Harlequin H Hotel now billboard for The Flying Chicken – coming soon!


Harlequin Barbados Signs

Last Night…

Harlequin Barbados Flying Chicken

Our thanks to reader “J”


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17 responses to “Harlequin H Hotel now billboard for The Flying Chicken – coming soon!

  1. Anonymous

    Will be interesting to learn just whom they will be paying
    rent to. Could they be squatters?

  2. Sid

    I’ve been waiting for flying pigs but didn’t expect chickens.

  3. Anonymous

    Should be flying pigs, more likely than seeing Harlequin build anything they sold.

  4. BBaywatch

    You have to laugh – and I see that the sponsoring ad is for Andrex! – loads of that product required in the Basildon Bunker.

  5. Anonymous

    @BBaywatch —that was beneath you!

  6. Bob got a bung?

    Well if its been sold and Ames nicked the cash – blame sneaky Bob Ladel for delaying the Trust.

  7. BBaywatch

    Does raise some serious questions though, assuming that The Flying Chicken is a business totally unconnected to Harlequin (God knows it might be though, given the number of other ventures they have undertaken with investors money) then if the site has been sold who was paid for it? or if the site is being leased who is receiving the rental?

    Perhaps it is part of a Trust to benefit HP investors? .000001cent payable for every fried chicken sold – and guess who the chief fryer will be, the stink of old chip fat certainly lingers.

  8. BBaywatch

    January 15, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    sorry – it’s been a long day, I’ll get my coat 😉

  9. Anonymous

    @BBaywatch 3:01 –You have redeemed yourself.

  10. Triangle Bangle

    its a joke guys, or so it appears to me.

  11. Sid

    It’s definitely a joke and the longest running joke I’ve ever seen….it’s been going for nearly 10 years now and we’re still waiting for the punchline!

  12. Bob Storey

    All of you stop making a fool out of yourselves, it pathetic.

  13. Bro. Chickens claw

    Q: Why did the chicken go to Flying chicken?

    A: He wanted to see a chicken strip.

  14. Bro. Chickens claw

    What do you call a chicken that crosses the road rolls in dirt and comes back?
    A dirty double crosser

  15. Hel Cyd

    q Why did the chicken cross to Cluckament Bay
    a Cuz he thought it was Ames-azing

  16. Sid

    Why did the chicken go to Buccament Bay?

    Because he heard it was ‘re-designing cluxury’

  17. Yatinkiteasy

    I wonder if The Folks at BCCI are still using David Campion’s services (Argo)in their Bridgetown Revitalization project?
    They should look at the stunning work he did at Merricks and H Hotel in Hastings(destroying the Allamanda hotel and leaving an eyesore in its place).The former boss of H Studio makes no mention of these great projects on his Argo website. Of course not..nothing to be proud of there.