Will Sinckler and Stuart surrender Barbados to the IMF – International Monetary Fund?

That's Sir Charles on the left!  :-)

That’s Sir Charles on the left! 🙂

Sir Charles Williams (otherwise known as “The Godfather”) says that all government employees should volunteer to take a pay cut to keep 3,000 of their brothers and sisters employed. The 3,000 are due to be laid off after Christmas because our government has run out of money to pay them.

This never happened with, what’s ‘is name?  Oh yeah… Prime Minister Owen $ Arthur.

Then again, times were never as tough as they are now.

The International Monetary Fund has recommended that Barbados destroy the lives of 3,000 government employees – to rip apart their families, take food from the mouths of their children, and eviscerate their finances so that our political class can continue to deposit money offshore.

We, the citizens of Barbados, have to decide if we will take this.

The Lord knows that we have done wrong in the the past 15 years when we celebrated politicians bribing us with our own money – when we turned a blind eye to the corruption and gang-ups that characterized Bajan politics.

What will we do now?

1937, that’s what!

The Nation: Take a pay cut!

The Nation: 3% option

It’s Unfortunate!


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18 responses to “Will Sinckler and Stuart surrender Barbados to the IMF – International Monetary Fund?

  1. Party Animal

    Should Sink – ler and Stuart surrender us to IMF I hope Bajans will react in a proper manner. WHERE ARE THE BEE’s Have they lost their sting or are they feeling guilty of being part of the problem.
    Three thousand jobs …which had no right to be in constructed in the first place, (on both sides) have to take the blame.
    Cut Ministers pay and Ministries, farm out Transport Board, Sugar Industry and many others, this should be great enough to satisfy IMF.
    Let us face it, IMF means our salaries will automatically be cut in half as our money will only be worth half of what it is now and all commodities will be doubled in price.
    I cannot help but to stress this point.

  2. What is being done in Barbados is being done the world over. It has a name and it’s called wealth transfer. I personally believe this is taking place due to resource depletion and is exacerbated by population growth.


    December 19, 2013 at 11:44 pm @ Think what you may , Better Learn its PONZI land fraud by the BLP and the DLP , It maybe happen all over the world , but in the world of Barbados it was man made , and Sir Cow is part of the problem for they were caught crooking Violet Beckles land as he please. goolge and learn ,
    right before the next election the worker will be re-hired so they can vote for them a gain after being out of work for 3years,
    So they dont need a 5 year loan they will do it for 3 so they many brag how they came out of what they put Barbados in.

  4. Party Animal

    Plantation Deeds’
    Bajans got short memories, if they call election in six months they would forget that they are out of a job.
    I say elections should be called tomorrow.

  5. Beefcake

    Bees are just as bad. Didn’t you see in the paper that their MPs weren’t willing to take a 10% pay cut? You’d think that the politicians would lead by example and be the first in line to have their exorbitant salaries cut.

  6. Konkieman

    The public service is grossly inefficient. No we definitely do not want to reduce everyone’s wages to keep these people on as you will now have tens of thousands of pissed off civil servants working for lower wages thinking they are worth more.

    Cut what is needed once and quick. I am sorry for their predicament but this is the reality we find ourselves in.

  7. Canby

    There is a basic reality out there in the world. The world has and is changing and Barbados cannot escape that impact. Governments everywhere are faced with the same problems and it’s the increase of costs, a stable tax base that is taxed to the maximum so they have to do a number of things.
    Reorganize and restructure how they do business and that means not replacing people who retire, cutting back on expenses, finding ways to improve efficiencies and reducing the size of government. Increase taxes or have user fee’s for certain services.
    One of the biggest problems is a government who is too slow to realize what is happening and what must be done. That is the case in Barbados this and previous governments who did not and do not understand the reality of their situation.
    As individuals if we don’t have the money to buy something then we don’t get it. If we borrow to the point of excess then we are in trouble and might have to declare bankruptcy. Unfortunately that is where the government is right now, they cannot pay their bills and everyone suffers.


    This is what the international press is saying today on Forbes.com about the Freundel Stuart administration. What the government has not said to the people of Barbados Today. “The other disturbing news from this tropical paradise is that #Barbados also now intends to borrow up to $225 million from Credit Suisse AG Cayman on an emergency basis, in order to shore up its reserves, maintain the sacrosanct 1:1 peg of the Bajan dollar to the $US, and continue funding various pet projects. The terms are usurious: $3 million in upfront fees for the bankers; IMF conditionality; a waiver of sovereign immunity; and variable interest rates up to 775 basis points over LIBOR,[vii] which Credit Suisse and other global banks have recently been accused of rigging.” See the terms of what can be considered LOAN SHARKING here – http://barbadosparliament.com/htmlarea/uploaded/File/Resolutions/2013/Resolution%20Credit%20Suisse%20AG%20Cayman%20Islands%20$225%20000%20000.pdf

  9. Party Animal

    AND WHEREAS the Government deems it necessary to
    borrow the sum of up to US$225 million from Credit Suisse AG Cayman
    Islands as lender and administrative agent for other lenders to assist with
    budgetary support including investment in infrastructure projects and to
    build the foreign reserves on the terms and conditions contained in the
    Agreement, the main provisions of which are set out in the Schedule;

    Administrative Agent ;: Credit Suisse AG Cayman Islands. .

    Administraive Fee: US$25 000 annually.

    My question, Is Credit Sussie a loan Shark ? What are the repayments, Bajans love to borrow they never think about paying back
    What is it costing the Country in pay back for loans over the last several years. If we default on the Prison Loan, will the lenders call in the loan on the Prison what do we do with the Prisoners? Send them back to St.Lucy ?
    Talking about St. Lucy, wasn’t the base to be sold to pay off the Prison Loan, what ever happened to that deal ? Usual Political B S.?

  10. Anonymous

    The god father? Hmmm. Poor stupid black educated barbadians. How can so few control and manipulate so many and have them act and think in ways to their detriment. We cannot emancipate our selves so hopefully Mother Nature, time and biology does soon as it relates to the god father specifically. That man never uttered a word or performed an action that was not to advance his own interest and the interest of his kind. He is so disingenuous that he brags openly about his supposedly good deeds for Barbados and barbadians. As if he doesn’t live here and as if the very Barbados and barbadians are not the source of the very wealth that makes him such an obnoxious braggart. Time will show that the unfair advantage that he and his kind has and the actions they took buying and selling off land to foreigners to enrich themselves and the expense of the black (brothers and sisters) as he puts it would have been the single thing to destroy Barbados totally.

  11. St George's Dragon

    If it is correct that there are about 30,000 public sector workers, then sending 3,000 home is a 10% cut. This talk about a voluntary 3% cut in salaries instead, will go nowhere towards solving the public sector finance problem.

  12. Rastaman

    @st george’s dragon : Sounds right to me .They need a 10% cut in addition to the 3000 going home who do nothing now.

  13. Tony Webster

    As Froon recently spelt “temporary” for everyone’s benefit, and even included an abbreviated meaning for the same, here goes:-
    I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-C-E: The opportunity and the authority for a country (and its people) to rule and manage their affairs without external hindrance, and to enjoy Sovereignty. Also: Not depending on any other person or entity for one’s welfare and well-being.

    Meaning: this also implies, an equal responsibility, for when things “doan go right”. Right? Doan blame the Whole Wicked World; God; and the Infamous Malicious Fiends. We knew all about everything when we took our leap of faith. Time to Grow Up.

  14. Tudor

    While Sir Cow is not a friend of mine, some people have said and continue to say harsh things about him like Anonymous. Maybe what you say is correct – i don’t know- but what i do know is that the majority of black people working for COW live in wall houses which have been built with the assistance of the same COW, blocks from Ready Block etc.
    So for the sake of balance we must give all the facts and just not what suits us to project a particular view.


    Party Animal @ People in this and other blogs want to think COW gave them some thing,Like Tudor, like a slave master , We sick massa ,we sick , hope we feel better as they out licks,
    Yes COW help build things , but at whos expense ,? Cow give you work , to get loan from bank he may own or have a part in , to get back his money at 100% more cost for the home and load longer,

    Jacking up prices thinking you got a good deal , They was Robbery, The land is for bajans at Bajans prices not usd$. Most land did not to be bought it could have been rented with full rights to build, Moving people from land rent to land tax , now taxes goes up at the asking of you DBLP Unity government when ever the rob the NIS or other banks of the people.NO VAT , nor taxes for them
    Its only a matter of time before they both fall.

    We will pick things up after COW falls ,and the Ministers finish running the game on the people.
    The People Must see first hand for the NEWS will only tell the truth or the lies the Ministers call for,

    No new Elections no time soon for they dont want a 3rd or 4th party to take over.

    Watch COW fall , lets see the COW jump over the moon ,

    They know we know and we right, so no one comes to us , with lies, so we can speak Free

  16. Anonymous

    Tudor you are brainwashed. You are the slave that does not mind being a slave because your master is kind most of the time. Let me break it down for you. If your master was kind you would not be a slave. And if you were not brainwashed you would understand that. You would also understand that you could be more than just a slave kept down at a certain level and patronized by your kind master with handouts while you praise him and speak of his good deeds further building his legend. It’s part of the con dummy! Idiots like you keep people like him in positions where they can further exploit people like you..

    A handful of people in this country continue to run circles around dimwits like your self and others. How is that possible? Cow will never have to come and defend himself. Never. 99% of the country wouldn’t dear speak against the godfather because they honestly believe the koolaid and he knows they will do any defending for him that he needs. You are a prime example of that.

    They live in wall houses eh… What low expectations you have for black people. Look everybody we live in wall houses thanks to the godfather. Me pappy nevr had it dis good. Make sure massa get more govmant contracts yahear!

  17. Party Animal

    St. George Dragon,

    I thought that it was only the Government that don’t know what the Hell they are doing, but the NUPW like they ain’t no better they must share the same calculator, they better check the % button.

    I say the Unions and Private Sector has to shut the Country down, send the Jokers packing and let us start from new….We need to do this by January 1. 2014, let us start the New Year right .

    DEVALUATION = DEVASTATION ………………….If you sick of seeing this wait till you can’t buy a salt break for $ 10.00 and you will remember these words.