American tourist: Barbados the best vacation ever! The locals really made our trip.

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I found your blog as I was deciding which Caribbean island to visit.  After much deliberation we landed on Barbados.  Our trip went far and beyond our expectations!  We experienced much of the Bajan culture and it was with no contest the best vacation we have ever been on.  The locals really made our trip, anyone we talked to was extremely friendly and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them.

Anyway I made this video of our trip and thought you may want to see it.  Please feel free to use the video however you like, I’m not looking for any compensation I just want to give back to the beautiful island!  I sure hope it helps with tourism because Barbados was incredible.

Best wishes to every Bajan,

Kyle Lawson, Madison, Wisconsin

Kyle’s blog shows how he made his Bajan video – all the tricks and techniques



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11 responses to “American tourist: Barbados the best vacation ever! The locals really made our trip.

  1. Peter Quinlan

    Great video.
    Can’t wait to get back to Barbados ( 2 months & counting).
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Sue

    I agree with Kyle. We started visiting Barbados in 1989, missed a few years but since mid 90’s we have been there very year. We have made friends ,watched children grow up and even make a visit to attend the wedding of one of these children.We are ,however, a bit sad when we see ed to the West Coast.. Overall, we love barbados

  3. Sue

    Above should read, we are a bit sad when we see how overdeveloped the West Coast has become, especially the loss of sea view with big condo resorts and the like.

  4. Party Animal

    Yeah Sue… and all the fencing that has been there for years and nothing going on behind them, another big disgrace is Paradise/Four Season, been fence off for years. Government got to take a stand with all the properties that are now idle, particularly the Hotels that has been closed up for one reason or the other, AUCTION them off, give the land owners a certain time to build or sell to whom is will to get the projects going, regardless to price, another way for Government to get some money in the coffers.

  5. Sue

    Party Animal, I am weary of looking at “The Big Green Fence” as you come down from Cave Hill to head up the West Coast. As an outsider my thoughts are that Bim needs to very careful about what and where and how it builds. It is an Island with limited space. That space should be developed in a very careful manner. But, again, I am an outsider.

  6. yatinkiteasy

    Great , young approach to video shooting and editing…Perhaps the BTA should sponsor a Barbados Video Competition, whereby folks would submit their shot vacation videos for a chance to win , say a trip for two, including Hotel, in Barbados.The entries would be based on permission for the BTA to promote the island on You Tube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

  7. Due Diligence


    Right on

  8. Breadfruit

    Excellent video!
    Yatkiniteasy, damned good idea.

  9. zed Layson

    that was very cool

  10. Thanks for the great comments and so happy you guys like the video!

    I agree with yatinkiteasy 100%! Barbados tourism could benefit greatly from the exposure that could create, if anything the buzz of the contest may bring more eyes to websites about Barbados and eventually for vacation.

    Hope to be back soon

  11. PS- If there is anything I could do to help if there was a video competition I would be more than happy to help out!