Afra Raymond loses ‘’ domain name

afra raymond CMMB

Yup. It looks like our old friend Afra Raymond lost his domain name ‘’. Enquiries to that website are now directed to a website that is definitely not our Afra Raymond.

Meanwhile, Afra continues to send out posts and emails directing folks to


If you want to read Afra’s articles (and they really are worth your time) you can still go directly to his website at WordPress…

Have a read of Afra’s latest about the efforts to shut down his bold exposure of the truth about Invader’s Bay, CLICO and all manner of government corruption.

“There are several lessons one can draw from this exchange – the sheer hostility to the truth which is now becoming a disturbing ‘new normal‘ in our society;

… the invisible hand of the bureaucracy in devising large-scale developments, stated to be for the benefit of citizens, without citizen inputs; the inescapable reality that these obstructive forces operate across and within all our political administrations.”

Afra Raymond: The Uff Bluff



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    like this,
    by David Comissiong During the 2013 General Election season the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) spent millions of dollars on a propaganda campaign that was designed to convince you – the people of Barbados – that the DLP was profoundly committed to maintaining all existing jobs in the public sector of Barbados. They used the millions […

  2. Mark Fenty

    And the BLP is the kinda of party that adheres to the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and the Truth right? So why does it now find itself in the opposition? I have possible theory: the Barbadian electorate was too stupid to have fallen for the demagoguery of the ruling DLP right? (wulloss me belly hurting, wunna funny fah real)

  3. Mark Fenty

    David, I am going expose your little entirprise on the others Bajan Blogs. And when I am done with you David, the of people Barbados would have had enough of you.

  4. Mark Fenty

    David, when I finish expose BU for what it is, the people of Barbados would have had enough of you. DLP hater…

  5. yatinkiteasy

    In Barbados, we are hearing that the massive “Pierhead Project” will be one of the saviours of our economy.Just as the Central Bank governor said in 2012 that Four Seasons (a known disaster) and Merricks (now a derelict site) would provide the stimulus to the Tourism Product and provide an increase in foreign exchange.
    Where are the studies, consultations, and public access to such?It is understood that millions of dollars have already been spent on this mad project, of which the Public…read…..Taxpayers of Barbados have little knowledge.At a time when suppliers have had to stop delivering to our QEH, because of non payment or slow payment of invoices, how can this Government even consider spending millions on a project that is dead before it starts, because there are no Marketing studies that suggest we need, or that it is sustainable to have shops, cafes, etc, running from the Pierhead to Browne`s beach..
    Have Contracts been awarded?…if so, have Tenders been put out as is legally required?
    We have Bobol in Barbados too, but it is much more hidden than in Trinidad.

  6. just asking

    The Trinny Government have to try & shut up this man, because he is exposing to much muck in the Government. Here in Barbados they blindfold the populace with a lot of promises that never get off the ground
    Soon we will have no money to pay pensioners, God help us, just like Antigua & Barbuda!!!!!

  7. lexicon

    God help us!

  8. lexicon

    It’s time to get this government out.

  9. lexicon

    The people of the small island of Barbados are suffering and have this foolish people we call politicians, who haven’t clue about governing fuck up the place.

  10. Interested to know

    How did Afra lose his domain name?

  11. Jeri

    Only one way to lose it: don’t pay the annual fee, then the name reverts to open status and someone else can use it. There are predators who wait for this accident to happen and they grab the name and want big dollars for its return. Simple really.

  12. Party Animal

    It is time we Bajans get up off our Ass and do some thing with the Politicians who has screwed this Country up in the worse way.
    Owen Arthur screwed up the last Elections by making a come back in the party and mess up Mia, if he had done it differently I am sure the B’s would have won the Election, now what the hell is he trying to prove, yes I don’t think that Mia has done enough to get rid of the D’s, this should have been done since August when a Budget was proposed that was meaningless.
    Unfortunately, we are in the height of the Tourist Season, but we need to do what we have to do NOW . It is time we show the politicians who is who, we need to shut the Country down and send a strong message to them.
    The B’s , the Private Sector and the Unions ain’t doing crap to try to save us from DEVASTATION

  13. lexicon

    It seems as though the supporters of the BLP are full of lipservice…. What can we actively do as an electorate to rid Barbados of these nincompoops who are making a mockery of our political system? We have tried lipservice and it has done little to impact the current situation in Barbados. So my question is, whats next people?

  14. Interested to know

    Domain names are cheap for 10 years such as Go Daddy

    Compare and shop

  15. Alex Bridgman

    Lexicon, you’re an asshole and that is as frank as I am going to be . Why would you support a party that care little about the needs and concerns of the poor people in Barbados? From the days of Adams to Arthur there have been an consistant effort on the part of Barbados Labour Party to carter to the well to do in Barbados. And you’re only fooling yourself if you believe for one moment that these people who now constitutes the BLP cares any differently today. Tell them Bridgman say so….

  16. just asking

    Well Mr Bridgeman the present administration are doing no better, they have made things worse, so you just shut up, you sound like a real yardfowl.

  17. Alex Bridgman

    @ Just Asking
    Why are you resorting to school yard tactics to simply say me that I am wrong? I am going to pray for you brother, you’re really in need of it.

  18. just asking

    I agree with you Mr. Bridgeman pray for me, I really need it, but please put in 10% prayers for the DLP, & their inept decisions that have our country in the worse position it has ever been for 300 years & our lying Central Bank Governor, come let’s be honest, with all these people being laid off, not just public but private enterprises. It is really amazing that anyone with at least that intelligence can still try to fool Barbadians.