Model airplanes master builder discovered!

Battle of Britain Bf109E

The Art! The Art!

Okay, okay, so I’ve gone overboard on the title, but the fellow who runs the Amateur Airplanes blog does some fine fine work.

Look at that battle weary Bf109 Emile above and the detail on the F100 Super Sabre cockpit below.

You know I love airplanes – big, small, real, homebuilts, warbirds and models – so when I stumbled onto Amateur Airplanes I lost a half an hour just flipping through the projects and comments. There’s no word on who this chap is, but you can see the dedication and talent – and he has over 1,500 followers.

I don’t see a DC-3 like the old one I learned to taxi with at Druxford, but this modeller could duplicate every ding and oil streak. All I’d need would be the smell of air petrol, oil and metal – and to hear the tinks as the big old P&Ws cooled. The only additions I’d like to see on his blog would be a search function in the menu, and perhaps a tag list of aircraft types and model kits.

If you enjoy airplanes, you’ll enjoy a tour of Amateur Airplanes.



F100 Super Sabre Cockpit

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5 responses to “Model airplanes master builder discovered!

  1. Eric C. from Westchester

    Most enjoyable! I’d love for him to show more of his techniques and show more of his tools, types of paints and fillers etc. Make it more of a lesson instead of ‘here is what I built’.

  2. Canadian Tourist

    I am more than willing to organize the IPMS Barbados National Convention next December. We might have enough room at the Maresol if we take over Walkers World. Catering by Scotties.

  3. Canadian Tourist

    And whatever you do, don’t click here.

  4. Thanks for the post! Honestly, the builds are just my way of relieving stress. I would love to build a DC-3 but the lack of room for a bigger kit keeps me building the smaller ones. All in good time though.

  5. dw

    This is like WOW they are model enthusiast in Barbados.
    When I was 7 to at least 14 or more i had every WW1 and WW2 aircraft be it Airfix,Revell,Lindburgh,,,,,and ships as well,,,it was a passion,,,
    As I became more ” adult” I gave away all of my collections to my nephews,,,
    As I have now reached my 60’s ,, I have now ressurected my passion for something that keeps us intact as well as explaining to my grandsons what transpired and to what extent the world went through and why we are were we are now because of war.