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Sir Charles Williams – no government contracts so I’m firing workers over 65 years old

Sir Charles Williams Barbados

Over 65? No place for you at C.O. Williams Construction Limited

COW Williams makes some valid criticisms about the uneven playing field for government contracts in his latest interview with The Nation, but he lost me when he told how he chooses to make people redundant: he fires people over 65 years old.

Williams retains people not by merit, or seniority and loyalty: exactly the opposite. The over 65 crowd is his target, for the most part the folks who have been with him the longest, who have shown loyalty and helped to build the company for decades.

But they are old now, not quite what they used to be. All used up, damaged. Slower.

So they are the first to go.

“Not one single monthly paid worker has gotten a bonus for the last four years in order that we can keep people to work. We had to look at the possibility of laying off some people. The last thing I want to do is to have to send home more staff. We have cut it to a minimum but we have had to send home staff, primarily those who are past 65 and that sort of thing,”

Sir Charles Williams talks to The Nation in Not fair, says Sir Charles

Am I being too hard on Sir Cow? He makes a good argument on how difficult and unfair things are in the awarding of government contracts, and it must be difficult to have to choose people to be made redundant.

But to reward long term loyalty by firing?

Shame. Shame, Mr. Williams. Shame.


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