Barbados Labour Party organising protests against government

A train called CIVIL UNREST

A train called CIVIL UNREST

“Dear Barbados Free Press,

You should have been at the BLP meeting at St. George Secondary School. The Nation is soft selling the talk about marching in the streets. More nuff than talk is happening when former cabinet ministers telling people to organise marches.”

Received from an anonymous reader

‘Unrest’ word spoken again

Crime is already rising in proportion to the closed businesses and potholed roads. The Royal Barbados Police Force and the Defense forces recently increased crowd control training and joint practices.

The government hears it coming. Law enforcement and defense hear it coming. Private security patrol companies hear it coming.

Now you listen… Hear that train in the distance? It’s not so faint anymore, you can really hear it now. It’s coming…

Marching ‘may be only way’

Some prominent members of the Barbados Labour Party have come out in support of civil protest against the Government, despite recommendations to the contrary from the trade union movement.

During one of the party’s The People’s Assembly meetings at St George Secondary School last night, various speakers said taking to the streets in protest might be the only way for Barbadians to get their message across to the Freundel Stuart administration.

One such speaker was former Cabinet minister Anthony Wood, who said the imposition of university fees and the planned layoff of thousands of public servants were reason enough. 

“With them laying off 3000 and going on to 5000 and not knowing where it will end; with all sorts of fees being introduced onto workers in Barbados; with them trying to turn back the hands of socio-economic development by preventing poor people children from coming to university – if that isn’t a cause for the people to rise up and let their feelings be known . . . .

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16 responses to “Barbados Labour Party organising protests against government

  1. Hocus Pocus

    Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to deal with ignorance is ignorance!

  2. Not The Monument at Haggatt Hall

    TOMORROW AT 4:00 PM. OLDBURY WOODS, ST. PHILIP. Any and every Bajan can have a say about the state and affairs of this country. Gabby and many other top Barbados’ personalities will be speaking. Let your voice be heard!

  3. Party Animal

    Marching is a waste of time, it has been done and proven fruitless.
    We the people have to down tools , We have to shut the Country down, stand up for our rights. The Opposition and the Unions are proving to be useless, we the people pay the Government we don’t beg them for to work.


    Want to protest , everyone stay home , shut down the island ,stay home , call in sick , sick of the bull shit ,everyone , stay home till they call elections, and then vote 3rd party

  5. Vote third party ? Where is the third party ? What ever happened to the Barbados Kingdom Alliance Party ? Now is the time for a credible third party,one which will emphasize the importance and primacy of integrity, transparency, accountability,freedom of information, traditional values, self-reliance and patriotism. But alas ! One can only dream !

  6. Blahhh Blahhh

    “stay home” are you foolish? we would have to stay home for a month before they call elections, and only a few will stay as the rest cant afford to miss work or get fired! employers are looking for excuses to fire employees at the moment, its allot cheaper than laying off, not one shit will happen till the current term runs out and then we will vote in another bunch of monkeys to run the country. best thing to do at the moment is heavily tax all products that can be manufactured or grown on island, this will give us more employment, and save on foreign exchange. next thing is to privatize our air and sea port, transport , roadworks, water authority, Oil company and many more.

  7. Wily Coyote

    Government is agonizing over who the 3000 to 5000 civil servants to put on the breadline, let them decide themselves. Every civil servant found to be marching receives a PINK slip, case closed.

  8. just want to know

    I think the Government themselves should resign, & the majority be put in ” DODDS “

  9. Pinky

    There will be civil unrest. That is a given.

    How bad will it be is the real question.

  10. Hocus Pocus

    When I was a student, one of the first things we learned in Economics was that for an economy to grow there had to be an increased demand for goods and services. For this to happen, people MUST have more money in their pockets to spend. It’s not rocket science – but then most politicians must be rocket scientists because it would appear they do not understand!

    Here are a few suggestions I have heard discussed …..

    1. Remove all personal income tax. Let people have what they earn in their pockets to spend as they choose.
    2. Freeze NIS deductions at present level.
    3. Let VAT be tiered – e.g. some products have VAT applied at 20%, some at 17.5%, some at 15% and some at 0%.
    4. Government to undertake no new developments/expenditures at all until economy back on its feet.
    5. Government only to spend money on existing essential services e.g. road maintenance, health, etc.
    6. All government ministers to take a pay cut of at least 15%.
    7. Only the GG and PM to fly first class – everyone else: coach.
    8. Exclusive of PM and GG, the most expensive car supplied by government should be a Korean SUV.

    I have read arguments saying: as we live in shocking times, punishment may also need to be shocking! In this vein, things I am aware that are being said are ….

    a) In order to discourage praedial larceny and therefore encourage planting of crops, penalties may, unfortunately, need to be severe….e.g. remove one finger per conviction?
    b) Maybe the stocks need to be brought back for those found guilty of defrauding the people?….in addition, of course, to heavy monetary penalties. Place offenders in the stocks in Independence Square every Saturday afternoon and let the people enjoy revenge by pelting them with rotten fruit, eggs and vegetables!….photos to be taken and distributed at will.
    c) Of course, there are other methods (horror upon horror!!) like tarring and feathering and The CAT!!

    On the other hand, schools may need to include, in their curriculum, subjects such as:
    i) the importance of a good work ethic and how to develop one.
    ii) the importance of delivering excellent, polite/courteous service and how to develop that ability…..and the importance of the customer and how they need to be listened to and treated.
    iii) the importance of honesty/truthfulness and how to become honest and truthful.
    iv) how to transcend victim-consciousness.
    v) the importance of true statesmanship and how to be a true statesman.

    This list could go on and on. It would appear that much is not being taught in the home these days, therefore the slack needs to picked up by the education system. As we all know, the children of today are our country’s future – let’s give them the best.

    I think that “Pinky” could be right – but hope that extremes of civil unrest can be avoided.

  11. Curious

    These trying times demand that the Loyal Sons and Daughters of Barbados unite to restore Barbados to its lofty perch. Even she falls short by a few rungs.
    Meanwhile, can someone speak to the contributing factors to Barbados’ accent to its lofty perch as a well run country, at all levels and what has knocked it off that lofty perch? Is it possible to bring those contributing factors to bare, once again?

    The interest of Barbados being the only priority at this time, is it time for a third party….. THE BARBADOS DEMOCRATIC LABOUR PARTY?

  12. Curious

    Hocus Pocus, the matter of praedial larceny might be discouraged, while encouraging planting of crops, by ordering those found guilty, before the courts, to perform 8 hours of work daily at the site of his/her act of praedial larceny. Naturally, fingers would be saved for such meaningful work.

  13. Hocus Pocus

    @ Curious
    I don’t disagree with you – but think that praedial larceny/theft, in particular, may need a severe deterrent? Sentencing those convicted to 8 hrs a day work may be too lenient? Whereas the thought of a missing digit or two might be horrific enough? And I am sure there are plenty of people who would be happy to be employed in agriculture without having to employ known offenders?

  14. All politicians in the stocks?

    “b) Maybe the stocks need to be brought back for those found guilty of defrauding the people?….in addition, of course, to heavy monetary penalties”

    Hocus Pocus

    Does this mean citizens of Barbados will get to see all their elected officials on Sunday at Independence Square?

  15. Hocus Pocus

    @ All politicians in the stocks?
    Sure – If the shoe fits……

  16. Hamilton Hill

    The Barbados Labor Party on winning the 94 election immediately brought legislation so as to protect some of the losing DLP MP’s.This tells you where this country is in relation to these two parties. What we need is three independent members of parliament, who can pave the way for the very much needed third party. If the message is sent maybe, just maybe those that have been raping this country since time immemorial may stop.