Universal Rights Group publishes rubbish about The Maldives

Marc Limon - He did what? !

URG Executive Director Marc Limon – He did what??? !!!

Maldives… a liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards?


Check out this statement by Universal Rights Group about their Executive Director, Marc Limon…

“Marc Limon worked as a diplomat (rank of Counsellor) at the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council from the body’s establishment in 2006 until the end of 2012. This included participating in the negotiations on the institution-building package (which determined how the Council would operate), on the Council’s mid-term review, and on a wide-range of thematic and country-specific issues over the course of twenty-one regular sessions and nineteen special sessions.

From 2003 onwards, Marc worked as a Senior Advisor to the Government of the Maldives, providing counsel to support the country’s democratic and human rights reform agenda. This agenda oversaw the Maldives’ peaceful transition from an Islamic autocracy to a liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards. As part of this agenda, Marc was responsible for strengthening the Maldives’ engagement with the international human rights system. This included establishing a Permanent Mission in Geneva, coordinating the country’s accession to almost all international human rights conventions and the fulfilment of its reporting obligations, extending a Standing Invitation to all human rights Special Procedures, coordinating reporting under the Universal Periodic Review and, in 2010, working on the Maldives’ successful campaign for election to the Human Rights Council (the first time the country had ever been elected to a UN body)…”

… more at Universal Rights Group

Maldives jail Christian for possessing bible

Maldives jail Christian for possessing bible

Alright. Let’s get some things square from the start: I believe that the Universal Rights Group has a place, if only to try and convince the practitioners of barbaric religious and cultural traditions to stop killing folks who don’t believe the same thing they do, and also to stop mutilating women’s genitals in order to control them by depriving them of sexual pleasure and personhood.

So good for Marc Limon and his compatriots.

But when Universal Rights Group calls The Maldives a “liberal democracy”, well… they might as well just take more LSD or whatever drug they are doing because they have lost all fucking touch with reality.

Check out these past BFP articles, do a little independent research about The Maldives and then see if you can agree with URG’s statement that The Maldives are a “liberal democracy with strong human rights safeguards”.

Good Lord!

Passin thru

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6 responses to “Universal Rights Group publishes rubbish about The Maldives

  1. WSD

    So true BFP. These people lost all credibility with me the moment they claimed that the Maldives was a liberal democracy that cares about human rights. I’d say more than “good Lord!” but you wouldn’t print it.

  2. Not LSD

    Marc Limon is evidently high on a payroll or contract drip which is much more powerful than any LSD.

    This would never happen in Barbados lol

  3. Party Animal

    Not LSD
    You got to be joking, with the bunch of sicko’s we have anything is possible.

  4. toodle do

    Thank you BFP for once again pointing out another emperor without clothes.

  5. Try having a look at some of the other UN activities like the AIC

  6. CQ9

    The Universal Rights Group sounds parasitic. If they have to brag about non-existent ‘victories’ one has to question everything they say.