Gunmen ambush patrolling Barbados police – one officer slightly shot

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“One officer slightly shot” sounds a bit strange, but it’s just about what the police and papers are saying happened on Tuesday night. The story only deserves four sentences in the Nation and Barbados Today because that is all the information released by the police.

Think about that folks: Gunmen saw patrolling police officers, then started shooting in an ambush. If that doesn’t sound like Kingston, Jamaica I don’t know what does.

But the police and the news media are playing down the incident, I suppose because the injured officer was only ‘slightly’ shot.

Strange times ’bout this place. Sometimes I swear somebody stole my country and put this new one under my feet. It looks like the same old place, but it isn’t.

A police detective was “slightly injured” when gunmen opened fire on a group of officers last night.

Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch says members of the Criminal Investigations Department were on patrol in Chapman Lane, the City around 11 pm when unknown assailants shot at them several times before running away.

He said police returned fire.

The incident is being investigated.

… from Barbados Today Men Shoot at Police


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25 responses to “Gunmen ambush patrolling Barbados police – one officer slightly shot

  1. make an example

    Hanging must resume !!!

  2. Party Animal

    Jamaica ….. Here we Come

  3. Anonymous

    I’m from St Lucy and grew up in New York. I knew this was coming when in 1997 i saw the government allow developers to build a development on the northern part of the Island. I told my family that’s it for Barbados this island going to be flooded with drugs and guns in a few years as predicted i was right.

  4. hmmm

    anonymous! this island was flooded with drugs and guns long before that!

  5. fred

    Shocking stuff. What a surprise this is downplayed during the height of the tourist season. No one wants to frighten the horses after all. One would have thought the government and the judiciary would have gotten serious about crime in Barbados at least when it began to threaten the tourist dollar. But hey, people on Bim are only now being only slightly shot so no worry.

  6. Party Animal

    I can’t get over this ” slightly shot ” a Politician wrote this article ?

  7. Party Animal

    I suppose the next time a shooting is reported it will read, some one was shot and they are ” slightly dead “.

  8. MoneyBrain

    Humans only understand CARROT and STICK!

    When unna going to realise that Bim and the World are under the very false impression that people dont need lots of DISCIPLINE!

    Bring back the Tamarind Rod, the CAT and the NOOSE!

    When this DEPRESSION really starts to bite these Indisciplined brutes going to run riot bout Bdos!

  9. just want to know

    One has to remember no corporal punishment will be re-established in Barbados, until one of the politicians, or their families are murdered. Do any of you remember Tom Adams grandmother? enough said !!!!

  10. Blame it on Jamaicans, Trinis, Guyanese ! Anyone but Bajans ! We don’t do that sort of thing ! How about our politicians and judicial system ? And where do you suppose the guns come from ?

  11. Simple Simon

    @make an example January 30, 2014 at 1:51 am “Hanging must resume !!!”

    I don’t believe in shooting anybody.

    I don’t believe in hanging people.

    But if we hang a person who slight injures a policeman.

    What do we do with Mr. Big Shot who beats the stuffing out of his wife behind the walls of his gated community? Hang him too?

    What do we do with father’s who shoot their little sons? Hang them too?

    What do we do with armed grown men and their armed grown sons who shoot little unarmed boys in their yards? Hang them too?

    What do we do with merchants who add 100% 150% 200% percent to the costs of cheap and nasty imported gods before selling them to consumers. Hand then for usury?

    What do we do with rich plantocrats who get children from women in the nigger yard and then permit those children to live in poverty, in childhood, in youth, in middle age and in old age? Hang those miscreant daddies too?

  12. Simple Simon

    @MoneyBrain January 30, 2014 at 3:24 pm “Bring back the Tamarind Rod, the CAT and the NOOSE!”

    Dear Moneybrain: I notice that you are living comfortably in Canada where there is neither tamarind rod, nor cat nor noose. And I don’t hear you calling for your Canadian government to use those instruments of torture?

    In fact Canada’s law is such that if you bring the madam to Barbados and off she, and slip back into Canada, the Canadian government will not extradite you to Barbados because Barbados has a death penalty on the books. So you face no danger of being hung no matter what you do.

    So if no hanging is good for money brain.

    Why is no hanging not also good for Simple Simon.

    You think we don’t recognize you for the fraud that you are? You think we Simple?

    Paul Barnado is still living isn’t he?
    Robert Pickton is still living isn’t he?
    Russell Williams (he who used to fly your governor general) is still living isn’t he?
    Isn’t Karla Homolka living the good respectable white married woman life right here in the Caribbean? Why wunna di’n hang she, or cat she or at least tamarind rod she?
    Did not Clifford Olsen die in jail or old age /cancer?

    I have not heard you calling on your government to hang these people.

    Hanging too good for you and for them but is good enough for some young foolish Bajan boy?

  13. MoneyBrain

    @Simple Simon
    Why do you insist on exposing yourself as somewhat ILLITERATE???
    What dont you understand about the word WORLD and HUMANS?

    The murderous bastards you refer to in Canada should have been RETURNED to their MAKER a very long time ago !!!(UNLESS there is proof that keeping them for research will lead to solutions to human madness or they have the ability and desire to find a cure for cancer or some other critical ability)

    The key word I used is DISCIPLINE!!! It has no gender, race , religion, class etc. The so called Political and other “leaders” encourage miscreants in their indiscipline. The populace, especially the youth, should be given ample Education/ Training and Re-training as necessary BUT never with the impression that they will receive $$$$$$ for pissing around and refusing to contribute to society. Saw a young woman on TV this week, about 20yrs old, saying she needs $20/hr because she has a baby and is a single mother. I did NOT advise her to have unprotected sex or not to vigorously pursue proper education and so why should I have to pay $20/hr for a $10/hr job at my Coffee shop??? Why should I contribute to people like that via higher taxes? It is her and her family’s problem and maybe her religious organisation. Intelligent Politicians know this BUT want Votes from the vast number of LazyAsses in Society who want $$$$$$ without contributing!

    DISCIPLINE and NO BS! This is EXACTLY why Singapore is so very successful and Bim is so mediocre, relative to the People of Bdos potential!

    Be careful how you jump pun a SWORD Simpy!

  14. iabingy

    By the way have found that serial rapist yet. you know the one they set free.
    as how the hell could those women see in the dark a black face.
    hhummm any clues.? call your local rapist hotline.1- 800-you-like
    and be reassured you wanted it did- ent you ????????humm

  15. iabingy

    they lucky this time .
    next time may be not. revenge is a bitch and i am
    sure the Barbados justice system done a lot of bad things to bajans,
    locking them up for years for nonsense.
    taking years up to 10 years in jail before you get a trial.
    if that happened to me.
    it would be bombs i using not bullets.
    time will come for all of us to get back what we give out.!!!!!!!1
    best get some more bullet proof vest and the whole outfit.
    karma .


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  17. MoneyBrain

    @DR Love
    This is about Gunmen shooting at Police!
    I do agree with what you are saying about CORRUPT POLS but what connection does that have to these particular gunmen?

    Are you stating that YOU know the perpetrators and they are justified in shooting at Police for political reasons? An anti corruption disciplinary group?

  18. MoneyBrain

    @Dr Love
    Fidel and Che were absolutely justified in ridding Cuba of Batista, The Mafia and the USA.

    Where they went absolutely WRONG was in “thinking” that humans can develop successfully in a communist ie NON INCENTIVE situation. Good in theory BUT just does NOT work. This has been proven in Cuba in the very recent few years where entrepreneurs have been leased land for farming businesses and the productivity per hectare has skyrocketed.

  19. Mac

    @Simple Simon.

    I agree with you whole heartedly.

  20. MoneyBrain

    Simpy needs alot MORE HELP than you have provided or could provide.

  21. We are letting in Tom, Dick, Harry, they parents, Habra, Dabra and de Crew under the CSME. What don’t we understand? The Indians are multiplying! Where are the Barbadians? Geting sick, lock up, being penniless and treated like scum in the workforce by persons who pass themselves off as though they had not been exposed to proper education, in that, they have adopted imbecilic and spiteful tactics to use on those whom they hate without just reason and as fate would have it at this time, may have to endure such discrimination under their bossy and backward styles of management, for to leave at this time would spell more disaster.

  22. Bimmer

    Barbados is going to be the new Jamaica pretty soon. The bubble has burst and all those stupid people living in the north behind their gated communities to keep the people out of their cosy insular lives are going to be the target for crime you can be sure. When you have them and us and they don’t mix then tensions build. Add an increase in poverty and loss of jobs and prospects and then all hell will break loose. Who would want to live in Barbados these days? It is run down, crime is rising, businesses closing, hotels and bars derelict and the mood on the streets is changing for the worse. People cannot sell up and leave as their properties are now worth a lot less than before – Some investment huh??. They will have to stay put and endure the anarchy and crime around them and hope it doesn’t happen to them but when it does and the word gets out, then Barbados will really fall apart and it will never return to the good times. We had a run of good luck for many years, now we must reap the harvest we have sown.

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