REPORT: Dangerous hotel tap water at Sochi Olympics.

danger olympics water

“Do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”

Fear of Muslim terrorism permeates the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Today’s on the edge report comes from a Chicago Tribune reporter who turned on the tap in her hotel and poured a nice glass of the above.

One has to wonder how the contestants will be able to concentrate when everything must be processed through a filter of ‘It might be Muslim terrorism’.

In Sochi, Russia, Don’t Touch The Water

CHICAGO (CBS) — We all know how the old saying goes when you travel: “Don’t drink the water.”

Well in Sochi, Russia, you had better not TOUCH the water, either.

When Chicago Tribune reporter Stacy St. Clair, who is covering the Winter Olympics for the newspaper, arrived at her hotel, she was informed that there was a problem with the water and it had been shut off.

Then hotel staff delivered an ominous warning: “Do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”

Her tweet about the situation has gone viral.

… read the rest at CBS Chicago


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4 responses to “REPORT: Dangerous hotel tap water at Sochi Olympics.

  1. Can’t put your mind at rest without someone trying to kill you.

  2. Party Animal

    Jim Mason. I like it.
    Do we really think we can wake up Bajans ???? Bajans too like a freeness or a free ride, now you are getting it.
    The Politicians are asking the Private Sector to employ the lay offs ? Will Government treat the Private Sector the same way if they have to fire or lay off these people who may not be able to do the Job or is it that only the Government is allowed the brake the Law ? The new Legislation means nothing., If you want to lock me up, make sure the Government in front of me.

  3. From an average of 2-3 billion per Winter Olympic to 50 billion and climbing

    I envy the Swiss Bankers at the moment who are reeling in the benefits of
    The Sochi corruption at the expense of a non accountable state on those Russians who are impoverished and without hope.

    front and centre in all of this is the iOC who approved Russia as a suitable country to host the games in the first place.

  4. robert ross

    On behalf of Tom, Dick, Harry and Joe Monkey ………..why are Pharisees always so miserable?