Marriage problems? Try a Maldives vacation where it’s lawful to beat and rape your wife!

maldives wife rape

Having a little problem with the wife not getting cuddly when you want to?

A vacation in the Maldives might be just the thing for your ailing marriage!

A Message from the Tourism Bureau of The Maldives

We’re The Maldives – your ultimate tropical paradise vacation destination. 1,192 tiny coral islands known for their peaceful and exquisite ‘back to nature’ environment.

Swim in our warm azure waters. Walk on pure crystalline white sands as leaning palms provide shade and beauty. Relax in a tranquil setting on any one of our pristine out islands where the Islamic riots don’t usually happen. And, if we ever open our museum again, you can see the finest headless statues in the world. Such art!

Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen has refused to ratify a bill that seeks to partially criminalize marital rape, calling it “un-Islamic.”

The parliament voted 67-2 last month to limit a husband’s right to have non-consensual sex with his wife. The bill says a husband cannot force his wife to have sex if the couple have filed for divorce, dissolution or mutual separation, and if the intent is to transmit a sexual disease.

President Yameen refused to ratify that law because it is “un-Islamic.”

Go swimming – you don’t really need a Maldives massage anyway. That’s why we shut down hundreds of resort spas.

No need to bring your Bible or rosary – why not just enjoy a week or two without your filthy Christian religion?

Celebrate our patriarchal Islamic culture where the most beautiful women are property to be married off so long as they have attained the ripe old age of nine.

And later when the day is done and you are a man feeling a little out of sorts, or needing some comfort from your wife: don’t be afraid to assert what is your lawful right over your own property.

It’s a man’s world here in The Maldives – and the women had better not forget that if they know what’s good for them.

Sometimes women need to be disciplined. That’s why our President Abdulla Yameen just vetoed a bill that limited a husband’s right to non-consensual sex. “Non-consensual sex” is so much better than the word “rape”, don’t you think?

With the elimination of the law protecting a wife from forced sex, (even if the husband has venereal disease), the future is assured: The Maldives will remain a man’s world.

The Maldives: your ultimate vacation awaits!

And don’t forget… if you want to renew your marriage vows, The Maldives is the ideal place for your special ceremony. Maldivians will do their utmost to ensure you take home infidel memories you can’t find anywhere else – except for Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia.


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14 responses to “Marriage problems? Try a Maldives vacation where it’s lawful to beat and rape your wife!

  1. passin thru

    Caustic? BFP? No way!

    luv ya tho!

  2. akabozik

    Islam is probably the world’s most anti-women ideology. It is less a religion and more of a fascist gang with zero tolerance for anyone or anything in opposition.

    ‘Debate’ for Islam is assassination and murder.

  3. 45govt

    Well said akabozik – islam is a stone-age creed of savagery, death and destruction, and ought to be proscribed in any civilised country.

  4. robert ross

    To what extent does Barbados condemn spousal non-consensual sex?

  5. Bob Storey

    Women should know their place and men deserve their congenital rights, what wrong with that?

  6. Eric C. from Westchester

    Certain Muslim traditions are authorized and directed in the Koran such as paying the jhiza tax, beheading or raping captives, beating wives to maintain discipline, keeping slaves, subjugating jews and Christians and working to overthrow any non-Islamic government by treason.

    The laws in the Maldives are much like many other majority Muslim countries. They even flog women in the streets in The Maldives.

    Where they run into problems is when they try to market themselves as an international vacation destination. Barbados or Maldives? No decision as far as I’m concerned: get me to the South Coast and pour me a Banks beer!

  7. Eric C. from Westchester

    This is food for thought:

    Second Generation Muslims Are Much More Dangerous Than Their Parents

    Their parents came to escape their culturally undistinguished control-ridden native sharia lands and embrace freedom and modernity. Their children, on the other hand, revert to their roots and embrace their religion. This is made manifest by the rush of young Muslims from Western countries who are flocking to Syria to wage jihad in the cause of Islam.

    Thousands of young Muslims have gone to Syria to wage holy war. “The number of young EU citizens recruited by extremist organizations is increasing. According to the official statistics, more than 1200 people left their homes and towns in order to fight on the side of militants in such countries as Syria, the Sudan, Somalia. Unfortunately, we realize that this number is much greater,” admitted the European commissioner.”

    “Amira Karroum was one of many Australians being recruited to fight in Syria”

    By Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun – “We must change our old assumptions about immigration – that the second generation will be more assimilated than the first:

    Read more:

  8. Mr Coco

    I saw a couple of punishment bags and their master on the dead end road leading to Crane beach today. They couldnt get down to the beach cause the punishment bags couldnt negotiate the rocks behind Melnyk’s. Anyways since when did St Philips start to resemble Ontario ?

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  12. HIlarious

    I find it hilarious that you people focus on women in Maldives when right here on your supposed island democracy, women are raped, murdered, beaten as a societal norm. The men who perpetrate these acts suffer no consequences. You just had a spate of violent acts committed against females in the past few months and one of the perpetrators had already been previously convicted of similar crimes. When your big-ups and the people in your country start treating women properly, you can talk about other places! When little girls stop getting breed pun a regular basis by men twice their age wunna can start talking bout other places. When little boys stop getting bull by hard back men especially big-ups turning them into homosexuals by nurture instead of being born gay, wunna can talk. Bunch of blasted hypocrites!

  13. HIlarious

    Eric from Westchester, you might turn up dead like de tourist who get murder a few years ago on de South Coast. Or get your ass mugged like nuff of the tourists whose stories de Bajan media don’t publish. So be careful what you wish for! Or if you with a woman she might get rape and de police will jail an innocent man. All on dis pissy little island you yearn for.

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