Survey says Barbados top spot for eloping Brits!

Barbados wedding elope

Okay… how do we turn this information into more visitors?

Barbados is the preferred spot for eloping (24 per cent)”

Our thanks for the photo to Sue Morris and SoulMates Barbados wedding services


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4 responses to “Survey says Barbados top spot for eloping Brits!


    Why did Cliff Richard Move to Barbados and how did he get a passport so quick? 🙂

  2. robert ross

    Wonder how many are unfaithful to their partners here and why here? Or Ibiza for that matter.

  3. Mac

    How much foreign exchange could be earned if Barbados though about true equality & legalised gay marriage?

  4. Runt

    I met cliff Richards. This Guy is kool what are you talking about hater. I didn’t even know the man is A celebrity. We need more kool British like kool cliff in Barbados.