Harlequin Buccament Bay flood tragedy – Caused by Vincentian Government’s and developer’s greed and stupidity

Ricky Small cries for his dear wife Joselle, who was taken by the raging waters at Buccament Bay Resort.

Ricky Small cries for his dear wife Joselle, who was taken by the raging waters at Buccament Bay Resort: a tragedy predicted by writer Peter Binose. (photo courtesy I-Witness News, link at bottom of article)

“Several times over the last couple of years water has run through peoples houses in the village, something that had never happened before Harlequin resort was being built, this should have been a warning…”

“The original engineering has been compromised and the government planners are fully aware of such.”

“I knew as day follows night this was a tragedy waiting to happen.”

One Man’s Opinion…

by Peter Binose

Buccament Bay Resort was built on a known flood plane and areas that were known as swamp. Flooding of this area has been happening since the very beginning of the valley, which acts like a great funnel draining into the bay itself.

Everyone knew that, certainly the locals and most certainly the planners and government surveyors knew that.

The resort area had the richest soil of the whole island, silt carried there from present day and over millions of years. The farmers that farmed the area were used to seasonal flooding, their crops grown in the ultra fertile soil were the best produce money could buy.

Then along came a series of rich developers and they were driven from their land. Most of the farmers had purchased the land from the government. But that didn’t matter, the prime minister sought to regain the land and to sell it to developers. The farmers initially refused to give up such wonderful agricultural land, fully well knowing they would never find anything like it anywhere else on the island. Prime Minister Gonsalves took to shaming them into parting with their land by telling them they were standing in the way of progress of the island, by progress he meant destroying their farming practices and replacing them with a tourist product.

It was becoming obvious that agriculture was becoming less and less important to the ULP government, who considered tourism their crowning glory as an administration.

“I knew as day follows night this was a tragedy waiting to happen.”      

The company that came to Buccament was introduced by a local Vincentian and a Barbadian business man. In fact the introducers were at that time all part of the initial development company. They soon fell out because the current developers of the resort refused to account for monies being gathered from sales and divulge its whereabouts. They also wanted to cut corners in safely developing the site. So the local and Bajan took a payoff and ducked out – leaving the development to a company that had no experience whatsoever. The developers had never done such a project, and in fact they were a brand new company run by a man who was at some time a window salesman in England, who knew nothing about civil engineering or building or managing resorts whatsoever.

The government had failed to carryout proper due diligence, or perhaps just didn’t care as long as they were selling the land to them.

It was planned to widen the river and build a containment wall on both sides, then to raise the development area by some six to eight feet, including along the beach front where the property ended and the public beach began. Then the plan was to pile the bases of the villas and cabins and place the building on piled land.

All that went by the wayside. The river was not widened – it was narrowed so as the company could claim more development land. A containment and flood defence wall was built only on the development side, thus forcing any future flooding to take place on the football field and village side. Several times over the last couple of years water has run through peoples houses in the village, something that had never happened before Harlequin resort was being built, this should of been a warning, because if houses became uninhabitable during normal winter rain, what happened during a major storm could well of been foreseen.

The back filled wall along the beach never took place – the same as backfilling and piling of the site never took place. In fact, hundreds of tons of rocks were brought in from a local quarry and the bay was filled for about 120 feet to reclaim land from the sea. This was built on, the large swimming pool and a bar and restaurant appeared on it. A new beach was created with white sand, and initially the operators tried to exclude the public from the nice pristine beach.

The beach front villas are built on concrete slabs at about four or five feet above sea level. This creates an opportunity for the next tragedy to happen, it has been know for a sea surge of up to twelve feet or more to hit this area during hurricanes. The villas and cabins will simply float away on their concrete slabs, because the original engineering has been compromised and the government planners are fully aware of such. The sea front at Barrouallie, the defence built there makes it obvious that the government planners and engineers are fully aware of the sea surge threat in that area, because it has happened before, yet still they allowed Buccament Resort to work to an unsafe revised engineering plan.

Developers have built many new houses and a very nice restaurant on the opposite side of the main road at Buccament, all on the strength of the resort being a success and buyers wanting to be in close proximity to the resort. The problem is all these new buildings were once more built in an area which is a known flood plane. An area which puts the government planners within the realms of criminal negligence and dereliction of there duty, and a failure to render a duty of care that all citizens of SVG should receive as of right. All this development took place again without any protective engineering for the river in case of flooding.

Prime Minister Gonsalves has said that nothing like this has ever happened at Buccament in the living memory of man. Well yesterday I interviewed several very old men in the valley, they told me that they remember this happening before, but before there was much development, when it was all farm land. They even told me of a big club house someway before the casino which was destroyed and completely washed away during such a flood.

Now through this series of ULP government blunders there has been serious loss of life. Secondly but not as important, loss of property – cars, trucks, plant, machinery, houses, shops, restaurant, bars, all lost all gone or damaged some beyond repair.

I am waiting with fingers crossed for the next flood or a sea surge. When people try and control and cheat nature, the outcome sometimes can be tragic.

I enquire where is Julian Francis now, he is the self proclaimed friend of Buccament Resort. Remember he said if any one has a problem with the resort to come and see him, so go and see him and ask how the government negligence was allowed to affect and cause the loss of life and property. Ask him if the government will compensate the people. Also make sure you tell him that party politics should not come into play, like what has happened in the past, where ULP supporters are helped and NDP supporters get zilch.

I expect this to be the end of Harlequin at Buccament, I believe all their Christmas and New Year clients were evacuated, lets just wait and see.

As usual I will be accused of bringing doom and gloom, but I have written about this before. I predicted such happenings. Yes, I predicted this happening, and I am a layman with some limited practical experience, but oozing with common sense – something our politicians all lack.

Because I knew as day follows night this was a tragedy waiting to happen. The culprits are the government, the planners, engineers and so called technical experts. This Marxist led ULP government has turned out to be the biggest disaster that SVG has ever experienced, led by know all, know nothing people. People who should not be allowed to make such decisions again.

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle, and blowing hard.

Photo by I-Witness News: Death toll from extreme weather in St. Vincent rises to eight.

Also see Jerry S. George: Buccament Bay Resort should do Better!

TripAdvisor: Buccament Bay Resort after the flood


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    Barbados with out the Flood , money leads all things and party.,We have our own DBLP that does the same type of things ,

  2. Anonymous

    Amazing that this was posted over two years ago :
    July 25, 2010 at 1:08 pm
    Alot of tricks. That Buccament Bay project in SVG is a disaster waiting to happen, it is constructed in a low lying flood plain between two mountains.

    I expect to read any day that torential rains have washed the entire project, people and all, into the bloody sea.

    Cellate and ICE Group could not build a pig pen for me

  3. Anonymous

    Sorry, three years ago .

  4. Anonymous

    And where is that little runt Ames when this is going on? It’s disgusting.

  5. Anonymous

    Shocking disaster, always going to happen in a flood plain. But why have governments stood by and let this man carry out such a massive fraud/ponzi scheme in first place? for years it has been demonstrated that the whole harlequin business is a scam, designed for Ames to steal investor money. It should therefore come as no surprise when he cuts corners on construction, with calamitous results. He has no knowledge or experience of construction or resort development, or of running a business. Twice bankrupt, he only cares about putting money in his pocket without fulfilling contracts with investors, everyone has known this for years and nothing was done and the result is thousands of investors lose money and a very dangerously built resort. How has this been allowed?

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  7. Who conned who....

    The Irish conman conned the English conman.

  8. From the Reg Legal site, more lies by toxic toad?

    Ames claims to have visited BB and claims it was never closed down.

    ” I have just returned from BB and I can report all is fine and the resort did not close and is operational. An update will be going out in the next few days.” These are DA words, I did not expect a reply in the space of two minutes, but there you go

  9. Tell the world what? that petr ben ass is an asshole! how convenient, all his negative comments are anonymous! who ever you are, you cannot be a Vincentian, if you are, you are an unpatriotic son of a bitchhhhh!

  10. Bob Storey

    @Peter Binose, in order to give a balanced report on the SVG storms, who would you blame for the flooding in Kingstone, Rose Bank. South Rivers, Spring Village, Vermont, Byers, N/S Leeward where there was also unfortunate loss of life.

  11. Anonymous

    Bob – I would blame economic expediency. This does not in any shape,
    manner form, justify Harlequin – it had money, engineers et cetera.

  12. sportingman ha ha Bob Storey

    i dont know who i am any more
    can harlwuin pls tell me what name to post under as i am now so confuzed that sometimes i can spell and do commers and interlect and other times I dont understnad my posts be-case they are so clever and too good spelt for me.

  13. I spy

    Mr Storey , you have less moral than your paymaster . You are scum

  14. Anonymous

    Lets hope and pray it doesn’t happen again but SVG is in for
    some more severe weather starting tomorrow.

  15. Anonymous

    The floods of Christmas Eve and Day were a national calamity, they were also an act of nature.

    Mr. Ames nor Mr. Gonsalves can be blamed for the weather.

    However Mr. Ames can be directly blamed for how he has dealt with the aftermath.

    But let us draw a line in the sand. Let us start over. The primary goal of Ames and Harlequin should be to ensure that flood defences are designed to mitigate any further disaster.

    But this does not mean protecting the resort alone but the areas around the resort including the upstream parts of the Buccama River.

    This project will cost Harlequin some USD $ 20 million, if done correctly.

    Sadly we know according to Mr. Garreth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal that neither Mr. Ames nor Harlequin have the funds to do this.

    And without this necessary work, the resort and inhabited areas around the resort will be prone to the type of flooding which affected the area on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    The one benefit of the trust under UK law. And I believe the trust is being set up under UK law will be that the board of the trust, the trustees will be liable jointly and severally for costs relating to the resort if Mr. Ames or Harlequin cant meet them.

    I expect that Mr. Fatchett has indeed brought this to the attention of the proposed trustees.

    Therefore the trustees should now concentrate their efforts on the immediate needs of the resort and the necessary studies and flood protection enhancements for the Buccament area.

    With 3800 members of the trust a contribution of £3-4000 each would ensure that their investment and surrounding areas are given additional protection.

    If the events of Christmas are repeated and given the precarious state of Harlequin’s finances flood protection measures will be required.

    Few if any financiers will have an appetite for investing until this issue is dealt with.

  16. Anonymous

    It is a sad reflection of the Ames family and Harlequin given the revelation by Mr. Storey and others that Mr. Ames visited the resort that Mr. Ames did not take the time to visit with Ricky Small and his family and offer the Small family the condolences of the Ames family and Harlequin on the sad loss of Joselle.

    Instead we are being lead to believe that Ames visited the resort secretly and all is well. And he will update us in a few days.

    All is not well. A staff member lost her life and other staff members remain traumatised, yet all we have heard from those close to Harlequin is that the resort was basically unaffected.

    Shame on you Ames. Shame on your family and on the UK staff of Harlequin. Shame on you all.

  17. Paddy P issed his Pampers

    Hey guys if the builder who nicked the cash gave it back would be about even and fix the flood issues?

  18. Paddy P issed his Pampers

    Even better idea instead of posting as Anonymous
    January 6, 2014 at 2:36 am

    Pay some money you nicked to the family at BB – more chance of Ames doing that, than you.

    Give Erica a pay cut.

  19. The View from Mount Pleasant

    I see that Side Show Bob has been up to mischief on the Trip Advisor forum trying to pretend that all is OK with the beach at BB. A lie denied by a guest who was actually there at the time of the disaster.

    I believe that Bob was once gainfully employed as a burger flipper, he should go back to that rather than trying to peddle pork pies.

  20. James Shaw

    This is an outrage, on TV in the UK today.

  21. Anonymous

    @JS ….agree, People dying, including a staff member of BB and all they can do is promote the wonderful resort(whose beautiful white sand beach they talk about is almost gone after the bad storm on Xmas eve)

  22. Anonymous

    It is quite interesting that since the tragic Dec 24th floods. No TA reviews have been published about BB? This is very suspicious, as TA has in the Past removed hundreds of overly positive reviews and is accused of removing Any very negative ones as well. Surely several guests were there Xmas day and would have cameras to record the disaster. Maybe they were also investors, so They are practicing damage control.
    Here is a report on aTA forum today….before it disappears.

    posts: 2
    Save this Post
    10. Re: no reviews of bucc bay after storm ??
    today, 9:38
    I can confirm the beach was washed away and electrical cables were exposed. We had a beachfront villa and couldn’t go on to the beach safely. The force of the flood made massive trenches in the beach which were about a metre deep in places. The flooded river ran past and through some of the beachfront villas. There were also large deposits of mud around the beachfront villas, in the plunge pools and on the beach. On the day we left they had a digger on the beach to level it off and had trucks of white sand to deposit on the beach. I think that possibly the reason most people have decided not to review is possibly due to the loss of life and the traumatic nature of the events on Christmas Eve which included the evacuation of all the guests many of whom were small children and several elderly people. A lot of these people had been fast asleep and woken by security banging on their doors to get them out. My main worry about travelling there now would be the quality of the water to the resort and using the plunge pools. I am sure cosmetically it will all look fine and be operating as close to normal as possible. The staff were working very hard to get it up an running again.

    Report inappropriate content

  23. Anonuk

    I’ve been reading “investors” posts on Rl forum. The desperation amongst the posters that still cling to a trust working is sad. DA as usual feeding them sh+t and keeping them in the dark. Fatchet can’t even get him to provide insurance details for BB. DA is a cold hearted conman plain and simple. He doesn’t care about anyone expect himself and his bank balance. One of his techniques is to give no or little info, then have trolls attack/question every post that doesn’t contain facts. Knowing of course that he hasn’t released any. DA has accumulated millions from this scam and I have no doubt he is already well into his next one, he has a lot more capital for it. I hope I’m wrong but I also believe Ames has an exit strategy and won’t see the inside of a courtroom. The biggest let down in this farce is the UK authorities. Their inaction could be argued as negligent. If I was an investor post 2010, when it was blatantly obviously a scam, I would be asking my legal team to look at redress from the fca.

  24. Marcus

    Is this guy saying that the damage sustained from Vermont to the main road at Pembrooke is as a result of the development close to the coast line??? I somehow doubt that.

  25. Anonymous

    A guy called Paddy P issed his pants made a comment earlier and whilst the post is generated by Harlequin and their band of supporters, a question does now need to be asked.

    Ames and Harlequin supporters have for months stated that Ames seized all of O Hallorans assets and sold them.

    So where is this money gone?

    Where is this money now?

  26. James Shaw

    Maybe Paul McKenna can fix Dave Ames mental disorders?

  27. Anonymous

    Marcus it is quite reasonable to suggest that the flooding which devastated St. Vincent was compounded by development in different areas. Removal of trees and cultivation of land can and has been proven to have increased the damage caused by flooding.

    Urbanisation and agricultural practices have been a big cause of “Natural” disasters worldwide in recent years.

    The issue planners have to deal with is mitigation and risk reduction when development of land is first being planned.

    Ames bought land in St. Lucia called the Marquis Estate. Again this land is located on a large flood plain.

    There was significant tourist development in St. Lucia in the 90’s and early to mid noughties. Why then did the resort developers not choose the Marquis Estate as a location, indeed the same can be said for Buccament Bay.

    The big tourist developments in St. Vincent were all on the Grenadine Islands and there were good reasons for this. Aside from the lack of infrastructure on the Island of St. Vincent in order to sustain a mega development of some 2000 units, you also have the Volcano. This Volcano is acknowledged as being one of the most dangerous in the world.

    Whilst the Island of St. Vincent is beautiful not only because of its lush rain forests and mountainous back drops and surrounding seas but also because the Island is a throw back in time.

    Yes the Island and its people need and deserve investment.

    The Island has a population of some 100,000 persons. The island needs massive investment to give its people the quality of life they deserve.

    These investments should not be along the lines of mega resorts. Buccament bay was planned to have 2000 units. Which could accommodate some 8000 persons. Ames was also planning a second resort a few miles from Buccament Bay which would have accommodated another 5-6000 persons.

    How could the infrastructure of the Island accommodate a potential increase in population of 14% overnight.

    What planning or thought was ever given over to this. This type of development would have stretched the water and power resources of the island to breaking point.

    The resorts were planned and partially built not with the Hotel business in mind but to maintain the sales business. Based in the UK.

  28. Anonymous

    The ITV show has already been shot

  29. Saint Bob patron Saint of Harlequin.

    Bob Story is to be renamed ‘Saint Bob’, he claims to have sent a cheque to SVG.

  30. Anonymous

    Where is PHIG when they are needed 😉

  31. Bob Storey

    Only a very very sick person would make light of a human disaster. You sad sad person.

  32. anonymous

    like you ‘grandstand’ bob?????? who had to announce on RL that you have sent a cheque. just to try and make yourself look good. you are disgusting just like ames and the rest of them .

  33. Dave look into my eyes................

    I have been gazing into my crystal ball, I have a problem I can’t see:

    * Any insurance documents for BB
    * An insurance claim

    I can see

    * lots of mess
    * A flood plain
    * A few staff in Basildon
    * Matty Mummy worried about jail

    Diddy Dave must know its over, unless he really is getting Paul McKenna to convince him otherwise.

    Dave look into my eyes…….. you are the great visionary, it’s all the Irish builders fault……people love you.

  34. Bob Storey

    @Anon 7.21 you cretin. If you are going to post things from RL then have the interlect to post the whole of the thread and not take comments out of context. I was asked if I was going to send a contribution, and it confirmed I had. See totally different. Another sick person who tries to score points from a disaster, a real keyboard warier aren’t you.

  35. Anonymous

    Is “interlect” really a word ????

  36. Saint Bob patron Saint of Harlequin.

    Is keyboard ”warier” really a word. 😉

    Are you singing ‘Save the World’ as you type?

  37. Bob Storey

    Tell you what guys perhaps I should cancel my contribution? Would you prefer that? Then you can get your sick kicks at someone else’s expense. Let me know and I can still cancel the cheque. I’m sure the people of SVG would be proud of you.

  38. Bob 'Geldof' Story teller and his cheque.

    Don’t believe you sent one, you’re a tight arse.

    You took £50 for ‘petrol’ from RL to show ‘proof’ you were getting your rental return – remember?

  39. Anonymous

    Bob – Someone with your interllectual ability should have figured out
    by now what to do. True “wariors” never doubt themselves.
    (Apple OS/X Mountain Lion is going crazy with this spelling)

  40. Bob Storey

    £100 remember, obviously not LOL And I don’t give a monkeys whether you believe me or not. Tell you what, for £100 I will drive to the RL office and show them the proof, the £ 100 will be donated to the relief fund. Going to put up the £100? Up for it? We all know the answer to that one don’t we.

  41. Anonymous

    Buccement Bay sewerage drain has been fractured, leaks into river killing wildlife. Environmental health been called.

  42. Anonymous

    Anon 9:32 – That begs the question just where did the drain lead
    to before the storm.

  43. To be (insured) or not to be (insured) is the question

    Into the river pumped in under the cover of darkness.

  44. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if a SVG television crew/reporters have managed to
    get into the BB compound or have the jackboots dressed in black
    with uzi’s prevented any true reporting. (At least I thought I saw
    a uzi in the video clip)

  45. Anonymous

    Tb(i)ontb(i)itq – Geez those that live in the village at the foot of
    the bridge must be immune too just about every disease known to man
    by now.

  46. Lord Haw-Haw

    They are almost strip searching staff when they leave in case they try to steal water or food. The police are getting fed by the resort.

    TV crew have not been allowed in.

  47. Karma is coming after you

    Rotting animal carcasses in the river being eaten by starving dogs, this place needs shutting down.

  48. Anonymous

    If 10% of what I am reading here is true it is nothing less than

  49. Karma is coming after you

    Sadly most is true

  50. It's cursed.

    Buccement Bay and the Ames family is cursed.

  51. dahlia.

    Has nothing good to say about the Saint Vincent PM. Didn’t you also blame the flooding on the PM. Interesting that I just read some of your comments on IWITNESSNEWS

  52. dahlia.

    Has nothing good to say about the Saint Vincent PM. Didn’t you also blame the flooding on the PM. Interesting that I just read some of your comments on IWITNESSNEWS. I guess the closer it comes to election the harder you blow.

  53. Anonymous

    Well Dahlia dear:
    1. I am American
    2. Gonsalves (who doesn’t look that black to me) is spearheading
    some ridiculous reparation quest. This, even though his forebearers
    were slave owners .
    3. What were the “jackboots” doing at Buccament?
    4. Half of what Peter Binose writes I agree with 100%
    5. What is the government of SVG, a professed – “workers government”
    doing for the workers at Buccament?
    6. And finally my dear, -just who is a slave of whom?

  54. Anonymous

    People have argued for years about Ames. Its pointless. The Ames family have destroyed thousands of lives, hundreds of businesses. Caused individuals to behave in a manner totally alien to their norm.

    Ames, his wife and family along with most of the senior Harlequin Staff found away to make a quick buck. They made it.

    Now investors are looking for a quick fix.

    Problem is that in making the quick Buck Ames ensured there could be no quick fix. Its over except for 3-4000 investors who still believe a rabbit will be pulled out of a hat. And why should we take this only remaining hope from them.

    Let them have their final dream. Ames is finished.

  55. Anonymous

    He’s not finished. He still has his proceeds of crime, and until those are taken away from him, he can run or hide, or fight.

  56. Anonymous

    Run where? , hide where? and fight what ? Fight investors and suppliers who are legally owed money ? Yeah knowing Ames that’s exactly what he does, ironically fighting using investors funds, funds originally earmarked for developments.

  57. Anonymous

    The stupidity of all this is Fatchett is keeping the dream alive. JUST. Because all it is, is a DREAM.

  58. How to live like a king on a freezing order? Or no job.

    Very simple.

    You employ a loyal family maybe called Stenning ( who you have known for 20+ years) pay them inflated salaries, then take it back as cash.

    Ghost staff at Buccement Bay? – paid to off shore accounts – shock horror!!!

    Just imagine if the accounts were numbered i.e. don’t have a name on them?

    Maybe, just maybe, with Buccement Bay having no accounts you could get away with that? Could this be how Matt is being paid?

    Is this why he is fighting so hard? 😉

  59. Bob Storey

    Wonder how the doom mongers are going to explain this away? Perhaps the real truth is not as good as their fiction?
    TA today 9.22
    “Reports that the Rapid Response Unit (“Black Sqaud”) was brandishing weapons are just not true. I was three and also shot video of the incident. The security told me that electrical cables were exposed on the beach. Person were not co-operating when he told them that the beach was in accessible. The police never unholstered their weapons, and people who were asked to move (including a senator, I might add) did so”.

  60. Sid

    Does anyone know if the resort really is operating as normal?

  61. Anonymous

    In a tinpot dictatorship nothing operates as normal

  62. Anonuk

    And how exactly does this make the despicable scam by the heartless conman Ames ok. You like facts, ask DA to come up with the insurance documents, I have and got no reply.

  63. Anonymous

    Talk about using social media? This is from the latest TA review of BB by someone (an investor?) who was there for the storm and aftermath…..claims DA was there helping! If true, did he contact the family of the missing staff member who was washed away whilst leaving work (crossing the resort’s bridge) if not , why not?
    This glowing 5 star report is clearly written by a very pro Harlequin guest, is very misleading that all is now well at the resort. It is not .

    “Over the next few days during operation ‘clean-up’ so many staff were on site, and even David Ames the chairman flew over from the UK and had his sleeves rolled up and was helping. Things were getting back to almost normal very quickly. “

  64. Anonymous

    Such a transparent planted TA review. Bob Storey, who takes money to defend a company that scams pension funds, will of course say that anyone claiming such reviews are not valid has an agenda. Maybe Ames was there, who cares. Ames has been scamming naive British investors for years using our islands as the bait. He and harlequin are toxic. How can you sell almost 2000 units on one project on land you don’t completely own and have no planning permissn for, and take that money, not build a thing, yet pay your family from it, and loan yourself millions, and not be a criminal. Those who defend that are as bad. Investors, get real, this man has screwed you completely, the whole business is so indebted it cannot recover. To think otherwise is the kind of thinking that got you into this mess in the first place. Please Ames and harlequin, bugger off once and for all.

  65. Anonymous


  66. Bob Storey

    @Anon 11.43. Check your facts before writing lies. The poor employee who lost her life was NOT washed away from the bridge.

  67. Anonymous

    And just how do you know Bob. You can spiel your nullification
    cant till the cows come home but it will not change the truth…

  68. Dave will do Bird

    Dave Ames mopping up? Oh perleeze.

    Maybe he’s getting in practice for slopping out when he is behind bars.

  69. Anon

    What is your point Storey?
    Do you seriously think your petty pendantics wether Josell was swept from the bridge or the adjacent causeway makes one iota of a difference to Harlequins toxic reputation. Get a grip and grow up.

  70. Bob Storey

    @Anon, (keyboard warrior) yes it does matter. If you cannot understand the implications regarding that then you are an imbecile. And I’m talking about the implications for the family, no one else. What a total one eyed idiot you are.

  71. Anonymous

    Bob you are in need of psychological help.

  72. Goat Rider

    An update from Harlequin travel department, I asked my son to call.

    A week at Buccement Bay £3400 inc internal flights, not international flights.

    Safron restaurant closed, Bamboo closed…..

    That leaves one bar and one restaurant.

    Redefining choice in the Caribbean.

  73. If ya dont make it change...it wont

    Bob you are worse than Ames, you support a known fraud, your nothing more than a ponce…you should go to prison with ames and get your arese bored out

  74. Erica Broughton

    BB is not worth £3400 when all the restaurants are open, dirty building site with sewerage being pumped into the sea at night, it gave me a rash on my bottom.

  75. Anon

    Storey you really are a total f*ckwit. There are no implications. Wether harlequin was at fault or not makes not one difference to Josell’s family. Ames is not prejudiced he rips off everybody local suppliers, uk suppliers, employees, contractors and of course investors. Do you actually think this would be different if anything was proved either way.
    You’re that dumb you haven’t even figured out that you have been robbed yet. In fact you are still defending the thief. Dumb ass

  76. Bob the......

    January 7, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    If he was not such a nasty old man I could feel sorry for him…. a bit.

  77. Bob Storey

    Anon 2.21 and countless other Anon postings. Just keep trying to score points over an unfortunate accident. It does matter that there is accuracy in reporting, but just let your blind prejudice get in the way of the truth. It must really eat you up to be so bitter. I pity you.

  78. EddieLizzard2

    Just how many trolls are sharing Bob Storey’s ID today? It’s all over the forums. One post he can spell and the next he comes over as a complete chump.

    Looks like the Harlequin PR machine got caught out when the disaster happened because they had all pissed off on holiday.

    Whatever… it all shrieks of desperation now.

  79. Anonymous

    Let’s be honest here guys, do you actually expect Ames to be legit when it comes to insuring BB?

    He is just trying to milk it a bit more.get more muppets paying £3000+ per week to go to a cess pit

    If you were at BB for a week with one bar,one restaurant you would die of boredom, or some tropical disease.

    Let’s just wait for Trip adviser to finish it off, it’s not anything special at the best of times.

    The Island will be a virtual no go area.

  80. Mystic Fred

    I keep seeing insurance problems……….

  81. Hoodwinked

    Look at this terrible

  82. I don’t see what more Reg Legal can do, they have passed on the update regarding the insurance from Dave Ames and the pending claim (albeit unconfirmed by RL)
    The ‘Pink Forms’ are with Harlequin as is the database of investors.

    All we can do now is wait until the next deadline of 20th January when I assume a discussion to whether the work on the Trust will start in Ernest.

    If the required mandate is not achieved, I suspect the financial investors would walk away, and then liquidation would be the only practical option.

    The liquidation option is not one favored by anyone, including Harlequin, so let’s hope they manage to get the correct number of paying subscribers to the Trust after the initial confusion, we all know about.

    I feel it’s time to get things moving, we have had enough delays and alternative agenda’s to last a lifetime.

  83. Anonymous

    Assuming that the trust is indeed initiated all it does is guarantee
    that “financial investors” and Ames will not be sued by the original
    purchasers for X-number of years. The fact is that Buccament Bay
    is constructed on a PROVEN flood plane. Assuming that BB did
    indeed have paid-up insurance won’t the future insurance companies
    be able to demand whatever premiums they see fit. In Florida the
    vast majority of hurricane policies DO NOT COVER WATER DAMAGE.
    They cover wind damage. How is this all going to work?

  84. Anonymous

    Oooops –flood plain

  85. Anon - reasons unknown


    You state that if the required mandate is not achieved (presume you mean if the trust does not go ahead) you expect “… the financial investors would walk away.”

    What financial investors? The ones Dave Ames told you about? Like the insurance? And the continued normal operation of the hotel throughout and following the floods which devastated neighbouring areas and ruined infrastructure and fresh water and power supplies to the rest of Island (maybe something to do with exposed cables on the beach)?

    Interestingly, the final paragraph in the article on ifaonline, which quotes Harlequin, reads as follows:

    “An investors-backed trust structure will lift the threat of legal action against Harlequin and allow it to seek third party funding to re-start building work on the land it has acquired with investors’ money.” Puts a slightly different (and I believe more realistic) slant on the current situation, doesn’t it. Harlequin can “seek” funding following set-up of the trust. They certainly don’t have it.

    I know investors like to bury their heads in the sands (watch out for the exposed cabling) and only listen to RL, and what’s posted on that site, and god knows the future looks terribly bleak for them, it’s very sad, but it doesn’t change the obvious. History is rolling on as expected and predicted as far as Harlequin are concerned.

    The trust benefits only Harlequin. Investors are stuffed either way (and so is the joke that is the Harlequin “business” model). The only hope for investors is that the UK authorities FINALLY get their arses in gear and prosecute Ames and his accomplices for criminal offences. Take the lot back off him and his revolting, thieving family.

  86. Anonymous

    Anon-RU Your final paragraph says it all.

  87. Loony tunes

    January 7, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Proved by whome, serious question Dan Abrams stated it’s not a flood plain.

  88. Loony tunes

    @Anon – reasons unknown
    January 7, 2014 at 8:13 pm

    As usual Ames is sadly lacking in proof regarding the investors and insurance, I actually agree with all your points, unfortunately.

    An earlier post today mentioned Ames having ‘ghost staff’ and taking the cash, I believe that too.

  89. Anonymous

    Loony tunes – proved by the Man Upstairs

  90. Anonymous

    Paul why cant we see the report you undertook on Buccament Bay.?

    Why too is the trust being pushed ahead despite no due diligence having been carried out?

    Paul you appear to have Fatchett’s ear. Or you going to be one of the trust board members? And do you understand UK law as it pertains to the trustees and the personal liability which ensues.

    I suggest you get Fatchett to explain this.

    Paul have you seen a commitment letter from any financiers. Not an expression of interest but a letter of intent?

    Harlequin have been selling properties for over 8 years. In that time no financier was willing or prepared to finance Harlequin. Now that the SFO, FCA, Essex Police, HMRC and CIB all over Harlequin, and HMSSE is in administration, you and Fatchett really expect us to believe Ames will get finance ?

    How much are you getting from Fatchett. You did not pay to join the trust did you? Where is the report you did? And why are you still involved? You told us all on the RL site some months back that YOUR Redress claim had been upheld.

    How if that is the case can you also be a member of the trust?

    Or are you just dancing to Fatchett’s merry little tune.

  91. Lord Haw-Haw

    Something fishy going on…

  92. AMG C63 with performance pack

    How can you be a member of a Trust that does not exist?
    If you got your money back then you can’t be in the Trust?
    Maybe Ames won’t be around for long?
    Who has a report?

    The World has gone mad

  93. Bob & Alistair

    With the combined Pink Form mandate between Harlequin and RL we have a majority both by investor numbers and contracts. We have a three distinct groups of stragglers.

    (a) those who are via a SIPP and awaiting confirmation of payment
    (b) those who have been told to “do nothing” and have done exactly that
    (c) those who have simply not engaged with either us or Harlequin

    Harlequin are returning to their Pink Forms to ask them to pay their trust fee. Group (a) are being chased up jointly by RL and Harlequin – Groups (b) and (c) are being chased up by Harlequin.

    On the 20th January 2014 we are going to be one month on. At this point, if we have not received payment from the Harlequin Pink Forms and / or made progress with groups (a) – (c) then we will need to reconsider our position on the Harlequin Investor Trust.

    The period between the Harlequin update gives investors adequate time to join the process. We do not have access to all investors, therefore, we are entirely reliant on Harlequin.

  94. Anonymous

    B&A – Very well written and presented — But what the heck are you

  95. Anonymous

    In a nutshell what Fatchett is saying is that he will wait till he gets the 200 quid from all pink slip holders.

    However long it takes.

    Reconsider his position with regards to the trust, my ass.

    One odd thing about Fatchett’s letter. He says he and Harlequin are chasing group A investors. How does Fatchett know who is in group A. The pink slips are with Harlequin or so Fatchett has claimed. Possibly a pink slip up.

  96. yatinkiteasy

    Shakespeare could not have written a better Tragedy than this .It has all the elements for a fantastic movie too…Ames should write a book….then sell it to Hollywood.

  97. Anon Pink Slip Up

    Ah ha Fatshit, what porky pies are you telling investors now.

    How the hell would you know if you have a mandate or not without seeing and indeed verifying the Pink Slips from Harlequin PHIG.

    Or is it a case that we must once again take what Ames says at face value.

    You stated you had 1800 Pink Slips and Harlequin had 1700 Pink Slips. Giving a total of 3500 Pink Slips. You have yet to see the 1700 Harlequin Pink Slips. But even so that gives you under 40%.

    You said there were in excess of 9000 contracts.

    To give you a mandate of 75% as you have always stated you will need to have 6750 contracts.

    Have you got that. Of course you are not going to answer this.

    And why since you are seeking redress are you including SIPP holders.

    Even you must understand that if your redress claims are upheld the insurers underwriters of the redress claims will pursue Ames and Harlequin.

    So the argument being put forward by you and Mr. Walton with respect to financiers coming on board once the threat of litigation has been removed is a very weak one indeed.

    And what about the circa 2,250 contract holders not signed up to the trust. That is 2,250 potential claims is it not ? You do not speak for those who have no wish to join your trust so please do not attempt to make some oblique reference to them.

    Enjoy the money Fatshit, you duplicitous bastard. Investors have invited the fox into the chicken run to look after the Chickens.Good luck to all of you.

  98. Anonymous

    My God !!! You have put my worst fears into perspective

  99. Anon Jonny

    Not really sure what all the fuss is about. If Ames was born 2000 years ago we would be calling him Jesus Ames.

    UK TV is full of information on the flooding. The damage it causes and the necessary precautions needed. Including disinfecting the affected areas. Garreth Fatchett was at pains to point out that Harlequin have no money, hence the need for investors to stump up £200 quid a head. Ames and his Wife have all their personal assets frozen.

    Yet Ames has preformed a miracle. Having his flagship resort fully operational within 72 hrs. with no money?

    A statement by Harlequin tonight on Trip Advisor differs from the earlier statement by Dan Abrahams but that is of course to be expected.

  100. Anon

    Harlequin did indeed issue a statement tonight and yes it differs from the statement by Dan Abrahams to Caribbean News Now.

    But more importantly and very sadly no mention was made of the employee who lost her life.

    Says it all really.

  101. Anonymous

    Ouch Ames’s UK bankers need to be careful. JP Morgan have been fined 1.7 billion for not alerting the authorities to the suspicions they had about Bernie Madoff.

  102. The Pink Mound

    Walton = Mason
    Fatchett = Mason

    Need I say more.

  103. In the Pink

    Ames = Mason

  104. The plot thickens.....

    Harlequin were on a radio 4 program with Erica Broughton, was she paid my the Mason in this scam – go figure?


  105. Anonymous

    Ames and Senior staff state that the employee killed at Buccament Bay was not killed at Buccament Bay but died on the other side if the bridge to the resort. Senior staff have also been at pains to point out the staff member was indeed off duty.

    One senior Harlequin employee stated that if the employee had been killed in a car crash on the way home, no controversy would have been created.

    Another senior member of the Harlequin team has stated that Dave Ames is providing 1000 mattresses and approx 450 fridges and stoves to those worst affected by the storm.

    This according to the staff member demonstrates that Ames is a true philanthropist and friend of the people of St. Vincent.

    The Ames family have been the subject of attacks from groups and individuals who have no idea nor the intellect to understand the fascinating business model that is Mr. Ames’s. Ames is one of the remaining true visionaries left. Ames has never taken a red cent in profit from his Caribbean Companies, and Ames feels the combined pain of his investors every minute of everyday.

  106. Anonymous

    I would suspect that the mattresses and fridges were already on
    island and meant for the apartment towers. A case of either
    donate them as relief or pay vat & duties. Whatever one thinks
    of Gonsalves he is indeed a clever politician.

  107. The Pink Pound

    January 8, 2014 at 10:04 am
    He never took any money from the Caribbean companies cos he nicked it before it got there!

  108. same old

    They are investors mattresses, not Ames.

    Indigo dive guy was off duty too……… so that’s ok.

  109. Anon

    Got a tiny bit of reassurance from Harlequin but time will tell when some new reviews appear on here:

    6th January 2014


    As you are probably aware, St Lucia and St Vincent and The Grenadines were affected by severe storms on Christmas Eve.

    St Vincent was the victim of force majeure with the heaviest rainfall in over 100 years causing significant damage to the island. Unfortunately, the Buccament Bay Resort did not escape unscathed.

    The resort experienced short term damage caused by the rainfall. The main areas affected by the storm were the resort grounds but with no structural impact on the resorts villas or other main buildings. The resorts main utilities of electric & fresh water were not affected and have remained intact throughout.

    The resort management team instigated a full recovery programme after we experienced a temporary loss of facilities. We are pleased to say that the resort was back to operational hotel levels within 72 hours.

    The resorts food and beverage provisions have not been affected and with the exception of the temporary closure of Bamboo and Safran due to water damage, all food outlets remain fully open. Please note that the menus for both of these restaurants are being offered in the other main restaurants.

    All other facilities such as the gym, Little Harlequins Kids Club, spa, water sports, diving and our unique sporting academies including tennis, rugby, cricket, diving, etc., are operating and available for guest to enjoy.

    Harlequin’s Chairman Dave Ames has expressed his personal gratitude to all our trade partners and would like to thank you for your support and understanding during these past few days.

    The clear message is Buccament Bay Resort is now back to “business as usual” for all new arrivals and we look forward to receiving your forward bookings for 2014.


    Graham Hawkins

    Head of Trade Relations

    Harlequin Hotels and Resorts

  110. Anonymous

    That does not reassure me one bit.
    Flood plain? Insurance? people dead?

  111. Pink Paddy and the Scottish gay looking TM director.

    The anti Trust propaganda, who could that be from?

    The Irish Builder? He will have nothing to ‘go after’ because Crozier frozen Ames assets 😉

    Or could it be TaylorMade ( in administration) because they know what’s coming?

    Nobody come up with a better plan when challenged did they?

  112. Pink Paddy and the Scottish gay looking TM director.

    Hang on was Bob Ladell not having an unnatural relationship with him?

  113. Like father like son

    Meanwhile back in the real world… Matthew Ames son of Dave and Carol, former Sales Director and shareholder of Harlequin and ex-manager at Buccament Bay is up before the beak this week at the Old Bailey on fraud charges.

    Ames funded his lavish lifestyle using a £1.6million scam that tricked investors into thinking they were saving the rainforest, a court has heard.

  114. Rob Shaw commission whore

    The Treasure Chest to fund all the lovely redress claims is filling nicely.

    Some agents are going to feel it in 2014.

  115. Court 7 Isleworth


    Court 7 @Isleworth.

    How disappointing that Matt does not get to go to the Old Bailey. Isleworth is Division 2 Criminals. Daddy Dave will get Southwark or the Old Bailey.

    R v Ames
    R v God

    After all, it is God’s fault.

  116. yatinkiteasy

    This is as criminal as what Matt Ames is on trial for….

  117. The Great Architect, of the Caribbean

    It’d good to see he was following the highly successful Harlequin business model, for fleecing investors.

    Why is Dave ‘God’ Ames not in court?

    When will Ames take God to court? Also know as the TGAOTC

  118. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration) and now manically depressed.

    Poor old Alistair, feeling a bit fed up as the Porsche his Mrs drives had to go back…… school fees an all.

    The black Aston next 😉

    Could by a Ford Fiesta like DA?

  119. Like father like son

    Thanks for the update Court 7

    In August 2013 Matthew Ames was disqualified from being a company director for 13 years. I understand the maximum is 15 years. He was issued with the disqualification order at Southend County Court and cannot now be a director of any limited company until August 2026, when he would be 51.

    My links are being moderated now. Do bear in mind that you should not comment in a prejudicial way when the trial is on. The Ames and their lawyers will jump on anyone who says anything disagreeable about the prodigal son claiming unfairness.

  120. Carols cake baking at a pace..... a cake

    I have always found banning someone for 13 years could mean they may think he has been a little naughty?

    How much will the defense cost?

    Where did the money come from?

    He has no job?

  121. Departed Souls

    Lest we forget those departed souls from 2013. Not dead, but no longer really relevant.

    Rob Shaw
    Alistair Burns
    Matt Ames
    Forestry for Life
    Padraig O Holloman
    Bob Ladell
    Sean Ghent
    Erica Broughton
    Bob Storey
    Dan Ames
    Sonia Stunning
    Paul Walton

    Anyone else ?

  122. Departed Souls a few more

    Few more….
    Carol Ames ( and the white teeth)
    Dave Ames ( and the white teeth)
    Richard Ingham
    David Campion
    Katherine Wooler
    Dan Dlligan
    Simon Terry
    Andy Regan
    Kim Fry
    Dopy Stunning brothers

    Anyone who worked for Harleqiun…..

  123. Baldy Rob Shaw and his transplant

    Do you think the stress of this has made Rob Shaw (from Taylormade
    ( in liquidation) fall off? shrink him a bit more?

    The hair transplant from his gentleman’s area will have to be delayed now he is skint.

  124. i want my Lamborghini back

    ‘David you just caught me out of the Lamborghini after ordering my new one. I had a meeting about you the other day and I have opened offices in Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka.’

  125. Matt takes it up the tailpipe

    I will arrange for someone to bum him within an inch of his life.

  126. For Dave and Matt

  127. Anon - reasons unknown

    How strange, must be just a coincidence, the Brazilian connection across the Ames Dynasty …

    Did any of the Harlequin investors in Brazil get refunds? Oh, hang on. I know the answer to that.

  128. yatinkiteasy

    Anyone who believes that Buccament Bay resort was not constructed on a flood plain need only look at this aerial view of the construction in progress See that thing in the foreground? Its a river.When it overflows, it goes left and right of its banks..the walls constructed as barriers are a joke for mother nature.Crazy to build there, and bring in white sand from Guyana to make a beach.

  129. Anonymous

    An underwriter friend of mine in Florida that I asked told me that
    a resort the size of Buccament Bay to have adequate flood insurance
    would run into the millions of US$’s yearly. She thought that the
    rates are pretty much universal. It does not matter if it floods only
    once every hundred years, the very fact that it DOES FLOOD puts
    it in a flood plain.

  130. Anonymous

    Some of the reviews on TA are bizarre. One recent review gives the resort 5 stars despite the guests having to sleep on towels in the restaurant. ON CHRISTMAS EVE.

    And mention in this review of Ames arriving to assist in the clean up.

    What a load of Bull Shit.

    Other reviews refer to Dave Ames as the owner, Sorry folks, the purchasers are the owners, are they not.

    The proper protocols following flood damage HAVE NOT been followed in BUCCAMENT BAY. The cleaning in BUCCAMENT BAY has been cosmetic only.

    You will not see the various germs and bugs which could cause various serious illnesses.

    Harlequin are so cash strapped that they need to keep the hotel open at all costs. Just ask Garreth Fatchett. A Solicitor and partner in a Birmingham law firm called Regulatory Legal.

    He has stated that Harlequin have no cash. No money.

    Would Mr. Fatchett consider staying at Buccament Bay this week. Lets ask him shall we. He could go visit and carry out due diligence.

  131. In the Know

    Garreth Fatchett is pushing the trust but even he knows now that Dave, Carol and Dan will be arrested soon and charged along with others connected to Harlequin.

    So with the key players removed and Shippleys amongst many others looking for the cash, will the trustees be left carrying the can as is the law in the UK or is Garreth Fatchett following in the footsteps of Ames by redefining LAW and LEGAL PRECEDENCE in the UK.

    Its time investors woke up. There is no finance. NONE. Neither will you get a refund from Fatchett. No DUE DILLIGENCE.

    Purchasers are clinging onto hope. WHAT HOPE. Vague references by Fatchett to possible finance on the basis that financiers will put money into Harlequin once the threat of litigation has been removed.

    Fatchett the same solicitor who is going to sue all the SIPP associated companies for in excess of £200 million, because of bad advice given to clients. It appears that Fatchett believes the majority of investors are fools.

    He never once answered the direct question on whether the SIPP insurers would go after Ames and Harlequin. Only stating that HE did not think so. Thats not good enough.

  132. Anonymous

    It is noticeable how short and terse the RL communiques have
    become since the flood. I believe that they are in some sort of
    damage control themselves—-sharks swimming with sharks.

  133. Paddies Propoganda

    I would say that Fatchett is the best best to sue all the scum who sold this crap plus the SIPP companies, thus giving people a chance a getting their money back?

    Question ( in the know) what would you recommend you daft Funt?

    The Trust that upsets you? Why?

  134. If ya dont make it change...it wont

    lock the ames clan up…throw away the key fatshit barred for the law society…then everybody can get back to life and rebuilding the damage done

    the proceeds of crime team are gonna be tracing money ames has stashed here and there for years…peeps be dead before much if any is refunded

  135. Poor little fishes

    January 8, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    It’s a fact since Erica and her big fat arse went swimming in Buccament Bay all the wildlife has died….

    Most of it drowned in her gusset.

  136. If ya dont make it change...it wont

    I rise for third time to ask if anybody has ought to report re all the other investments like DR, Brazil….there is only ever any mention of BB and the trust re BB…what about the investors who do have absolutely zero for their money, Can anybody tell me why only BB and nowhere else even gets a reference …..just cant understand this at all

  137. Simple investors need help from in the know

    In the know, such a grandiose name what should all us simple people do, please tell us…..

  138. Ruffian

    I have a report……

  139. If ya dont make it change...it wont

    but Erica is gonna laugh real loud when yr fat arse is getting rammed in prison for the rest of your life…..enjoy you areshole
    you are the lowest form of life

  140. If ya dont make it change...it wont

    bro JW see you seeks admission

  141. Justice?

    Why did Brian Ferry son get let off for carrying a knife?

  142. In the Know

    Heh Paddies Propaganda,

    The trust does not bother me. I am not joining. What bothers me is that Fatchett knows the game is up. He also knows that under UK law which the trust will be based, its the trustees that will be left to carry the can for any future claims.

    The only daft “FUNTS” around here are the likes of your good self who appear to believe that investors will get something back.

    Fatchett is way too close to Ames for comfort. Pushing ahead with the trust without the due diligence is more then an act of folly.

    Garreth Fatchett knows this, but this was his only way to get the purchaser data base and finance to begin the action on the redress claims. And on that point, that is by no means a slam dunk either. B

  143. Lets stick together...

    My station is in the south, but the hour is late, and my columm is turned down.

    So mote it be Bro. Brian.

    Best regards to Merlin

  144. Anon......

    Odd no Bob Storey. Probably been told to zip it again lol.

    Poor Carol. She must be in bits. Ah well watching Matt in the Dock alone must be sad. At least when its her turn she will have Dave and Dan as company at least in the dock anyway then it will be downstairs for all of them and off she will be brought on her own. Ha ha ha. Cant wait.

  145. Paddies Propoganda

    @In the Know.

    Well you are dafter than I first imagined.

    What’s about your master plan?

    Please explain how you can set up a Trust with no DD? Don’t think Fatchips
    ever said that?

    You could bore a glass eye to sleep.

    Good night 😉

  146. Redress the difference

    With redress cheques starting to flow, who needs a trust ?

  147. Pythagoras

    Investor Trust Meeting / Harlequin – Pink Forms

    We are meeting with Harlequin tomorrow to push forward the drafting. In the background, the drafting process with the trust documents is in process.

    The due diligence process has not started (save that which we already know). This process is integral to the trust. As we have always said, the need for an informed decision is paramount. We have received confirmation on the insurance at Buccament Bay, but have not seen the policy document etc. It is this type of information which will form part of the process.

    If on the 20th January 2014, we have received the balancing Pink Forms then Harlequin will have done their bit (as they have promised to do). If not, the trust is going to drift. We are not going to be party to further delay. It does not serve our clients interests, nor does it make us look good.

    Bluntly (and putting to one side “other options considered”) without any agreement with the investors we believe the game is up. The business can stumble on, but inevitably it will reach the conclusion no investor wants. Whether it is pushed or jumped is frankly irrelevant, the result is the same.

    We wrote at the end of October 2013 to investors. We used a “blind” mailing and have since that point being hampered in reaching those most at risk of suffering loss. Whether is has been the “other options” / “do nothing” or send the forms to PHIG / Harlequin, they have done nothing to protect and preserve investments.

    We are almost entirely reliant on Harlequin to deal with the gap on the Pink Forms. We receive calls every day and it obvious to us that many investors still have no idea what peril they face.

    We will not stand by and watch investors simply sign away rights without understanding what they are doing. Some are prepared to sign anything so they “feel better” . Some have their heads so firm stuck in the sand they will believe everything and anything which is positive rather than deal with reality.

    By the 20th January 2014, we will know where we are. If Harlequin have done their part, investors will be able to feel confidence that the trust is a viable solution. If not, then Harlequin is going to stumble on to an almost inevitable end.

    Redress Cheques

    We had the pleasure to send a £50k+ cheque to an investor who we have acted for in making a redress claim. The pressure to push forward with Blue Forms / Redress Claims is mounting as people are receiving their money back. We have focused our primary activities on the trust (as this is aimed at a wider solution). However, we accept that many investors are becoming very much more jumpy as this matter drags on. Redress for many will be the quicker option.

    It is for this reason that Harlequin need to help bringing in the straggling Pink Forms. If not, people will turn their back on the Trust and simply seek 3rd party redress as the most viable option.

    We could then end up in the perverse situation where people do not join the trust because they have more faith in a unilateral redress claim.

    20th January 2014

    This is a key day. We have a number of scenarios and options to consider. What we cannot do is allow this matter to drift any further.


    We will report back early next week.

  148. Bob Storey

    @Anon 12.11. Nope. Wrong again.

  149. Carols new white teeth & pill popping.

    Carol’s antidepressants have been increased tenfold, what goes around comes around.

  150. anonymous

    SFO website 8.1.2014. investigation into the harlequin group continues

  151. PHIG at it again.

    Can we please go to the PHIG committee meeting with TM on the 14th January 2014 ?

    Investor Group man meets Agent who damaged 1500+ life savings. An unholy alliance make no mistake.

  152. SFO website

    SFO – what else can they say ?

    Do you think Erica will still have the number on speed dial ?

  153. Bob & Alistair & baldy Rob

    That Bob who wanted to charge for his blog and get a kickback from the agents? Paid by Ames…..

    TaylorMade, (in administration) the ones the SFO are looking at?

    That will work.

  154. Camp as a row of pink Scottish tents

    Aston Martin, black one camp driver – any offers on the lease times getting a bit tough.

    The Porsche has gone back and I have become a recluse.

  155. Anonymous

    As someone posted earlier. The SFO have announced yesterday that investigations are continuing into Harlequin. It must seem frustrating for some investors and others that they cannot say any more but for a case to be investigated for nearly a year and then an announcement that it has not been dropped means they are sure that there is something to investigate.
    Serious fraud is always complex and even more so when multi-jurisdictional. They have to be sure that they have enough hard evidence for a jury to convict before going to court. But it will happen!

  156. BBaywatch

    January 9, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Dear God, was this written by the office intern? If I was an investor I would have very little confidence (nor would I be confident – there’s a difference you see) in a firm of solicitors that cannot write a simple letter without making mistakes in spelling, grammar and usage and generally come across as illiterate.

  157. Departed Souls

    Court & looks fun.
    Matt due to take the stand Monday.

    Will he blame God ?

  158. Anonymous

    And so, all things Trust are coming to a head.
    Tomorrow RL will give DA an ultimatum “give us the pink forms (the equivalent of the SIPP purchaser mailing list) or the Trust collapses”
    RL have never made any secret that they are in this only for the SIPP redress business. Remember, their own survey showed that their own mailing list/forum membership was 93% non-SIPP and therefore pretty much useless to the for the purpose of redress. So they desperately need that SIPP mailing list.
    DA knows this and the deal was that RL neutralise the investors’ legal rights under their HP contracts and they get the mailing list from DA.
    The thing is DA knows that once he hands over the list (or the pink forms if he really has them) then any leverage he had over RL is gone.
    RL might very well declare that Due Diligence indicates the Trust is a non starter, blame Ames and walk away with the list but no neutralised contracts.
    So who is going to blink first in the game of poker in which the investors are merely the chips, nothing more.
    So We’ll see by the 20th or shortly afterwards – unless RL blinks first and tries to change the rules of the game – maybe another deadline or maybe they will suddenly decide that they have enough pink slips already to proceed – anyone care to guess?

  159. Anonymous

    i.e. to help bringing (gerund/infinitive -which?)

  160. Rumble

    BBaywatch – spelling or not, the RL show is the only game in town.

  161. What about Bob the Bee ?

    He’s back meeting Tailormade next week ?

    14th – Birmingham – a PHIG committee meeting. Which will produce paper, ear wax and nothing much else. A legend in management speak history.

  162. yatinkiteasy

    @Baywatch..I agree..besides, if they are so keen on getting the Trust set up, Pink slips and all, why do they even announce(with pleasure) that they were just successful in getting a 50k +cheque for an investor via a Redress claim (blue slip)?The letter even states “The pressure to push forward with Blue Forms / Redress Claims is mounting as people are receiving their money back.”
    Receiving their money back from who?
    Also to state that they have received confirmation(presumably from Harlequin) that Insurance was in place for BB, but that they have not seen the Policy document is just laughable.
    Like most things associated with Harlequin, it does not add up nor make sense.

  163. The Matt Version

    Matthew Ames, son of troubled overseas property company Harlequin’s chairman David Ames, has been accused of running a £1.6m “Ponzi scheme” under the guise of saving the rainforest, a court has heard.

    Ames – who last August was “monitoring things” for his father at Harlequin’s flagship Caribbean resort Buccament Bay – was charged with fraud in December 2012 in relation to his two green investment firms, Forestry for Life and the Investor Club.

    Harlequin have said Matthew Ames is no longer overseeing Buccament Bay.

    Forestry for Life and the Investor Club took more than a million pounds from investors who were promised 15% returns from teak tree plantations and rainforest protection projects, but at the time the alleged fraud was discovered by the City of London Police and the then regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the two companies had just £310 between them.

    Isleworth Crown Court heard that instead of investing the money as promised, Ames used the cash to fund his lavish lifestyle, including hiring a Lamborghini and renting Caribbean accommodation, according to the Daily Mail.

    Prosecutor Stuart Biggs said: “The method was to create an enticing glossy brochure. It included quotes from Prince Charles, Tony Blair and referenced the Kyoto Protocol and Harvard University. There was an added bonus you were doing something ethical.

    “In truth no investments were made by either company, not a single piece of land was purchased abroad or a tree planted, or money kept safe in a separate account. It was used to pay company expenses, staff, and to support Mr Ames and his lifestyle.”

    The court also heard that in 2010 Ames bragged to top racing driver David Brabham about how well his companies were doing – before any land had even been bought.

    Stuart Biggs, prosecuting, told the jury it was to give the false impression of a successful business to attract investment.

    City of London investigators found evidence £250,000 was paid out to investors, but it came from other clients’ deposits and not generated by any investment.

    Biggs added: “This is often referred to as a Ponzi scheme, taking from Peter to pay Paul out of new creditors’ money that is being shuffled around.”

    While running both companies Ames dishonestly represented what invested money would be used for, the level of return, and misappropriated cash for other uses, Biggs told the court.

    The court also heard one agent, who also invested, was shown title deeds for land in Brazil which Ames’ companies never bought, while an industry adviser who suggested it may be a Ponzi scheme was sacked.

    By late 2010 interest payments to clients stopped and both firms were liquidated in March 2011 after the FSA became aware of the unregulated investments.

    Ames was arrested in September that year and denies two counts of fraudulent trading between 2008 and 2011. He was disqualified from being a company director for 13 years by the Insolvency Service in August.

    The trial continues.

  164. The Dave Version


    David Ames, father of troubled forestry property company Director Matthew Ames, has been accused of running a £400m “Ponzi scheme” under the guise of luxury Caribbean property, a court has heard.

    Ames – who last December was “monitoring things” following the storm at Harlequin’s flagship Caribbean resort Buccament Bay – was charged with fraud in December 2014 in relation to his investment , Harlequin.

    NewCo Hotels have said David Ames is no longer overseeing Buccament Bay.

    Harlequin took more than a 400 million pounds from investors who were promised returns . At the time the alleged fraud was discovered by the City of London Police and the then regulator the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the companies had just £310 between them all.

    The Inner London Crown Court heard that instead of investing the money as promised, Ames used the cash to fund his lavish lifestyle, including hiring a Ford Fiesta and renting Caribbean accommodation.
    Prosecutor Barrister said: “The method was to create an enticing glossy brochure. It included quotes from Andy Townsend, Gary Player and referenced the SVG Government. There was an added bonus you were doing something ethical to help the Caribbean.”

    “In truth no investments were made by either company, not a single piece of land was purchased in Brazil, or any of Phase 2 built, or money kept safe in a separate account. It was used to pay company expenses, staff, and to support Mr Ames and his lifestyle. Substantial investments in Dubai, Thailand being among some of the investments made into property.”

    The court also heard that in 2009 Ames bragged to top footballer Andy Townsend about how well his companies were doing – before any land had even been bought properly.

    Mr Barrister, prosecuting, told the jury it was to give the false impression of a successful business to attract investment.

    City of London investigators found evidence £250,000 was paid out to investors, but it came from other clients’ deposits and not generated by any investment.

    Mr Barrister added: “This is often referred to as a Ponzi scheme, taking from Peter to pay Paul out of new creditors’ money that is being shuffled around.”

    While running both companies Ames dishonestly represented what invested money would be used for, the level of return, and misappropriated cash for other uses, Biggs told the court.

    The court also heard one agent , who also invested, was shown title deeds for land which Ames’ companies never bought, while an industry adviser who suggested it may be a Ponzi scheme was sacked.

    By mid 2013 interest payments to clients stopped and both firms were liquidated in March 2014 after the FCA became aware of the unregulated investments.

    Ames was arrested in September that year and denies twenty two counts of fraudulent trading between 2006 and 2013. He was disqualified from being a company director for 15 years by the Insolvency Service in August 2013.

    The trial continues.

  165. Rabbit Rabbit / Snooker Loopy

    Matt & Dave – a bit like Chas and Dave – Rabbit, Rabbit etc

  166. Missing Millions - The Geneology of a Fraudster Family


    The daughter called their son “David Elvis”. Dave’s lineage is complete

    Dave – £400m scam
    Matt Dave – £1.6m
    Dave Elvis – laundering Dave Snr’s stolen Harlequin cash.

    If I can get to this using google, then surely the boys in blue can suss it.

    Nicky C has it sussed !

  167. BBaywatch

    January 9, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    BBaywatch – spelling or not, the RL show is the only game in town.

    But it’s not just about spelling is it? If they can’t be bothered to proof read (or are incapable of seeing mistakes) what does that reveal about their abilities? Doesn’t look good when posted on a forum like this, but if that is their attitude to legal documents…

    This isn’t the first time this has happened either, I wouldn’t employ anyone who was so careless!

  168. Rumble

    BB – but you would invest into Harlequin ?

  169. Dave's Defence

    It’s God’s fault. Make no mistake. He told me to buy the properties in Thailand and to siphon money off to Dan and Nicola.

  170. The voice of God

    Lets make this clear, the voices in my head made me do it.

  171. Dave Elvis - All shook up.

    Will the SFO be paying daddies daughter a visit? Shame on the family!

  172. Dave Elvis - All shook up.

    It would be easy to follow the money trail, doubt the Ames family would be intelligent enough to cover their tracks.

    Just imagine….


  173. Nikki knows who nicked the cash.....

    One person you don’t mess with is Nikki Crozier……..

  174. Strewth Nicola is the the SFO at our door!

    Now now, my darling don’t worry my Daddy is a true visionary,he never took one penny from the Caribbean companies;

    Mummy sent it all to us.from HMSSE 😉

  175. Fast forward.....

    Mummy Daddy, Matt, Dan and naughty Nicola all get done for proceeds of crime – ending up skint.

  176. Anonymous

    I have read the report that “Patrick” posted on RL about his
    trip last week to the D.R. to check out the proposed Harlequin
    sites. What a hubristic jerk. If one went by what he says there is
    no environmental concern at all (don’t worry about the estuary
    mangroves because Ames will own them and can do what he wants)
    and he can build anything that he wants because a bribe well placed
    here and there works wonders in a cash starved land. Good God!
    That was the thinking of the 1950’s. I hope the whole scheme

  177. crumpet

    Nicky is not to be messed with. She has the respect of the masonic fraternity.

  178. Jachin

    I raise my charged glass to Nikki for getting the freezing order

  179. The wizard of Oz

    Has naughty Nicola got the nicked money?

  180. crumpet

    Point left right, point left right

  181. Anon

    I very much doubt that Matt Ames will be taking the stand as the court still has witnesses that need to give their evidence. One is due to testify on Tuesday.

  182. crumpet

    The problem he has is that he will seek to blame others for ripping him off.

    If he cannot persuade the jury he is getting 5 years.

  183. Muffin, the mule.

    He is going down!

  184. Please Sir, may I have some more?

    How does Matty get his pocket money now?

  185. No wonder the Porsche had to go.

    Where did all those millions in commission go?

    Director Overview

    Alistair Burns holds 14 current appointment, has resigned from 0 companies and held appointments at 4 dissolved companies. Alistair began their first appointment at the age of 39 and their longest current appointment spans 4 years and 6 months at TAILORMADE INDEPENDENT LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Alistair holds a current appointment equals £279,303, with a combined assets value of £2,029,886 and liabilities of £1,933,798. Roles associated with Alistair Burns within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

  186. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration) and now manically depressed.


    Wealth Retention Ltd
    The Advice Room Ltd

    New Co. by Alistair Burns Ex TM in administration.


  187. The hard up haggis lover.

    But if you have snuffed it, don’t worry Alistair will scam you even then.

    Talking wills ltd

    Talking probate ltd

    I’m going to set a company up called
    TM( in administration) taking the Piss ltd.

  188. The short baldy TaylorMade Director ( in administration)

    And the Baldy shorty shouty one

    Robert Shaw holds 11 current appointment, has resigned from 0 companies and held appointments at 3 dissolved companies. Robert began their first appointment at the age of 35 and their longest current appointment spans 4 years and 6 months at TAILORMADE INDEPENDENT LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Robert holds a current appointment equals £232,567, with a combined assets value of £1,978,920 and liabilities of £1,931,347. Roles associated with Robert Shaw within the recorded businesses include: Director

  189. Even when your dead, they scam you

    He is with the ‘James Bond wanabe’ Alistair Burns in their latest scamming the dead ventures

  190. Matt Ames money magic

    How does a disqualified director with no job live in a big house and pay all the bills? Funny that?

    If it’s from Daddy how come freezing order an all that.

    Maybe in from naughty Nicola?

    Wonder if HMRC will be looking at this?

    Matthew Ames holds 3 current appointment, has resigned from 0 companies and held appointments at 1 dissolved companies. Matthew began their first appointment at the age of 33 and their longest current appointment spans 5 years and 4 months at THE INVESTOR CLUB LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Matthew holds a current appointment equals £34,721, with a combined assets value of £54,281 and liabilities of £249,012. Roles associated with Matthew Ames within the recorded businesses include: Director

  191. Anonymous

    Interestingly, the glowing 5 star review on TA where the writer claimed David Ames was there at BB with his sleeves rolled up helping in the flood clean up has now been removed!
    Begs the question… How many more of those glowing reports( especially after the storm) are genuine?
    Several of them seem too good to be true…..like Harlequin.

  192. TA removes the 'glowing' reviews and Dave Ames with a mop and bucket

    They are SO obvious.
    Hundreds of dodgy reviews have been removed over the past few years.

  193. Sid

    So is it not true that Ames sailed in on his Galleon and heroically swept up the holiday makers 2 by 2?

  194. Anonymous

    The TA report that has been removed was referred to here on Jan 7th..

    Talk about using social media? This is from the latest TA review of BB by someone (an investor?) who was there for the storm and aftermath…..claims DA was there helping! If true, did he contact the family of the missing staff member who was washed away whilst leaving work (crossing the resort’s bridge) if not , why not?
    This glowing 5 star report is clearly written by a very pro Harlequin guest, is very misleading that all is now well at the resort. It is not .

    “Over the next few days during operation ‘clean-up’ so many staff were on site, and even David Ames the chairman flew over from the UK and had his sleeves rolled up and was helping. Things were getting back to almost normal very quickly. “

    Why did TA remove the review?
    It probably was discovered to be a fake review, but dozens of clearly fake reviews still remain. Shame that TA is being used as a propaganda tool, as it is supposed to be a travel site where honest , unbiased reports are posted by people without a financial interest in the property being reviewed. Investors in Harlequin certainly do not fit that description.

  195. Dave Ames and his sleeves rolled up, fixing stuff

    If Ames managed to fix BB in 72 hours maybe he could fix SVG in a week or so?

  196. Sid

    I also read that Ames was seen “walking on water” and that he managed to “part the waves” to avoid further damage. Is this not true either? I understand he is now working on his next miracle in Court 7, Isleworth Crown Court.

  197. Dave Ames and his sleeves rolled up, fixing stuff

    Sid, even God ‘Ames’ may struggle with that, £1.6 million invested in Lamborghini’s……

  198. Bob Storey

    @Anon 3.35 try and get your facts right.
    1)was there contact with the missing girls family – yes there was as per the HP statement of the 8th Jan.
    2)washed away crossing the bridge, no she wasn’t.
    Isn’t it ironic that any “pro” reports are written by HP supporters but any “anti” reports are factual. Why are the reviews which are left clearly fake?

  199. Bob & Bob

    Bob, did you get proof of insurance?

  200. Anonymous

    Bob, good to see you earning your money posting on Trip Advisor, relentlessly defending BB and Harlequin. I guess you are the only investor who has been paid a return so you do need to keep doing what Ames tells you. Good boy.

  201. Sid

    Hi Bob, it would help clear up any confusion if you were to share your knowledge of what exactly did happen over Christmas rather than just pointing out when people are wrong. And doesn’t it stand to reason that pro reports are written by HP supporters? I’d be surprised if pro reports were written by HP haters. And surely you have to forgive people for being cynical about anything good that is written about HP. They’re not exactly whiter than white are they?!

  202. Bob Storey

    @Anon 5.17 you have just proved you know absolutely nothing at all.
    @Sid, why not ask for the proof about the bridge being washed away, the Cabanna that was washed away or the beach that was washed away? All inaccuracies that were posted on here. Plenty of people can find out what actually happened in exactly the same way that I did.

  203. Tailor Made (a fortune) and lost yours

    TailorMade (In administration) are meeting on the 14th with all the sub agents.

    Why is that? You may ask…..

    They want to scupper the Trust.

    They have had millions and millions out of Harlequin and now want to show the same respect for investors when they first stitched them up

  204. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration) house for sale.

    Now let me be clear here, this is Alistair Burns house, paid for by investor deposits, now it’s for sale – bit strange?


  205. Why should they keep the fancy houses?

    They purchased these houses with investor deposits for crap advice. Now the very same people want to brainwash the sub-agents into saying to investors do nothing……….

    Does that sound right?

  206. Anonymous

    I have not seen a Jan 8th statement from Harlequin . The one I did see was dated Jan 6th, and stated only that everything at the resort was fine and dandy….there was absolutely no mention of the staff member who lost her life in that statement, which came almost two weeks after the incident!
    Perhaps Bob the Harlequin Good News Propaganda Expert could post the one where Buccament Bay Resort or David Ames contacted the family of the lady who perished in the floods that occurred at Buccament Bay December 24th 2013.
    Could the fact that many people publicly commented on their silence after the disaster , be the reason for their two week late statements?
    Bob/FDNRM/36/….you are pathetic.

  207. Bob Storey

    Well Anon 6.14 you are not up to date then are you. Seeing as I am “pathetic” then get some one else to do it. It’s on the RL site. Not quite the “know all” you think you are.

  208. Loony tunes

    Bob, what do you think of the TM commissions?

  209. Anonymous

    Ok Bob, AKA “Sportingbob”. I love how you duck out when you are losing an argument.lol,haha .

  210. Anonymous

    Have you ever wondered what school yard bullies are like when
    they grow up? Thank-you Bob Storey for showing me.

  211. Bob Storey

    @looney tunes, as I was not involved in the SIPP route I have not really taken much interest in the commissions claimed. However the whole financial market has always been commission driven, hence the endowment, pension, etc scandals.
    @Anon 6.39. Not ducked out of anything, nor lost an argument, whatever that argument is. Just stated facts, it’s a pity others have not. Lol haha.

  212. Bob Storey

    @anon 6.45. Yes bullies do usually hide behind an anonymous ID. You brave keyboard warrior. An inspiration for all young up and coming trolls.

  213. Loony tunes

    Bob, the same % would have been paid out of your cash. 10% of purchase price.
    It’s too much

  214. Tailor Made lots their money and yours - pure genious

    From the RL site. Freeking unreal.

    I met an agent who was bragging about Mr. Burns house. They had maids and all sorts of cars.


  215. Alistair where is my Porsche!!

    Victoria Burn’s Porsche had to go back….. what will the neighbors think?

  216. yatinkiteasy

    If someone purchases this property and it is later proven to have been purchased/built with the proceeds of Fraud…could the new purchaser lose his investment?(Akin to buying stolen property?)

  217. Anonymous

    It is past 1900hrs GMT and still now word from RL re: meeting.
    What’s up !

  218. Alistair where is my Porsche!! No sex for you...

    Very good question,don’t know the answer??

    I think he could lose it if he got done. Maybe that’s what he is worrying about – poor wee guy 🙂

  219. Dirk Diggler

    Maybe he has gone to a strip club, Dave is a dirty little devil – remember his bit of stuff – Misty? Musty? Mystique that’s the one.;)

  220. Bye bye posh house

    Must be tough Alistair having to send the kids to a state school? Porsche gone back, can’t pay the mortgage, bet all the neighbours read this blog.

    And you kids…. no wonder your depressed.


  221. All seeing eye.....

    We have our spies in the camp don’t worry….. 😉 You were told this would happen about a year ago…. remember?

  222. El Mentiroso

    Lying that you have seen the accounts of Harlequin is probably enough to break the corporate veil of an agents company.

  223. El Mentiroso

    Maybe some agents need to be taught a lesson in when to shut up.

    Harlequin are right behind the agents going overboard now. Not all agents, just some.

  224. sin hogar

    The ones that maybe stirring the mierda

  225. Anonymous

    Aye ! Papi’ No mas !

  226. All seeing eye.....

    How did we know:

    – Alistair Burns is going a bit bonkers 😉
    – It’s Rob Shaws turn to hold the fort, Alistair did it when they conned people
    over Cypus property – Rob took a wobble then.
    – His house is on the market for £2.5 million
    – He is having a financial meltdown
    – The wifes Porsche has gone…. shame
    – The private school fees
    – The meeting of sub agents and agenda
    – Rob Shaws house? more on him later!
    – The ‘authorities’ that are looking at them
    – The come dine with me filmed in his house

    They are going to be in some very serious problems

  227. All seeing eye.....

    Tailormade directors new job….Peter Legerton oh dear.

  228. The skint TM director?

    Director Overview
    Peter Legerton holds 6 current appointment, has resigned from 1 companies and held appointments at 1 dissolved companies. Peter began their first appointment at the age of 40 and their longest current appointment spans 4 years and 6 months at TAILORMADE INDEPENDENT LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Peter holds a current appointment equals £125,397, with a combined assets value of £376,213 and liabilities of £339,057. Roles associated with Peter Legerton within the recorded businesses include: Director

  229. Back to door knocking in Manchester
  230. Calling all ex door knockers to the rescue

    Another insurance salesman just the person to fix a £400,000,000 pound Ponzi project.


  231. James Shaw

    I have been reflecting, specifically regarding TailorMade, and agents.
    They have made a fortune from selling Harlequin to vulnerable investors.

    The advice on pension transfer was done in such a way they ‘pretended’ the advice was independent.

    The SIPP monies were always going to end up with Harlequin in a high risk, unregulated product.

    They got a fee from the Sipp Company, a fee for the advice, finally a fee each year out of your management costs.
    Oops forgot the circa 10% of the purchase price.

    Now we have TailorMade (in administration) and others trying to inform their sub. Agents to advise against the Trust.

    The very people who have the most to lose. The very people who advised us Harlequin was a brilliant investment.

    Let’s not forget the £2.5 million house we paid for.


  232. Grim reading

    Why can’t investors go after the assets of the directors of Tailormade? They had a duty of care. I’m I wrong?

  233. Alistair Rae Burns too depressed to attend

    Alistair has gone bonkers and won’t be attending.

    “Sent: Monday, 6 January 2014, 14:25
    Subject: Harlequin Update

    Hi All

    Following on from the conference call before Christmas, please note that Rob Shaw of Tailormade will be attending a PHIG (Pro Harlequin Investors Group) committee meeting in Birmingham on the 14th January. He will update me on the 15th via a further conference call.


    See email from client. We have redacted the client details and the agent details. In the background, we still face agents telling clients to “do nothing”.

    After earning millions in commissions, a minority of agents need to focus on their moral responsibility and to desist from create confusion. If they had an alternative option we would have heard about it by now. The battle to win hearts and minds is not being helped by those who seek to frustrate the process with their hidden agenda. We feel investors see through these games.

    The agenda will not stop the redress claims. They will come to those agents who have simply ripped off their clients and then sought to hide from their responsibilities.

  234. SFO and Tailormade?

    You would be naive to think the SFO are not looking at Tailormade and it’s directors.

  235. Masonic revenge?

    Have Tailmade fell foul of the Brotherhood?

    When the major facts of an individual’s life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. That’s true of A Burns?

    Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice – if married he might retain a mistress or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence [easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue], or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging Masons network of 600,000 contacts

  236. Mr Pope the dope

    Director Overview

    Lloyd Pope holds 5 current appointment, has resigned from 7 companies and held appointments at 3 dissolved companies. Lloyd began their first appointment at the age of 41 and their longest current appointment spans 13 years and 5 months at A.M.T.P LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Lloyd holds a current appointment equals £268,490, with a combined assets value of £457,624 and liabilities of £280,025. Roles associated with Lloyd Pope within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

  237. Mr Pope the dope..... £671,973 owing

    Oh Dear lets not look at this company that went bust should we Mr Pope?

    The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/12/2010 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £50, ‘liabilities’ worth £671,973, ‘net worth’ of £-65,823 and ‘assets’ worth £3,357.

  238. Mr Pope the dope.....

    The latest Annual Accounts submitted to Companies House for the year up to 31/12/2012 reported ‘cash at bank’ of £3,470, ‘liabilities’ worth £186,716, ‘net worth’ of £-4,312 and ‘assets’ worth £182,404.

    Not doing too well is it?

  239. Karma is coming after you

    All of them scum, Karma will take care of it.

  240. Lord Haw-Haw

    Erica Broughton is on the Tailormade rampage now OMG

  241. Hola Hello OK

    yep Karma all scum…
    what happened to Kim and Mike Whitey? They had a nice gainful business going with invest5star flogging the Harlequin business model. There were lots of luffly pics on their website of them partying with Dave Ames and their chummy investors. How much did they make before they closed their doors not so long ago?

  242. anonymous

    ALL. sincerely hope that the FCA, SFO, HMRC take a very good look at the ifa firms/ FS companies selling this and other schemes that they have advised on, cyprus, cape verde, farmland, storage pods, forestry, carbon. list goes on . FAR from being market leaders and successful in their “alternative investments” . Also hope Inland revenue take a good long look at their accounts (most of which have not been the subject of an auditor ) as despite turnovers the staff levels that make an actual audit are probably lower than required as technically most of the staff/advisors are not employed. now that would be interesting..

  243. Sherlock Holmes

    I have sent loads of documents to the various authorities, the will connect the dots and follow the money trail.

  244. Sherlock Holmes

    TM are a little bit stupid if they think putting the company into administration will sweep things under the carpet.

    Second mistake putting their partners as directors……

  245. Anonymous

    The 5 star TA review of BB is back up. Only edit is DA name. Wonder why?

  246. The real deal

    The money is traced …… A worrying time for Ames and co as the dominos fall.
    Their last hope is Fatchetts trust .

  247. Sherlock Holmes

    The court case for Matt Ames links back to Dave Ames….. and then the whole family.

    ‘My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.’

  248. Katherine

    Poor simple Northern over weight Erica, has now transferred her Harlequin obsession to Tailormade.

    Well, it was always going to happen when she failed with Harlequin.

  249. Katherine

    Forgot silly me.
    Will you be driving round taking photographs of houses again? Or is the treatment for Persecutory delusion working?

  250. El Mentiroso

    TM claimed that they monitored the accounts of Harlequin.
    Correction – the directors and sales people said this.

    They are going to face the music. Shortly, the letters of claim will start.

  251. Kodak

    All this shower of criminals will have left are photographs when proceeds of crime kicks in . They should be begging Erica to take pictures .

  252. El Mentiroso


    Like musical chairs. The music is going to stop soon.

    When it does, selling a £2.5 m house will be the least of your problems.

  253. P I Staker

    @El Mentiroso

    I was at a TM meeting when that oldish Scottish guy said they make sure Harlequin is not spending it on the wrong things, so did the Sipp companies.

    More lies. This meeting was in Warrington.

  254. Rocky Marciano

    I remember Alistair Burns using that as a sales tool, TM checked Harlequin accounts so did the Sipp companies.

    The Sipp companies don’t just give the okay to any old company without proper due diligence – that’s what the man said.

    Strange; how did they both check accounts that don’t exist?

    Could this statement cause him any trouble, 100’s were in the room.

  255. All seeing eye.....Through the keyhole.

    Alistair Burns rented out his house to channel 4 ‘Come dine with me’ Christmas.

    The Mrs Porche has gone…… what next?

    All fur coat no nickers.


  256. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in Tailormade


    We met with Harlequin on Friday 10th January 2014. The meeting was productive and cordial. We continue to have a problem with stragglers and those people have actively been told not to engage in the trust process. We are very mindful that some 10 weeks ago we invited clients to indicate whether they would be interested in the creation of a trust holding security offered by Harlequin.

    The issue over Pink Forms is being resolved. Harlequin have sent us forms and payments and will continue to do so. The reliance on Harlequin means that everything moves dependent upon them. That is not satisfactory for us or for Harlequin. Therefore, we have agreed that the following will happen.


    1. On the 20th January 2014 we will write to everyone who has sent a pink form / paid and confirm that we are proceeding. Those who have not engaged will fall outside this process.

    2. At the end of January 2014, Harlequin will allow us to mail to the entire investor database again with a final reminder to all investors. Harlequin will make it very clear that the trust is the only option as part of that mailing.

    3. The trust / waiver / trust membership documentation has been drafted and subject to some final work can be given to the independent third party law firm for comment. We expect the documentation to be agreed, signed and ready to distribute to investors by the end of February 2014.

    4. During February 2014 RL and its team will undertake the legal due diligence process. The output of this process will be collated and produced for investors to consider. Alongside this, all investors who have indicated they wish to join the Investor Trust and have paid, will receive the documentation to allow them to do so.

    5. It is logical that those who have not engaged / paid will not receive any documentation or access to the due diligence information. This will be spelt out in our letter to all investors and reinforced by Harlequin.

    6. We are going to ask investors to return their signed documents by the end of March 2014. To support this, we are going to offer advice surgeries to deal with queries. We did this in November 2013 and it worked well.

    “Anti Trust”

  257. Masonic intervention?

    The noose is tightening against the ‘anti Trust’ watch this space.

  258. Anonymous

    How the F**k did you know that????

  259. Anonymous

    I was on about Mr Burns director of TM’s house on the program?

  260. El Mentiroso

    AB is not the problem. RS is.

  261. Rob Shaw (TM director in Administration)

    Rob Shaw who is humping that old, but pretty fit bit that works for him? Andrea tends to like short baldy men

  262. Anonymous

    How do you know all this?

  263. All seeing eye.....

    I am Legion, for we are many.

  264. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    “Anti Trust”

    We understand that Tailormade are organising another agents meeting for the 14th January 2014. We have received emails from our own clients sent to them by Tailormade agents. The line from this small group of agents is “do nothing”. This approach will result in Harlequin failing. Surely, these agents (having earned millions from Harlequin) do not want to see Harlequin fail ?

    We have catered for the ” do nothing” in the process we set out in our first email. If people want to “do nothing”, then that is entirely a matter for them. On the 20th November 2013 a small group of agents held a meeting to look at “other options”. Nearly 8 weeks later, no formal proposal has been received setting out alternative options. We cannot wait forever.

    We can see little point in there being endless meetings and feel that if a serious alternative proposal existed, it would have been already tabled. The reality is that this group is loud, but very small in number. The “do nothing” line is no help to any investor. Our view is that if we can engage with this group we should. Diplomacy and persuasion to bring people into the fold makes sense. We will try to do this. Remember, many agents have engaged and are positively seeking a resolution.

    We will try to address the concerns of this small group. However, there comes a point where we will be moving on. That point is very close.

  265. ElCougar

    Rob smashing the old blond one or the big dark hair one ?

    He’s smashed the investments of thousands, so why not an old cougar or two ?

  266. Rob Shaw (TM director in Administration)


    No he is smashing the back doors of the slutty blonde one.

  267. Rob Shaw (TM director in Administration)

    The good old days…..


  268. Anonymous

    @Rob Shaw

    Would that be @ fiddle inth bag or fiddling with a old bag

  269. ElCougar

    How about we get some clients to complain about RL.

    er tried that – didn’t work.

    Ok, lets stick to lying, we do that so much better.

  270. ElCougar

    To be frank, TM are irrelevant. They can mail whoever they want. Only stupid people believe them.

    Let’s just ignore them.

  271. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration) and now manically depressed.

    They just sound desperate and depressed

  272. Muy contente

    Are you sure ?

    ARB is a confident chap.
    RS is snappy.

  273. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration) and now manically depressed.

    @Muy contente

    as sure as I was about the Mrs car going back, the house for sale and the Come dine with me program being filmed.

    Plenty more too……….

  274. GAOTU

    All seeing eye…..
    January 12, 2014 at 6:50 pm
    I am Legion, for we are many.

    I am Legion, for we are many

  275. Muy contente

    He must be depressed. He was very showy.

  276. Andrew shipley

    Don’t care one jot about the sellers of harlequin . The Ames family are the criminals and they must pay .
    Everything else is a sideshow and that includes Fatchetts stupid trust !

  277. Lord Haw-Haw

    So elegantly put, could you perhaps explain why the Trust is stupid?

  278. Sid

    I must say, the airport is looking good and is a lot nearer to completion than I think any of us expected it would be at this point in time….which can only be a good thing.

  279. andrew shipley

    @LORD HAW HAW , because the value of the asset offered is not worth the value of the money given . How can all these investors 6000 people get their money back through footpaths and ponds???

  280. Lord Haw-Haw

    Who said it was?
    What do you recommend then? Do nothing?
    CPC has Ames assets, Irish guy stolen millions

  281. andrew shipley

    the whole resort should be handed to the investors

  282. Uncle R national hero

    The whole resort might get nationalised. What with an election coming up an’ all.

  283. Anonymous

    It appears that Uncle Ralph did not impress the Pope that
    much. St Lucia gets a Cardinal.

  284. Muy contente

    Why not hand it to Paudie ?
    He can then fix the drains .

  285. andrew shipley

    bugger Paudie …….. we should have the whole resort lock stock and barrels

  286. yatinkiteasy

    Anybody know where the raw sewerage from the well fed tourists at BB goes?

  287. Sid

    That’s not a bad shout andrew shipley.

  288. Anonymous

    @Yat – Some of it goes on a blog….

  289. Anonymous

    @andrew shipley
    Give it to all 6000 investors? BB investors? No matter how you carve it up nobody will get much back unless you are a SIPP investor then you have a chance.

    You’re obviously a bit thick.

  290. Grim reaper

    How is the Matt Ames case any news?

  291. Muy contente

    Andrew Davison @ Shipley’s.

    A chocolate tea pot if ever I saw one !

  292. In the first degree.

    One of Daves masonic morons like all of them devil worshipers, turning a blind eye to all of this.

  293. The victim

    A freezing order should be granted against Taylormade before they sell all there assets paid for out of purchasers pensions like my husbands and some cash purchasers – its totally disgusting.

    tick tock

    We should all chip in and run BB because its belongs to us. I would stop all the raw sewerage being pumped into the sea at night as its killing off totally all the wild life. I got a terrible rash because of this.

    I would stop the potential of catching dengue fever with all those stagnant ponds. I would make sure the staff are paid because they are really dead good at stuff, but its nor a 5 star resort because it has plastic glasses.

  294. we are Siamese if you pleeze

    Where are the missing millions?

    ‘Anyway Harlequin investors should know there’s at least one cool £1 million plus which appears to have gone down the pan in the Gulf of Thailand. I know its only a drop in the ocean. But how many are there?’
    Andrew Drummond


    And lyrics from that well known film:
    We are Amamese if you please
    We are Amamese if you don’t please
    Now we’re looking over our new domicile
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while

    Do you see that a thing swimming round and round
    Maybe we can reaching in and make it drown
    If we sneaking up upon it carefully
    There will be head for you a tail for me

  295. The wizard of Oz

    The dosh is with the daughter he sold to an Ozzy

  296. Andrew Shipley

    @ the victim – you have to pay for freezing orders and they cost real money .

  297. The victim

    purchasers could all chip in it was done to ames why not Taylormade and agents all scum

  298. Isabelo Cuevas-Ferrer

    CPC did it to Ames so it’s only fair to do it to Tailormade in my book.

  299. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    Nothing actually answers the question of what about the money ivested in resorts other than BB ,……this is never mentioned…why is that

    How can £400 million be taken in and virtually nothing to show for it not be criminal simples

    Lokking at theposts here, very easy to see why Ames got your money, absolutely clueless, it is wasnt Ames you would have lost it to someone else

  300. Erica Broughton

    No need to mock us, we were thick, but cheated and that totaly unfair,

  301. Bob Storey

    CPC did what exactly to DA? A freezing order, now that really has been a game changer. How exactly?

  302. Erica Broughton

    @Bob Storey.

    Let me make it simple.

    Naughty Mr. Ames told lies and a nice Judge agreed to a freezing order on ‘his’ assets. now he bought them with investors money – not his.

    Some nasty people asked for their money back, naughty Mr. Ames said no I don’t care what your contract says.

    Do you understand now?

  303. Well I never would have believed that


    Tailormade responded to our request to meet. We are meeting in Birmingham tomorrow afternoon. We hope that this allows some of the misunderstandings and concerns to be addressed. We have agreed to publish the response email from Tailormade (See below).

    We have received no response from Bob Ladell at PHIG to our requests.


    Thank you for your letter dated 13th January 2014, please accept this email as my invitation to meet, in order to discuss the proposed Harlequin Investor Trust. As you have correctly stated, clients of both companies would expect us to put our differences to one side in order to progress matters for the benefit of our clients.

    Constant concerns from Agents and Investors alike are the ‘mixed messages’ being published on various platforms, therefore to negate the risk of this happening in relation to this meeting, I suggest we both record the content of the meeting, to ensure the messages published thereafter, from both our establishments, are clear, concise and an accurate, honest appraisal of the meeting. Furthermore, before our meeting takes place, could I also request that you post this email on your website (as you have done so with your initial letter) in order for clients to see and understand our intentions.

    Please let me know if you have any objections to these suggestions.

    As you are aware I am attending a meeting in Birmingham tomorrow and will make myself available from 2pm. Failing this, I am also available at the following times this week:

    10am on Wednesday 15th
    2pm on Wednesday 15th
    1pm on Thursday 16th

    If tomorrow is not convenient, please provide a convenient venue for Wednesday or Thursday.

    If none of these options are convenient please provide suitable times for the following week.


    Robert Shaw.

    Managing Director”

  304. The chiller team

    If you were part of it Bobby you would know ,we are coasting to trial and smiley happy people , all paid up and ready to party .

  305. Andrew Shipley

    @the victim good luck with that , Nikki and Chris got 20 odd clients on their freezing order .
    How many would cough up to go after tailormades directors?

  306. Bob Storey

    @The chiller team

    And what if you don’t win? The costs WOW, clients pay.
    Can the clients afford it?

    If you win 30% if you’re lucky lol

  307. Bob Storey

    @EB, and how has that affected DA exactly? Has anyone got their money back? Has any of this changed DA lifestyle? Or are those questions too difficult for you? Funny how it was deemed on here that it was CLC who got the freezing orders, so now it’s CPC. Try and make your minds up.
    @ The Victim/worried investor/ EB still on about the Dengue fever again?

  308. Bob Storey

    @the chiller team, does that include the “investor” who wants their money back and is using a “no win, no fee” lawyer to get it back. Didn’t think anyone knew about that did you lol

  309. The chiller team

    @bob storey because it isn’t true as usual Bob . There is nothing to know because it didn’t happen

  310. King Billy and Bob Bobit

    Bob, you just make things up as you go along – still getting your return?

  311. A buyer with a debt

    Bob storey , you lie for Ames as easy as breathing have you no shame .? Whatever he is to you friend , relation , bum chum can you not see the people need their money back or at least an explanation as to what went wrong and what’s happening .

    Is that so much to ask oh loyal slave ?

  312. Matt and the missing trees.

    I understand it all fits into place now. Bob is digging up trees and selling them to Matt Ames.

    It’s Bob’s fault Matt is in Court.

  313. Bob Storey

    @a buyer with a debt. Yawn zzzzzzz

  314. Chocolate Teapots

    Bob Ladell, Bob Shaw and Bob Storey,

    Anyone seem them in the same place at once ?

    Thought not.

  315. Anonymous

    CT – I would like to add Katherine to that.

  316. Anon......

    All the talk about agents and Bobs etc is ridiculous. Ames took in excess of £400 million. Built one resort. Bob Storey seems to take some satisfaction in stating that freezing orders are not affecting Ames’s lifestyle.
    All Storey is doing is demonstrating the contempt which Ames holds towards the courts. But Ames has demonstrated this time and time again through his attitude towards investors seeking refunds.

    And this trust that everyone talks about. What is the monetary value of this trust????

    Anyone have any idea.?

    And what about the ongoing Police investigation. Fatchett stated that the SFO were not following up their investigation into Ames then a few days later the SFO stated that the investigation was proceeding.

  317. Gareth's Groupies

    My superhero said no such thing about the SFO, is this post from Wigan?

  318. Gareth's Groupies

    Funny you never mentioned the money the Irish builder nicked?

  319. Bob Storey

    No but we have had the Dengue fever again tonight.

  320. Anonymous

    Bob, with the amount of brown-nosing you should have
    developed immunity by now…..

  321. Anonymous

    The other bunker.
    Have you managed to drag yourself away from comfort eating? You know the content of your email account(s) are giving us all a good laugh.

    A bit weird all those email to the Irish builder. Will start to distribute them soon.

  322. Bob Storey

    Do you ever get sick of taking one up the arse?

  323. Wiggy

    Is that really the PHAG Bob Ladle – OMG he just looks like a right odd one….. creepy or what? That hair must be a a rug….no one would wear that.

  324. Anonymous

    All’s not well in the Crozier/Dixon camp.

  325. Three little piggies

    Come on guys don’t be nasty; we have ‘Bob bad hair stuck in the 80’s with no mates’

    And ‘Alistair antidepressants 2.5 million house come dine with me’

    Forgot, Shouty shorty baldy Rob Shaw, who now want’s to talk.

    These poor chaps have been wronged by that nasty Fattchett chap. So pleeeeeze cut them a bit of slack. 😉

  326. Bob Storey

    Could it be the “no win, no fee” expose?

  327. Anonymous

    Is Bob making a rude gesture with his clenched fist?

  328. Anonymous

    @Bob Storey

    Could be nothing.

    Could be they are worried that Ames may win = big bill for his costs & thier own.

    If they win how much after costs, nobody knows these answers.

    But the Ames love a good court case.

  329. Bob Storey

    Perhaps that is why some one wants their money back from Crozier.

  330. Anonymous

    Don’t think they work like that!

  331. Rob Shaw (TM director in Administration) did I say that!

    Robert Shaw says:
    October 29, 2012 at 6:40 pm
    Great to see the developments, as an Agent and Investor it gives me great pleasure to see the vision come more and more a reality as time passes. What’s just as pleasing is that despite the global recession, numerous doom-mongers, things are really starting to take shape. Well done to all the Harlequin team, your drive and determination is a lesson to us all.

  332. Sid

    @Bob Storey
    January 13, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    I’m a bit surprised by your apparent approval of Ames living a lavish lifestyle on investors money whilst he has given us nothing in return. Why shouldn’t his assets be frozen? I think you’re trying too hard to show your loyalty to Ames which isn’t doing you any favours.

  333. Masonic Intervention

    Rob Shaw will fall into line.

    The Masons are going to deliver an offer he cannot refuse.

    Erica’s husband was made “redundant” – who organised that ?

    Ames is allowed to ignore freezer – same question ?

    SFO continue to investigate – same question ?

    Tailormade are being looked at – same question ?

    Rob Shaw will agree a “unity” position. He hates Fatchett – same question ?

    All hidden in plain sight.

  334. Bob Storey

    @Sid, I did not say I approved of anyone’s lavish lifestyle.
    What I did ask is what exactly has the freezing order achieved? Perhaps you would like to list how the freezing order has I fact achieved anything. Not doing me any favours? That bus left a long time ago.

  335. Anon......

    Bob if Ames as you claim is circumventing the freezing orders that is an issue for the courts to deal with. If as you claim Ames is sticking two fingers up at UK court orders and you are aware of this why not contact Carter Lemon Cameron and give them evidence of this so they can bring it to the attention of the courts in the UK.

    Would this not assist the purchasers who are seeking a refund of their monies.

  336. Bob Storey

    @Anon, I did not claim any of the above as you state. What I asked is “what effect is the freezing order having”? That is a question, not a statement

  337. Anon......

    Bob the freezing order may well be having a huge impact on the Ames family. Surely your question on the effect the freezing order is having should be directed to Dave and Carol Ames.

    The fact that a judge granted a freezing order in the first place and another judge upheld the order in subsequent cases demonstrates that a number of judges were satisfied thus far with the evidence provided by the claimants that they had an actionable cause against the Ames family.

    The action is being brought by some 20 people or so. Individuals who have made a decision for whatever reason not to join the trust.

    If they win the case Ames will have to give up his UK properties, hence the freezing order. The freezing order is not designed to punish the defendant it is designed to prevent the assets from being dissipated pending the outcome of the full trial of the matter.

  338. Anonymous

    Bob should look up the word “insinuate” ..He is always quick to point out that he did not claim, state, say, anything….only asking questions.
    Everyone on this blog can see what are implied by his various “questions” about DA, Harlequin, Buccament Bay,the Trust, etc.
    He is obviously being paid to carry on the defense of those mentioned, and is really just a silly old twat who will never see the title to his beloved villa in mosquito bay.

  339. Anon......

    Bob if during the course of the proceedings or on conclusion of same it is discovered that the Ames family ignored the court orders and dissipated or attempted to dissipate some or all the assets then Mr. and Mrs. Ames would be held in contempt of court and would face sanctions including possible imprisonment.

    You seem to intimate that this groups action to recover their monies is ill conceived. However it appears that to date the judges in the action do not concur with your view.

    Whilst the cost of this case may or may not be high, if we are to believe Mr. Garreth Fatchett with respect to Harlequin and a rosy future that will follow should the trust proceed then those in the Carter Lemon Cameron action should rest easy in the knowledge that should they be successful in their claim Harlequin and the Ames family will have the funds to repay them.

    Bob Carter Lemon Cameron are the solicitors of record for this group of claimants. Not CPC nor Miss. Crozier. So the freezing orders were effectively obtained by Carter Lemon Cameron on behalf of their clients and upon the instructions of their clients.

    This is how the legal system works.

  340. Bob Storey

    Anon/anonymous/Anon, are you all the same person or 3 people who cannot think up a suitable ID?
    @anonymous, I suggest you take the time to look at this thread. You will then understand the difference between a question and a statement. Funny how you make no denial of the “no win, no fee” lawyer involved in one investor trying to get their money back from Crozier, or is it CLC. Who knows with that tangled web.
    @Anon “20 or so claimants” let’s make up a number shall we. How about 13.

  341. Anonymous

    Bob forgets that before he was exposed as Bob Storey he used a few different ID`s.such as..36 , FDNRM.(Might have just as well used anonymous) Sportingbob on TripAdvisor.

    Example of a statement: “David Ames is a crook”
    Example of a question: “David Ames took in over $400 million Pounds to build several resorts in the Caribbean, but after about 8years, to date only one is partially built , no investors have received title to anything they invested in, but does that make David Ames a crook?”
    See the difference between a statement and a question now Birdy Brain?
    Do you see what a loaded question can be?Journalists use this technique all the time.

  342. Anonymous

    Sportingman, not sportingbob.

  343. Anonymous

    I would suggest that the question could be extended to leave the statement you made as the only possible conclusion. If you added, did he raise that 400m by offering guarantees of return and guarantees of paying mortgages, and did those promises not materialise? Did he also make statements about the potential returns of the properties, occupancies and so on that to any industry expert were clearly impossible, false and misleading? Did he also lie on record about the state of the marina at Buccament Bay, amongst other things, to give a false impression as to the status of his developments? Did he pay his family members from the investor deposits, when planning permission never mind construction had been given/started on his sites? If the answers are yes, then added to the above question example, one can only reach one conclusion. There are very few people who know about Harlequin who draw any other conclusion.

    Bob Storey is in the effective employ of Harlequin, having been only one to get any return out of the 6000 to 9000 investors. Not worth engaging with him.

  344. andrew shipley

    Bob Storey , if you know the name publish it if not shut up because I for one say you are a liar .
    your facts are totally wrong , but hey you thrive on misinformation .

  345. Anon......

    Bob according to the court, High Court Queens Bench Division there are 25 Claimants in the action against David and Carol Ames.

    I presume you are referring therefore to a different case. If so could you provide more details?

  346. Anonymous

    Storey caught again eh. Tut tut tick tock tick tock.

  347. Bob Storey

    @Anonymous 2.09 Sportingbob lol, cannot even copy a trip advisor ID correctly 1st time.
    @Andrew Shipley, the name is subject to professional confidentiality. Having said that professionals ? Are known to forward confidential e mail, arnt they NC?

  348. Anonymous

    Just confirmed..Sportingman on TA is Bob Storey.

  349. Bob Storey

    @Anon 6.32 AKA super sleuth. Nothing gets past you lol. Not exactly the sharpest knife in the draw are you.

  350. Anonymous

    Bobby – neither is your spelling….what is a draw?

  351. Ralph

    Hello Bobby mate. Its been a while. We see your still spouting the same old shit.

    Just thought we would let you in on some news. A further 15 investors have begun a class action suit against Harlequin.

  352. Anon

    A draw is when both sides have the same score is it not?

  353. Anonymous

    Its mighty quiet on the Matt Ames front !

  354. Bob Storey

    @Ralph, I’d like to say you have been missed, but I cannot. A further 15 through CPC? There cannot be another 15 mugs surely. No that would be 28, which is not 25. Let’s think of a number shall we.

  355. Bob Storey

    @wtf, keep it going. Mrs S keeps asking me what I am laughing at. Brill

  356. Anonymous

    Storey you are a pathetic liar. The CLC case against Ames has 25 claimants according to the court documents.

    Whats the fuss, you should have really said Dave and Carol are facing a trial. The 25 claimants are taking the Ames’s to court, yet those who support Ames would like to try and put the fear of god into anyone who would dare take action against Ames.

    This manic support of Ames is probably driven by those who fear they will loose their investments. But the reality is they have.

  357. Bob Storey

    So long as no one is munching a bush!

  358. Anon

    Bob & WTF. The posts on the surveillance are not humorous, they are not in the slightest bit funny. Again you are resorting to attacking an investor who only wanted their money back.

  359. Bob Storey

    @Anon 8.12, ooh care to name those 25 claimants? Just for clarification.

  360. Anon Jonny

    Whats with Storey and this Whats the fuss guy attacking investors. The original whats the fuss was a guy called Richard Ingham.

    Who knows who this new guy is. But Storey is a sad fucking looser.

  361. Anonymous

    Bob, go ask Ames. Or better still, call the High Court Queens Bench Division.

    I see you have been silenced on the Newman issue ever since the secret arbitration. Very telling that.

  362. Bob Storey

    Probably because it was secret. I’m sure you can tell us all on it.

  363. Anonymous

    Sorry Bob you have made no references to Newman whatsoever. Your masters instructed you to be silent on the issue, so its back to broughton bashing again.

    You fucking lying hypocrite. And coward to boot.

  364. Bob Storey

    @Anon 8.47, no you are the coward for hiding behind an “Anon” ID. Nice choice of language, swearing is usually a sign you have lost the argument. You just proved that ” Anon”

  365. In Play Odds

    4/1 – Matt gets acquitted
    EVENS – guilty, 5 years
    10/1 – guilty 10 years
    4/ 6 – Proceeds of Crime Act order made
    3/1 – Appeal lodged against sentence, but not crime.

  366. Anonymous

    Bob Storey read yourself 13 Jan 10:47. I’d much rather hear
    swearing than the filth you spit out…

  367. In the know

    I can see a head fanatically Bobbing up and down on what looks like a space hopper.

    Sorry my mistake it’s Mrs Broughton playing the pink trombone.

  368. Erica Broughton

    You lot make me totally sick you perverts, I have proof about Ingram being a PI just decided I don’t want to totally prove it yet tick tock.

    Think I don’t know it Tailormade doing all this, millions of pound houses bought with money to took like my husbands pension he worked all his life for in a totally honest job. No not like you total scum I will have you all in jail tick tock.

    Lyme that’s were all the queers live, RB still shagging the slaggy blonde from the office – ha caught you.

    tick tock

  369. Soliloquy

    To be, or not to be a PI is the question.

  370. The return of Yorkipoo

    If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

  371. 36

    I’m very happy with Harlequin properties and have been receiving by return as per my contract.

  372. James Shaw

    Please enough please.

    I said a few weeks ago; Tailormade need to do the right thing for investors, not themselves.

    If they don’t tow the line the have insurmountable problems from the authorities.

    The time for them to work with investors and Reg Leg is now.

    They will not get a second chance.

  373. Anonymous

    It would be wonderful if some of the postings within the last
    hour were true. But alas – it seems that some are getting
    giddy waiting for something/anything to happen.

  374. James Shaw

    It look like the actions of some very strange individuals.

    The issue surrounding Tailormade, needs resolving.

    They would be either very very stupid, or very very stupid to not see what’s going on.

    .A number of people are just waiting.

  375. Masonic intervention?

    Matt Ames will go to prison; this has been decided.

    One thing you just don’t do, is try to include the Royal Family in your scams.

    Ames has been told to go to SVG out of the way – he went.

    Matt or Harlequin. He chose Harlequin.

    Who is the head of Freemasonay? Care to have a look?


    Now, if only half of what you read is true he has been a bit stupid?

    We are not amused, fix it.

  376. Freemasonry: The Devil's Playground?

    Really would you want this lot against you? I would rather have them on my side…..would you?


  377. Bob Storey

    @Anon 9.03. you absolute dim wit. You are that stupid that you believe that every post under a certain ID is from the same person LOL. Why even people are using your ID, ANONYMOUS, they must all be down to you HAHAHA.

  378. Bob Storey

    James Shaw, knock it of will you being so serious, this is the best laugh i have had for ages.

  379. Anonymous

    -BS – fm anon 9:03 I shall start using names, but different every time,
    because unlike you I was not STUPID ENOUGH to have my
    identity compromised. As you like to say …hahaha

  380. Bob Storey

    Which Anon would that be then, there are just some many of you. Perhaps I have nothing to hide.unlike you HAHA

  381. Anonymous

    That would be 9:03……what the hell is your IQ?

  382. 33rd Scottish Rite

    A sign has been given.

    Headline Dail mail today, three shocking cases, three reputations.
    Three celebs, all the same day

  383. Frank Warren

    Do your own research, just have a look at this

  384. Anonymous

    Ever see that Tome Cruise Movie – ‘ The Firm’ sound like that terrible.

  385. Anonymous

    @Balder Dash, Harlequin Trolls…their job is to distract, disrupt and defuse any negative comments about Harlequin, David Ames, Buccament Bay, etc.They post simply to fill up the comments pages on these blogs, so that the real issues and anyone with valid or interesting information or views is suffocated.A good example is all the baloney about Masons.

  386. Anonymous

    Michael Slaney has again asked on the RL site the most vexing
    and pertinent questions that have so far gone unanswered i.e. :
    Where is proof of insurance & Something better than a blanket “we
    have ben shown a “Letter of Intent” to invest.

  387. Bob got a bung?

    Maybe if the Trust was set up this proof could be asked for?

    Pervy Bob Lable got some cash so he could still continue his membership with P.I.E.

  388. Chris Corney

    I entered the garden from the East under the cover of darkness.

    I was disguised as a goat, I still had my swively masonic ring on my cloven hoof….

    I was dressed in blue, in my blue car with my blue sticker.

    The mission was simple, I needed to rearrange the bird tables and blue pots in such a way Brother Richard Ingham would get my message, the HD DVD recorder was working.

    I was nearly discovered when my Masonic rampant rabbit started flapping around like a fish!

    I left it attached to the washing line….. with a blue peg

  389. New gates in Lyme

    Ha funny aye? tick tock, you lot in your million pound houses – just because
    you got fancy gates think your posh. 😉

  390. worriedinvestor

    Nikki Crozier is a Freemason, all the pieces now fit together.


  391. Anonymous

    But is Audry Dixon?

  392. lexicon

    Anonymous give it up….. There is obviously no conceivable limit to your madness? You have been at this bullshit discussion for about two years now.

  393. lexicon

    @ Anonymous
    You really don’t have anything best to but to sit around all your life and discuss this mundane topic into perpetuality?

  394. lexicon

    @ Anonymous
    …..Yes, it is (MF) your former antagonist…. You do remember me right? I know you do? You retarded son of bitch.

  395. Katherine

    I think we know who is behind all this nastiness, it runs in the family

  396. View from the bedroom window

    If you look hard you will see Richard Ingham, to the left. Now I have the proof – got ya tick tock

  397. Anonymous

    I found that very relaxing.

  398. Anonymous

    This just showss how poisonous has been Harlequin.

    Not only systematic theft but the little that was built contained lethals design flaws.

    Looking at the Harlequin videos used to sell the dreams now is instructive, how did anyone fall for them – slick but no track record to back up the promises – a grubby fraud that may be a tribute to the effects of social media, the Internet and the well crafted YouTube video on a public with no knowledge of the property development and construction process.

    It is instructive to see that Campion the “design director” of Harlequin has somehow remained in Barbados and is promoting himself and his new company Argo Design Studio as the ‘saviour of the broken construction industry’, using techniques straight out of the Ames playbook, all smoke and mirrors.

    The people of Barbados will be delighted to know that the BCCI recently awarded the contract to Campion to do the baseline study for the future development of Bridgetown – much to the ire of the local architectural community who are looking into the circumstances and claims made by Argo.

    Let us all pray that this plan doesn’t result in foolishness that costs people there savings yet alone their lives.

    Get the Harlequin expats out of Bim

  399. Keep me out of it

    If I had seen that thick irish yob and dopy Dave I would never invested.

  400. No I'am Richard Ingham!! No I'am Richard Ingham!!

    I have the perfect cover for being a PI.

    A fake business, fake wife, fake children. I even have a fake house I purchased in Yorkshire.

    This enables me to be an elite PI, I can even manage to fake my locations and be two places at once.

    I have a fake car with James Bond style swizzley number plates when out on surveillance.

  401. No I'am Richard Ingham!! No I'am Richard Ingham!!

    No, I am Spartacus!! Dave’s Sex Slave

  402. Anonymous

    Waits for Lexicon to come back to the table ( bird that is)

  403. if you go down to the wood (croft) today you're sure of a big supprise

    No I’m Bob Ladle Dave dogging chum! No I’m Bob Ladle Dave dogging chum!

  404. Dit is vas aan my onderste

    Sir, I have approximately seven gains of granola stuck in my balloon knot, permission to remove them. They have been there for 14.hours 37 min 22 seconds.

    I have been hiding behind a prickly bush with a strange pie like smell.

    Sorry to have fail master.

  405. Anonymous

    Can anyone confirm if DA told any lies in this Harlequin update video?

    Purchased about 100 acres?
    Best Marina in the Caribbean being built?
    Fine Dining Italian restaurant?
    Trader Vics Restaurant?
    800 workers on the job by Xmas?
    Boats bringing guests from Barbados straight to the resort?
    Customs/immigration right at the resort?

    Did I miss anything?

  406. Anonymous

    The “rumour” is the right palms were greased by Campion and Ronan (funds provided by Ames) to minister Sealy and others on the basis that Campion would secure some lucrative government work in Barbados.

    The funds were used to ensure concessions were obtained in 2011-2012.

    Sadly for Sealy, Lashley and a few more, the UK authorities have apparently been notified of these special payments. Aside from a little annoyance when Ames and Co. get lifted at having to strenuously deny the allegations, I doubt very much that Sealy or indeed anyone other Bajan involved will be too stressed out over it.

    Campion on the other hand will face some huge problems back in the UK and could very well do time.

    Campion should understand that his mate Ames has pissed off an awful lot of people in the UK and some are singing like canaries.

  407. Anonymous

    I suppose that silence by the Cameron government could be
    considered tacit acquiescence. Oh dear !

  408. Anonymous

    The UK authorities are using the Matt Ames case in the UK as somewhat of a test case. Many of the charges being prepared against Dave, Carol and Co. are similar in nature to the charges made against Matt Ames.

    The jury’s decision in the Matt Ames case will have a large bearing on the direction in which the UK authorities will take when it comes to Dave and Carol.

    It is also interesting to note the new timing for the trust by Garreth Fatchett. Shipleys LLP will have to make the decision in the next 8 weeks whether to appoint liquidators to HMSSE or allow a CVA.

    The decision to appoint liquidators to HMSSE will of course affect the other companies within Harlequin as it will force them into liquidation. It is looking increasingly less likely that Shipleys LLP will entertain the idea of a CVA. This as a result of the wholly uncooperative stance taken by the directors of HMSSE in their dealings with Shipleys LLP.

    Shipleys LLP through their Solicitors Charles Russell will soon be taking legal action against Dave,Carol and Dan Ames for the recovery of some £165,000.00 taken by them after the sale of one of the Dubai properties.

  409. BBaywatch


    Once Ames senior had set up the ‘mark’ Ames junior piled in to milk what was left of his assets. Just like a boiler room scam! No doubts left that they were connected.

  410. Erica's clout

    So it seems that BFF has decided to pull (censor) the recent postings of Whats the fuss. While they were both amusing (quite a change from most nasty and personal postings on here) and harmless, they seem to have upset someone. Now who could that be? And more to the point why have they been removed? Could it be that someone who has a bit of clout with BFP (financial?) has complained and used a bit of leverage to get them removed? Lets see if BFP are consistent now and remove ALL posts which are complained about. I somehow doubt it will happen

  411. Masonic intervention?

    The authorities may link Matt Ames to Harlequin….. that would not be good, maybe that’s the real reason?

    This case is small beer for the SFO.

    Maybe it’s because he attempted to involve the Royal Family?

    Who else will be looked at?

  412. Masonic intervention?

    Maybe Erica is a Mason?

  413. Mad as a box of frogs

    I suspect that they took pity on her.

    It was obvious that she was unraveling; Harlequin was way too much for her on many levels. She just couldn’t cope.

    It make her ill.

    That said she is one very bitter and twisted woman with an extremely vicious and nasty side.

    I have the e-mails to prove it.

    Unlike Mrs Broughton I don’t share them with the world.

    I have no pity for her.

  414. Angela

    Regarding Broughton, agreed she is sick.

    That said, if you self-appoint yourself as the savior of all investors then go round attacking all and sundry – you are going to get some flack.

    What was that obsession about a PI following her – say’s it all in my book – crack pot.

    Always struck me as someone out of their depth. Leave her alone she loves the attention.

  415. Correction

    actually it’s whatsthefuss who has been deleted not anything to do with Erica.

  416. Anonymous

    But why has Whats the fuss been deleted? Who authorized it and why?

  417. An observer since the beginning

    Looks like the Harlequin trolls are getting really desperate. Their attempts to derail the thread are absolutely pathetic. They have not a gene of wit between them.

  418. BFP

    Hello there, Cliverton here.

    Many Whats the fuss comments were taken down because the person was making different comments in different names. That’s not allowed at BFP. The comments were also removed becuase they were coming up to the line of stalking a person at their home and that is not going to happen on this blog.

    BFP co-editor

  419. Robert Storey

    @BFP, well talk about double standards BFP. So its ok to post on here a persons.
    Home address
    Home telephone number
    e-mail address
    mobile telephone number
    Post details of an individuals private financial transactions
    a picture of a persons house (although it was a neighbours)
    If the above are not stalking then what is. Has Ralphs ever been taken down?
    use insulting and unacceptable language to an individual
    Let posters post under the ID of Anonymous
    No BFP lets face it you more than likely had a complaint from someone who gives you a financial contribution. Why else would you let any old anti HP rhetoric on here but censor a bit of fun?

  420. BFP

    Dear Robert Storey,

    We have thousands of comments and spams every month, and we try to police it the best as we can. If you have a specific comment or post that concerns you, please email us at barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com and we’ll look at it.

    If you are entirely unsatisfied with our blog, you can start your own for free at wordpress.com


  421. Masonic intervention?

    Freemasonry Is A
    Criminal Organization
    Posted by Second Family (UK)

    A Freemason is a person who knowingly destroys peoples lives for self gain.

    Freemasons portray themselves as a good charitable fraternity of men. They own the media so they get to say what they want. They have infiltrated all of society. It is nothing less than an international money making scam (same as the crooked pyramid schemes). Did you know that the ninth degree Masons take their vows to kill for Freemasonry ???? some charity. Masons are also the NWO’s foot-soldiers. All secret societies, orders and cults are as one (intertwined) with this evil human virus called “Freemasonry”.

    In defence of most Masons, they were conned in the first place. They were led to believe it was a good fraternity of men, then they were hoodwinked and threatened with violence. If they had known this before they joined, nobody would have anywhere near them. Masons are trapped into this extreme evil, they are too scared to talk freely. They have become FM slaves and most have become crooked benefactors.

    This information is brought to you by Second Family (UK), a support/pressure group for victims of Freemasonry. We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change and to educate 90% of the world. One Mason will lead you to all other Masons in business/politics/authorities and at social events,
    engagements, weddings and funerals.

    We at SF recently contacted UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) and GLOS (grand Lodge of Scotland) and the top Masons at Rosslyn Chapel and others. We invited this “good charitable fraternity of men” to talk to talk to their victims in front of a live audience and cameras, no response. SF’s offer is still available.

  422. Robert Storey

    @BFP, but I did e-mail you and to World press, many times You did absolutely nothing. Why? Because the anti HP rhetoric is/was good for you. Lets face it, who supplies the majority of your banner headlines. Someone with a financial interest in BFP perhaps?

  423. Anonymous

    Bob you really are a stupid old fool. A thoroughly nasty, mean spirited piece of work. Consistent though, I’ll grant you that.

  424. Terry

    Without the contribution of BFP many more victims would have lost their money/ pensions to this scam.

  425. fussthewhat

    Surveillance equipment and hackers have been used, this is fact. why would you not lots of money at stake here.

    Amazing what a couple of £1000 will get you.

  426. The fussy what?

    It’s not difficult to listen into home phone calls you don’t need to be the FBI!!
    e-mail account’s are child’s play.

  427. Anonymous

    Could even buy TA reviews and comments on Travel Forums!

  428. Anonymous

    @Bob Storey – really sad to read that you are attacking the only
    two vehicles left to feed your megalomania. Fear what will happen
    if they cut you off.

  429. The real all seeing eye.....

    Britains high level masonic controllers are behind virtually every spy camera system in the UK. From the suppliers of this sinister “1984” regime of control and monitoring we are seeing the build up of a society that is having to tolerate huge numbers of spy cameras making vast profits for the suppliers(masons),operators(masons) and controllers(masons).

    WHY do masons want this level of monitoring and control?We are all targets of their schemes. Those schemes include using all and every bit of information they can gather against you then drag you through British courts controlled almost entirely by masonic judges and lawyers, none of it before juries.The system would fail with juries and the main reason they are detemined to remove jury hearings from all but the most serious of criminal cases. Those cases pale by comparison with the massive civil court plundering of the masonic judges who use the information gathered from all of our private affairs and transactions backed up by them filming our every move turning us all into victims of masonic law.

    A civil law that removes assets ,land ,property,business’s but especially our children from NON masons into the masonic coffers and control using the most absurd distortions of Britains laws. Masons control social services that allow the theft of our children using flawed reports. Masons head the adoption system ,care homes and adopters ,all of them heavily subsidised using public moneys.Some masons are adopting 12 or more children to subsidise large properties they buy on the strength of the huge sums they get from the state.

    This is masonic racketeering on a grand scale and information is the means by which they plunder us all.If you have not as yet been dragged through Britains civil or criminal courts you would be totally unaware that little of it provides proper due process.In many cases unrepresented litigants find they are made homeless and penniless by a judiciary that are part of this racket and that in fact no person should lose their home without a JURY deciding on that very serious of matters.Masonic judges having highjacked our legal system for their own financial agenda.

    Families are being destroyed daily in the process, hidden from us by the control they exert over our media.A media who’s owners and editors are part of their creepy network of control.Most of the harm and injustice created seldom finding its way into the pages of most of Britains press that has been covering up these horrors for way to long.Ask regular court watchers how often they see news reporters in civil courts?They are only there when invited by masonic judges who need the publicity in a case to fleece the selected victim.If a judge or lawyer was in court they usually close the courts to the public to cover up their crimes.If there is publicity it is because a particular judge or lawyer is not following the sinister masonic agenda that ensures the massive billion pound conspiracy continues.

    Only the emergence of the internet has allowed the free flow of information that has shown the devious way this network of high level scams has operated using every arm of our law enforcement.Masonic police aid the evictions that led to the repossessions of billions of pounds of homes stolen under our noses by masonic criminals controlling our courts for their own ends.For anyone unfamiliar with the reality of how information is being gathered daily and will at some point be used against you in a court of law to strip you bare ,read the Proceeds of Crime Act .Supposedly brought in to remove assets from drug dealers and the like,when in fact ordinary members of the public that have been wrongly accused of fraud or a criminal matter can be tried before a jury and found not guilty.The masonic crown then raises a civil action before a civil court masonic judge and finds in favour of the crown allowing the freezing of and repossession of assets on the flimsiest of evidence.

    Britain is living in a fascist state who’s citizens are being terrorized ,harrassed and bullied by the bully boy masonic network that continues the massive in equality between the haves and have nots.We can say with certainty that the 90% of Britains wealth and properties that are own by 10% of the population is almost entirely due to MASONIC control and the majority of those in that 10% bracket have in some way created that wealth on the backs of the masonic structure. A structure that has the power and control to redistribute wealth into masonic hands using a myriad of legal and political scams that their high level brothers have infiltrated and operate to achieve the domination and oppression of those outwith their evil system.

  430. What a fussy feathered feind

    Brother Ghent. (PPRGDOTGES)
    Surveillance in place.

  431. Anonymous

    Smallest tits anyone has seen in that garden

  432. Katherine

    Just for Angela.

  433. Bob got a bung?

    I wonder if Mr & Mrs Ames are calling into the Flying Chicken on the trip round the Caribbean?

  434. Bob deux de lâche face

    Speaking of chickens what’s happened to Bob Lidel from PHAG? Looks like Dave got fed up with him, TM decided he is, well a pervy.

  435. Anonymous

    @ Katherine whos Angela. What part does she play

  436. Katherine

    Just a friend…. 😉

  437. Katherine

    Padraig I love you, this is especially for you

  438. Anonymous

    Oh Katherine who is Angela, she is more then a friend, is she an investor???? Do not be shy. Please tell us.

  439. Katherine

    If music be the food of love, play on

  440. Anonymous

    Why is Ames in St. Vincent? Had to dash over whilst Matt is on trial. Ahhhh yes. Needs to sort a few tricks out so he can show the SFO he is an honest businessman.

    Look Mr. SFO This will prove everything is above board. Please you got it all wrong. My barrister from Wales will vouch to the fact that I am a straight up guy.

    Please don’t arrest me. Any problems were my wife’s fault. I swear I had nothing to do with it.

  441. Anonymous

    Cut the bullshit Katherine. Angela is another purchaser causing problems for the trust and its glorious leader. So lets now attack Angela.

    Freaks the lot of you. Ames took your money its gone. But lets blame everyone else.

  442. Anonymous

    Dear investors and agents,

    After an extremely challenging 2013 in which Harlequin fought and won a significant court battle for fraudulent misappropriation of construction monies and concluded a settlement in the defamation case, which included a full apology, we feel confident that 2014 will be the year that puts Harlequin back on track.

    Buccament Bay Resort and blu Hotel

    I am pleased to report that both hotels experienced a significant increase in like for like bookings over the Christmas period compared to the same period in 2012 and are projected to trade excellently in 2014 with bookings already up on 2013.

    Completion of Property at Buccament Bay

    Over the last 6 months, we have been working diligently to ensure that we are in a position to complete on the sale of property to purchasers at the Buccament Bay Resort proving, once and for all, that good title can be transferred. As you read this statement, I am in the Caribbean with members of Harlequin’s legal and finance teams, meeting the Prime Minister of St Vincent and The Grenadines, Government Ministers and local lawyers to ensure any loose ends that may exist can be tied up so that completions progress without further delay. It is our hope and understanding that the first tranche of completions will be finalised by the end of January. We look forward to transferring title to those purchasers that are able to complete. This will prove that we have fulfilled the promises made to the first purchasers and will prove to all purchasers that the Harlequin model can succeed.

    Investor Trust

    Following months of discussion regarding restructuring options to give Harlequin the best chance of future success, I am now committed to the set-up of an investors trust to secure the future of Harlequin. In consideration of this, I now urge all purchasers to contact Regulatory Legal Solicitors (“R Legal”) to arrange payment of the trust entrance fee and join the Trust. Although I understand that certain purchasers and agents may not be fully committed at this point in time, both R Legal and I see the Trust as a positive step for the investment. It is clear to Harlequin that, to attract external third party investment (which is Harlequin’s stated aim), the Trust is the only way to go. Alternatives to the Trust have been raised, assessed and rejected which has strengthened our commitment to setting up a Trust that will be independently reviewed and approved by a London city law firm as a way to protect the Harlequin investment and its investors. I take this opportunity to state that it disappoints me to hear that certain sales agents are trying to undermine the Trust in favour of what is being represented to investors to be a better option when cynically I believe such options are only being proposed for the personal gain of such sales agents rather than for the long term benefit and future of the Harlequin investment. As a direct result of the Trust being set up, I can confirm that there is now serious interest from third parties offering development finance to complete our projects. To clarify, Harlequin is not sending pink forms on to R Legal.


    If the global economic recession didn’t occur, I strongly believe that we would not be in the situation we find ourselves in today. However, what is very clear is that the Harlequin investment does work and the completions taking place at Buccament Bay Resort are proof of this.

    If you are looking to secure and receive a return on your investment, now is the time to complete on a property at Buccament Bay Resort, even if you have paid a deposit to purchase a property on a different Harlequin project. We would welcome a discussion with you if you have a number of properties by consolidating your investments into one property.

    Kind regards

    David Ames

  443. Anonymous

    What a load of crap !!!

  444. Anonymous

    The UK government must be getting ready to indict Ames.
    A modern day Robert Vesco? Who knows….but Gonsalves
    must be ****ing bricks.

  445. Yatinkiteasy

    If you believe this you also believe David Ame’s statements in the Sept 2012 Newsletter where he said that they were then in the process of providing title to investors in BB. It’s just more BS from the biggest BS artist that has ever surfaced in the Caribbean!

  446. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    We would welcome a discussion with you if you have a number of properties by consolidating your investments into one property.

    Yeah so we can shaft you again….all of the Dave Ames post is absolute bollocks….why thisncon man twat low life is not behing=d bars for the rest of his life is the eight wonder of the world

    the whole familly should be behind bars the lowest of the low

    bastards all of them

  447. Anonymous

    Ok Mr. Ames you say as a result of the trust there is serious interest from financiers looking to finance the development of the resorts.

    Question for Mr. Faychett, Sir you have stated categorically that you have seen a letter of intent from financiers. Mr. Ames tells us that there is serious interest.

    Ames now blames the international economic downturn for the problems but states not that the Harlequin investment “WILL” work but that it “DOES” work.

    Yet he contradicts himself earlier in his letter by stating that to attract third party funding in order to build the resorts the trust is the only way forward.

    So how in the hell can he claim the Harlequin investment “DOES” work. The trust has not yet been established nor has any due diligence been carried out, nor does anyone know the value of the trust assets nor is there definitive finance in place.

    Please Mr. Ames explain this to people who you undertook to pay mortgages on their behalf and now cannot do so.

    If the Harlequin investment “DOES” work as you claim, why the need for a trust where all the purchasers forgo their legal rights to pursue you.

    Why Mr. Fatchett have you told us Harlequin have no money, yet appear to be in a position to commence closing on contracts in St. Vincent. Valuations and such like will be required for such work to be undertaken.

    And if such completions do take place where is the guaranteed 10% finance coming from given your assertion Mr. Fatchett that Harlequin are broke. See to concur with the view of Mr. Ames that the Harlequin investment “DOES” work, one has to assume that the 10% Guaranteed payments will also commence.

    And why the need for Mr. Ames to involve the prime minister of St. Vincent in this process.

    This appears to be a cynical attempt by Ames to try and demonstrate to the Police and SFO that all is well with Harlequin.

    You took 400 million. Paid in excess of 200 million in commissions leaving little or nothing to complete the resorts. That’s why the business failed.

  448. Anonymous

    Nicola Kelliher has accompanied Ames to St. Vincent whilst Carol stays with Matt in the UK.

    Hence the reference by Ames to his financial team. He means Nicola his daughter from Australia who looks after the stashed funds.

    And who are the lucky punters closing on their properties? Hmmmmmm all folks we have heard about over and over.

  449. Katherine

    January 16, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Dear me, you do seem a little angry. Angela just shares the same interest in English classics as me.

  450. Katherine

    Strange thing to say, one insignificant person can cause a problem for the Trust, such ego’s some people have.

  451. Charles Augustus Magnussen

    The Trust is happening, only a fool would think otherwise – maybe Angela and her single supporter think otherwise.

  452. bob

    Katherine you should look in the mirror a little more closely you might not like what you see 😉

  453. Katherine

    Another special request, spinning spangly disco balls!!!

  454. Katherine

    This is something to get you into the groove baby 😉

  455. Bob Bloke stuck in the 8o's

    Yes,Yes, more of that please, it’s got me gyrating my hips in a particularly sexy fashion.

    I fear I have pulled a muscle in my Gentleman’s area, no digging up trees for me today.

  456. bob

    My my Katherine your choice of songs are from the era you were born what a fantastic memory you have unless you are someone MUCH older posting as Katherine…..

  457. Katherine

    Well that’s interesting bob, you seem to know my age!!

  458. Katherine

    This one was always guaranteed to get Dave up on the dance floor….

  459. bob

    You sound miffed that I know how old you are 😉 I know older women usually knock off ten years or so my wife does the same…..

  460. Katherine

    If I did that I would be a teenager

  461. Anon

    Can you stop the trolls posting music videos. It’s a pain loading and scrolling, and has no relevance to the thread.

  462. Charles Augustus Magnussen

    Anyone any idea how the Matt Ames trial is going? Scamming 75 year old’s is immoral.

  463. Anonymous

    Trip Advisor has been strangely quiet since the terrible floods at BB on December 24th..only two reviews since then, one of which had been taken down, edited and is back up.
    By way of comparison, approx 15 reviews were made the year before from Xmas eve to Jan 15th..
    Could it be that the folks who were there over Xmas (and we were told the resort was quite full) can not come up with a convincing positive review,? Very strange indeed.

  464. Anonymous

    I wonder if Ames has also made a side trip to Bequia/Petite Nevis.
    Also if Campion were with him.

  465. Katherine

    A special request for Erica,

  466. Anon - reasons unknown

    There really isn’t one ounce of class about you, is there Katherine. Your manners reek of a chav upbringing. You and Harlequin are perfect together.

  467. All seeing eye.....

    Mathew Ames is not doing himself any favors, he is coming across as a arrogant little man. The poor chap who got ripped off at the age of 75 conducted himself with dignity – unlike Ames.

    He is going to jail.

  468. Anonymous

    It has been implied by Bob Storey on the RL-Site that he has
    completed on Buccament Bay. Flipping burgers over the summer
    must have been lucrative because to truly complete the closing costs
    are enormous. Maybe he earned enough to open a chicken shack
    at the H-Hotel carcass.

  469. Anon - reasons unknown

    Bob is an out and out liar.

    The payments he was receiving from Harlequin were not for rental return but for his internet forum campaign.

    Luckily, his campaign did more harm than good. Ignorant, illiterate twat. Feed him to the dogs.

    Having said that, he is so stupid, Harlequin manipulated him like putty. He probably has his little Certificate of Cabana Ownership (signed by Sir Dave Ames OBE) hanging in the downstairs loo.


  470. A kick in the testicles.

    Ames promised him a special discount and cash-back.

    Why do you think they need to get these completions away before the Trust is set up?

    They would never get it past the Trustees.

    That’s why Bob Ladel delayed matters – he was on a no cash completion.

  471. Charles Augustus Magnussen

    Ames is in total support of the Trust.

    However he needs to grab some of the cash from the completions for himself.

    Who will stop him ??

    Have we forgotten about the WK case? That’s is going straight into his pocket – few million then bye bye Dave.

    This is why we need the Trust and Trustees in place sooner than later.

    It’s all hidden in plain site.

    You lot are too dim and love to argue over RL’s £200 fees you deserve it.

  472. Anon - reasons unknown

    And you, Charles, are almost as dim if you believe WK paid Ames during the out of court settlement.

    My money is on it being the other way round. I believe Newman would have taken it all the way if he’d had the backing for legal fees, and that exposure from him would have had a cataclysmic effect on Harlequin. It would have been open for all to see that Harlequin is (obviously) a fraudulent rip off designed to make a number of illiterate conman in essex rich beyond their wildest dreams. Lies, lies and more lies. That’s all Harlequin and Ames do.

    The price for Newman’s pay-off was his silence. That’s happened to many many people who were willing to stand up to Harlequin. Ultimately, nobody could risk facing Carter Fuck funded by limitless investor deposits, so eventually decided to give up and take the pay-off and gagging order.

    Makes me laugh when Fatchett says only a handful of investors have taken legal action. How ill informed for a solicitor to keep making assumptions based on hearsay. Tut tut.

  473. Dave's Disco

    A request for RL

  474. Robert Storey

    @Anon 8.42, I have implied no such thing you idiot.
    @Anon RU you have the gaul to say that Katherine has no class and then come out with your usual gob shite rubbish. The keyboard warrior strikes again with absolute rubbish. Did you sign off the bottom of your post with your monicker? Retard.

  475. Pervy Bob

    Bob Ladels mentor.

  476. Anon - reasons unknown

    Arguing with Bob is like arguing with the fat kid from the council flats whose mum is shagging drug deals for bottles of cider. Pointless.

    Also, it always makes me think of pantomime in the playground. My dad’s bigger than your dad, you said pants on fire, I said bagsy first, you swore so I’m telling sir, he’s behind you, oh no he’s not. Christ, Jeremy Packsman would vomit all over Storey. And Darwin would put him to sleep just incase he found a mate and started reproducing.

    Now, where are all the other Harlequin trolls when Erica and her vagina haven’t been mentioned for so long?

    Can anyone tell me, is Erica as fuck ugly as Honey Monster Mrs. Ames? Oh, that reminds me, Carol Ames would make a great Friar Tuck in the pantomime Bob? Or maybe Shrek – that’s nice and Christmassy – and you could be the donkey. Back-end of course – where the shit comes from.

  477. Dave's Disco

    A dedication to all investors ….
    394 million thanks

  478. Webscam

    I am back in the garden.

    I have been observing the round figures eating. Webcam view.

  479. Robert Storey

    @anon RU aka retard. Oh dear, on dear. Let’s have a little rant shall we. Toys out of the pram? Now you one eyed idiot, what you failed to understand is that CAM post reference to WK is the UPCOMING case in March/April. Lol. And who is Jeremy Packsman? Only a prat like you would bring up the Newman case. Should have been expected, living in the past. Haha

  480. Anonymous

    Make em big in Wigan

  481. Anon - reasons unknown

    How much money did you invest, Bob?

    I mean actually hand over to Uncle Dave? Now that IS funny to think about 🙂 I hope it was lots and lots.

    And of course, you must have handed over the cash to complete, mustn’t you?

    When was Daddy first begging for investors to complete, December 2012 wasn’t it? Did you get your certificate, and how much did you pay? Of course you have completed. And you would advise all others to give cash to Harlequin, wouldn’t you Bob? Come on, tell the SFO how much you’ve paid, and how much you are encouraging others to pay.

    No, of course, silly billy bob. You would never advise anyone to hand over cash to Harlequin if you knew the SFO were watching you, would you Benefit Bob?

  482. Robert Storey

    @Anon RU. Aka retard. I suggest you go and sit in a dark room. The above are the ranting of a mad man. You have no idea. Now go and have a drink, you seem to be upsetting yourself.

  483. Professor Moriarty

    Angela, wherefore art thou Angela?

  484. Professor Moriarty

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks

  485. Anonymous

    Storey, Ladell and Ingham are all completing on their properties.

    Ames will then rush back and kick the SFO door down waving the completions and the trust and claiming all is well.

    Ames claims he obtained a full apology from Newman. He “DID NOT”. Newman apologised if the Ames’s thought he had called them fraudsters. Newman pointed out that his defence “DID NOT” in fact imply that they were fraudsters, instead his defence suggested that the Harlequin operation was quite “PROBABLY” fraudulent. Newman did not resile from the belief held by him that the Harlequin operation was “PROBABLY” fraudulent.

    Ames of course is attempting to demonstrate that all was well with his companies. Ames of course did not need to enter into mediation. He could have proceeded with the action. Indeed had he done so and won the case proper, he would have succeeded in doing more to vindicate his position by this one act then all his previous actions and press releases.

    BUT Ames did NOT proceed with the case. He understood that in doing so the truth about the Harlequin Operation would be laid bare for all to see. Ames could NOT proceed with the case. He was unsure how far Newman could go financially.

    Its also odd despite the mediation being covered by an NDA, Ames has crowed about the apology.

    Now we have Bob Storey crowing about a case in March / April against Wilkins Kennedy. What case Bob?. How is Ames paying for this case? Wilkins Kennedy have very deep pockets.

    All of this flies in the face of what Fatchett has been telling us. We have been told that financiers “WILL” finance the construction costs for Harlequin once the threat of litigation has been removed. So one must assume if what Storey is saying is to be believed that the Financiers will await the outcome of the litigation between Ames and Wilkins Kennedy.

    For the benefit of doubt. If Ames started an action against Wilkins Kennedy today it would take up to 18 months to reach court.

    It would only be a fool that would think that Wilkins Kennedy would roll over and die for Ames. Wilkins Kennedy have much much deeper pockets then Newman ever had.

  486. Bob Storey

    Angela, “If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”.

  487. John Bull

    Brittania rules the waves
    Ames waves the rules …

  488. Truth hurts

    The due diligence will be a great read!

  489. Boris Kean

    Ames has been made an out of court settlement you idiot, from WK, It’s been declined, Ames want’s the money before the Trust.

    Bob Storey and Ingham have completed – no cash deal.

    The tax is paid from the other investors funds.

    £5million is the magic figure.

  490. Robert Storey

    @Anon 10.24 the post above proves you know nothing and are just guessing. Quite amusing really. Lol

  491. Black Balls

    Ames is a Freemason, what do you expect. Matt Ames was blackballed, at least they got something right.

  492. Bob's bill!!!!!!!!

    Bob’s £105k or was it £150k
    Hows that for a discount?

  493. Anonymous

    Why the sudden rush by Ames to complete on properties. Carol with Dan by her side have been making the daily trek to support Matt in the High Court in West London. Nicola has joined Dave in the Caribbean bring with her the bank cards that have not been frozen. Indeed she is there to ensure the cash, what little will be obtained from Storey and Co. makes its way to OZ.

    Storey and Co. are aiding and abetting Ames but never fear the SFO are fully aware of this attempted swerve by Ames.

    But what was the rush, what with Matt facing into the final days of his trial. Matt was unable to obtain free legal aid. His defence costs are in excess of £1.5 million. The authorities are closing in on Ames, hence his desperate bid to demonstrate that he is closing on contracts.

    But closing with Bob the burger flipper, his brother in law Ladell and Richard Ingham will hold no sway whatsoever with the SFO.

    The authorities do follow this thread.

  494. Kathrine

    Not a very good freezing order was it?

  495. Anonymous

    Bob no guessing mate. But your cards have been well and truly marked. We will hear little or nothing from you once Ames has been nicked.

    Out of court offer from Wilkins Kennedy declined by Ames. Lol. Then you have no idea how the law works. No such offer was made.

  496. Kathrine

    The investors that took action against Mr. Ames, brave silly move.

    If the lose it will bankrupt most of them. Easy to find out people financials.
    Risky risky.

    It will be a long and very expensive trail.

  497. Anonymous

    The above has as much fiction as a Harry Potter book.

  498. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, the due diligence will be a complete spanner in the works, no doubt about it.

    Would be amusing if Bob’s payments and completion were identifiable, so we could take the piss out of how much he paid daddy (hook, line and sinker!).

    Of course that won’t be identifiable. Goes without saying that a forensic examination of Harlequin’s money movement, transactions and transfers will be ongoing, sorry, will be needed in order to figure out who paid what and where it went.

    Won’t be long now, I’m pretty sure of that. Harlequin have stopped trading. And what with the funding of Buccament Bay and Ames’ travelling expenses, it won’t take long for the Caribbean money to run out.

    Well done Mr. Ames, you’re still managing to convince many of the idiots on RL that this is a successful business. Not sure how 130 units in the Caribbean pissing away £400m could be described as successful, but I suppose it depends on how the success is measured. You, Katherine Wooller and the Agents did very well out of it, so you lot certainly would consider it very successful!

  499. Anonymous

    “Out of court offer was declined by Ames” ” no such offer was made” make your mind up Anon. No offer was made but it was declined? We can all follow that logic. Not

  500. Robert storey

    @Anon RU aka retard. You really need to stop thinking about me. It’s becoming a fixation. Tell you what, let’s call a truce, send me an e mail with your contact details and I will send you a signed picture of me. You can look at it at night, cuddle up to it, jazzing on it (well I’ll leave that to you but I would prefer not to know) Now go and look at your favourite person, Packsman lol and give your wife a cuddle before you are taken away by the men in white coats.

  501. Anon

    Why, If Ames has done nothing wrong as seems to be suggested by some, did the SFO feel the need to update the public on the 10th of Jan 2014 and state that the investigation into Harlequin is continuing.

    And why if Ames is such a superb businessman is Fatchett telling us its the trust or bust?

    Katherine one question, given that Nicola Ames’s daughter is with Ames in the Caribbean, does this not suggest that the freezing order might be working too well.

    She is after all carrying the cash.

    You also seem to have called the outcome of the Carter Lemon Cameron case. So Ames is in default with respect to some 20 odd contracts (in this case alone), is now being sued for the recovery of their invested money and you seem to suggest that they may loose their case. This despite the fact that at least two judges from the Queens Bench division have upheld the freezing orders.

    You also seem to suggest that Ames is sticking his two fingers up at the freezing orders, that he may well be doing, but these are court orders and Ames will feel the full weight of the law if he as suggested by you is flouting the freezing orders.

  502. Anon - reasons unknown

    You’re funny Bob. Well, after a bottle of Chateauneuf Du Pape you are. Pleb.

  503. Anonymous

    Wilkins Kennedy have made no offer of settlement to Ames. Never have. What have they to settle?

    A whole heap of bullshit allegations by Ames made against them.

    So for Ames to state an offer was declined is absolute bullshit.

    Ames reported Newman and Wilkins Kennedy to the ICAEW (institute of chartered accountants England and Wales) so he claims. So what action has been taken ?

  504. Anonymous

    Katherine if the CLC case is going to be long and very expensive where is Mr. Ames getting the cash to pay for the trial.

    In addition to the case he is proceeding with against Wilkins Kennedy, as is being claimed here.

    Mr. Fatchett told us that Ames has no money. And we also know his assets are frozen.

    So in addition to the above, how is Ames funding the cases in St. Vincent taken by investors and ex employees?

  505. Anonymous

    What is most fascinating about this particular blog, pro Harlequin supporters do nothing to attempt to legitimise the Harlequin business model or the actions of the Ames family.

    Instead they are fuelling the anti Harlequin brigade and in doing so are eliciting some very pertinent and probing responses.

    The pro Harlequin supporters in the main on this site are indeed turning many against both Harlequin and the Ames family.

    It might be time that Ames reconsiders this particular approach in dealing with the almost constant negativity being directed towards him, his family and his companies.

    I for one would encourage those pro Harlequin supporters to maintain their current methodology in attempting to legitimise the Harlequin operations. This is helping us all to get a good and real understanding of how the business model does not work.

  506. It will go on for year and years.

    January 17, 2014 at 11:16 pm

    I would have to direct that question to CLC, they should know all about DA’s financials?

    Maybe, it was just a bad idea, unless of course you are CLC – do you get a refund if they lose – not a chance.

    You could end up bankrupt.

    Do you think Ames will let you off, not a chance; especially with Erica’s involvement.

    If you win, how long before settlement?

    If an offer is made how can he pay with no money?

    You were sold a pup, made a very bad mistake.

  507. Anonymous

    Yes, we all have Erica to thank for that, silly fat bitch.

  508. Anonymous

    anon 11:37 – Good Lord – I could not agree more !!!

  509. Love is the drug

    She is obsessed by the Irish builder, need I say more.

  510. Truth hurts

    We win either way. Ha ha ha

  511. CPC Holding ( your cash)

    Keeps me in fags an booze

  512. Truth hurts

    I reckon that we have played a blinder. We have infiltrated every part of this.

    We cannot lose now.

    So what if investors lose out ? We won’t.

  513. CPC Holding ( your cash)

    Yep another great scam, better than the last.

  514. CPC Holding ( your cash)

    Must go, me kebab is needin fillin 😉

  515. Truth hurts

    No this is better,

    This is because no one has a choice

  516. Anon - reasons unknown

    Hilarious. The pro-Harlequins first try to frighten litigants with bankruptcy in case they lose, then make more of a point that they’re unlikely to get paid if they win.

    You trough guzzling scum. Back to your Red-tops, essex reality TV mags and daytime TV. Your efforts are fruitless. Well, no, of course they are brilliantly effective at highlighting the true essence of Ames and Harlequin – Chavtastic, common, thieving scum.

    There are many good people I’m looking forward to sharing a glass of champagne with once you lot are all sentenced.

    In fact, why don’t the few good men arrange to meet on the day of Matt’s sentencing? I remember that illiterate, foul mouthed wide boy abusing investors on the Singing Pig threads back in 2007-8. Will be nice to see him sent down, even if indirectly.

  517. Anonymous

    The pro Harlequin brigade are once again demonstrating their absolute ignorance with respect to the CLC case. (but that is to be expected).

    In simple terms. CLC have successfully obtained a freezing order over the assets of Carol and Dave Ames in the amount being claimed in the action. The freezing order is for the net amount being claimed and takes into consideration any mortgages or first charges by other unconnected third parties.

    In other words should the claimants be successful in their action, ( The Claimants being the clients of CLC), they will automatically be the beneficiaries of the assets which are currently frozen. Those being for example the Ames family home, or Harlequin’s offices, or monies held in the bank accounts of either Dave or Carol.

    Hence the reason for the freezing order. So I do not think that the claimants need to worry too much on whether Ames pays or not should they be successful in their action. They already have control of both Carol and Dave’s personal assets.

    The only way out of it for Ames is to win the case against him and his wife.

    However to win the case a case will have to be heard first, and just as in the defamation case, all the Ames’s personal very dirty laundry along with that of Harlequin will be hung out for all to see.

    It will me most interesting to see if Ames try’s to do a deal. It would be rather ironic that his deal would be rejected by the clients of CLC given the absurd claims earlier that Ames refused an offer from Wilkins Kennedy.

  518. Anonymous

    Again the pro Harlequin group seem to want to open up debate on Ames.

    @ It will go on for year and years……

    It actually won’t.

    And if you honestly believe that Ames or his wife have respected the order of the courts in respect of the declaration of their assets then a trip down to the Queens Bench division on their next appearance will reveal all.

    That’s if you have no problem sitting along side the representatives from the SFO, Essex Police and HMRC who have season tickets for this particular gig.

    CLC are the least of Ames’s worries. The SFO investigation is steaming ahead and Ames handing title over to a burger flipping benefit cheat (Robert Storey), A close confident of Fatchett ( Richard Ingham), Or Ames’s brother in law, Independent Operator of PHIG (Bob Ladel), will do nothing but cause him and those particular gentlemen far more grief then they were expecting.

    Wonder if Fatchett will still count their pink slips even though they now have (very dodgy), title to their properties.

    Can’t wait for benefit cheating Bob to go running to the SFO with his title deeds.

  519. Robert storey

    @Anon 1.45 you need to go to bed earlier. It will stop you dreaming up rubbish. Do you want a signed photo also? You can lay in bed at night looking at me with dreamy eyes. Sighing softly to yourself. Obsession is an illness you know.

  520. Anonymous

    Bob, you yourself have been the one talking about your “completion” over on the RL site. So with the greatest of respect shut up.

    Ames and Harlequin are finished. Live with it. If you want to continue flying the Harlequin bullshit feel good flag, crack on.

    You and some others have assisted in dealing even the trust a mortal blow.

    Emulating Dave Ames apparent ability to walk on water will only cause you to drown.

    The dream is well and truly over.

  521. 33rd Scottish Rite

    You silly woman. The SFO tell nobody what they are doing.

  522. 33rd Scottish Rite

    Well almost nobody 😉

  523. St George's Dragon

    Someone suggested that the Trust would not allow completions on units. I would scroll back up to find the post but I can’t face going through the mindless trolls’ rubbish.
    Will it have the power stop them? I thought it just held the common parts in trust, so (footpaths, bin-stores, mosquito breeding ponds etc).

  524. Charles Augustus Magnussen


    If it was set up in time the Trustees would be able to make sure things happened correctly.

    However, if the Trust does not start Ames can and will carry one filling his own pockets.

    Despite the freezing order. A deeply disturbing senario has been posted on the RL site. I will copy it for you.

  525. Charles Augustus Magnussen


    I will give you my thoughts.

    Lot’s of ‘what if’s’ but as James said it is Ames.

    He currently does whatever he want’s with the income from BB – agreed? So what if…..

    He has ghost staff, i.e. one’s that don’t exist but have a off shore accounts?
    Invoices paid to a company called ‘Dodgy Dave Ltd’, DD ltd is based off shore lets say – Cayman Islands.
    DD Ltd is owned by a company in a completely different jurisdiction to’ Dodgy Dave Ltd’ it’s called ‘Dishonest Dave Ltd’ – based in say Panama?
    ‘Dishonest Dave Ltd’ owned by ‘Dirty Dave ltd’, in another jurisdiction – based say Berlize.
    All these companies are run by ‘nominee directors’ in countries where you don’t need accounts.

    To mix it up a little the company bank accounts, are in different countries to the Companies.

    Imagine trying to follow that in countries who pride themselves on privacy laws and are basically corrupt.

    The above set up is also legal (ish) and you could have numbered cash / charge cards.

  526. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    That, to me sounds like a very secure tax efficient plan. One wonders if that structure would benefit agents who maybe didn’t want to pay tax in the UK ?

  527. Robert storey

    @anon 12.15 if you are going to read posts on RL and then comment on them on BFP as ” anonymous” try to have the intelligence to quote the original post correctly. I did not comment on my ” completion” my question was a general one. You really are a bit thick if you cannot follow a post from one blog to another!

  528. worried investor

    Like that Mandefield woman tick tock

  529. Dumb and Dumber


    Most investors would rather argue about £200 than protect their investments. Fools.

  530. The Irish Rover

    Anything Irish gets Erica moist

  531. The smell down below.

    And I thought she just had halitosis.

  532. Murralla

    The reality is that the trust will bring an end to this nonsense. Once the due diligence shows the holes people will panic. Once the mortgages are in, Ames will need trustee permission for most things.

    April 2014. After that he is exposed. Up until then BFP will be one of the two forums which endlessly speculates.

    Paddy is hoping that a liquidation occurs so he can keep most of his stolen money.

    Dave is hoping that the trust will make him look respectable.

    RL are hoping everyone will join the trust to boost their fees.

    Matt is hoping the jury buy his “not me, I was ripped off” defence.

    CPC are hoping that Dave blinks.

    Lots of hope and what ifs.

  533. James Shaw

    Well seems to me there is a race on!!!!!

    Getting completions squared up before the Trust is set up – funny that!!

    Could it be so the dodgy deals for the chosen few and the OTT discounts can be hidden whilst Ames is still at the helm??

    Could it be that Ames just want’s to pay off some ‘priority suppliers’ make a donation to SVG relief fund.

  534. For the good of Freemasonry.

    The Trust or Bust

  535. Disturbing display case.

    I bet Ames will give a big donation to Masonic charities – I.e the bloody members that’s helped him.

    Rob Shaw
    Simon Terry

  536. Katherine

    If I were Dave Ames, and I had a horrible freezing order placed on my personal assets, I would wait and wait until the clients all fell out, or run out of money. Both of these are a distinct possibility.

    I would then sue them until they had nothing left.

    Did you know this could happen?

  537. Anonymous

    @ Katherine, instilling fear amongst the claimants by suggesting that Ames was willing to drag out the case is exactly what you are doing…….. alas the timetable for the case is not being dictated by Ames but by a Judge of the UK High Court Queens Bench Division. Ames is the defendant in this case.

    Attacking some of the claimants in the case, in this particular instance the almost incessant attacks on Mrs. Broughton is tantamount to witness intimidation.

    But of course hiding behind an anonymous user name one feels one is allowed do what they like.

    Cyber bullying is the term used and when the alleged cyber bullying culprits are confronted whether they be anonymous or otherwise deny any and all involvement, examples on this forum being Storey & Ingham. Storey by claiming that anyone can post using his name. Storey also claims that it is he who is the victim of cyber bullying and indeed at times that may have been the case, but his defence seems to be to engage in much the same tactics that he claims he is a victim of.

    You of course are most probably connected to Harlequin but that is immaterial. You really bring nothing of value to the discussions, merely acting out a weird fantasy anonymously. Akin to the football hooligans of the eighties and nineties.

    You seem to forget that the claimants in the CLC case paid over money to Mr. Ames and his wife Carol in exchange for the delivery of investment properties. Mr. Ames has failed to deliver the said properties in a timely fashion or indeed in accordance with the contracts he has drafted.

    The claimants have lost confidence in the ability of Mr. Ames to deliver on his contractual obligations and now as a result are seeking repayment of the monies paid by them and as is their contractual right.

    Yet the Pro Harlequin camp on this and other forums seek to demonize those who are only seeking what is theirs by right as per their contracts.

    The arguments if any being put forward by the pro Harlequin camp are doing nothing more then ensuring the spotlight remains firmly on Harlequin and the Ames family.

  538. Anonymous

    It’s 2014 and Bob Storey still thinks it’s acceptable to use the term “retard”!

  539. Anonymous

    @Katherine….Who broke contracts by not building what investors put money into?Your suggestion that Ames could sue the “clients” is ridiculous and infantile.

  540. A request for Dave ...

    How much time has Dave got left ?

  541. Dave's mobile disco

    One for investors in Merrick , Dom Rep ….

  542. Dave's mobile disco

    One for all investors except those with a special deal….

  543. Katherine

    January 18, 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Alas my genius is wasted on you. Could it be, I want the attention of the authorities and just don’t like that nutter? Maybe I’m a investor but playing double bluff.

    Things are not always what they seem…..

  544. Anonymous

    @SGD The terms of the trust have yet to be set out, so at this stage we are all totally in the dark as to what the trust entails.

    However not withstanding the above, Ames has stated on a number of occasions that the assets of the trust are the common parts of the 19.5 acres which are registered. If that is the case the units which will not form part of the trust will as such not be controlled by anyone other then the Ames family prior to completion. And even more concerning, once completions have taken place, the funds generated by the completions will remain under the total control of the Ames family to do as they wish with.

    Once investors sign up to the trust, they will only have control of those assets placed in the trust. They will have no control or input whatsoever on any asset that is not included in the trust.

    However even more worryingly for those who will administer the trust, the trustees, which will be made up of investors of the trust, these trustees will be jointly and severally liable for any debts that Ames or Harlequin owe or could owe with respect to the assets under UK law in the event that Ames or Harlequin do not for whatever reason discharge these debts. This will include a portion of taxes owed by Harlequin to the Government in SVG. Irrigation water charges, Insurance, Common part electricity costs, salaries and wages of staff employed in restaurants and other common part facilities. Up keep and maintenance costs etc.

    Given that the trust is being established under UK law, the trustees will in effect be underwriting all of these costs.

    Furthermore the only asset that can be realistically offered to any proposed financier as security will be those same common parts.

    There will come a point in time if both Fatchett and Ames are to be believed when the assets of the trust will have to be given over to proposed financiers who will have a Legal First Charge over those assets leaving trustees with a potential liability but no other tangible asset.

  545. Katherine

    “Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend, and borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry”

  546. Robert storey

    @Anon 2.08 ” but of course hiding behind an anonymous user name one feels one is allowed to do what one like” posted by Anonymous. Oh the irony of that post.
    @anon 2.11 are you the same Anon as 2.08 who knows. Anyway you absolute ignorant muppet. Suggest you read back through Anon RU posts if last night who signed off his post as ” retard” . You just cannot make some of these posters up. Lol.

  547. Moriarty

    January 18, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    “I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!”

  548. Trust Me

    Trustee liable – shock horror !

    What if the trust uses a wholly owned nominee company ? No liability then.

    One step ahead.

  549. Masonic revenge

    @Trust Me.

    So Mote it be

  550. Boris

    Watch and worry.

  551. AMG C63 with performance pack

    Does anyone know if Dave Ames is a Mason?

  552. Anonymous

    Establishing a wholly owned nominee company in SVG has already been looked into by Gareth. Unfortunately Mr. Ralph Gonsalves was looking to charge stamp duty on the value of any assets held by a wholly owned nominee company.

    So three steps back.

  553. Masonic intervention?

    That was before he knew of UGLE involvement. No stamp duty.
    Four steps forward.

  554. Trust Me

    Mortgages held in favour of a Nominee Co – no tax charge.

    Therefore, the little silly scare story to put trustees off is technically wrong.

    Also, the small matter of very senior masons being involved.

  555. The View from Mount Pleasant

    So Trust fans, any of you invested via Stadia? (originally set up with Harlequin as its only product) How’s the Trust set up by RL for Stadia investors in the Armadillo Energy disaster going then? Getting a return are you? If RL can show that their solution has in fact benefited investors then this proposal would gain in credibility, if not, well…

  556. Anonymous

    Bob Storey – I can hardly wait for your comeuppance.
    ps – I am not anon. I am Herr Schadenfreude

  557. Masonic Wife.

    Yes David Ames is a Freemason 100%

    My husband is in the same Essex lodge (plus some others), it’s often referred to as ‘Harlequins Lodge’, because David has introduced so many new candidates.

    Almost, without exception all male Harlequin employees are Freemasons, it goes with the job.

    The job is well paid, so they do it.

    I have met most of the women at ‘ladies nights’ unfortunately one could hardly call most of them ‘ladies’ Some are too young and a little, well trashy.

    David Ames was trying, not too long ago, to have his own Lodge. I understand he is very very senior, but I never taken to him on a personel level.

    This investment has caused friction between my husband and me as he feels ‘conflicted’

    It’s a long way round of saying yes 100%

  558. Robert storey

    Is that the doctor or the artist? Yawn

  559. Get your facts right

    @The View from Mount Pleasant

    Get your facts right. RL did not set up the Stadia / Fortis Trust for Armadillo.

    The move came after the FBI / Ontario Securities Commission steamed in. The Financial Conduct Authority insisted on it.

    RL act for one of the investor groups.

  560. Anon

    Back on planet earth. The words due diligence and Harlequin in the same sentence is right up there with Peter Pan, the fairies and the Masonic crap. Any sane person with half a brain doing dd on Harlequin wouldn’t go near it. Oh yeah what’s the deal with the insurance. Since when has business insurance been a state secret, all that is required is a posted copy of basic details. As a business owner I routinely have to provide insurance details to contractors and customers.

  561. Pervy Bob Ladlel

    Want to be in my pedo gang…..

  562. Pervy Bob Ladlel

    Forgot the link

  563. Anonymous

    @ Trust me 3.25pm. If any new company or entity is established to hold the assets of the trust, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and The Greandines has stated to Mr. Garreth Fatchett of RL that he will tax such an entity. Hence the assets will have to remain as they are. Owned by Harlequin Property SVG Ltd in trust (common parts only) to the members of the trust.

    Your reference to tax law refers to UK trust and tax law. Not the law in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and most certainly NOT the law of the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves PM of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

    So trustees need to be warned. They will be liable under UK law. In other words because the trust is being established under UK law, any creditor could take a case in the UK.

  564. Anonymous

    Seems that some are having hissy-fits over on rl. If they want to know
    if BB was insured certainly someone at Ridgeview/Ice/PID/Kraus-Manning
    would know. My guess is that premiums would have been prohibitive.

  565. WhatstheFuss

    I can categorically tell you that presently I am not completing on a property at BB and Ames being in SVG has nothing to do with obtaining a property completion for me – I think that’s clear? I don’t know where people are dreaming this lot up!

  566. Anonymous

    I see now the Harlequin trolls are attempting to disrupt other wholly unconnected blogs on BFP. Is this a cynical attempt to have any references to Harlequin removed.

    Aside from all the Masonic Bullshit, generated by posters who in all probability have never heard of Masons before seeing references to same on this blog and good old Bob Storey or storey chasing shadows through various unconnected posts on BFP, further demonstrating to the vast majority of us that Harlequin and the Ames family are so toxic that no one in financial or business circles will touch them with a ten foot pole.

    Its time to refocus. Ames took in excess of £400 million.

    Bought 60 acres of mango and beaches in the Dom Rep. Purchased a flood plain valley in St. Lucia some 600 acres, 400 of which are located on the very steep valley walls. Purchased land on the Atlantic Coast of Barbados for a “Beach Resort”.
    A beach which is prone to rip tides and high seas. Much like the floodplain beach at the Marquis Estate in St. Lucia.

    An interesting point on the CGI’s generated by Harlequin for the Marquis Estate. Many show a magnificent Sunset. Odd given that the Marquis Estate faces North East and is nearly as far as can be from the International Airport as any point in St. Lucia can be.

    The International Airport were Ames claimed in 2011 he had purchased in excess of 250,000 sq ft of land where Ames claimed he had started building the “State of the Art HQ” for Harlequin Air.

    Sold units in Jamaica on land he did not own.

    Sold units in Brazil on land he did not own.

    Sold units in Grenada on land he did not own.

    Sold units in Panama on land neither her nor anyone else owned.

    Sold units in Australia on land his in laws owned, yet never developed.

    Purchased a Vineyard in Wandering Australia, 1000 mts from where his daughter Nicola lives.

    Sold close to 2000 units on less then 30 acres of a flood plain in St. Vincent.

    Claimed to have purchased an Island.

    Claimed his son Dan played for the England Youth team before he was injured and had his professional career cut short.

    Claimed to have sold his “Successful Furniture Business to Courtholds in the 90’s yet going personally bankrupt twice in that period.

    Purchased the village Inn in St. Lucia. Spent 6 weeks repainting it and reopened as Hotel Blu. 2011. (Purchasers yet to see a return despite Ames’s claims that hotel operating profitably since inception.)

    And completed a total of 120 units in Buccament Bay SVG.

    Brief Chronology

    2006 Ousts three fellow directors with help of Sam E Commissiong ( SVG Lawyer)

    2008 Matt Ames sacked by Ames.

    2008 blamed his first builders for his woes (Ridgeview).

    2008 blamed his VP of Hotels and Resorts for his woes. Sacks him for fraud. ( Alan Bell)

    2009 sacks Oasis.

    2009 sacks his UK legal team ( DLA Piper.) Sues them for over charging.

    2009 Appoint Compliance Manager (Hazel Barr)

    2009 Compliance Manager resigns (Hazel Barr)

    2009 Dave Man director Harlequin Property SVG Ltd resigns over concerns Ames is operating a huge pyramid scheme.

    2010 blamed his second builders for his woes, sues them. (ICE Group).

    2010 His Accountants resign. (Wilkins Kennedy).

    2010 Appoints new CFO (Michael Slade).

    2010 Slade Resigns

    2011 sacks his 3rd set of builders. (Krauss Manning)

    2011-2012 attacks BDO HMSSE Auditors for unfairly qualifying and dis-claiming accounts.

    2012 Refuses to co operate with BDO.

    2012 BDO Resign.

    2012 sacks Procure It Direct amid theft accusations.

    2012-2013 Katherine Woller, Terry Potter, etc all resign.

    2012 DLA Piper resign

    2012 Carter Ruck Resign

    2013 appoints Shipleys LLP as Administrators to HMSSE.

    2013 Shipleys LLP state Ames family wholly uncooperative.

    2013 Charles Russell LLP threaten legal action against Ames for the recovery of their clients (Shipleys LLP) money.

    2013 SFO announce investigation.

    2013 Essex Police begin investigation into Ames and Harlequin

    2013 FCA issue warnings on Harlequin Investment.

    2014 SFO update on continuing investigation.

  567. Anonymous

    Anon 7:29
    Fill in a few blanks and that would be worthy of an MBA
    at Harvard Business School…

  568. Robert storey

    @anon 7.29 are you really that thick to think I am posting on other topics on BFP. Why post such a long convoluted above when you are not capable of recognising when someone is posting under my name? Thick/stupid/ guilable doesn’t even cover it.

  569. Anonymous

    @BS – 50% of your post are disconnected.
    ps – I am not anon 7:29

  570. Anonymous

    Richard Ingham aka what’s the fuss. For months you and others were most vociferous in your defence of Harlequin, even at times being abusive towards posters with opposing views.

    Your claims will do nothing to allay the fears and mounting rumours surrounding Harlequin.

    Anyone who has the misfortune of having anything to do with the Ames family ends up being dragged into this sordid disgusting mess.

    You have been tainted by your association not only with Ames but that other clown and now defacto puppet and mouth piece for Ames, Fatchett.

    Your best off saying nothing more.

  571. Anonymous

    Robert storey, someone called Robert Storey has posted on some unrelated articles. Someone called Robert storey then claims that Robert Storey is posing as Robert storey on those same threads.

    You are a funny fish Robert storey. Weird, Sad possibly lonely and possibly the worst ambassador the UK or potential UK developers could ever find.

    You are a true embarrassment to most decent UK folk. But then again you are no different from those in Harlequin or the Ames family.

  572. WhatstheFuss

    The whole reason I stopped posting on here was due to the inaccuracies that litter the site. Despite other assertions I have no different relationship with Ames or Fatchett – I just made the decision to support HP rather than try to engineer the demise. As for being abusive – I take it that you refer to my attacks on Erica B – yes I attacked her but who wouldn’t when chat room arguments resulted in the sick lady parking outside my home taking photographs? This turned into a police matter at the request of Erica who ultimately was considered a crackpot by Greater Manchester Police!
    I chose to clarify to everybody that I am not presently completing on a property at BB.
    I have no understanding of why you think I have any influence over Dave Ames or Gareth Fatchett.
    This blog is nothing but entertainment value without any facts whatsoever

  573. Robert storey

    @Anon 8.10 you obviously illiterate. Someone called BOB STOREY has posted on different unrelated threads which that other illiterate Anon RU implied was me. See you are not even capable of understanding the difference between Robert and Bob. So I will not be taking advise from an Anonymous keyboard warrior who hides behind an anonymous ID and posts with anonymous content. Perhaps you would like a signed photo like Anon RU so you can indulge in your fanaticise. Let me know and I’ll drop one under Poppies windscreen wiper.

  574. Anon

    Richard you are telling a few porky pies. Goodman. Keep up the good work.

    Its your business whether you close on your property or not.

    But you are a liar. But heh thats your problem.

  575. Anonymous

    Robert, Bob or whatever it is.

    Firstly the post was at 08.08pm not 08.10pm.

    Just a few other minor corrections while you appear to be on the subject of literacy

    you ????? ( you’re) obviously illiterate.

    So I will not be taking advise ???? (advice). (advise is a verb)

    so you can indulge in your fanaticise ???? ( think you mean “fantasy” here but cannot be totally sure)

    Any time Bob.

  576. WhatstheFuss

    Anon – I am best placed to know my business – yes I intend on completing on the property at BB but that is not imminent and Dave Ames being in SVG to facilitate obtaining my title is just plain wrong.

  577. Anonymous

    Anon 8:42 You posted anonymously therefore you have
    absolutely no right to correct an idiot. It will go on and on
    ad infinitum. (Between you and me, we both know that he is

  578. Robert storey

    @anon 8.42, well I guess you are therefor admitting you are wrong and an idiot by not understanding the difference between Robert and Bob. If you are soooo clever how come you cannot think of an ID of your own. Why not call yourself “the spelling police” de DA de DA. Mind how you go now.

  579. Anonymous

    Richard we are all delighted for you and wish you best of luck with your property, until such time as the proceeds of crime act kicks in.

  580. Anonymous

    Clawback, baby, clawback………..schadenfreude.

  581. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – I think you need to stop making up stories to unnecessarily worry people – I don’t think it’s misinformation you have, you purely make it up – what has the Proceeds of Crime Act got to do with me? I have committed no crime – if you have any facts of wrong doing by me, be specific and tell me what they are so everybody knows.
    I have no influence with Dave Ames.

  582. Robert storey

    @wtf, leave it. It is the Anonymous wind up crew. They know nothing. Not even capable of thinking up an original ID.

  583. Anonymous

    The proceeds of crime act is the one the Ames family may very well face in the not too distant future. And the effect that will have on the property you believe is yours.

  584. Anonymous

    I only come on here every month or so but every time I do Whatsthefuss is present telling everyone how he has stopped posting on BFP and will never do so so again and slagging off Erica for calling him PI.

  585. Anonymous

    Richard its one thing to be ignorant, its a totally different story playing ignorant.

    You have been involved in this mess long enough to know all is not as is stated.

    But alas in a situation like this it will be every man or woman for his or her self. It is your money at risk as much as the other 9000 or so contract holders. The duplicate selling and co-mingling of funds will be the issues that should cause purchasers the most concern when charges are laid against the Ames family and others within the Harlequin companies.

  586. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – what I have stated tonight about my situation is fact. As for saying I won’t post on BFP, I never stated that I wouldn’t post, I just rarely do (others like to post on my behalf it appears) because it’s just a joke site now

  587. Anonymous

    Richard Ingham certainly does not come to this forum with clean hands. But these are issues which will be dealt with in the fullness of time, but will also be eclipsed by the events which will begin to unfold shortly.

    You will never obtain a coherent or intelligent argument from those who support Harlequin as to why the business model will succeed.

    Much of this has to do with the amount of money most if not all the individuals stand to loose.

    Most have buried their head in the sand and seek to divert attention away from the main protagonists in this sorry sad debacle.

    If people do not openly question Ames’s ethics and business model then some hope the Police and SFO will drop their investigation.

  588. Anonymous

    Richard if this is a joke site as you have stated how come you keep returning.

    You assisted Garreth Fatchett and Paul Walton with the execution of a report on the condition of Buccament Bay. You will however deny this. But you did.

    Where is the report?

  589. Robert storey

    Looks like Paddy is back. Come one paddy at least post in your own name. Be a hero, go on you know you want to.

  590. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    A point to consider…the trust goes ahead and the investors own f all of value to sell.offer as security for finance (to pay for what they have already paid for) but consider this surely the trust will need public libility insirance…what if someone slips andmakes a claim for the slippy path etc….would th trust members become personally liable…or if they have insurance …where would the fundscome from to pay for it….paths and ponds aint gonna generate much income

    Ames is scamming everybody over and over again and just reels peeps in Fatchit has been well and truely sucked in and is now in so deep he is gonna drown…bless the fool

    As a mason, I m disgusted that the masonic grandees have not dumped the bad potato and wrung him out to dry….yes we look after our brothers in distress, I did not join to help corrupt brothers scam innocent vunerable people

    They all need throwing in jail and I think this even includes Fatchett for his complicity…oh and Bob the areshole storeyteller should be inc in the list

    Finally why why WHY is nothing other than BBmentioned….what about the other resorts and deposits paid ….come on peeps that an even bigger fraud…why that never mentioned

    Ames is laughing at you all over and over agin

    goodnight suckers

  591. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – I come to the site for a bit of light relief and a laugh.
    As for a report on BB, that would prove very difficult as I have never even set foot on the island of SVG.
    I could however do a report through the construction consultancy that I own, if the investors see fit for one to be prepared.
    This again is an example of nonsense that has been posted on here about my involvement in issues.

  592. Anonymous

    Wtf – you always say you’ve stopped posting on BFP, even tonight, 8.10 “the whole reason I stopped posting on here…” You make more comebacks than Lazarus.

  593. Robert storey

    Proceeds of crime act, um, wonder if Paddy knows about that?

  594. WhatstheFuss

    I did stop posting on here – have a look how little over the months I have been here.
    All a bit irrelevant anyway, anymore fanciful accusations before you call it a night?

  595. Anonymous

    Richard you are about as credible as Ames. Loose lips tend to sink ships. Remember Ghent and others.

    All the talk of flooding etc. All the rumours over the years about quality of work. Your high profile within this whole sorry saga and you state you have never been to St. Vincent. Ok.

    Have you ever met Mr. Ghent ?
    Mr. Campion ?
    Mr. Walton ?
    Mr. Fatchett ?
    Mr. Ronan ?
    Mrs. Broughton ?

    As you are aware you have made some very grandiose claims about your company some of which you have bent the truth ever so slightly. But have you not explored in the past using your company to continue with the construction of Buccament Bay and the other resorts. Did you not also have this discussion with Mr. Ames.?

    It was in Dubai that you first met Mr. Ames. And you discussed some business opportunities with him.

    A little bit of background might just give you some semblance of credibility. On the other hand given that you feel this is just a joke of a site why bother.

    If its a joke site why did you indeed come on here vehemently denying that you are closing on your property.

    Ames has stated he is commencing the process.

  596. Anon

    Bob proceeds of crime act only relates to criminal acts. Which is exactly what Ames is being investigated for.

    Anyhow Ames took all Paddys assets and stole / sorry sold them. And oh yeah kept the money.

  597. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – not that it’s anybody’s business but saying that it’s not a secret here.
    I do not consider myself high profile in the HP “saga”, why do you consider other wise?

    I reiterate I have never been to SVG that’s a fact.

    As for who I have met;
    Ghent – yes at Basildon office when he worked for HP – nowhere else.
    Campion – Never met him.
    Walton – yes at 2 investor meetings, nowhere else.
    Fatchett – yes at an investor meeting, nowhere else.
    Ronan – never met him
    Broughton – never met any of them.

    As for my business, I have never made any claims about it, but it’s doing ok and earns me a living.

    I have never explored using my business to continue the construction of BB. My business is a professional consultancy providing quantity surveyors, project managers, planners etc. My business is not a contracting business so would not undertake construction. Dave Ames has never asked for my assistance or discussing any services I provide for BB.

    The only mud that was slung at my business was by Broughton when she convinced her sick mind that the business never existed. something that was quickly retracted once proven incorrect.

    I did meet Dave Ames in Dubai initially – he sold me a property when he was an agent for IFA. We have done no other business or discussed undertaking any.

    I think I have answered you clearly, none of the above is of any significance to you or the success/ failure of Harlequin.

    So what exactly is your issue with me? What exactly is it that you think I have done or been involved in??

    Just stop causing trouble when there’s none to be had!

  598. Anonymous

    wtf – You just came across as a “stand-up guy”. Whey then all the
    vitriol? Do you in your inner most logic think that you will retrieve
    anything from Harlequin? (I am a totally different Anon)

  599. Anonymous

    Should have read : why then

  600. Anon

    Sorry whats the fuss but could you kindly tell us who IFA was.

  601. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – I don’t expect to receive anything more or less than any other investor from Harlequin – time will tell after the trust is formed and due diligence has been undertaken what any of us will get.

  602. WhatstheFuss

    When I refer to DA being an agent for IFA I am referring to http://www.ifahotelresorts.com

  603. Anon

    Wtf the link does not work

  604. WhatstheFuss

    And whilst I’m posting I can confirm that I am definitely not a mason!

  605. Anonymous

    Thanks for the answers.

    It appears that some within the Harlequin RL camp have a different version of events to those you have stated.

    But again it will be down to a case of she said he said.

    Its odd that you state that this site is a joke and that the contents are untrue given your claims of little or no involvement with Ames, Harlequin or RL

  606. Anon

    You stated Ames acted as an agent for this company. ? And sold you a Dubai property?

  607. Anonymous

    Thank you very much for the information Mr. Ingham.

  608. WhatstheFuss

    Anonymous – What are thefactscthat are at odds to those I have – I’m 100% clear they are correct

  609. Anonymous

    Richard you are standing by your facts, thats your call. This is just a blog site. Just like the RL site.

    Others stand by their facts. Its just like it seems the wheels are fast falling off this wagon. Might have something to do with the very recent moves by the police and sfo.

    Who knows. Someone is lying. Why I just dont know. You seem plausible enough but so do they. I will just put it down to the fog of bull shit created by Ames. For now anyway.

  610. WhatstheFuss

    Anon – yes that’s correct

  611. Anon

    In the fairmont hotel?

  612. Beggars Belief

    @anonymous Jan 18, 7.29pm

    A timely reminder of the excruciatingly slow car crash with your timeline of events.

    Even if we were to be generous and say that no pre-meditated wrong doing has been perpetrated, the list of calamities speaks for itself.

    The single most important function of a developer is to manage and mitigate the risks of a project on behalf of the investors. Every project of this kind has legal, financial, construction, employment, insurance, global trend risks and these all have to be actively managed by the developer. Not even Bob S could construct a fantasy in which this could be shown to have happened.

    Quite the reverse in fact, the whole operation has been a “toxic risk come true” magnet. Playing the poor victim of circumstance card has been played fifty times too often by this developer. The developer has to make the circumstances that close down risks and this has patently not happened.

    Simply not having a contract with ICE is a staggeringly shocking example of how investor interests were left shamefully exposed. Couple this with no accounts or financial transparency and there is simply no response. Only the most naive and inexperienced investors could have been the target of this operation.

    To be even taking about whether the Trust is a good idea is like deciding which band-aid to use on a man who has been hung drawn and quartered.

  613. BBaywatch

    If the creation of a Trust solves issues like this are there examples of successful ones which can be quoted? Or are they, as I suspect, just another product from the feral Financial Services industry and its hangers on/spin offs?

  614. Boris

    @WTF next you will claim Ames is NOT a top ranking Mason!!

  615. all experts

    What alternative is there one great clever one?

  616. WhatstheFuss

    Boris how would I know if Dave Ames is a mason or not – never been interested in discussing it!

  617. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    Ames is scamming constantly…he will keep the proceeds from bookings at BB all contractors who helped to clean it up after the flooding will not be paid…this twat could not run an honest business and produce accounts to save his life (not that it is worth saving)
    The trustis going to acheive only a repreive for ames aided by RL…RL will sue the IFA for redress and likely win, in the meantime Ames is at present at large and free to scam all you vunerable again and again

  618. The Plan

    Worry not, this is the plan.

    RL will start the due diligence process. Asking all the questions you would expect. Ames will refuse to answer most of them. RL will report to clients that he is being evasive and then offer “other options”. The “other options” will result in Harlequin falling over.

    RL will then pick up more redress claims. Their office told me they have over 2000 already. With the money from the trust fees, the redress project will be funded.

    RL are not bothered about Ames one bit. They are more bothered about the data to get to clients. Most clients are bright enough to work out they have been scammed. Most have fallen out with their agent / IFA. Most are unhappy. Ideal breeding ground for a “no win / no fee” law firm.

    The Irish builder will get what he wants if this plays out. The CPC people will sell the frozen assets. Ames will get lifted. Erica will be happy. Agents will lose their homes / businesses etc. Investors will be happy.

    All very much hidden in plain sight. The masonic thing is silly, but it would not surprise me. Nothing does anymore.

  619. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    How much more will you have to pay? If you lose, oh dear!!! Ames will bankrupt you all.

  620. The Tracing Board

    @The Plan.

    Silly Masonic stuff eh? Would you rather them be with you or against you?

  621. The Plan

    CPC will not lose. By the time they get to trial, Harlequin will have gone down.

    Judges who award freezing orders and then renew them will inevitably award on the facts.

    Do you seriously think Terry, Rees QC and the others will hang round when Harlequin crashes ?

    It will be Dave /Carol in person. They are not equipped to do this. Dave bumbled his way through the investor meetings. He made Fatchett look world class !

    The completion monies will go to Dave. He will spend them quickly to stave off the inevitable. Then what ? He cannot go on and on . He only has 100 or so to complete on !

  622. Anonymous


    I seen you doing some funny handshakes in Warrington with Fatchett and Walton – you are a Mason.

  623. more questions....never any answers...Ames is laughing at you all

    I see the identity theftpeeps are out again post @ 1:59 is not me

  624. Once a thief always a thief

    Let find a way to stop him stealing the completion money.He will steal it 100% That’s why he want’s it boxed off before the Trust is set up.

  625. Leaky Leaky mole in the bunker

    He can only nick it if people are daft enough to give it !!!

    However, some massive discounts were on offer because of cash flow problems.

    People are greedy and screwed Ames for a massive discount & got it.

    Ames didn’t care he just want’s the cash before the Trust is set up.

  626. Erica Broughton

    My dearest Padraig, please forgive me

  627. worriedinvestor

    I have been informed from a very very reliable source that Ames has sold the properties in Dubai ass a job lot for £3.5 million.

  628. St George's Dragon

    The Dubai properties were covered in one of Shipleys reports. From memory, they were sold early on in the administration but not all the money was paid to Shipleys.

  629. The Smurf

    Where’s Angie Baby when you need her ?
    What about Steph?

    These people brightened this up. Multiple posts, multiple identities.

    Remember Salsa Girl – she was poised to push the button.

    Tick Tock – the clock just keeps going.

  630. Gareth fatchett

    Ames has every right to sell everything he owns that’s not covered by the u.k freezing order .after all it’s all his …….
    P.s Ames isn’t a mason and I should know ….

  631. worriedinvestor

    Paul Walton’s brother bought it and sent the cash to a Cayman’s Island bank account for Ames.

    He is also a Mason living in Dubai.

    He brokered a deal for the balance of the properties he has worked there for many years.

    Catching up with this lot tick tock……

    Ingham is somehow involved, and totally is a Mason, 110%

  632. So mote it be

    We all know that the masons are involved. They have to be.

    JB lost his job after his spouse kicked up a fuss.

    Tailormade were put out of business.

    Ames has managed to continue. Business as usual.

    Wheels within wheels ….

  633. worriedinvestor

    What I want to know is why Walton has Fatchett’s ear, ha!! think we don’t know you are both senior Masons…. well we do tick tock 😉

  634. worriedinvestor

    I will expose this Masonic evil doing just like I did with Ames tick tock

  635. Angela

    You all disgust me, fraudsters.
    Freemasons are just the KKK under another name.

  636. Gavel

    Angela, we do have certain criteria for selection, for example we blackballed Matt Ames. That’s why he will end up in prison.

    Bro. Dave’s Ames, is one of our top fund raisers.

  637. Anonymous

    if the hat fits….

  638. Anon

    The Dubai properties are held in trust for HMSSE. (See BDO Audited accounts) Therefore those properties are owned by Shipleys LLP. Or the proceeds from any sale will be owing to Shipley’s LLP.

    It is a simple as that. No benefit from the sales of those properties can accrue to the Ames family.

  639. Gareth fatchett

    But it has anon hasn’t it ?…

  640. Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.

    Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.
    Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.
    Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.
    Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.
    Erica you are mad as a box of frogs.

  641. So mote it be

    Can anyone tell me why Paddy’s girlfriend left him ?

  642. Dave's DIsco

    For you ,,, EB

  643. WhatstheFuss

    Worriedinvestor – you need a psychiatrist!

  644. Hot Potato

    She left the Paddy because he was Erica’s…….

  645. Robert storey

    Was his girlfriend Red Button Girl who kept going tick tock in his ear at night?

  646. Anon

    Mr. Newman was the subject of incessant mindless attacks on this site for a very long period of time. Then the mediation / arbitration occurred and strangely enough the attacks ceased. One can only assume that it is Harlequin and the Ames family behind the rubbish being posted up here.

    Good on ya Dave. Not only are you a low life thief and bully. But a coward to boot. Looks like the final week of Matty boys trial. One down with a bit of luck more to follow soon. Real soon 😎😎

  647. Dave's disco .....

    Joint request for EB and RI

  648. Anonymous

    He works out of a made up office in Warrington

  649. Romeo

    Who Richard Ingham, the famous PI? So good even the police could not crack his cover!!!!!!!

    A consummate professional.

  650. Pound of flesh

    Who could this be dedicated to?

  651. Anonymous

    That would be Mr Newman who was implicated by the judge in his judgement in fraud. Do you really want to start this again Anon? Is the Irish court case about to break out again?

  652. Paddies missing manhood

    Countersunk Cock!!!

  653. Anonymous

    Can anyone decode the Courtserve link. I see nothing about
    Matt Ames…….Thanks

  654. Anon

    The appeal in the Irish case is due to be heard mid 2014.

  655. Anonymous

    The pattern seems to repeat itself. We get some coherent comments about Ames and Harlequin followed by multiple idiotic posts.

    The pattern reaches a crescendo just before we receive some more startling and unfavourable news about the Ames family and Harlequin. In this case it could be the outcome of Matt Ames’s trial.

    It has been reported that Matt Ames is coming across as an arrogant self-centered twat during the course of his trial. He still vehemently denies any and all wrong doing, much like his father.

    Over on the RL site we have purchasers asking that any funds Ames raises through completions be set aside for the due diligence and we have Bob Storey stating that the completion money is Harlequin’s to do as they see fit. There are plenty of calls to Bob Storey to get off the RL site.

    One does wonder if Bob is playing with a full deck. Its absurd to think that Ames can do what he so wishes with the completion money against the backdrop of thousands of investors contemplating joining a trust in an attempt to recover some of their losses.

    A few years ago Ames attempted to solicit a number of individuals to ( there is no other word for saying this) kill an individual who was causing him quite a bit of grief.

    This is the type of individual we are talking about.

  656. Anonymous

    I used to joke with my wife that the BFP/Harlequin threads were my
    summer reading. It is now progressing into summer ’14. Please dear
    God in heaven will there ever be a denouement…

  657. St George's Dragon

    From Shipley’s last report:
    “Following my appointment as Joint Administrator, a residential property situated in Dubai,in which the Company held an interest,was sold to an unconnected third party. Please note that this sale had commenced prior to the Company entering into Administration, however, the sale completed following the Joint Administrators appointment.
    As detailed in the enclosed Receipts & Payments account, I have received £205,000 of the sale proceeds to date and I am currently awaiting the remaining balance of £165,000 that is due. Should it appear that these funds are not forthcoming then I may have no other alternative than to instruct my Solicitors, Charles Russell LLP (‘CRLLP’) to take the requisite actions in order to recover these funds.”

  658. Sand Jockeys pick up bargain


    You missed the point. Ingham gave Ames the cash and took title himself.

    Walton’s brother ( another mason) with connections to all those wealthy sand jockeys has done a deal for all the remaining properties.

    Ames sold the Irish builders assets without permission, what’s the difference.

  659. Robert Storey

    @Anon 11.05 oh the irony of your idiotic post. “We get some coherent comments about Ames and Harlequin followed by some idiotic posts” followed by “it has been reported that Matt Ames comes across as a self centred twat etc etc” Does that second comment come under coherent comment or idiotic post? You could not make this up.
    And you are obviously reading from a different RL site to anyone else. No I have not said DA can do what he likes with the completion money and NO no one is trying to get me off the RL site.
    Your whole post is fiction, just come back from the pub at 11.05? There can be no other reason for such rubbish.

  660. An observer since the beginning

    I think the above by Robert Storey aka BS storyteller is a good example of an idiotic post.

  661. TA review tells it how it is

    The latest review on TA by Burbandco of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom is dire. No one knows what to believe – the eyewitness accounts, BB Facebook page, Dave Ames’ meandering email or the fake reviews by those with vested interest?

    “Carry on up the Caribbean”
    2 of 5 stars Reviewed yesterday NEW via mobile
    We have just returned from Buccament Bay and I have to say we were extremely disappointed. We have complained to our travel agent , in the strongest possible terms . The hotel is clearly NOT 5 star , the flood damage is quite extensive and we were quite taken aback by the condition of the resort – it’s only 3 years old , but already looks tired. We will write a comprehensive review after the outcome of our complaint

    Stayed January 2014, travelled as a couple

  662. Ayes have it

    young Bobby – Now thats not quite right is it , you took quite a bit of flak from Mrs K and Mrs L yesterday over your stand up on the completion money …. stating that you didnt think the money for completions had anything to do with the trust .

    In point of fact I agree with you it doesnt its just a moral thing …..Morals and Harlequin …. great concept

  663. Robert Storey

    @AHI no not me. The two ladies you mention made no adverse comments regarding my question, note the word question there, regarding trust members views regarding completion money. Looks like some one else making up phantom postings on RL.

  664. Anonymous

    @TA review. Can’t be true … David Ames himself was reported to have been down there in the cleaning up.. With his shirtsleeves rolled up.
    Everything was fine and dandy . This reviewer must be a very picky person, or just has it in for Harlequin. And you should see the wonderful animals they make from towels! It’s got to be a 5 star resort

  665. BBaywatch

    and from another broadly positive, if somewhat contradictory, review –

    “You can see one of the restaurants by the river was badly damaged by the flood, I don’t think they will rebuild it as it is very close to the river, the remaining restaurants are serving the dishes of the damaged ones.”

    Quite clearly the damage is rather more than previously reported, but as usual the HP smokescreen comes down and the pretence that all is normal continues.

  666. Sid

    I’d love to know who the ‘mystery investor’ is who is going to pour in tens of millions to get the business back on it’s feet. It just seems unbelievable to me that anyone would against the backdrop of problems that have been going on for years. But hey, if Fatchett says there is one I suppose there has to be one….doesn’t there?

  667. Gareth fatchett

    There is no mystery investor , there may be one once the trust I’d up and running and Ames is history but right now nope not a sniff of one .

  668. Extensions r us

    That’s great 400 million quid gone west and you are worried about ohallorans sex life …..marvelous

  669. Verdad

    Due DIligence is going to be fun.

    Will Dave be able to tell the truth ?

  670. Anonymous

    @Verdad…why at his age would he want to try something new?

  671. Anonymous

    From a 5 star review of Buccament Bay. “In fact it was two days before I noticed the the bottom of some of the furniture was swollen…….. The room is clean and unusually for the Caribbean has no musty smell……

    You can still see signs of flood damage outside the hotel but you will be hard pressed to see any damage in the resort……….

    Well done to the Buccament Team for a fantastic clean up effort……..

    (Sorry what about the swollen furniture, or the destroyed restaurant, which was a converted purchaser unit. Swollen furniture as a result of flooding still remaining in active guest rooms. You certainly are redefining 5 star luxury in the Caribbean Mr. Ames. I wonder if the reviewer understood what they were saying)

    (They would have been better off saying nothing)

  672. Anonymous

    Finally Fatchett is beginning the due diligence. This will comprise of a number of questions to Mr. Ames on title etc. The answers will be posted on a secure website for trustee eyes only to protect the commercial interests of Harlequin and investors.

    Trustees can then decide for themselves.

    Ok Fatchett please. Your due diligence is asking Ames a number of questions.

    And it will remain a secret. Sorry this is descending into pure farce.

    Fatchett you asked Ames if he had insurance
    He said yes but wont show you proof.

    Fatchett you said Ames showed you a letter of intent from a financier. Ames says the trust is the only way to attract financiers.

    Ames got us into this mess and your due diligence comprises of asking him to answer a number of questions on land title, planning permissions etc.

    Look Fatchett you may as well read all the news letters or watch the videos.

    Ask him about the marina. All he has to do is produce his video. That should satisfy you.


  673. Dave Due Diligence

    That’s not right.

    The due diligence will be shown to all paying investors. Many thousands will see it. RL are not keeping it to themselves or just the trustees (whoever they may be).

    I queried this will RL today after their update.

  674. Anonymous

    RL thinks that they have found a way for wayward (in their mind)
    purchasers to cough up 240 pounds. No tickee -no laundry!!!

  675. Anonymous

    In the US they are called “Ambulance Chasers”…

  676. Anonymous

    Apologies but when I said trustees I meant all purchasers who have signed up to the trust and paid.

    I do not however buy into Fatchetts statement that the due diligence needs to be securely held to “Protect the Commercial Interests of Harlequin. It may be to protect the commercial interest of RL and their fee paying clients, that I can understand, but protecting the commercial interests of Harlequin ????????????

    It is after all a basis of Fatchett’s claim against IFA’s and SIPP providers that they carried out inadequate due diligence.

    What if they too conducted due diligence and stated that they could not release their findings because of the affect this would have on the commercial interests of Harlequin. Fatchett would be all over them like a red rag to a bull if they came out with this.

    And how would prospective purchasers have made decisions on purchasing if the due diligence was only provided to those who “HAD” purchased as opposed to those “CONTEMPLATING” purchasing at the time because of any affect this might have on the commercial interests of Harlequin.

    A public demonstration of a clean bill of health with regards to the due diligence would do wonders for the Harlequin brand and would help in quashing the negative myths surrounding the company and the Ames family. Conversely of course should the results of the due diligence be negative or at least inconclusive then the question would have to be asked as to whether the trust should go ahead.

    The bottom line now is pay the money and you will find out the results of the due diligence. Don’t pay and you won’t.

    I think Fatchett is probably naive in thinking that the results of the due diligence will not in any event be leaked out by one or more purchasers, alas tis the nature of the beast.

    I wonder if Fatchett will pass the results of the due diligence onto the SFO whether positive or negative. Now that is a question ?

  677. more questions....never any answers.....Dave Ames is laughing at you all

    How can someone take in £400 million and deliver less than atenth of what was stated to be supplied…how can you say look at the marina…when it jusy isnt there

    Ames isplain and simply a total lying essex boy who will take Fatchett and RL down with him
    I find it incredible how you can take that amount of money and deliver virtually nothing ….how can the twat still be walking around and calling the shots…..and he is leading you all a merry dance …to his tune, he aint gonna produce accounts or anything

    Catch me if you can go on chaseme, you know you want

    can no one lock the funt up and the rest of the HP familly/associates

    Its like watching 6000 people commit suicide in ultra slow motion

  678. more questions....never any answers.....Dave Ames is laughing at you all

    And still never any mention of the investors who paid depsosits for sites other than BB…..this is very strange nobody even mentions it at all…have they been refunded


  679. Anonymous

    mq….naa…..DAilaya – And anyone else interested check out
    Spy-vs-Spy on Youtube. This is all beyond ridiculous….

  680. Anonymous

    Purchasers at BB are screwed,,,others are Super screwed!
    BTW, isn’t it about time Ames gets someone to take down the ugly billboard around the eyesore H hotel ruin in Barbados?.The signs say “Opening in 2013” which looks ridiculous now,(They used to say 2012, but who`s counting)There are also ads up there for BB ,so the image being projected of Harlequin is really quite negative and ugly.
    Truth in advertising I always say.

  681. Anonymous

    Is DA the white spy or the black spy….

  682. Anonymous

    Oh dear, it is becoming a tad contentious on the RL site. But RL
    soldiers on considering itself the white knight.

  683. Tailormade aka accomplices

    It’s all about the GREED. It motivated the thieving scumbags, their accomplices and the victims. Oops sorry investors.

    TailorMade Alternative Investments Ltd – Harlequin/Regulatory Legal Communication
    To Harlequin Investors and Agents,

    Firstly, over the last two months, various comments have been made about legal proceedings brought against TailorMade and, until now, we have been unable to respond to them for legal reasons. Having now successfully defended the court application we are able to clarify the position.

    In November 2013 Regulatory Legal Solicitors decided to obtain an injunction and issue proceedings based on various honestly held statements we made about that business.

    We obtained clear legal advice that Regulatory Legal had no proper basis for the injunction. When the matter returned to court the Judge agreed; he dismissed the injunction and made highly critical comments about Regulatory Legal’s conduct. We are now in the position that the injunction has been dismissed with an order for our costs to be paid and Regulatory Legal has agreed to withdraw the claim.

    While we find it unfortunate that Regulatory Legal took the decision to act in this way, we have been entirely vindicated in our decision to contest the application.

    We feel it is important to explain our silence about this important issue and to update you about this matter, at the earliest opportunity.

    Secondly, we have also recently become aware of various comments made on a website which is operated by (the same) Regulatory Legal Solicitors. While it is relevant that there are appropriate forums to discuss these important matters, some comments have been of a potentially criminal and/or defamatory nature. This is a serious matter and clearly unacceptable, therefore, we have since written to Regulatory Legal, who have now further agreed to remove any offending posts. Furthermore, we have asked them to monitor the site appropriately and responsibly in the future.

    Since Harlequin’s shortcomings first became apparent, it has always been our objective to try to help Investors achieve the best outcome that they can. In doing so, we have been criticised and abused by some individuals convinced we have some kind of ulterior motive for not supporting the idea of Regulatory Legal’s proposed trust. This notion is far from the truth. The reality is that, also being Investors, we see the potential benefits of a trust arrangement, but paramount in our motivation and especially given the present situation, we want to ensure that this option is analysed in an independent and expert manner in order to consider the overall risks and benefits to Investors, both now and in the future.

    For example, by entering the Trust, are Investors’ deposits safeguarded in the event that further funding cannot be obtained? This question is critical in the event that Investors are required to waive relevant legal rights.

    So for some time now, we have been in dialogue with Harlequin and latterly the Pro Harlequin Investor Group, in order to help us achieve this objective. This has now subsequently led to a meeting taking place between representatives of Regulatory Legal and TailorMade Alternative Investments on the 14th of January. The following is an agreed statement:

    Joint statement by TailorMade Alternative Investments and Regulatory Legal

    Date: 20th January 2014.

    This statement is an account of the events leading up to and during the meeting which took place between Gareth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal (RL) and Robert Shaw of TailorMade Alternative Investments Ltd (TMAI) on the 14th January 2014.
    Prior to the RL meeting, Robert Shaw attended a PRE-ARRANGED meeting with a number of other Agents and the Pro Harlequin Group (PHIG) in order to discuss the most appropriate course of action to try to accommodate those Investors who had concerns about joining the proposed trust.

    The group considered the following options:

    A) Work with PHIG, other partners such as SIPP Trustees and obtain independent legal representation in order to ensure Investors’ interests are paramount and protected, both now and in the future.

    B) Work separately from PHIG, but otherwise on the same basis as option A.

    C) Engage with Regulatory legal, to try to ensure an acceptable common goal is achieved.

    The group collectively decided to engage with Regulatory Legal, in the first instance, providing concerns were acknowledged and addressed. Some (but not all) examples being:

    1. Any proposed re-structure would accommodate Investors who have no means (or desire) to contribute further funds to their investment.

    2. That the collective assets to be held within the trust for the benefit of investors’, are a fair representation of the funds provided by investors.

    3. That ALL parties with a vested interest in current and future work with the Harlequin project declare their vested interests. In addition, for a financial appraisal, including costs and then eventual formal accounts, to be produced in order for an Investor to ascertain a true and transparent account of their investment.

    4. In order to be able to engage with Agents and other relevant parties properly, Regulatory Legal need to use a far less confrontational style of communication.

    Summary of the meeting between Gareth Fatchett and Rob Shaw
    The meeting was opened by both parties acknowledging the need to work together for the common good of investors. GF & RS agreed that some of the statements made by both parties, did little to achieve this.

    The discussion then centred around points (1-4) above. Rob outlined why these (and many other points) need to be addressed in order to salvage the situation. Although Gareth provided satisfactory verbal answers to these concerns, Rob pointed out that Investor centric ACTIONS had to be paramount, otherwise further investor confusion, aggression and segregation would replace what little confidence remains.
    It was agreed that it would be desirable for all parties to work towards a common goal; Gareth by ensuring Regulatory Legal’s communications are fair, while Rob confirmed that TailorMade would facilitate an Agent seminar, later in the month.

    Furthermore, Rob confirmed that TailorMade and other Agents/organisations would only support a group, Regulatory Legal or otherwise, that puts Investors’ interests ahead of all others, in a fair, honest and completely transparent manner.

    It was also re-iterated to Gareth that neither TailorMade Alternative Investments Ltd nor its Directors would have any financial interest whatsoever in any future work connected with Harlequin, other than the Directors, Staff and a number of TMAI Agents are also Investors.

    The meeting concluded with an agreement that TailorMade would host an Agent seminar on the 27th January in order for Gareth Fatchett to explain his previous actions, his future intentions, address concerns and explain how he plans to facilitate the trust and any potential re-structuring of the Harlequin model.

    At this meeting on the 27th of January, we will reiterate our previously stated position, that we will only support a potential way forward that puts Investors’ interests ahead of all others, in a fair, honest and completely transparent manner. Unfortunately, we do not have the answers to the situation we all find ourselves in, but we are keen to support any group, trying to find solutions, that abide by these principles.

    It would be wrong for TailorMade to advise Investors to enter into any arrangement – we are not qualified to do so. What we must do is highlight the importance of obtaining independent advice from appropriate lawyers. Once you have independent advice it may indeed be the case that the Trust is the best option available.

    Once again, we apologise for the lengthy nature of this update and hope you understand our keenness to keep you informed. We hope to produce another update following the meeting on the 27th of January.

    TailorMade Alternative Invesments
    Although every effort is taken to ensure the information contained within this update is as accurate as possible, the Directors and Staff of TailorMade Alternative Invesments shall not be liable for any financial loss or damages arising from the information contained in this update, nor from any future action or decision taken as a result of using this information. None of the content contained in this update should be construed as legal or financial advice, the content should be taken as information only, it should be understood that some of the content is based on the opinion of those persons responsible for the content. Due consideration should be taken before committing to whatever future action an investor decides to take as a result of this (or any other information) provided by the Directors and Staff of TailorMade Alternative Investments and you should take appropriate professional advice on your particular circumstances because the application of laws and regulations will vary depending on particular circumstances and because laws and regulations undergo frequent change.
    Copyright © 2014 TMAI Ltd, All rights reserved.
    You are receiving this update as you invested in a Harlequin Property

    Our mailing address is:
    TMAI Ltd
    TMAI Ltd, Unit 1 Olympic Way,
    Olympic Park
    Warrington, Cheshire WA2 0YL
    United Kingdom

  684. Due Diligence = death of HP or save it???

    Does it matter if the DD is leaked? If it’s crap it’s crap.

    Will Bro. Dave tell the truth? This is a real game changed the DD starting – maybe for once investors will find out how good or bad things are?

  685. Bob Bloke stuck in the 8o's ( chucked overboard)

    Dave Ames, we are with RL – Bob out the door
    TailorMade, we are with RL – Bob out the door
    RL Blog we are with RL – Bob out the door

    Now, Mr. Busy body bee keeper will you finally get the message and go back to digging up Trees?

  686. Billy Bob no mates

    Tailormade are basically working for Reg Legal, Bee keeping Bob what’s he going to do? 😉

    TM got bored of his management speak.
    DA has disowned him
    He never had any real investors signed up – to what?

    He only has his rent boys to keep him company now.

  687. Ayes have it

    One would almost be forgiven for thinking that Ames had organised the trail of damage to delay the inevitable . Perhaps he has read animal farm , maybe he knows Machiavelli – perhaps the illiterate , bumbling ex double glazing salesman pulled of the greatest con since Kaiser Soche –
    Keep all the people fighting each other whilst I slip away quietly …..

  688. Revenue Raising

    We have found a way. No pay, no play !

    Good news, trebles all round.

  689. All we are saying is give peace a chance

    Ayes have it …

    Very shortly the investor v agent v RL war will be over. Once these parties have a unity of purpose, Ames will lose control.

  690. Anonymous

    I can’t believe investors are to believe that a Trust which provides security only for some ponds and pathways at BB will save their investments and everything will be great.
    This resort is going down the tubes….fast.
    read the last TA review.

    “Trouble in paradise!”
    Reviewed yesterday NEW
    We went to this resort in December 2012 and had such an amazing time that we booked to go again December 2013. Very unfortunately the resort had flooded due a river nearby bursting its banks on Christmas Eve. We were not informed of this disaster until we reached a barely functioning resort! Having been there for two days we noticed many other problems that were clearly not flood related! We left after two days having been due to stay for a week. I really hope it gets back to the standard it was on our first visit!”

  691. Bob deux de lâche face

    Looks like Bob needs a few Bob, That’s why he wanted to play Banker or was it something that rhymed with that W anker maybe?


  692. Bob deux de lâche face

    January 21, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    You could be correct, but do you always give up so easily ?

  693. The final countdown


    Due Diligence Output

    We were sent a post from Barbados Free Press. The post suggested that the due diligence information only going to be shown to the trustees of the Harlequin Investor Trust. This is incorrect, the due diligence output will be shared with all investors. After all, it is this information which forms the basis on which an investor will make a decision to join the trust (or not). The topics we will be looking at are as follows :-

    1……… Corporate structure and records

    2……… Share capital

    3……… Accounts

    4……… Finance

    5……… Contracts and trading

    6……… Assets (excluding real estate

    7……… Real estate

    8……… Insurance

    9……. Consents and compliance

    10……. Litigation and disputes

    11……. Tax

    There may be additions to this list as we proceed through the process. We need to be mindful that this due diligence is not being done with the purpose of investors buying the companies. It is being done, so that we can understand the validity of a grant of security. This is the cornerstone of the process.


    We can report that we have settled out litigation with Tailormade. This needed to be done to clear the obstacles which prevented Tailormade (and their sub agents) co-operation in this matter. The joint statement is set out below. As you can see from the statement, Tailormade have in principle agreed to support the trust process.

    Regulatory Legal are meeting with agents (as set out below) on the 27th January 2014. We hope this is the last piece in the jigsaw of having almost total support for the trust proposal.

    Joint statement by TailorMade Alternative Investments and Regulatory Legal

    Date: 20th January 2014.

    This statement is an account of the events leading up to and during the meeting which took place between Gareth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal (RL) and Robert Shaw of TailorMade Alternative Investments Ltd (TMAI) on the 14th January 2014.
    Prior to the RL meeting, Robert Shaw attended a PRE-ARRANGED meeting with a number of other Agents and the Pro Harlequin Group (PHIG) in order to discuss the most appropriate course of action to try to accommodate those Investors who had concerns about joining the proposed trust.

    The group considered the following options:

    A) Work with PHIG, other partners such as SIPP Trustees and obtain independent legal representation in order to ensure Investors’ interests are paramount and protected, both now and in the future.

    B) Work separately from PHIG, but otherwise on the same basis as option A.

    C) Engage with Regulatory legal, to try to ensure an acceptable common goal is achieved.

    The group collectively decided to engage with Regulatory Legal, in the first instance, providing concerns were acknowledged and addressed. Some (but not all) examples being:

    1. Any proposed re-structure would accommodate Investors who have no means (or desire) to contribute further funds to their investment.

    2. That the collective assets to be held within the trust for the benefit of investors’, are a fair representation of the funds provided by investors.

    3. That ALL parties with a vested interest in current and future work with the Harlequin project declare their vested interests. In addition, for a financial appraisal, including costs and then eventual formal accounts, to be produced in order for an Investor to ascertain a true and transparent account of their investment.

    4. In order to be able to engage with Agents and other relevant parties properly, Regulatory Legal need to use a far less confrontational style of communication.

    Summary of the meeting between Gareth Fatchett and Rob Shaw
    The meeting was opened by both parties acknowledging the need to work together for the common good of investors. GF & RS agreed that some of the statements made by both parties, did little to achieve this.

    The discussion then centred around points (1-4) above. Rob outlined why these (and many other points) need to be addressed in order to salvage the situation. Although Gareth provided satisfactory verbal answers to these concerns, Rob pointed out that Investor centric ACTIONS had to be paramount, otherwise further investor confusion, aggression and segregation would replace what little confidence remains.
    It was agreed that it would be desirable for all parties to work towards a common goal; Gareth by ensuring Regulatory Legal’s communications are fair, while Rob confirmed that TailorMade would facilitate an Agent seminar, later in the month.

    Furthermore, Rob confirmed that TailorMade and other Agents/organisations would only support a group, Regulatory Legal or otherwise, that puts Investors’ interests ahead of all others, in a fair, honest and completely transparent manner.

    It was also re-iterated to Gareth that neither TailorMade Alternative Investments Ltd nor its Directors would have any financial interest whatsoever in any future work connected with Harlequin, other than the Directors, Staff and a number of TMAI Agents are also Investors.

    The meeting concluded with an agreement that TailorMade would host an Agent seminar on the 27th January in order for Gareth Fatchett to explain his previous actions, his future intentions, address concerns and explain how he plans to facilitate the trust and any potential re-structuring of the Harlequin model.”

  694. Bob wanted a bung

    Bob Lidil could have F**Ked up the whole process just to make a few quid from the agents.

    Scumbag plain and simple

  695. Bob, Bob, Bobbing along ...

    Oh dear Bob, what have you done ?

    You have been left standing alone !

  696. Bob a Job

    I was just trying to earn a few Bob, it’s not fair Dave said I could have a skim

  697. Bob's a lonely cowboy

    The first option was a PHIG and agents joint ticket.

    Even the agents worked out that this was a bad idea. It is an odd situation when your ideas are that bad you go to your enemy (RL).

    Gets odder by the day.

  698. It's not my fault, Dad taught me
  699. Bungling Bob

    Bobby Ladle (PHAG) – You have proved to be a bit of a plonker in all of this.

    All that time to achieve what exactly?

    DA and TM won’t play with you now 😉

  700. The FSA made me do it.

    I would never have bought the second Lamborghini if they didn’t call the Echo. It’s just not fair. ;(

  701. Court 12

    The FSA denied confirming an investigation was ongoing. Let’s assume they “forgot” what they did and did not say.

    What difference does this make to the money not being applied properly ?

  702. Court 12


    Note the description of the colour – “Matt Orange” erm…

    This is the same car that his businesses afforded him. Bet this plays well with the jury. I can imagine them saying what a good chap he is etc. Not.

  703. A song for Bob Ladell

  704. Dave's glitter balls

    The days when I could play this and snuggle into Dave’s neck during a slow dance are over ….

  705. Dave's glitter balls

    One for Bob, we needs to be with friends… He cannot live with them (as he upsets them) or without them ! Catchy..

  706. Dave's glitter balls

    One for Matt following the verdict …

  707. Extensions r us

    Brilliant loving it ……… Thank you for the memories .

  708. Chav Watch

    Matt Ames ran a car hire and leasing company too EXEC CAR HIRE LTD


    PS Worra chavvy-looking house! No taste.

  709. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Fatchett, being a lawyer I am amazed and alarmed that you appear not to understand what to settle a case means in legal parle. It means that both sides agree on matters without the need to go to court.

    What fools do you honestly think investors are and what confidence should investors now have in you.

    You went to the UK courts and obtained an injunction against Tailormade for what you claimed were unfounded attacks on your company. Tailormade returned to the UK courts and had the original injunction lifted and were awarded costs “AGAINST” your firm.

    Now please explain “THE SETTLEMENT” here.

    You “LOST” and were chastised by the judge in the process and now are out of pocket by potentially 10’s of thousands of pounds.

    Who is going to pick up the tab for this legal bill?

    Again you are also giving false hope to purchasers.

    Look at item 2 for example of your discussions with Tailormade. Rob Shaw wants a number of points addressed in order to salvage the situation.

    2 That the collective assets to be held within the trust for the benefit of investors are a fair representation of the funds provided by investors.

    In simple terms what Rob Shaw is saying is that the value of the assets to be held in the trust will need to be as close to the £400 million invested by investors.

    Now Garreth just look at the figures. £200 million of the £400 million spent on commissions. That alone should raise eyebrows. And what about the rest of the wasted cash.

  710. Paddy P issed his Pampers

    January 21, 2014 at 6:46 pm

    Hello Paddy, who’s the ex? Got sick of your thing with fat women and prozzers?

  711. Paddy pays for a shag

    Do we include what you nicked from Ames?

  712. Potato Head

    I believe she left Paddy, because of his nickname 😉

    Paddy press stud P enis

  713. Anon

    As part of the RL due diligence they will be looking at litigation and disputes.

    Given that RL intend on seeking redress for SIPP purchasers by pursuing IFA’s and SIPP providers for a potential £200 million maybe now RL will explain the risks that the SIPP provider insurers might in turn pursue Harlequin and Ames for this money. In addition you have a number of ongoing documented cases in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the CLC case in London and the Irish Appeal.

    You also have the rumoured Professional Negligence claim by Harlequin against Wilkins Kennedy.

    No mention however has been made of the Essex Police / SFO joint investigation. Would that fall under Litigation and Disputes.

    Nor has any mention been made of the Shipleys administration of HMSSE and the consequences to the other Harlequin companies should Shipleys put HMSSE into liquidation.

    RL also run a huge risk that their due diligence findings might not concur with what might come out of the SFO / Essex Police investigation nor as a result of a liquidation of HMSSE by Shipley’s. RL will not be privy to the report sent by Shipleys to the CIB on the conduct of the directors of HMSSE so RL need to thread very carefully here in their apparent eagerness to establish a trust for Harlequin investors.

  714. Angela ?

    I’m sure this dancer is called Angela?

  715. Bog hopping

    Well we will never know the answers to all your questions will we, unless the DD is carried out?

    Meanwhile carry on boring us to death with your long posts.

  716. Carrot crotch

    Strange comment RL are conducting DD not a police case or SFO investigation.

    Really Paddy is that the best piffle you can come up with!!!

  717. Anonymous

    There is nothing “rumoured” about a Professional Negligence claim against WK. It is happening now and is ongoing.

  718. Anon

    Only the other evening WTF claimed that the BFP forum was nothing more then a joke yet once again RL have issued a lengthy clarification as a result of a post yesterday on this very forum. It appears that RL pay close attention to what is being posted on here as do many others. Thank you BFP for continuing to highlight the issues surrounding Harlequin despite the daily churlish and frankly pathetic postings by Harlequin staff and supporters of Ames designed to put readers off browsing your site.

  719. worriedinvestor

    Nikki Crozier is working on the Professional Negligence claim.

  720. Peed of with stirrers

    Everybody just got friendly and along pops paddy and his bird …….. What up can you not bere to see this succeed??? What r u so scared of .?

  721. Anon

    @Anonymous 7.24 pm. Could you direct readers of this forum to where we might find any documentary evidence which confirms your assertion that a professional negligence claim has been filed by Harlequin with the UK courts and is ongoing. Its rather odd that none of the trade magazines, newspapers nor IFA on line or The FT advisor have carried news of the commencement of these cases.

    Alternatively could you send BFP proof of this to allow them run a story on it. Such a case against a top twenty London and UK accountancy firm under the present conditions Harlequin find themselves in, would be big news. And would be of huge interest to investors and others alike at such a critical juncture in the establishment of the Harlequin trust.

  722. Peed of with stirrers

    There is no evidence cos there is no case it’s more smoke and mirrors from the BMI 35 plus group

  723. New Mission

    I have been sent on a mission away from the bird table to a different type of bird. A Canary !

    I am at Canary Wharf. I am in a pedalo on the river outside in Canada Quays with a zoom lens. I have been told to collect evidence of collusion against our beloved leaders son.

    I have a bird table fitted with a new transmitter on it to place just outside 1 North Collonade. The home of our arch nemesis, the FSA.

  724. Lord Haw-Haw

    Paddy if you leave things alone, the whole thing will fall over in the DD so don’t worry.

  725. Anon Jonny

    Anyone see the Irony of a guy running a carbon credits and save the forests company boasting about buying a Lamborghini.

    Who ever this Anon Anonymous guy / girl / group is, not only have they grabbed the attention of RL but they sure as hell are rattling the cage of Ames and Harlequin tonight.

    Even getting the Harlequin trolls all confused over the WK professional negligence case.

    Whoever you are and whatever the size of your penis you have big balls. Lol. Keep up the great work its great to see Ames and the Harlequin scum rattled.

  726. Best 5k spent ever

    RL spend about £5k on the Tailormade injunction being set aside. They now have access to many more clients x £240. Do the math, fat boy

  727. Bro. Dave

    @New Mission

    Whilst on your mission could you paddle past Cockspur Street,
    Mr. Ames (senior) for some ‘intel’

    Please drop the ‘intel’ off at

    60 Great Queen Street
    WC2B 5AZ
    United Kingdom

  728. Peed of with stirrers

    9k actually but your correct on the principle…….. Funny old world

  729. Observer from the out

    Top city accountants keep on resigning when they find out about the toxic accounts supplied by Harlequin.


  730. Anonymous

    Anon 7.06 perhaps the top 10 accountancy firm would prefer to settle out of court rather than have their name in the courts. Of course if 2 of their employees were not implicated in fraud in the Irish case then they would have nothing to worry about would they.

  731. Red Monkey....

    Better being on a SIPP claim than going bust via the CPC route 😉 when Ames wins.

  732. Dave Due Diligence

    The old saying goes that sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war.

    TM are getting about 5k of legal costs (wow !)
    TM are in principle supporting the trust
    TM have about 1200 creditors

    Say 1000 x 240 minimum.

    240k to RL non refundable. Less 5k.

    Not stupid those boys

  733. Anonymous

    @Worriedinvestor, is Crozier a claimant or defendant?

  734. Mr O'Halloran - relax


    Be relaxed. Be cool. We all know that Harlequin is a real mess.

    RL are competent enough to ask the right questions. To be fair, you do not even need to be half competent to ask the right questions.

    Investors will freak out when they see the structure. Agents will melt down and blame Dave. After all, he told them everything. They just passed it on.

    I do not see why Paddy spends so much time writing articulate, but ultimately ignored posts.

    Investors do not thank you for ripping Dave off, However, they certainly do not see you as the main problem.

    Paddy, you have saddled yourself with a reporting network of nutters. This rubs off badly on you. Why did you not pal up with Bob, TM, RL etc

    2 months from now, everything will be in the open. Just sit back…

  735. Dave Lee Ames (DLA)

    For Paddy …

  736. Matt's Mummmy

    Special request for my little boy Matt – Mummy loves you and won’t let those nasty policemen lock you up.

  737. Anon

    Mr. O Halloran could not have written any articulate posts, not if Ames is to be believed.

    Harlequin seem intent on stirring a hornets nest with Mr. O Halloran. I wonder what scares Ames so much. Did he lie in court I wonder. He lies about everything else so why not.

    Anyone get the irony of a guy selling carbon credits and saving forests boasting about buying a new Lambo. Wonder was Matt going for the eco hybrid version. Does one even exist.

  738. Anonymous

    – Anon 12:24 – You write and sound like someone that I could
    actually have a conversation with. (Remember what Churchill
    said about ending a sentence with a preposition?)

  739. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous 8.25pm. Funny isn’t it that 2 accountants are implicated in a fraud yet the only one being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office is the guy who made the allegations and who probably lied in court. Yes Mr. Ames.

    Of course little or no reference is made any more to the 2 accountants on BFP. They certainly do not get named. Has this anything to do with the deal that was struck. Of course it has.

    WK and Co. have more dirt on Ames then the waste produced in London each year. And if they have it you can bet your bottom dollar others close to them have it too.

    And between this lot they have enough to bury the Ames family for good, the question Ames must be asking himself, why have they not moved already, or have they??????😜😜😜

    And what’s with asking posters on this site not to worry and to bide their time. Has the Irish builder if that is who is posting finally driven Ames over the edge, or is it RL who are now rattled?

    A solicitor said he had achieved a settlement in an action and a poster pointed out that this was not in fact the case, so now we have the conspiracy theorists claiming it was part of some cunning plan by Fatchett to get his hands on a client list.

    Peeps this part is simple. Investors brought properties in Caribbean Islands from Caribbean companies. That part is simple.

    The even simpler part is that since these are foreign sovereign nations and foreign companies, then they are not covered by the data protection act. Fact. So why doesn’t Ames stop fucking around, and hand over the god damn names of all purchasers to Fatchett and let him get on with the damned trust.

    How more complicated will Ames and Fatchett try and make this.

    PS good on ya Rob Shaw for sticking it to Fatchett. Lets hope you stick by your word.

  740. Anon

    @ Anonymous 12.30 am. Ah but was it indeed Mr. Churchill who uttered those immortal words………………

  741. Anonymous

    It sue wasn’t Lady Astor………..

  742. Anonymous

    It sure wasn’t Lady Astor……….(too much drink)

  743. Anonymous

    It is time that the Harlequin trolls shut up. RL told us that Ames had no money and we needed to contribute towards valuations and due diligence as a result.

    Now we have those same trolls trying to say that Fatchett intended to waste the courts valuable time by somehow devising a plan that would give him access to 1200 investors for his redress claims. And that this only cost £9000.

    £9000 is 45 more investors money. When oh when will this stupid charade be brought to a halt?

    And whether it is £9000 or £90000 will RL use investors money to pay this ?

    If they do they will have committed a criminal act, but we will never know will we. RL will claim the investors payments are fees to RL.

    The Harlequin Trolls will have us believe that RL are looking more like Ames as everyday passes given the alleged frivolous use of money.

    It is time to call a halt to this farce.

    I suppose Ames’s defence will be that as a result of all the negative posts on BFP his business failed. Or will it be the fact that the SFO and Essex Police criminal investigation caused the collapse of Harlequin.

    Matt Ames would have no worries now if the FCA had not investigated his companies and his conduct. Its all their fault, tomorrow he will blame the Met. Police. Then Jon Austin, the Irish Builder, WK and the Lambo Dealership and like Daddy will threaten to drag out his criminal trial until HM Treasury capitulates because of huge cost over runs.

    And we will be told his defence team were working on a no win no few basis.

    If this is the case looks like his defence team will not get paid.

  744. Matt Ames

    I remember when I had a………………………

  745. The view from the bird table

    January 22, 2014 at 1:36 am

    Due to our sophisticated technologies I can confirm with 98% accuracy this statement was written by Mrs B roughton.

    The case of Mr. M Ames is being funded by legal aid, you twit.

  746. Sore Testicals

    No doubt O’ Halloran will rue the day when he took on ‘crazy Angie Baby’ and ‘Mad as a box box of frogs Erica’

    One day they will turn on him.. remember.

    History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

  747. The View from Mount Pleasant

    Some posters have complained that comment has been centered on SVG and ignores the rest of the HP scam. Here is a comprehensive list of the scale of the fraud perpetrated by the Ames family – produced by a Vincentian no less.


  748. The Storey So Far...

    Episode 1 – A twice bankrupt double glazing salesman spots an opportunity to sell a carribbean dream to gullible investors. Everything guaranteed; surely a no brainer for the gullible fools who think they are investors, how can it fail to make his fortune?

    Oh! A slight problem; he doesn’t own any of the land he wants to sell and has absolutely no previous experience in anything other than selling. Never mind let’s press on.

    Episode 2 – It goes well, so well that he needs more salesmen, enter the IFAs – The plan? Spend half of all the millions coming in, on commissions to himself and to the IFAs.

    Oh! time to start buying the land he doesn’t own and spend more money to get permission to build the dream amd start building. Yeaaah!!!

    Episode 3 – Engage a reputable, experienced developer. This dream is really happening!

    Oh! .. Need more money! No problem sell more in another location he doesn’t own. The gullible investors are now falling over themselves to give him their money.

    Episode 4 – The build costs are more than the cash available. Need to fire the competent developer. Hand over a sackful of cash to a much cheaper one who promises to handle the whole thing; doesn’t even need a contract. What a star! Just leave everything to him.

    Oh! still not enough money. No problem sell even locations.

    Episode 5 – It’s all going horribly wrong, building is way behind schedule and the nice, friendly developer has screwed him over. That’s out of order, there is no room for two con men in this game. He buys the bumper book of excuses in readiness for what comes next.

    Oh! Now the SFO and everyone else is on our hero’s case. The money is drying up. Time to wind up the UK company. The bumper book of excuses has come in handy though!

    Episode 6 – Some of the gullible investors have found a white knight in the shape of a lawyer (actually the lawyer found them) ready to take on the evil dragon (no, not our hero, he means to take on the evil IFAs). And his quest shall have a noble name. And that name shall be REDRESS! (a trumpet fanfare plays here).

    Oh! the gullible investors who “found” the white knight are mainly non-SIPP and not much good for REDRESS (trumpet fanfare again) – Answer; get the list of mainly SIPP investors from our hero but how?

    Oh yes!!! he will create a TRUST (another fanfare) and the price of that TRUST for the gullible investors will be renegotiated contracts giving up all rights to sue our hero.

    Episode 7 – Our hero likes the idea of the TRUST very much, but he doesn’t trust (haha) the white knight. As soon as the white knight has the SIPP list he will be off for REDRESS (fanfare) and the neutralised contracts will fall by the wayside. How can our hero hold on to the SIPP list until after he has what he wants. Will he just refuse, will he just play games and try to frustrate things for as long as possible?

    Don’t miss the next episode folks, in what is the greatest comic tragedy of recent times, soon to be released as a major movie with Mr Bean starring as our hero.

  749. Anonymous

    Well if the last two post don’t get people joining the trust nowt will!!

    All it needs is for the fat ladies to sing, onto the stage Angela and Erica 😉

  750. I'm sulking

    Okay, Okey, Stef is fat she can sing too.

    But, Pressstud P enis is not allowed.

  751. Ayes have it

    @THE STOREY SO FAR – brilliant just perfect

  752. Observer from the outset

    @The View from Mount Pleasant

    One can add Dubai and Jamaica to Peter Binose’s list of failed or non-existent Harlequin ‘projects’.

  753. Robert Storey

    You lot just don’t understand a true visionary.

  754. Mystic Fred

    Don’t know what come over me!

    I just keep getting the title of this song going round and round my head!!!!!!!!

    What could it mean?

  755. Sid

    @ The Storey So Far…That’s a great build up to what should be a very dramatic closing chapter. But how will it end an what twists do you have in store for your readers?

  756. Gareth's Groupies

    Worry not, the client list is safe and growing !

    A (£)million thanks to you all.

  757. Anonymous

    Where or where is Peter Binose going to pop up next. Trip advisor, Caribbean News, what is next. Self appointed defender of the poor, a real caped crusader. Self appointed twat more like it. Keep the rhetoric going and live in the past. Any solutions to add? Na of course not, just keep regurgitating the same old crap.

  758. Anonymous

    Possibly – just possibly, could anon 1:05 be our beloved Bob Storey
    who seems to get his jollies by challenging others for posting anon?
    “…any solutions to add? Na of course not, just keep regurgitation the
    same old crap…” Now where have I read that before.

  759. Sid

    Bob has no need to remain anonymous. He has at least half a dozen ID’s to pick from!

  760. Ambulance needed for Bob Storyteller

    Yep it sounds just like 36 FDRMN also known as Robert Storey of Nuneaton.

    For months, didn’t he call GF and all at Regulatory Legal an ‘ambulance chaser’? Now look at him being a dick all over RL’s blog.

  761. Anonymous

    “Just keep regurgitation the same old crap” where have I read that before? Nowhere, it was “regurgitating” LOL

  762. yatinkiteasy

    @Anonymous,aka Bob/FDRM/36 You forgot “hahaha”
    Here is some more regurgitation for you..person without title..
    Copied from Sept 2012 Harlequin Newsletter:
    In the early days of selling property in the Caribbean, some people said that this
    was all too good to be true and that it wouldn’t happen. I feel that we have proved
    them wrong as we are now in the process of handing over legal title to the
    properties at Buccament Bay Resort, which is a significant step and completes the
    cycle that we promised all those years ago.
    We look forward to a great future for all our investors and I thank you for your
    continued support.
    Kind regards
    Dave Ames

    “Too Good to be True”….a perfect description of all the Harlequin projects that Peter Binose highlighted in his letter.

  763. Robert Storey

    It seems I’m being missed.

  764. Mystic Fred

    Peter Binose aka Paddy O’ Halloran.

  765. Bob Storytellerprick

    Don’t kid yourself Bob Storey

  766. Bob Storyteller's little friend

    @Mystic Fred
    Stupid troll. Yawn. You have no idea what you are talking about! Does someone pay you to post this nonsense or are you just plain ignorant?

  767. Robert Storey

    Looks like the sado stalkers are out today. Get a life!

  768. Boring Bobs Low hanging fruit

    Dave Ames has washed his hands of the nasty little man busybody Bob the bee keeper.

    My contact at Tailormade basically said he is the most boring little runt he has ever come across. Makes a meeting last forever and insists on using out of date management speak.

    Lets touch base later, off line,so we can think outside the box, we must keep your eye on the ball, we are close to a game changing win win outcome.

  769. Bob todger

    Not got any wives to stalk today then Bob? Has Dave told you to shut up about Newman et al or are you not allowed to talk about that anymore?

    We all know how you love to stalk innocent women on social media and post menacing messages on BFP don’t we? It must make you feel sOOOooooo powerful. Do you have a little wa n ky too?

  770. Robert Storey

    Is that the same Newman who was implicated in Paddys fraud. The same Newman who had to take down the Harlecon site? The same Newman who had to leave WK? He’s not of interest any more. Which wives would they be then?

  771. Anonymous

    It appears that some of the die-hard trustees (to be) are beginning
    to question what at first seemed a “call-home-free card”. In answer to
    Gabriella Klein (whoever she may be) -yes indeed if an outside investor
    ever comes aboard your TRUST will be subsidiary to whatever they
    would want to do. But don’t fret my sweets it will never get that far.

  772. Bobby's little todger

    bluster bluster bluster

    Yes Bob, the same Newman et al, but you went after their wives didn’t you Bob? They were a much easier target for you.

  773. Paddies Profile

    Paddy ‘Peter Binose’ O Halloran.

    We have enough intel on you writing style to come up with a 97.5% probability it’s you.

    Whatever next lol