Can MP’s leave their egos at home?

Journalist Ian Bourne

Journalist Ian Bourne

Like my old pal from Pull-Push, I also am not an Economist, but instead I wish to provide someways and means I have been mulling in the hopes Barbados would flourish once again, if they are used or adapted then at least progress is made – everyone is operating too close to the chest, as they seem to want to be the sole savior, Barbados needs to open up and thus advance in making the way forward as clear as possible!


It is sad that David Estwick changed his mind so drastically from Saturday at 2 p.m. We may never learn what fair means or foul were used to achieve the base result which leaves more bitterness in many Bajans’ mouths already soured by the gall of hardships that continue to appear so odd when compared with the rest of the world, which appears to be mending at a steady pace…

The chance for either side of Barbadian politics to redeem itself saw the Grinch winning late last year when Mia Mottley failed to cut her own salary on Black Friday when the loss of 3,000 in the public sector was foreshadowed. She could have chosen to emulate, and even create a Bajan precedent, by doing like Nevis, Bermuda & St Vincent when their new leaders chose wage slashing as their first act in Office. Vance Amory chose to give his fellow Nevisians a savings of EC $70,000 a year for the next five years off of his salary; while Craig Cannonier in Bermuda did like Ralph Gonsalves in St Vincent – 10% for himself and 5% for the rest of Cabinet.

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7 responses to “Can MP’s leave their egos at home?

  1. Party Animal

    Dear Ian.

    You really think that our liquorish MPs will cut their Salary, remember when the Government of the day raised their salary and then cut jobs and pay.
    When the Government changes I hope the cut down the number of MPs to eleven, one for each Parish, this alone should be enough to save us from the IMF. why does one lose a seat and then become a Minister ? the polls show we don’t want you. This should never happen.

  2. just want to know

    This is something I keep saying why does this little rock need 30 M P’s & still bringing in more who have lost their seat, & on the TV every evening talking a whole lot of crap. Cut their salaries & cut the amount of elected politicians, & no one person should be top brass for more than 2 terms, hopefully that should stop so much greed, & another thing the top brass should be married the husband or wife of one person. Think about that Barbados.

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    Now tell me why should MP’s take a pay cut when they do not give a fuck about Barbadians. Their interest in politics is all about the mighty draw back from their deals. The crooked BLP and two face slimy DLP do not give a fuck about Barbados. Until you people are completely sold out your understanding will never be able to fathom the depths of the nefarious underworld of Barbadians politicians.

  4. just want to know

    using bad language will not help the people of Barbados. The politicians are still being paid out of the civil lists, so, we have to deal with that, cut their salaries, cut the amount of MP’s, that I am sure will help the costs of doing business. Look UWI will soon have to close down some of their faculties because they do not have the money to pay staff. This is where the majority of Barbadians started their tertiary education, the M of F included, so what do we do just throw our hands up in despair?

  5. gentle jim

    The MOF went to UWI ? You could have fooled me. I heard he did not get past second form at Garrison..

  6. Party Animal

    If the UWI is turning out People like the above then it may be better to shut it down, instead of pumping money down the drain.
    So now we know where all the Scumbags, liars and crooks come from, most of them being Lawyers, I rather call them Liars. Unfortunately most of our Politicians are Lawyers and extremely good at telling lies.

  7. Whose to blame

    The IMF has forward a report that spells out clearly and in subliminal overtones that the government of Barbados has misrepresented facts in its economic and financial statistics that are not consistent but fill with discrepancies. This therefore means that the credibility of this administration and that of the Governor of the Central Bank are quite questionable, if not to say, an potential act of deceit. That is an indictment on our leaders.