Family loses 3 jobs – exposes nepotism, cronyism at National Housing Corporation?

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But then I started to think “How can it be that a couple and their adult son are all hired into juicy NHC jobs all within the same time period 5 or 6 years ago?”

Barbados government lay-offs start to hurt

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A little human interest piece in The Nation initially invoked my sympathy where three family members in the same household lost their jobs at NHC on the same day.

The house income instantly went from $7,000 a month to nothing. We can feel for these folks. $7,000 a month sounds like a lot of money, but in a house with three adults and two other children, there is not much left over once everyone is fed, clothed, sheltered and transported to work and schools.

“I don’t have a job. I owe the credit union. I owe the bank. I owe for the stuff in here and I have my son to support. What am I going to do?” said the woman, and I do feel sorry for her.

But then I read further and started to think “How can it be that a couple and their adult son are all hired into juicy NHC jobs all within the same time period 5 or 6 years ago?”

It could be luck, I suppose, that they all applied for NHC jobs and each was hired. Could be, I suppose.

But I know my Barbados too well. I know how things work around here.

This layoff of an entire family should be news and discussion for more reason than they are on the breadline.

There is another story here, and I don’t think that the island news media will cover it or ask the right questions.

Something to think about!

Read The Nation article here, but we have to print it all because you just know how that paper changes history!

Family Loses Jobs

ON FRIDAY MORNING, Hallam Gittens, his girlfriend Andria Brathwaite and stepson Kishmar Brathwaite were sitting on a monthly income of about $7 000 amongst them.

That sum was stripped down to zero in a matter of hours, through no fault of their own. 

The three were on the list – the list of close to 300 temporary workers from the National Housing Corporation (NHC) who received termination letters as part of Government’s restructuring programme.

Even before she had the letter in hand, Andria, 44, was anxious. From where she sat, she could see a long line of workers from various departments filing into the NHC boardroom and coming back out in tears. It was only a matter of time before she, too, broke down in tears and had to be relieved from her duties at reception.

“I felt really bad. I saw people that were there before me. So I said if dem gine home I gine home next,” she recalled.

Her suspicions were soon confirmed via a summons to the boardroom.

“I don’t have a job. I owe the credit union. I owe the bank. I owe for the stuff in here and I have my son to support. What am I going to do?” she queried.

Hallam was the second to receive a letter and Kishmar got his sometime later. Yesterday Kishmar said he was feeling “sad” and is not sure what he will do next.

“I understand how the Government is now. So I guess I can’t do nothing ’bout that,” the 26-year-old said.

Both Hallam and Kishmar joined the NHC five years ago, and Andria would have celebrated her sixth anniversary yesterday.


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27 responses to “Family loses 3 jobs – exposes nepotism, cronyism at National Housing Corporation?

  1. robert ross

    Then spell it out will you.

  2. RLL

    3 in family working at NHC? Sweet! Winning government always hands out NHC jobs like sweets to loyal childrens. They shouldn’t be so unhappy they had almost 20 years as a family working at NHC.Good money, lots of days off, easy work in the day only not at night or weekends.

    Did they save anything with 20 years of work? No. They took on more debt an now they in a fix. Lots of families would love to have just one of those 3 sweet jobs for 5 or 6 years. Lots of people working only 15 and 20 hours a week at the hotels, forced into job sharing so everybody eats a little and nobody gets laid off.

    Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you if three in your family worked 6 years at NHC and now it is gone.You should have partied less and saved more.

  3. Party Animal

    I have always heard, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket, but this one sound fishy.

  4. W.

    No sympathy from me. My shop closed four months ago.

  5. Wily Coyote

    NEPOTISM — The fox has finally come to clean out the hen house, well at least he’s shown himself at the door. I thought that 2000 had to go by Jan. 15th and another 1000 by Mar. 15th, my math not too good however 2000-300=1700 short of the promises and it’s already Feb. 2nd. Oh well I guess Bajan math has its own rules.

  6. robert ross

    The trio and the rest were temporary workers according to the report. In the ordinary course they would be the first to go. Nepotism in the sense of being mere friends of senior people in the employing authority is not enough to explain the appointment of 300. The issue is what the underlying reason was. In any event, they were not merely temporary/ They were seemingly non-necessary.

    But I say again – since WE are writing in these terms I find the post writer gutless in not spelling it out himself. He has made bullets for the rest of us to fire. So: what is HIS agenda and whom is HE a friend of?


    We know this goes on and even more , Look at all parts of the government and you will see all the same names in keep area blocking and more.Land registry , Archives, Town and Country , Inland rev, ,Water company and so on , The need to be happy that they got work where there was none, Just in time for voting it seems and keep them voting , Not to worry they all will get back work again right before the next ELECTIONS ,
    GOT to pack the votes back in you know.The work it self was more than the 200 -400 paid out for votes , they were lucky.
    Water turn on for friends no deed, Power turned on with out inspections,

    Party Animal , you took my line lololl

  8. W.

    5 years service is not a “temporary worker”

  9. snakes on a plane

    Every Member of Parliament should take a 10% cut in salary, benefits and expenses.

  10. cq9

    Three people all from one home working for NHC? That must be some kind of record. What a coincidence. 😉

  11. Rockley side

    I am sorry for this family. People should have compassion for them and all the others. There is no use in criticism even if they were hired for political reward reasons or because of family. This is a small island and if we are suspicious of every company or government office that had relatives working together we would have no time for anything else. We have been brought to this place by our poor leadership and because God allowed us to make the choices we made. Like this family we as a country put aside nothing for the future and nothing for troubled days that everybody could see coming. We allowed our main sources of revenue to decay and decline through our neglect and uncaring and laziness. YES I SAID LAZINESS. The city is filthy with refuse on the street. The walkways to the beaches are filthy with fast food containers and leavings. We don’t smile at the tourists who are seen as trouble and a bother. This was not what our parents and our grandparents and before had in mind for independent Barbados.

  12. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    People needs jobs but political hiring has been problematic from inception. Most of the people who gets jobs through ‘nandy pandy’ political hiring have poor work ethic and are influential in driving counter productivity. They are quick to tell you how close they are to the minister or reigning political party to evoke intimidation, They only want the job until they get it and when they get it they have all sorts of ailments and excuses not to work. These particular people deserves no sympathy. If this family were good workers I sympathize but if they just mere political pimps or disruptive non what so ever

  13. Facts

    lol lol lol… that man hallam white wash Indar Wier in curse last canvassing season in 2013 February
    it seems that most of the persons terminated were from the St. Philip North Constituency
    These jobs were all gifts

  14. Barbados needs to be cleansed from top to bottom before it is too late

  15. robert ross

    I heard this morning from someone on the inside that most who were sent home were appointees through the previous Min of Housing or family members.

  16. Tudor

    I too felt for these people when I read their story yesterday morning, when I started to analyse the situation a couple of questions came to mind. Firstly a family of three in the same household working in the same Govt Corporation & all laid off? I remember that it was said that care would be taken not to have this happen. Secondly three people collectively bringing home $7K per month & one of them a receptionist, what jobs were the other 2 persons doing?
    why after this length of service were these people not appointed? Govt is the biggest Company in the Island, why for all their talk does the Unions not deal with Govt the same way they deal with the Private sector ?

    Can anyone confirm that the President of the NUPW is employed at the NHC?

  17. Mavis

    @Tudor ….Walter Maloney is employed at NHC

  18. My name doesn't matter.

    The enormous number of people employed by government leads to a malaise in Barbados. The government thinks we the populace serve them.

    Fk them. Fk them all.

    No sympathy. No quarter for the cabal that rules this rock.

  19. Tudor

    @Mavis, thanks.

  20. anonymous

    I tried to get a job with the gov’t for years. The first question is always “do you know anyone here?”

  21. Anonymous

    Is there any truth in the rumour that those who have been made redundant were generally unproductive or problematic

  22. I don’t understand why everyone saying people that is near retirement should be laid off first, near retirees or people ready to retire have bills to pay also, just because you reach the age of 60 or 61 that’s don’t means your bills automatically go away, some retirees have mortgages also, so people should stop blaming the near retired people, unless the government pay them out a good sum of money, and they get retirement money every month, which wont be much anyway, but its hard for everyone, because the retired people that got laid off, who only have a minimal job will also find it hard to pay bills, buy food and still try to live a comfortable life.

  23. GPS

    Tough times worse than ever before coming to this island. Pray and work hard as you can.

  24. BeeDeeWe

    Does anyone one have anything beyond conjecture to offer? You know…actual proof that there was anything other than a legitimate hire at play here? This “blame the DLP” trend is frankly becoming ridiculous. So without a smidgen of evidence, it only takes a hypothesis, presumption or asumption (whatever you want to call it) to make this a DLP created problem? Goodness gracious, have you lot lost the ability to think independently and critically?

  25. Dont talk to quick the three dont live at the same house the son and the mother used to live at the same house she met the boy friend at n.h.c she move in with the boyfriend at his mothers house but she lied to the nation newspaper these jobs were given to people by st george and st philip members of the present house who were ministers of n.h.c as favours and they only did a small amount of work not even 8 hours a day for the pay they were getting stop feelin they are complaining they are more too that come to work late and just dont want to work so dont feel for them the are liars

  26. Fine Flying Fish

    The nepotism just keeps coming on Barbados!

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