George Waldron – from Black Rock, Barbados to Guyana in the 1920’s or 1930’s

Black Rock Barbados History

I would love to hear from the Waldrons of Black Rock

I am an avid reader of the Barbados Free Press and am very happy that I can get to access your news online.

My reason for sending this email is to request some information about some long lost relatives that I would love to connect with in Barbados.

My great grandfather, now deceased, came to Guyana many years ago. His name was George Waldron and was from Black Rock. He came to Guyana sometime in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s and never returned to Barbados.

I would like to connect with the old and the young folks of the Waldron family. I am a Guyanese citizen and presently living in Guyana.



Photo courtesy of’s The Tramways of Bridgetown Barbados


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9 responses to “George Waldron – from Black Rock, Barbados to Guyana in the 1920’s or 1930’s

  1. Nair

    For those interested in Gynaeology it is very helpful if you could supply your grandfather’s full name, date of birth, and if he married a Bajan his wife’s full name and date of birth. Any stories you may have heard about his life on the island before immigrating to Demerrah or was it British Guyana. Do you know any specifics of WHY he went to BG. Many Bajans moved to Panama thanks to the Canal. Just the smallest bit of information can trigger memories. How about posting a picture of him on Face Book?

  2. John

    Walrond is a really old surname in Barbados. In the 1600’s they were Quakers.

    You could try the Ellis Island website because you never know if he or a relative passed through New York.

    I have family from Trinidad who were back and forth between 1915 and 1923 when they finally could afford to settle. It is all recorded on the Ellis Island website.

    Bajans who went to Panama and South America sometimes spent time in the US also. Your Great Grand Father might have passed thru on the way to Guyana.

    My father grew up in New York, but was born in Trinidad.

    Excelled at tennis and for a child of a poor immigrant family was smart enough to get a masters degree in Civil Engineering by working in the day to contribute to his family and going to school at night.

    Worked in Venezuela in the oilfields logging oil wells when the oilfields in Maracaibo were developing.

    Just to show that sometimes North America could figure into the travels of West Indians from that era.

    Another source to try is that will also get you to Ellis Island if records exist there.

    The early 1900’s was a tough time in the West Indies where employment was concerned so many left for greener pastures.

  3. John

    There is one George Walrond passing thru Ellis Island in 1900 and he was 19.

    Probably too young for your Great Grand Father.

    There are 55 records of various other Walronds, many from Barbados or Panama but none out of Guyana.

  4. noodle

    Was it Walrond or Waldron?

  5. Clevroy

    Thank you for the information posted, thus far..his last name was Waldron and not Waldrond as was previously written in one of the messages..I can be contacted on

  6. My Mother’s maiden name was Stephanie Elaine Walron (Left out the D), She was born in 1911. Her mother’s name was Afflinda and her father was named Walter.

  7. clevroy

    Hi..I just read your comment, and thought to myself that they may have probably been related.
    I am not sure about his exact date of birth, but it had to be around 1900 to grandmother, as well as his other children never knew anything much about him ( I guess those days, people were not too keen on knowing certain things)
    I’ll welcome any other information you have..I will have to travel to Barbados a good day and explore black rock..

  8. It is amazing that you are looking for Waldrons my great grandmother was Edna Waldron. Her mothers name was Miriam Waldron and she had a brother called Neville Waldron and they all went to live in Venezuela to live and she never heard from them again.

    I have tried looking into the Caracas census however that is difficult as I don’t speak or understand Spanish.

    I am sure that they emigrated to the USA while we now live in the United Kingdom. It would be great if anyone knew about them.

  9. Anonymous

    Our mother’s maiden name was Walrond. She was born in 1911. Her mother was one of nine bothers and sisters–Hebert, Lena, Ella, James, Athlinda (Linda), Georgi, Matilda, Helen, and Samuel. The parents of the nine were an Elizabeth Sealy and an A. Walrond. As far as I know, they were all born in Barbados. Ella remained in Barbados some went to Panama and most moved to US in early 1900’s. Maybe some links hear.

    By the way, these cousins are a part of the Sealy, Carrington and Hackett lines. We’re going to have a family reunion August 9 – 16 in Barbados. If you think you’re related and interested, contact us through email: