Murder of former Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson now six years cold

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Six years ago on December 28, 2007, retired Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson, aged 74, was murdered at the front of his home on a Friday evening as his wife and daughter were inside.

The killer’s trail has long grown cold and the police question how a man who retired 14 years previously could have been an assassin’s target over something that happened while he was either on the police force or head of Immigration.

It doesn’t seem square though – a 74 year old long retired man doesn’t get shot down as he reads the newspaper on the verandah with family and neighbours right there.

The murder of a former Chief Immigration Officer raises all kinds of concerns and questions. Obviously a man of Hutson’s experience and service would have made some enemies in a post where he was in charge of Immigration processing, investigations, charges and deportations. But Hutson was retired, and presumably would have little input or influence into current immigration matters.

IF his murder is associated with his service as Chief Immigration Officer, it would seem that it was either revenge for some past action – or to prevent Hutson from testifying or revealing information about something he knew.

Somebody knows something. There was a reason for this murder.

After two years of intense investigation, the murder of retired Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson, still remains a mystery to Police Investigators. Kenrick Hutson was a family man, a father of three children and husband of Coreen for over 44 years. He had a reputation of being a true gentleman among his peers and was well liked in his community and club circles.

Friends and relatives can think of no incident during his tenure as a Police Officer and Chief Immigration Officer that can be attributed as being a motive for his murder, 14 years into his retirement. However, on Friday December 28th 2007, at 6.50 pm Kenrick Hutson was murdered at his home located on Butlers Avenue, Spooners Hill, St. Michael.

Investigations indicate that the assailant walked from the direction of Codrington Hill, turned left into Butlers Avenue and proceeded to the Hutson residence. At the time of the incident, Mr. Hutson aged 74 was sitting on his verandah reading the daily newspapers, when the assailant entered the yard through the open front gate, climbed the steps leading to the verandah and shot Mr. Hutson several times about the body. The assailant then existed through the front gate and was seen running along Butlers Avenue towards Codrington Hill.

The assailant was identified as having a slim build, and dark complexion. He was wearing a whitish shirt, dark coloured pants and a cap with the peak facing front.

Crime Stoppers: March 17, 2010



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5 responses to “Murder of former Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson now six years cold


    Great Police work

  2. Over the past 25 years there are too many unsolved murders in Barbados requiring special awareness attention whereby weekly photos of victims with a brief report of date, time, place, location of death and family members should be published including places frequent’ed by the deceased such as Bars, Clubs,Sporting Venues etc. etc.

    Must not only be considered but implemented to solve these murders and cover-ups by those who knows the truth but remains silent. It is written; “When Two or More are gathered together in “My NAME” whatever they ask for, they shall RECEIVE.”

    Lets us therefore put aside a day and time of the week where we all meet in prayer to solve these murders through Jesus Christ. Amen.

  3. Yes, such can be solved via spititual solutions. There are also persons around who have special training and would be able to “recall” the entire episode had occurred. Seek those persons out and we will find those responsible for such an inhumane act. To those persons to whom I have referred, you know who you are, please offer your assistance openly or silently. Thanks.

  4. zimmy

    Pray for better police investigators.

  5. The Killer sounds to me like a guy who have spent some time and now wanted some kinda revenge from something that happend long time ago.