BFP Reader warned in 2010: Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort built on a flood plain – Death and disaster predicted 3 years ago!

Buccament Bay Resort Flood Plain Death (click on photo for large)

“Alot of tricks. That Buccament Bay project in SVG is a disaster waiting to happen, it is constructed in a low lying flood plain between two mountains.

I expect to read any day that torential rains have washed the entire project, people and all, into the bloody sea.

Cellate and ICE Group could not build a pig pen for me.”

Barbados Free Press reader Gorillaphant comments July 25, 2010 on BFP’s Buccament Bay Resort: Harlequin alleges fraud, unsafe materials use…

Although BFP hasn’t heard from Harlequin Resorts solicitors, we see that Peter Binose and some other news outlets who published Peter Binose’s letter received some nasty communications indeed.

In for a penny, in for a pound and all that – and let the truth out.

“The greedy developers and government valued money over everything. They gambled with Joselle Small’s life – but it was Joselle, her husband and family who lost.”

Over three years ago on this very website, BFP reader Gorillaphant declared what any fool could see for hisself: Buccament Bay Resort is built on a flood plain between two mountains, so close to the sea and sea level that death and disaster was bound to come.

It was only a matter of when, not if. 

And as Peter Binose reminded all in his letter we published earlier today (Harlequin Buccament Bay flood tragedy – Caused by greed and stupidity)…

“Buccament Bay Resort was built on a known flood plane and areas that were known as swamp. Flooding of this area has been happening since the very beginning of the valley, which acts like a great funnel draining into the bay itself.

Everyone knew that, certainly the locals and most certainly the planners and government surveyors knew that.”

Joselle Small did not have to die, swept away by raging waters that were predicted three years earlier.

But the greedy developers and government valued money over everything. They gambled with Joselle Small’s life – but it was Joselle, her husband and family who lost.


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23 responses to “BFP Reader warned in 2010: Harlequin’s Buccament Bay Resort built on a flood plain – Death and disaster predicted 3 years ago!


    Soon BFP will Post PLANTATION DEEDS WARNINGS ON THE LAND FRAUD OF BARBADOS AND THE PLAYERS , We will not have to wait 3 more years.Time is at hand , the ball is on the roll

  2. It's cursed.

    Even if it’s insured ( won’t be) why would anyone want to go to a cursed resort? It’s an evil place bad karma and all that….mark my words – it’s over for investors and the whole Ames family.

  3. Anonymous

    Poor peter your real name is now revealed .I had my suspicions but now I am sure.

  4. akabozik

    If what Peter Binose says about the shortcuts in construction is true, Joselle Small’s death could be a criminal matter, much like using weak steel in a bridge. When the deaths come, the man who substituted the cheap steel must be held accountable. In this case, the men who built shoddily and gave the approvals should be held to account.

  5. Ames and Family just have a think about this.....blood on your hands

    This would invalidate any insurance, if indeed, they had any? Who would insure a flood plain……….

  6. St George's Dragon

    I am not sure it would invalidate any insurance. Surely that would depend on whether the past history of flooding had been declared to insurers.

  7. Terry

    What the head construction manager of Bb said.
    John Chadwick
    August 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm
    You do have some valid comments but I will clarify some of your comments Ridgeview construction of Barbados started the project on B.B. Ridgeview had on site a team of staff capable of carrying out any project in the world and finishing on time and quality assured. All our construction managers on site have worked on far bigger projects around the world all our foreman had previously worked on Canouan beach resort working to high standards most of our artisans had previously worked on Canouan with myself.We had a quality assurance scheme based on Costain Construction Q.A. gates system briefly the system is no operation can proceed until it has been signed of as complete and built to spec. Records of the Q.A.system whilst Ridgeview were on site I still have access to. The planning officer of Barbados visited the site to check the quality as we were to also build in Barbados his comments were as follows it is the best run site he has seen for along time and the quality of workmanship is excellent.
    To clarify risk of flood B.B. is built on a flood plain when Ridgeview started the project we did realise this and changed the original design of the foundations from strip footings as shown on the drawings to a raft foundation Barbados engineers designed the revised design we then determined the 25 year flood level and raised the terrace levels by one meter. The only risk of flood I would worry about would be from the ocean as the beach front cabanas were built 4meters over the flood line towards the ocean as instructed by the developer so that he could squeeze another two cabanas in much to my disgust this can and should be checked.The apartment blocks were constructed by Cellate/Ice construction not Ridgeview construction I do agree Cellate Ice did not have the experienced staff on site.Ridgeview left the site two years ago you have seen the site as of today not a lot as been achieved and it has cost the developer a lot of money Colin you must have worked on the site after Ridgeview left and ICE construction then carried on any queries from anyone on re B.B. I will give you an honest answer I do hope the project finishes as I still have many friends in S.V. who would love to work on B.B.

  8. Anonymous

    Terry Ridgeview knew about the flood issues when they worked on the project if Mr. Chadwick is to be believed . Ames had them removed from site for two reasons so Ames claims.

    1. Ridgeview misappropriated monies.

    2. Ridgeview constructed the Resort to a substandard level.

    In 2010 prior to the engagement of ICE Ames had a number of reports independently commissioned which Ames claimed demonstrated the shoddy and poor workmanship of Ridgeview.

    Coincidently ICE were subsequently accused of exactly the same issues as Ridgeview.

    PID and Andy Smith were accused by Ames of misappropriation after ICE were removed and on and on and on that particular saga goes.

    Mr. Chadwicks post of 2010 does not however concur with the release from Mr. Abrahams a few days ago.

    Someone is not telling the truth. Again the weight of evidence suggests that Harlequin are lying through their teeth.

    It has been nearly 6 years since Ridgeview were removed and nearly 4 years since ICE were removed. Ames set up Harlequin developments and then HD studio to build out the resorts including Buccament Bay. In the past 4 years Ames built Tennis Courts, Football pitches, Cricket nets, two restaurants. Campion the MD of Harlequin Developments and HD Studios stated that he had a full team of qualified professionals on board.

    It now appears that no attempt was made to deal with the issues of flood defences.

    About 2 years ago. The chief environmental officer visited Buccament Bay and the resort and tackled Campion and Ames on the issues pertaining to the flood mitigation and flood defences. Then Campion stated that Harlequin were in the process of having environmental studies carried out on the flood issue.

    One has to question in light of recent events where these reports are now.

    Terry we know Ames has been aware of the flood issues from day one. Its time that Campion and Ames were made accountable for their lack of action on the issue.

    But let us not forget the recent communication from Dan Abrhams and RL. RL state that Ames claims the resort is insured. And Ames claims that an insurance claim is being processed.

    Whilst I do not believe for one moment this to be correct, lets us take the claim by Ames that the resort is insured. The insurers would in this case have inspected the resort and would have been satisfied with the construction and flood defences and therefore would have underwritten the insurance.

    In doing so, the insurers would have been satisfied that all was well with the resort so no blame can be laid at anyone’s door.

    An act of God.

    But Ames is lying about the insurance. After all Ames lies about everything else.

    An interesting point not picked up by Garreth Fatchett of RL. Ames claims the resort was damaged but that the Resort has now been repaired and is functioning normally. Ames states he has a claim lodged with the insurers.

    So the question Fatchett should ask or indeed answer is where did Ames / Harlequin get the money from to carry out the repairs. Fatchett told us all that Ames / Harlequin had NO MONEY hence why investors had to contribute £200 + VAT towards valuations etc. And Ames and his wife have had their assets frozen by the courts.

  9. James Shaw

    I don’t believe for one moment the resort is insured adequately. RL have been very careful to state they have seen no evidence.

    Regarding the money question, should that not be directed at Crozier? He seems to be able to fly all round the World – how?

  10. Anonymous

    Can anyone confirm the rumors that Ames has been to Buccement Bay on Boxing Day?

  11. Dr sportman

    Can anyone confirm the rumors that Ames has been to Buccement Bay on Boxing Day?

    Only Blob story teller can confirm the answer to that question. course its all a figment of his imagination but he’s tries his best to not sound like a barking mad fantasist.

  12. Rivers of blood.

    He sneaked in to pick up some cash and went off again.

  13. Grandstand Bob and his cheque.

    Dave Ames told Bob to send a cheque, but don’t sign it.

  14. Mattvent Calender

    Day of Trial for Fat Matt?????????

    That’s odd no listing, has Dave Ames enlisted David Copperfield to make it disappear?

    Can I eat the chocolate or not? 😦

  15. Bob Storey

    I’m glad you can make a joke out of the suffering of others, low life.

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  17. PHIG - Message from Bob Ladell

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  18. Shame on you PHIG

    “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

  19. Lord Haw-Haw

    I know Dave Ames did not visit Buccament Bay, but want’s people to think he did……

    The roads were impassable to BB on Xmas eve, it’s another lie; he was on holiday and wouldn’t cut it short.

    Please!!!!!!!!!! if he went he would have been kissing babies and having photo shoots.

  20. Leaky Leaky Squeaky mole in the bunker

    When I worked for Harlequin BB insurance was none existent, Ames is telling more lies.

    Ask for proof see how far you get.

  21. It's cursed.

    He won’t show proof because he has none……. He will go bankrupt.

  22. Alistair Burn is on the (Alderley) Edge

    Times must me tough if you have to pimp out your house to pay the bills.