now finds itself.
    For them to be critical of the present BTA and the third rate DLP shower who now are presently are in charge, they would first need to show some humility and acknowledge their past policy incompetence has been a major contributor to the decline of tourism in Barbados.
    But one supposes that may be requesting too much.
    For such a critical industry, which contributes so much, to so many in Barbados and to be left to politically illiterate dunderheads is sad indeed.
    The humiliating kowtowing to Butch Stewart and Sandals Resorts is but an example as to how serious a state our industry is in.
    That other ‘lesser developed’ Caribbean destinations such as St.
    Lucia/Dominica/Antigua now pose trenchant competition to Barbados
    speaks volumes. We seem unable to recognise the threats that Cuba, and the Dominican Republic would poses to us. The neglect of black America, and our South American cousins is tragic indeed.
    One is hoping. But maybe all is not lost as yet, lets hope that your talk has made some impression, particularly for the Bajans who are likely to be staring into the abyss of unemployment with the decline of this once vibrant and important Bajan industry.

  18. Repeat visitor

    Good comments by manjak and others. By the time barbados reacts to its poor choices in tourism promotion, no one will know the island exists as a destination. In canada, cuba and the domican republic and even dangerous jamaica and mexico promote themselves well and rake in visitors….

  19. Hippy

    Any thoughts on Butch Stewart the hotel tycoon insulting guru Adrian and chasing him out of the BCCI luncheon. If Adrian so bad as he claims he should have dealt with Stewart there and then. Far from it unlike the Adrian fans here the entire room full of Barbados finest businessmen and women loudly applauded when Butch tore into Adrian. So much for the “interesting’ “good work” of Adrian Loveridge. Loud long stewps

  20. Choice


    Too much 420?

    The record and statistics speak for themselves and not a bunch of servile so called businessmen and women who haven’t got the gumption to stand up to bullying

    Barbados has once again been royally screwed by Sandals special deal over existing hoteliers.

  21. foolishnesss

    Hippy, Can you post the response from Butch. I would really like to hear it yah. Dat Adrian does criticize everybody and everything. He does make me laugh; so much foolishness does come out of he mouth. i serprised he does get an audience. Can you imagine how great he would do helping the British ecomomy. Years ago I couldn’t even enter a west coast hotel in Barbados. He should ask he family who lived in Barbados from the 18 hundreds about this. i am sure their would bring him back to reality.Stewps

  22. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘DeLisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados has sided with tourism interests who say that incentives are being distributed to new industry entrants in a non transparent manner’. Read the whole story in the Jamaica Gleaner today (Friday 28th February) – thats the other Jamaica newspaper not owned by Gordon “Butch’ Stewart.

  23. yatinkiteasy

    Sandals website shows “sold out” when checking for availability after April 1st. 2014. There is no mention anywhere on their website that talks about the closure to renovate.A bit disingenuous I think.

  24. Anonymous

    Did Butch ever answer the question that Adrian asked?
    If the room was paid for off island that means no Bim VAT,. The same is true for goods shipped in to Sandals from overseas.
    The government pay Sandals to come to Bim and they then take the piss.
    Good business for someone but not Bim I fear.

  25. Adrian Loveridge


    Sadly NO! Mr. Stewart did not answer the question about VAT. By now Sandals Barbados (or whatever company they are trading under here) would have had (by law) to submit at least two VAT returns. Government has a very simple way to check on my concerns regarding the level of VAT collected from GUESTS.

  26. Hi Adrien

    Butch really butchered you. The businessmen who were present at the meeting, realize what Butch can do to improve the tourist industry and also what you can do to destroy it. That is why they applauded his response to your question. Why did you run? No amount of crying in the media will change Bajans’ minds , including the businessmen’s, of who was the loser in the exchange. Go in peace or should I say ‘Peace and Quiet’ . Ponder on the following verse


    Don’t you know,
    Honey, nobody ever gonna love you
    The way some bloggers try to do.
    Who’ll be willing to take your pain
    And all your heartache, too ?
    Honey, I swear ‘Butch’ will always, be around
    If you ever want him
    Come on and cry, cry baby, cry baby yeah, cry baby, yeah,

  27. Adrian Loveridge

    you clearly were not paying attention as I did not run, but stayed to the end. Just ask anyone at the same table as myself. Funny isn’t it, many of those same businessmen having been contacting me over the last months complaining that they are NOT getting ANY business out of Sandals.
    Did you not think of analysing the figures regarding local purchasing quoted by Mr. Stewart?

    One day almost everyone in that room will thank me for asking questions just as I did with Hotels and Resorts Ltd (GEMS) and dozens of other subjects. What a shame they don’t have the same fortitude, but prefer to stay silent and get someone else to do the unpleasant stuff.

  28. Adrian

    Neither the wider readership of the news media nor I know who was at the same table as you. They read in the papers that you ran. They heard the loud cheers on CBC 7 o’clock news when ‘Butch’ responded to your question. Whom do you think they believe. Take a rest.

  29. Adrian Loveridge

    Joan, let me make it easy for you then.

    Closest to me at the same table:

    Justin Jennings-Wray – Stantec –
    cell 230 1657
    Catherine Tenke Teichert – Harley Davidson –
    cell 230 8011
    Amina Patel – Rubis –
    cell 235 4228
    Steve Alleyne – Courts –
    cell 826 4298 (a former fellow BTA board member)

    Don’t be like most of your party blinkered colleages, let the TRUTH set you free.

  30. gentle jim

    You can talk all you want but the facts will speak for themselves. Bajans need to wake up and smell the roses unless of course we are speaking of the PM who is in a perpetual slumber. One day coming soon.

  31. Due Diligence

    Gentle Jim

    All in the fullness of time

  32. foolishnesss

    From de picture I serprise that Adrian’s audience is all locals. Tings really change in Barbados, because a few years ago yah wun see one of wunnah together in the same audience. I guest it is good dat adrian speking up for de local people or fuh he self. I hope he in using wunnah as pawns to get he point across. i does woory when I see de orster-rich and the lion in the same bed and de osterich dont even have to run or put he head in the sand. Stewps

  33. D Oracle

    Haha! Look Adrian make Joan look like another chimp babe.

  34. Adrian Loveridge

    Sadly the denial goes on. In the 7th March 2014 edition of the Barbados Advocate the Minister of Tourism stated ‘The UK market, I would say, is completely recovered’.
    Now the FACTS:

    2012 UK long stay visitor arrivals were DOWN by 11,652 or a 8.2 per cent decline.

    2013 UK long stay visitor arrivals were DOWN by 10,178 or a 7.8 per cent decline.
    Therefore over the last two years, UK stay over vistors are down by 21,830 persons.

    From all markets, long stay visitor arrivals:
    2007 – 572,937 persons
    2013 – 508,520 persons

    a fall of 64,417 persons.

    Compare this to St. Lucia:
    2007 – 287,435 long stay visitors.
    2013 – 318,626 long stay visitors.

    An increase of 31,191 persons.

    It really is still ‘we’ tell the truth to the people and take steps to correct the serious declining state of our tourism industry.

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