Should financial advisors be penalized for recommending the disastrous Harlequin ‘investments’?

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

Harlequin & David Ames: Knew sales agents were lying to investors.

TailorMade Independent under the microscope…

“In total around 7,000 investors put £300 million into Harlequin, half of this, £150 million was invested on an advised basis.”

Gareth Fatchett, solicitor at Regulatory Legal, who is representing a number of Harlequin investors, said most of the advice he had reviewed was poor and had been motivated by commission. ‘99% of the advice I’ve seen is terrible, inappropriate, commission-driven stuff,’ he said.

It doesn’t get much worse than this, and we wonder when and if criminal fraud charges will be laid against David Ames and his cohorts. So many lives ruined, so many pensions destroyed.

Some new happenings:

FSCS writes to Harlequin promoter TailorMade’s clients

Harlequin investors hit out at TailorMade Group


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539 responses to “Should financial advisors be penalized for recommending the disastrous Harlequin ‘investments’?

  1. Party Animal

    Is there a school you can go to and qualify to become a crook like these fellows? And Bajans love to embrace people like them.
    Why was I not brought up to be a Bullshitter like the above? Maybe I would have a Swiss Bank Account too, or even one in Miami.

  2. Anonymous

    Again Ames will blame third parties. Look the agents sold the properties not me.

  3. Anonymous

    The SFO are still investigating Harlequin. Now you have Garreth Fatchett jumping on the gravy train. Taking money from purchasers for a trust. How many of those purchasers are Tailormade clients?

  4. Chris David

    I don’t think you can label Fatchett in the same mould as Ames, Tallormade Guardian et al.. If Gareth Fatchett gets something sorted and a result for £200 + VAT great- Then gaol/ Jail the wrong doers. I don’t care what Fatchett earns if he is honest and gets us out of hole.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. David. Garreth Fatchett of Regulatory Legal advertised for clients offering them solutions in obtaining either refunds from Harlequin or in the latter stages securing their investments by way of a trust.


    Mr. Fatchett originally stated that he had secured Statutory Demands against Harlequin. He stated that he had obtained Statutory demands in the Dominican Republic amongst other locations.

    Mr. Fatchett was incorrect on this issue. He was incorrect because insolvency law in the Dominican Republic precludes the use of Statutory Demands. They do not exist under D R Law.

    So how come Mr. Fatchett claimed he had Statutory Demands obtained against Harlequin in the DR.?

    He has never once attempted to answer this particular question or indeed any questions relating to Statutory Demands on his website.


    Mr. Fatchett claimed he was successful in obtaining a refund for a number of clients from Harlequin. This refund was to have been made by way of selling properties owned by the Ames family in Dubai.

    We found out subsequently through the Shipley’s LLP public report that the properties in Dubai were held in trust by the Ames family for the benefit of HMMSE and hence as a result of the administration held in trust for Shipley’s LLP.

    So those property assets could not have been liquidated in favour of a debt owed to purchasers nor it appears were they. One property has been sold with a balance of £165,000 owing to Shipley’s. Indeed Shipley’s have threatened the Ames family with legal action if this money is not remitted them.

    A bizarre move given that Carol and Dan Ames appointed Shipley’s as administrators to HMSSE.

    Again Mr. Fatchett refuses to be drawn into any form of debate on this issue as he states that this settlement is the subject of an NDA. This despite telling purchasers initially that the settlement involved the assets in Dubai.



    Then we had the trust. Mr. Fatchett claimed that he would not proceed with the trust without a mandate from 75% of the purchasers. Mr. Fatchett had told us that there were approximately 9000 contracts issued for Harlequin properties with approx 5700 purchasers holding those property contracts.

    Purchasers were asked to fill out a pink slip for each contracted property held by them if they wished to join the trust, and SIPP purchasers were also invited to fill out a blue slip if the wished RL to pursue a redress option for them against the SIPP Trustees, Providers or IFA’s.

    Then last week Mr. Fatchett stated that RL had received 1800 pink slips and as a result was proceeding with the trust and as a stated he was now banking cheques and that as the trust was proceeding there were to be NO refunds.

    Now with just 1800 pink slips out of 9000 or 20% Mr. Fatchett announced that the trust was proceeding. Having apparently done a U Turn on the need for a 75% mandate.

    Mr. Fatchett then proceeded to tell us that Harlequin and PHIG had between them a further “amazingly” 1800 pink slips, now turns out to be circa 1700 pink slips according to Harlequin, giving 3500 pink slips or less than 40%. Still far short of the original mandate as required by Garreth Fatchet of 6750 pink slips or 75%.

    Yet Mr. Fatchett has refused to explain his apparent U Turn.


    Mr. Fatchett’s email to purchasers was entitled “TRUST TO PROCEED”. On the face of it one would claim that this meant what it said, but again this is not the case. The trust is not proceeding, yet anyway. Mr. Fatchett pointed out in an email yesterday that the trust was proceeding to the due diligence stage.


    Then we had Harlequin update us and tell us that if the trust did not proceed that all monies paid by purchasers would be refundable. This was followed shortly afterwards by an email from Mr. Fatchett stating that from this point forward there would be no refunds irrespective of what happened with the trust.

    This in itself has caused much confusion.

    We now also have RL telling us they can do nothing more about the circa 1700 purchaser pink slips held by Harlequin PHIG or the further 5,500 purchasers who have not returned a pink slip. And furthermore RL and Mr. Fatchett have called upon Harlequin, PHIG and agents to do what is necessary for the protection of investors interests.

    This last statement from RL / Garreth Fatchett basically sums it up. Despite 1800 purchasers hoping RL and Garreth Fatchett would protect their interests for a non refundable £200 + vat. RL have basically now put the ball back in Harlequin’s court to obtain a mandate.

    RL and Garreth Fatchett are sitting pretty with £360,000 of more money from purchasers sitting in their bank accounts. Which now is non refundable.


    One would think it is now the 1800 purchasers who have paid their money. But is it ?

    Garreth Fatchett despite claiming to represent purchasers is stating that whilst he has seen the letter of intent from Financiers he is claiming that he cannot name them as a result of an NDA signed with Harlequin.

    But surely in his capacity as acting for the 1800 purchasers who have paid him he has a duty to inform his clients. If indeed that is what they are ?


    Furthermore to date Garreth Fatchett has not been able to state what assets will be held in trust for purchasers. On the other hand Harlequin have spelled out in no uncertain terms what assets will be placed in the trust.

    Those being the common parts of the 19.5 acres registered by the Harlequin companies in St. Vincent.


    Approx 6 ponds, and the public pathways and grass areas in the 19.5 acres.

    It also includes the retail village (not yet completed or operational with the exception of the Ice cream parlour.) But does not include any of the purpose built bars, restaurants or sports facilities.


    A valuation of the assets to be held in the trust some 230,000 sq ft would be circa £800,000.00. This may come as a shock to many. But the common parts being offered by Ames into the trust are not income generating. The pathways all have inherent right of ways for purchasers with villas and the only real value that can be ascribed to them is the current SVG price per sq foot of land. This equates to 0.2% of the total invested by purchasers.

    But even if we gave this land a value equivalent to 10 times current land prices, the trust assets value would be equivalent to 2% of the total money paid by purchasers.

    In the event of a liquidation of assets purchasers could recoup between 5 and 15% if Ames’s valuations of his land and resorts is to be believed. But the real figure is more likely to be be 5-6%. This would mean that the land value of the common parts would have to be 25-30 times per sq ft higher then the current SVG sq. ft land price in order to give purchasers a 5-6% security.

    In a nut shell the assets being proposed by Harlequin are wholly inadequate to provide any meaningful security to purchasers.

    If Garreth Fatchett were to have 100% of purchaser contracts signed up to the trust he would generate £1.8 million. As it stands he is hoping to receive circa £800,000.00 in fees to set up a trust with a value of between £800,000 to £8 million at the very top end.

    Some Other Questionable Items on the Trust.


    Both Harlequin and RL state that the trust will be independent of both companies. Yet Harlequin state that the trust will cost purchasers £50 a year. That is £180,000.00 per year on the current circa 3600 trustees. Or £900,000.00 for the proposed 5 year duration of the trust.

    Or £450,000 per year or £2.25 million for 5 years if all purchasers were to sign up.

    Who gets this money ? And what is the purpose of the £50 per annum payment ?


    Who gets to elect the members to the trustee board and surely it would be up to this independent board to decide on what fees if any need to be paid?


    Harlequin state that they have appointed an independent City Law Firm to look at the trust and to assist with putting together the trust documents. Rather bizarrely RL are paying for this. Both RL and Harlequin state that they cannot name this City Law Firm at this stage.

    The question has to be asked whether RL are using a part of the £200 per contract paid by purchasers to pay for the legal fees of the law firm being appointed by Harlequin. And if so WHY ?. Is this law firm in reality representing the interests of the 1500 purchasers who chose to pass on the pink slips to Harlequin and PHIG ? Yet now being part paid by the 1800 purchasers who entrusted Garreth Fatchett perhaps ?


    Harlequin have failed to provide any audited accounts for any of the Harlequin companies with the exception of HMSSE and an audited account for Harlequin Property SVG to year ending 2007.

    One would expect that full audited accounts be made available as a pre-requisite to any due diligence process. It also appears that Mr. Fatchett has not read either the qualified audited accounts for HMSSE by BDO and the following years disclaimed accounts. They refer to the uncooperative nature of the Ames family.

    Indeed Mr. Fatchett appears not to have read the various Shipley’s reports where they too state that the Ames family have not cooperated with them nor given them information they have requested.

    Indeed Shipley’s have taken the rather unusual step of passing a report on the directors of Harlequin to the CIB at a very early stage of the administration process. This IS NOT common practise to take such action at such an early stage.

    How does Garreth Fatchett propose to conduct the massive due diligence required in such a short period of time given the absolute uncooperative nature of the Ames family towards everyone else.?

    Some for months ago Garreth Fatchett commissioned a report on the condition of Buccament Bay but despite promising to publish the report has failed to date to produce it.


    Garreth Fatchett has also asked purchasers to make contact with the FCA, HMRC, UK Treasury and Local MP,s in a bid to force SIPP Trustees and Providers to the trust table.

    Indeed Garreth Fatchett provided templates to purchasers to use.

    The templates were however missing one vital piece of information, the ongoing SFO / Essex Police criminal investigation into Harlequin.

    Garreth Fatchett would know as a practising solicitor and officer of the court that MP’s cannot and should not interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation.

    Was this omission a deliberate attempt to mislead MP’s ?


    And how will Garreth Fatchett reconcile his due diligence against the backdrop of the ongoing SFO / Essex Police Criminal Investigations.


    Purchasers are being asked to waive their rights to sue Ames or Harlequin for a period of 5 years. Garreth Fatchett has however failed to explain to purchasers that this will mean they will be automatically time barred from pursuing Ames on the expiration of the waiver.

    This indeed is very odd for a solicitor who claims to be representing the interests of his clients.

    Harlequin on the other hand will not be waiving their rights with respect to contracts where purchasers will be unable to obtain a completion mortgage.

    Harlequin will also be fully within their rights to pursue purchasers for mortgage interest payments made previously on their behalf.


    Garreth Fatchett has furthermore failed to clarify or indeed update purchasers in any meaningful way on the issues raised by the SIPP Trustees and their reasons for not joining the trust at this stage.

    SIPP holders account for in excess of 50% of purchasers according to Mr. Fatchett. Indeed how many of the pink slips Mr. Fatchett has are from SIPP purchasers. Legally those pink slips should come from SIPP trustees.


    Garreth Fatchett has claimed to have sight of a letter of intent from third party financiers.

    Again why cant Mr. Fatchett clarify whether this is a letter of intent rather then an expression of interest. Big difference.

    And again if Garreth Fatchett is representing purchasers how come he personally appears to be bound by numerous NDA’s if he is the solicitor of record for purchasers / clients.

    How does Mr. Fatchett reconcile this alleged letter of intent against the back drop of the ongoing criminal investigations and past and continued uncooperative nature of the Ames family with Shipley’s LLP BDO and others, and in the absence of any audited accounts as required by law for Harlequin to produce in the various Jurisdictions in which they operate with the exception of the Cayman Islands.


    We doubt that Mr. Fatchett will be in a position to address any of the issues raised this side of the Christmas break as he intends to close off his Harlequininvestors Forum for the duration of the Christmas and New Years holidays.

    Indeed Mr. Fatchett may like to comment on why many purchasers have had probing questions removed from his forum shortly after posting them and why despite continuing to encourage investors who have not yet joined the trust to do so, has he removed and barred dozens more purchasers from his forum in the last two weeks.

  6. Anon

    Very interesting post Anonymous.

    The trust is wholly ill conceived in no small part given that the architects of the trust are the same parties that created the mess in the first place, Harlequin.

    The Ames family have demonstrated their absolute inability to operate a business and protect investor funds. The Ames family and senior management of Harlequin have probably engaged in criminal acts by inducing the least well off to invest in an unproven product by promising absolutely huge returns and raking off huge commissions in the process.

    Anyone who believes that the business will survive whilst Ames and Harlequin continue to control the company deserve to loose their investments.

    The trust will be established but the company will ultimately fail. Fatchett has banked the money now. The due diligence or more importantly lack of will not be a stumbling block to Fatchett. He cannot afford the negative publicity that would be generated should the trust not proceed.

    Fatchett has his SIPP redress claims now. And £800,000 + in the bank from the pink slips. He will blame the police for the inevitable collapse of this pyramid scheme.

  7. Anonymous

    Another long winded post by the Irishman, we have our eye one you O’Halloran.

  8. Ruffian

    The Ruffian gives the candidate a brush across the throat with his right hand, and at the same time relinquishes his hold with his left, steps quietly to one side, and permits the conductor and candidate td pass on to the Senior Warden’s station in the west, which is done by the conductor advancing very rapidly, pulling the candidate along with him. As they approach the west, the Senior Warden steps out as did the Junior Warden, facing the candidate, and, clinching him by the collar more roughly than the Junior Warden, exclaiming as follows:

  9. Ruffian

    “Most Worshipful King Solomon, we come to inform you that fifteen of us Fellow Crafts, seeing the Temple about to be completed, and being desirous of obtaining the secrets of a Master Mason, by which we might travel in foreign countries, and receive Master’s wages, entered into a horrid conspiracy to extort them from our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, or take his life; but, reflecting with horror on the atrocity of the crime, twelve of us recanted; but the other three persisted in their murderous design, and we fear that they have taken the Grand Master’s life. We therefore now appear before your Majesty, clothed with white gloves and aprons, in token of our innocence, and, acknowledging our premeditated guilt, we humbly implore your pardon.”

  10. Ruffian

    Our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff, having finished his usual exercises, attempted to retire by the south gate, when he was accosted by Jubela, who thrice demanded of him the secrets of a Master Mason, or the Master’s word, and, on his being refused, gave him a blow with the twenty-four-inch gauge across his throat, upon which he fled and attempted to pass out at the west gate, where he was accosted by Jubelo, who, in like manner, demanded of him the secrets of a blaster Mason, or the Master’s word, and, on his being refused, gave him a blow with the square across his breast, upon which he fled, and attempted to make his escape out at the east gate, where he was accosted by Jubelum, who, in like manner, thrice demanded the secrets of a Master Mason, or the Master’s word, and, on his like refusal, gave him a violent blow with the setting-maul on his forehead, which felled him dead on the spot

  11. O Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow's son?
  12. Anon

    Lol Ames wins the Irish case. Sells all the Irish man’s assets. Tells all the purchasers the Irish builder is toast. Yet his name keeps cropping up every time. He really does piss off the Basildon Bandit. Naw thats too nice a name for Ames and his family. Fucking scum thieves. Matty Boy headin to the old bailey 6th of Jan. One down 4 to go. Will be a good month Id say. 😉😉

  13. BBaywatch

    Much being made of the Tailormade debacle by the usual Harlequin trolls and and masonic morons – however, TM were not the only SIPP providers in trouble. I was recently shown a list of SIPP providers dealing in the HP product and my eye was drawn to one which only dealt in HP.

    Stadia, based in Colchester charged £1200 for set up and an annual fee of £900 and clearly had an eye for a winning investment but do seem to have been dogged by bad luck, and not just with HP…

    “a short term measure due indirectly to capital adequacy” could be the euphemism for these SIPP providers!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if things have gone particularly well for Stadia since February…

    That investment is now a Trust with investors represented by regulatory Legal.

    Now, it may well be that the only significance of this is that it demonstrates RL’s expertise in dealing with distressed investments – however, given the difficulties that they have had in getting HP investors to agree to a Trust you would have thought that news of a successful operation with another investment might have been useful in aiding their argument. Perhaps they have conveyed this to HP investors, if so only they appear to know – and are keeping very quiet about it.

  14. Confused Purchaser beginning to see the wood from the trees.

    I emailed Mr. Fatchett the other day and asked him if he would be asking the Irish Builder anything about Ames or Harlequin as part of his due diligence. He replied by stating that Mr. Ames would be most displeased if he Garreth was found talking to the Irish builder. I have the email.

    Just demonstrates who’s pulling the strings in the trust. Totally sad really. Thank you Mr. Fatchett.

  15. 33rd

    Shipley’s directors are Mason’s, there will be no legal recourse, that’s why they were appointed. Surely people aren’t that dumb?

    The Masons are the ONLY reason Ames is not locked up’

  16. Erica Broughton's Refund

    Why would GF he speak to that robbing fat tw4t? That’s of course if it were true?

  17. BBaywatch

    the auto moderator seems to take exception to some of my links, and as BFP do not appear to actually check posts here – the disgusting pornographic and idiotic posts would seem to prove that – here it is again with clues as to how to find the links.

    Much being made of the Tailormade debacle by the usual Harlequin trolls and and masonic morons – however, TM were not the only SIPP providers in trouble. I was recently shown a list of SIPP providers dealing in the HP product and my eye was drawn to one which only dealt in HP.

    Stadia, based in Colchester charged £1200 for set up and an annual fee of £900 and clearly had an eye for a winning investment but do seem to have been dogged by bad luck, and not just with HP…

    search for Stadia on New Model Adviser – Feb 27, 2013 at 10:13

    “a short term measure due indirectly to capital adequacy” could be the euphemism for these SIPP providers!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look as if things have gone particularly well for Stadia since February…

    search for Stadia IFA Online 18 Nov 2013 | 13:12

    That investment is now a Trust with investors represented by regulatory Legal.

    Now, it may well be that the only significance of this is that it demonstrates RL’s expertise in dealing with distressed investments – however, given the difficulties that they have had in getting HP investors to agree to a Trust you would have thought that news of a successful operation with another investment might have been useful in aiding their argument. Perhaps they have conveyed this to HP investors, if so only they appear to know – and are keeping very quiet about it.

  18. Anonymous

    Many unhappy campers on the RL forum this morning.

  19. Erica Broughton's Refund

    Cyprus, how is your bit of land doing, you investor you…. lol
    Mind you the refund never went back into the SIPP did it naughty naughty…..

  20. In the first degree.

    I wonder if the SFO will be looking at TM – I do know the answer wink wink nudge nudge 😉

  21. 666 or 999

    TM are really crapping themselves, it’s all about huge commissions. Funny how they managed to make a loss ……….where could all those millions go????? Let’s try and come up with some wild ideas????

  22. Erica Broughton's Refund

    Erica’s refund from Ames was paid from selling the Irishmans assets how funny is that!

    I bet he is bog hopping mad 🙂 it’s a hoot.

  23. GAOTU

    The SIPP companies will be forced into liquidation. Remember this.
    TM = big trouble
    So Mote it be

  24. GAOTU

    Are you not using a Masonic server?

  25. Freezing Order melted?

    The Corney / Crozier case is going to collapse, Ames is defending and purchasers face £300,000 plus in legal fees?

    Is Croziers cut refundable 😉

    Not such a good move…….unless you are Crozier.

  26. Sid

    @Freezing Order melted?, where did you get this information from?

  27. Roy Orbison - It's Over

    The only person that benefits from the Trust failing is the Irishman, Ames will get nicked later.

  28. what the f..k

    @SID he made it up to get a rise out of people on here . of course Ames will defend anything its in his nature , he cannot admit he is at fault .
    Good luck to the lucky few who can afford it , Im not bitter just skint or you would see my name there too .

    The trust will fail and that fat irishman will get Buccament bay . lets see how generous he will be with investors

  29. Cash Cow

    So, the £300k estimate if Crozier fails is wrong?

    That’s high stakes to me.

    If she wins 20% maximum is all they will get, and that will take years.
    She will bleed them dry, its her style.

    If it refundable? That’s a laugh 😉

  30. Anonymous

    So Crozier is suing Ames for breach of contract on behalf of clients and Ames is defending the action. Of course his first line of defence in this case is to claim the purchasers have no case. Lol. Of course they don’t. Not in Mr. Ames’s world they do not. No one has. Lol. Ames is now using his stool pigeons in an attempt to frighten purchasers from taking action. What a sad and pathetic little conman. Lol ha ha.

  31. Anon

    The only people to benefit from a successful trust are the Ames family. Has anyone been following the RL forum? In order for Ames to obtain finance he will need to provide security. Fatchett stated last week that purchasers will have to consent to allowing the assets held in trust to be used as security by the third party investors.

    Investors get screwed either way. They are just too blind and thick stupid to see it. And Fatchett will not show them in simple terms.

    No security, no investment, no Harlequin. Nothing for purchasers.

    Security for Financiers to come from security held in Trust. ( See RL site and Fatchett comment ). Investors then have no security, in addition they have waived their rights to sue Harlequin.

    Great for Ames, Shit for investors.

  32. what the f..k

    so purchasers have no case of course they dont thats a charity number on his letterhead not a vat number .

    Ames will defend anything and running to trial will cost money so sure some claimants may drop the mantle on the good money after bad system .

    Ames is a see you next tuesday in its finest form , pity everyone else rolls over for Ames it would be good to see him finally put in his place .

    even if I get nothing I hope some do just to show there is justice ( even for the lucky few )


    na course not ……… happy xmas

  33. doubting thomas

    Wtf – whats the point, nothing is working here from what Anon says the trust is a fraud , we dont know what money that odious little man has so its doubtful court action will get anything back .
    the police dont care , the government dont care and everyone must do the best for themselves in a bad situation .

    lets hope the new year brings a renewed vigour for the fight

  34. Chris David

    Anonymous thank you for this insight. Are you an “investor”? Are you taking any action(s)?
    OK general questions. I have a Guardian SIPP. I have asked Guardian repeatedly to show me the due diligence they did re Harlequin because I relied on them. They will not show it so I am taking action. They have told me straight they will take my entire residual cash fund in fees over the coming years. I may as well just give then the money now. So apart from the action I’m taking through legal’s, I’m putting together my own file over a few issues i.e fees (circ8%) the DG and business connections between the two.
    I am digging but making NO allegations. I just ask questions- for now.
    I find Kathryn Taylor- CE of Guardian Pension Consultants has as her main connection on her LinkedIn pages- photo and all! one Katherine Manderfield (nee Wooler) former Sales Director of Harlequin. On Manderfield’s LinkedIn page we have Kathryn Taylor as a contact. So I am asking Kevin Webb- Minister for Pensions and the FCA to look into the dealings and relationship between these to individuals. I doubt I have to explain why. You see now I have done more extensive DG myself, I find there was plenty of evidence to suggest that Harlequin nor its directors were ever suitable for a SIPP investment. So why did Guardian allow it? If they undertook proper the DG they were negligent because with all the evidence about they should not have allowed it. If they didn’t do the DG they were negligent. In order to try and help all Guardian / Harlequin investors I ask- does anyone here have any knowledge or information that I could use in my questionnaire file? Does anyone have any useful questions they think I should ask of Taylor- Manderfield, The Minister Kevin Webb tor the FCA?
    Thank you

  35. Anonymous

    Chris David – Bravo for you. Finally I have read a post by a clear-headed
    investor (I am not an investor) who is taking actions that are sane and
    logical. Please keep us who are not in the UK apprised. I wish you nothing but the best…

  36. Chris David

    Thanks anonymous- I’m going to need best wishes and more. So any info anyone?

  37. Anonymous

    You are suing them. You are offense + they are defense. Make them
    prove that each and every point in your contract was honored.
    Where did you invest?

  38. Anonymous

    Former Arck partners face six fraud and forgery charges, could this be TM next?

  39. Katherine

    £300,000 to take this to trial would be a conservative estimate, one wonders if the investors really do have the money or stomach for such action?

    How much have they paid thus far, £10,000? 😉

  40. Chris David

    I know what you’ll say but I don’t have funds to go private so I’m using RL to go for Guardian. I am however, as you have seen, doing my own work on it. I’m very concerned about he relationships that existed on between Guardian and Harlequin.

  41. All seeing eye.....

    They will cave Chris, trust me on that.

  42. All seeing eye.....

    TM will be looked at too

  43. Anon - reasons unknown

    Well done Chris David. You’re doing exactly the right thing – taking action.

    You are right in all you say about a). Guardian having a responsibility (duty of care) to check the investment was appropriate for you and that you were made aware of the risk and that that risk was appropriate for you (i.e. that it wouldn’t matter to you that there was a good chance you were going to lose every penny of your investment); and b). they had a responsibility (duty of care) to carry out DD on the company before dumping all your pension into it.

    I don’t think you have a chance with the Wooller linkedIn issue, and that won’t help your case, so I’d try to give up on that. They will both get their just deserts in time without you having to waste your energy. LinkedIn is a business network to it’s quite understandable (from an ‘evidence’ perspective) that two people who had done business together are contacts on LinkedIn.

    Have you thought about representing yourself legally? People do do it so it must be possible!

    Good luck.

  44. Anonymous

    Well Katherine the investors had enough to put $400,000,000. into
    the reach of DA.

  45. Anonymous

    Her % = millions

  46. Anonymous

    Thieves. Scum. Katherine manderfield, Simon terry, Dave ames. The builder. Now fatchett. Bleeding idiots dry.

  47. The fourth part of a circle - the square

    This forum has no credibility. No one cares what paddy, Mann, Erica have to say anymore. Nor do they care about the pro harlequin stuff.

    Things have moved on.

  48. All seeing eye.....

    @The fourth part of a circle – the square

    The great unwashed on this forum do not deserve our help.

    So mote it be.

  49. James Shaw

    I have been advised that a very close inspection of TailorMade ( in administration) will be carried out.

    What did they do with all that money? Follow the money……… and find the answer.

  50. Files for sale.

    Bob’s upset ;(
    After setting up all Harlequins IT systems he has been pushed out.
    Obviously that will have caused a few problems between DA and his Mrs, Bob married DA wife’s sister.
    Bob may have a copy of all those important back up files? Could he have sold them to the Irish builder – who knows?

  51. Chris David

    Thank you for your kind comments Anonymous, All Seeing and others. Well RL have a file and have submitted the claim now. I’ve agreed a deal so I’m loath to break my word. The Taylor/ Manderfield thing is no more than an attempt to find out of the DG process was undermined through a business relationship. I’ve been around a bit and know how these things may- I say may just work. Its interesting that Manderfield is Taylors only featured contact. Even has her photo on her page. She has other background contacts but Manderfield stands out, very prominent. In Mandefield’s profile (she’s back in the game- different outfit) she states she “pioneered the sales of Harlequin properties through the SIPP vehicle”. So I think the FCA and Kevin Webb- who claims as Minister for Pensions he is actively looking at SIPP providers should be aware checks may need to be done and the relationships/ business dealings examined. Apart form the general matter of proper conduct it could help the claims against Guardian. I’m sure the FCA and KW will form their own opinion if I can present them with a brief but relevant file. Thanks again.

  52. Chris David

    Ooopss for DG please read DD- I think I’m dix lex ic

  53. Anonymous

    -CD –
    If DD protocol were compromised chances are that other T’s weren’t
    crossed and I’s dotted. Good Luck

  54. The Great Architect, of the Caribbean

    Looks like the trust is happening……….

    Pre Christmas Update LInk


    We have issued the final video update of the year. It covers all the major points and allows everyone to understand where matters are before we break for Christmas.

    The link above and this direct link – will get you there.

    We would ask you to view the video as soon as you are able. All the older updates are available on the “Investor Updates” tab.

    As for the festive jumper on the video, why ever not !

    One final update on Monday with the SIPP payment mandate. After that, we are closed down until the 6th.

  55. Highest Inspector Grandmoose (HIG)

    Looks like things are finally falling into place very clever process that’s been going on for 12 months, often behind closed (lodge) doors.

  56. Anon

    Yes everything is falling into place nicely for Ames with the exception of course of the fact that he, his wife and son all face arrest and prosecution.

    An awful lot has truly been going on behind closed doors. Most of which Ames would hate the world to know.

  57. Chris David

    Will it all come out? I can’t see what the SFO are doing- are they still active?
    I need to concentrate on priorities- getting my modest pension back and hopefully away from Guardian. But revenge- well I wont pretend it wouldn’t be suite (pun intended) and I don’t mean a hotel suite.

  58. Happy to meet..................

    @ Chris David
    Not officially, no. Don’t worry.

    Things are happening, SIPP’s will fall in line. Bob Ladell has been told to back off.

    Ames will be dealt with but not before the Trust and security are set up . If things work, it will be looked on in his favor – he has been advised of this.

  59. Anon

    The SFO is still very much involved in investigating the Harlequin companies and the Ames family.

    The trust is being promoted by Harlequin and the Ames family not because it assists purchasers but because Ames has been advised that such a move will assist him with his defence once he is charged with criminal offences.

    RL have already opaquely warned investors that the assets placed into the trust will be required as security by the third party financiers if this finance was ever to be made available.

    GF claimed today on his video that the Harlequin assets are worth in excess of £100 million. This ahead of instructing any independent valuers.

    So no surprises when the assets will be valued in excess of £100 million.

    And today’s video was in bad taste. Fatchett with his X mas jumper and a gift on his desk.

    Many investors will struggle this x mas, despite the Christmas Cheer from Fatchett.

  60. Anonymous

    Anon 12:38
    Having been a licensed real-estate agent in the US some years ago it
    was NEVER a problem to find an Appraisal Firm that would come in
    with just about any figure one wanted. I will be fascinated at how all the
    far-flung Harlequin properties in many countries will be appraised.
    I have just re-read each paragraph you wrote above and you seem to
    have a spot on handle on the mess.

  61. Anon

    One wonders if Mr. Fatchett has messed things up for clients in the past. Mr. Fatchett may not be all he is made out to be.

    It appears Mr. Fatchett engages in excellent PR, however this PR might just hide a rather less successful past.

    More to follow……….

  62. Anon

    Harlequin are to engage a 2nd set of London based solicitors to assist with the establishment of the trust. Oddly enough RL are to pay the fees or as we suspect it will be those who have paid over money for the establishment of the trust.

    We suspect this has more to do with Ames wanting to keep the trust alive should Mr. Fatchett locate his moral compass as a result of being unable to justify the findings of his due diligence.

    Another oddity in this whole bizarre story is that Mr. Fatchett has chosen to establish the trust before carrying out due diligence or valuations.

    Which does beg the question, why bother with the due diligence. Mr. Fatchett has told us all the past is the past and we cannot wind the clock back. The due diligence will in the main deal with historical issues.

    It is now clear that Mr. Fatchett wants to save Harlequin and the Ames family. But sadly appears to be doing so at a considerable cost to the investors, but they cannot see this yet.


    All this talk about Due diligence

    Its is very sad to follow the drama of Harlequin and RL represented by Mr Fatchett. How can any investors accept the scam that is going on and now seems to involve RL. What kind of due diligence is he talking about? if you have any common sense you would understand that the due diligence will fail. Why are they at all talking about the proposed security? if you live in St Vincent you would know that the security proposed has more or less no value. Who are they consulting in this matter? It is a set up for complete disaster and act of greed, The money collected for the trust is ridiculous, To Form a trust cost less than 5000 US$ and to maintain it less than 2000 US$ a year. Give and take a few thousands due to the number of investors. There are many ways to rip of people but this is a sick attempt to defraud the poor investors of more money and to save Mr Ames and his family.

    Give up your support of the trust if you cannot get proper security, why accept the pathways and public areas with no value when there are other ways to secure the assets owned by Harlequin.


  64. Anonymous

    The Harlequin assets are worth less than US$30m. This includes the two planes and the mess on south coast of Barbados. Noone has heard of Harlequin in the DR, fyi.

  65. Bog hopping

    Paddy will his ex chum……….

  66. Paddy McGinty's Goat

    How did Harlequin get taken for so much money?

    It looks like David Ames and Harlequin weren’t looking out for investors’ money when they let Padraig O’Halloran get so far over the line. Harlequin says that O’Halloran misspent $13 million out of payments of $50 million intended for the development of the Buccament Bay Resort.

    You could laugh if it was Ames’ money – but it wasn’t. It was the ‘investment’ of people who trusted that their units would be built as Ames said they would.

    My, my Oh My! What a mess…

  67. Potato Head

    A developer unlawfully diverted over $13 million for his own benefit and “lavish lifestyle” out of some $50 million intended for the development of a luxury resort in the Caribbean, it has been claimed before the High Court.

    Pádraig O’Halloran used some of the money to buy properties, a private jet, a grand piano for his girlfriend and also paid €120,000 to Weddings by Franc, the wedding organiser featured on TV.

  68. Potato Head - sacked by Ames.

    Harlequin Property, run by Wickford businessman Dave Ames launched the claim against Padraig O’Halloran, 43, from Cork in the Republic of Ireland, director of the ICE Group, after dismissing the firm in 2010.

  69. Potato famine

    Two UK accountants were at the heart of a fraud case in Ireland in which Caribbean property company Harlequin won more than $2m in damages from a former contractor.

    Sitting in the commercial High Court in Dublin, justice Brian McGovern handed down a ruling on 25 July that Padraig O’Halloran, managing director of construction firm ICE Group, had misappropriated funds meant for the construction of Harlequin’s Buccament Bay project on the Carribean Island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

    The development was one of several that ran into trouble, ultimately pushing Harlequin Properties in administration on 23 April this year. The case continues to arouse controversy and further court cases are in the offing. In the Harlequin v O’Halloran judgement, the contractor was found guilty of fraudulent misrepresentation and deceit and ordered to repay $1.9m and €120,000 in damages to Harlequin.

    The court noted allegations that O’Halloran had misappropriated $13 of the $50m paid in total by Harlequin to ICE Group.

  70. Potato famine

    The fat bald Irish lump is unhappy because if the Trust happens, he will have nothing to chase Ames for if he wins.

  71. Potato Head in the sand


  72. Bob deux de lâche face

    Logically, the only person(s) hho would write anti Reg Legal / anti-Trust propaganda is:

    1. One’s that have a grudge against RL – maybe certain agents, IFA’s or SIPP companies who face legal action.?

    2. The Irish builder, who apparently had a case for tens of millions against Ames / Harlequin?

    It’s not Ames because it’s in his interest,
    It’s not PHIG because they are no longer relevant,
    It’s not investors, because nobody has come up with an even slightly better option to look at

    It only leaves the obvious.
    Very nasty individuals who benefited from us in the first place, one by stealing from Ames / us; the other by taking huge commissions for bad advice.

    The fact that they only comment on anonymous blogs says it all? Why not show your face on RL’s blog?

  73. Erica Broughton

    It’s totally wrong to try to blame the Irish builder, he was trying to expose Ames for the conman he is.

    Just like all the IFA’s and SIPP companies who just take big massive commissions then when you chase them they just totally lie about who they are and what they said.

    tick tock look at the clock karma is coming

  74. Anonymous

    Again this thread gets filled up with rubbish in an effort to push the meaningful discussion out of view.

    To believe that all investors support the trust is indeed naive. To believe that there are no other third party creditors who oppose the trust is also naive.

    The Irish judge awarded 0.3% of deposits taken by Harlequin back to Ames. 0.3%.

    Or less then 0.1% of sales. Are Harlequin trying to say this was enough to bring down Harlequin. It appears this is what they are trying to allude to.

  75. Anonymous 1

    Is not the Irish case being appealed ? What of the judgement gets overturned ? Ames and others hardly lied in the Irish courts now dis they ? They hardly resorted to using forged documents now did they ?

    If Ames had used forged documents would investors trust him ? Would Fatchett trust him ? Is Ames not cooperating with Shipleys because of the Irish builder ? Was it because of the Irish builder that Ames did not cooperate with BDO ? Has Fatchett got information about Ames that Fatchett will impart as part of the due diligence process or will Fatchett attempt to sweep this under the carpet?

    Why establish the trust before the due diligence. ? Why state you have a mandate before verification of the pink slips from Harlequin. ? Why has Garreth Fatchett been able to get the support of only 30% of investors for his proposed trust.?

    So many unanswered questions.

    And a word of warning to all. The trust does not protect the investors. If Mr. O Halloran or indeed any other litigant either now or in the future were to be successful against Ames, the trust and the trustees are NOT protected under UK LAW. Indeed trustees would become PERSONALLY liable for any unpaid awards made against Harlequin.

    Amazingly Fatchett has not mentioned this little gem.

    Why do you think the waiver of legal action is so important to Fatchett ?

  76. Anonymous

    -Erica…..When that mid-night knock on the door comes it won’t be for
    you or the Irish builder – it will be for Ames….You know that, I know that
    but there are still many, many, many who won’t give up their dream.
    It is just so, so sad.

  77. Paddy McGinty's Goat

    @Anon aka Irish ‘theef’ I prefer to keep it simple you nicked many millions, that’s wrong – simples!

  78. Friday = Fish

    Amazing how a thick Paddy can almost sound like he actually knows what he’s talking about. More lies and waffle………..

    The moon is made out of cheese…

    Give me some actual examples Paddy?

  79. Buying a ring with money you nicked!

    n papers lodged in the High Court, it is claimed that Padraig (Paudie) O’Halloran used money given to his companies to buy a €39,000 ring, lease a private plane and buy property.

    The 40-year-old developer, who has an address at Gurland House in the exclusive Sandy Lane resort in Barbados, is being sued both here and in the Caribbean by David Ames, the owner of two Caribbean islands-registered companies.

    Mr Ames claims that $52m (€40m) was paid over to Mr O’Halloran’s companies to build a major hotel and resort development, which were then allegedly left unfinished. Mr O’Halloran denies the claims.

    The proceedings in the Commercial Court here concern the alleged transfer by Mr O’Halloran of some €1.14m to Bank of Ireland and Permanent TSB accounts.

    An interim freezing order on the accounts has been continued by the court until August.

    A former employee of Mr O’Halloran, Trisha Young, said in an affidavit that: “A key motive behind the siphoning off of funds was to continue to enable his beloved girlfriend, Suzanne Floyd, to live her lavish lifestyle.”


    In an alleged email to Ms Young in April 2009, Mr O’Halloran said: “I would send Suzanne all of my money or Dave’s money. I only ever ask for more money so I can send more to Suzanne.

    “F*** Dave Ames, the p****, he knows nothing, I have lied to him about the value of work. All I care about is Suzanne, she is my whole world.”

    “I have spent almost a million dollars on the house in Barbados, I have sent so much money to Suzanne to the tune of $306,000, plus $250,000 for salaries.

    “Dave can go to hell before I will finish his project. I will spend his money and f*** off, he will never catch me. He is an IDIOT.

    “What person in their right mind just gives people money without making them accountable? I have met a right fool.”

    Mr O’Halloran said in an affidavit that the allegations against him by Mr Ames and Ms Young were “unsubstantiated, untrue and highly prejudicial”.

    He also claimed that the emails allegedly sent by him were either forgeries or had been tampered with.

  80. $50,000 of our money? On a Party

    Padraig O’Halloran (42) was looking at a range of jets and had made payments towards a $1.5m (€1.1m) Falcon jet in the Caribbean, as well as attempting to buy a racetrack in St Lucia, the court was told.

    Mr Justice Brian McGovern was told that in one payment out of $200,000 (€147,000), a reference was made to an allocation of $50,000 for a Halloween party.

  81. Erica Broughton logic

    But come on it was only a teeny weeny percentage 😉 That makes it all ok??

    I got my money back screw you lot Broughton

  82. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    The ‘percentage’, is that the best you can come up with Paddy?

    How much were your assets that Ames sold worth? What percentage?

  83. Anon

    3 years and 6 months ago ICE Group were removed from the Buccament Bay project. In documents filed in the courts Ames was able to obtain freezing orders against ICE. It was subsequently discovered that these documents were forged.

    Ames made many allegations in the Irish court. He went as far as to suggest that RLB were complicit in the fraud yet to date has refused to state whether he intends to pursue them for professional negligence.

    Ames is a prolific liar, hence one of the reasons for the appeal in Ireland. The SFO and Essex police are still pursuing the Ames family and others associated with Harlequin.

    Whilst Ames attempts to divert attention away from his own CRIMINAL actions, today’s postings in the main being a graphic illustration of this.

    But aside from all that. In the three and a half years after ICE Group were removed from Buccament Bay Mr. Ames continued selling properties. Continued taking in multiples of millions in deposits, continued taking huge dividends, continued being wholly uncooperative with his new accountants BDO and with Shipleys and indeed the authorities.

    Continued to use the threat of legal action against anyone who would dare speak out against Harlequin and the Ames family.

    Purchased the village inn in St. Lucia with purchasers money to add to his personal property portfolio in Dubai and elsewhere. Is now having a large 1,000 sq mt built for him in Bequia, this villa being built despite owing investors millions. Owing local staff millions and owing Caribbean creditors millions.

    Ames claims the village inn is making a profit, if so where is this profit going.

    Someone has rattled the little Basildon’s thief’s cage. His loyal bunch of moronic thieves again jump to his defence.

  84. Anonymous

    What childish comments from Harlequin. If Ames sold all the assets owned by O Halloran and the ICE group surely this mitigated the losses claimed by Ames to a very large degree. I am not the Irish builder but I handed alleged due diligence documents over to the SFO and Essex Police. See these documents were false.

    Some were even forged and included false accounting records.

    Am I wrong to have done this. Will this have an impact on Mr. Ames’s ability to continue in business.

    I passed a video on to the authorities post 2010 where Katherine Woller at a sales meeting in Wales stated that investors money was held in escrow. That the value of Harlequin’s assets in the Caribbean was in excess of 1 billion. That the guaranteed mortgages were in place.

    This video was on U tube. It was then highlighted on Harlecon and within a week was removed from public viewing.

    Ames is a thief. A liar. And a bully. Now he needs a trust not to help investors but to help keep him and his cohorts out of prison.

  85. Anonymous

    This Christmas lets not forget the 1000’s of investors / victims. Those who through the slick marketing of Ames and Harlequin were lead to believe that all they had to do was pay £1000 with nothing else to pay until completion.

    Let us remind ourselves how Ames, Dalligan, Woller, Stenning our good friend Ryan and others convinced purchasers to lie on their mortgage applications, helped along by Ames’s good friends in the now defunct Progress Mortgages in Essex.

    Let us remind ourselves how Ames got purchasers in their hundreds to commit mortgage fraud.

    Let us remind ourselves how thousands of purchasers handed over cash to Ames with 50% of it given out in commissions.

    And let us not forget that this Christmas thanks alone to the Ames family and much of the Harlequin staff, that 1000’s of purchasers, suppliers and Caribbean will not have the Peaceful Christmas the would have hoped for. And facing into a New Year not knowing how bills will be paid or if their pensions are lost.

    Facing certain financial insecurity, whilst Ames and Co. carry on ducking and diving and blaming everyone and anyone but themselves for this mess.

  86. The Irish Builder Thief.... O'Halloran - the one who stole OUR money

    Ames is a thief. A liar. And a bully. Now he needs a trust not to help investors but to help keep him and his cohorts out of prison.

    I agree with this , but so it the Irish builder.

  87. TS

    3 years and 6 months ago ICE Group were removed from the Buccament Bay project. In documents filed in the courts Ames was able to obtain freezing orders against ICE. It was subsequently discovered that these documents were forged.

    Proof Proof!!

  88. Anon

    TS the police have the proof. The SFO have the proof. And Harlequin have the proof. They forged court documents, due dill documents, created false accounts over the years and continue to cooperate with various accountants, state agencies etc.

  89. TS

    December 22, 2013 at 6:06 pm
    Hello Erica, still crazy? Looks like it.

  90. Anon

    Correction continue NOT TO COOPERATE……

    Now TS this forum will not put the Ames family and those others within Harlequin behind bars.

    That will be up to a jury. But this WILL happen.

  91. One flew over the cookoo's nest

    Medication time!

  92. Anonymous

    TS Will Harlequin reinstate the mortgage payments on behalf of purchasers in 2014 and back date the missed payments?

    Will Harlequin refund all purchasers who want a refund in 2014?

    Will Harlequin provide the promised and guaranteed mortgages to purchasers ?

    Will Harlequin make public all their audited accounts in 2014 as required by law ?

    Will Harlequin pay all monies owed to Third Part suppliers in 2014 ?

    Will Harlequin produce independently verified and audited occupancy figures for both Buccament Bay and for the Hotel Blu in St. Lucia ?

    Will the SFO and Essex police prosecute Mr. Ames and others ?

    An answer to any of the above would of course be most welcome.

  93. Anonymous

    Ouch it sure does appear like Ames has been well and truly rattled again.

    There have been some very good comments on this forum and as usual Harlequin once again have demonstrated their inability to engage.

    Proof you ask. Proof ? Listen TS and Co. It is time you guys PROVED to investors that they will not loose their investments.

    That’s all the proof investors are looking for. Proof that Harlequin will full fill their contractual obligations.

    Harlequin is insolvent. 200 million + paid in commissions. So prove to the investors that they will loose nothing.

    Proof Proof Proof.

  94. Chris David

    I’m still interested in the Katherine Wooller – now Manderfield comments. So there’s proof she said clients money was held in escrow? Does anyone know what her relationship with Kathryn Taylor of Guardian was? They have connections via LinkedIn. Wooller / Manderfield claims to have pioneered SIPPS as a vehicle for investors. What arrangement if any was there between Taylor of Guardian (who has threatened me with personal legal action for asking questions and brought up the subject of personal gain from “these people”) an Wooller / Manderfield of Harlequin?

  95. TS

    December 22, 2013 at 7:06 pm
    Answer to all NO

  96. Anonymous

    What more proof do you need its over. Just waiting for the fat lady to sing…..

  97. Blue Flashing Lights

    TS you answered all the questions correctly with the exception of the last one. The SFO / Essex Police will come knocking in 2014.


  98. Ames a thief plain and simple

    Again Harlequin have attacked Mrs. Broughton.

    Who is Mrs. Broughton ?

    A woman who’s husband invested his pension in Harlequin and as a result of Harlequin’s inability to do as they were contracted to do a woman who asked for her husbands money to be refunded.

    Harlequin refused to refund her husbands money so she went very public. At times demonstrating her absolute anger.

    All Mrs. Broughton and her husband have done was to invest in Harlequin for their future. A future which now remains unsure.

    Mr. Broughton had no access to the money in his pension but Mr. Ames was able to convert Mr. Broughton’s pension into cash. Pay his company a 50% commission and use the balance not to build the Broughton’s investment property but to build something else.

    That is the crux of the argument. Yet Ames and his supporters continue to attack Mrs. Broughton and portray her as some sort of deluded pariah figure who’s sole purpose is to destroy Ames and Harlequin.

    Lets not forget it is Ames who took her husbands money under false pretences. In essence he has stolen their money and they are not happy.

    Of course Ames and Co are not happy that Mrs. Broughton has been so vocal about this.

    So for months they have sought to demonize her and her family on this and other forums.

    Ames hopes that this behaviour against the Broughton’s will serve as a warning to other investors not to attempt to be so vocal about their plight.

    Then we have the attacks by Harlequin supporters against Carter Lemon Cameron on this site.

    CLC are representing a group of clients who again are owed money by Harlequin and the Ames family.

    To date CLC have been successful in obtaining freezing orders against Dave and Carol Ames. The CLC clients have asked for a refund of their monies. Monies paid by them in good faith to Harlequin and Ames. As a result of Ames and Harlequin failing in their contractual obligations the CLC asked for refunds as they are entitled to under their contracts. Ames refused to pay them back so this group took Ames to court.

    A judge was so convinced of their case that he allowed an order for the freezing of some of the Ames family assets.

    Yet on BFP Harlequin and their supporters have been telling us that Ames will take this case all the way to trial. Of course also pointing out to investors that this will cost CLC clients a fortune.

    But Harlequin and their supporters fail to understand that CLC’s clients are only looking for what they are contractually entitled to. That is their money back given Ames’s inability to make good on HIS contractual obligations.

    CLC will win the case, of that there can be no doubt. Its a simple case of breach of contract. And Ames will end up coughing up those legal fees he and his supporters harp on about.

    But again this is just another lousy attempt by Ames and Harlequin to frighten investors out of taking legal action against Ames and Harlequin to recover what is rightfully due to investors.

  99. Anon - reasons unknown

    Well said “Ames is a thief plain and simple”.

  100. The Essex Developer Thief......... Ames Dave & Carol-The scum who stole OUR money.

    So Ames sold all the Irish Builder assets……

    So how come Ames did not give this money back to investors ????????????

    Or use this money to help pay for the trust…….

    Or help with a month or two mortgage payments……….

    So why were Carol and Dave Ames able to fly first class to Australia recently……..

    Why did Dave also fly First Class to the Caribbean…….

    And how come all the UK based staff got paid their full Christmas pay yet staff at Buccament Bay remain unpaid or on half salary.

    Ames his family and senior members of the Harlequin companies are all lying thieving scum.

    And they will continue to lie and cheat their way through the mess they have created.

    They will blame the likes of the Irish Builder by ironically demonstrating their complete inability to control and secure investors funds and their abject mismanagement of the businesses they control.

    Carol Ames’s admission in the Irish Courts that she had no idea how her company was being operated was an absolute disgrace.

    She still owns Harlequin Travel. And she and her husband hope to continue to run the Harlequin group.

    One hopes that the Shipley’s report on the stewardship of HMSSE by Carol and Dan Ames to CIB will result in the banning of these two individuals from being directors of companies for a very long time.

    And we look forward to the New Year and the arrest of the Ames family and others and the charges that will follow.

    Let us not forget the trial of Matt Ames which begins on the 6th of January. We all look forward to seeing that scumbag sent down.

    Happy Christmas Matt 😊😊😊

  101. Katherine

    Paddy is a thief – convicted
    Broughton had her money back 100%
    Ames will go to trial 100%
    Freezing order how much has it cost? ouch….
    How much will it cost for a trial? ouch ouch…..
    Best offer 20% less your costs = SFA

    Happy Xmas losers!

  102. Ames the thief will be convicted

    Katherine you cant get convicted in a civil case 😊😊so please your ignorance is disturbing.

    and the judgement is under appeal.

    CLC case, best offer ?????? BEST OFFER ??????

    This is a trial you fool.

    The judge will make the award. This is not something where Ames has any control. Its not about Ames making a take it or leave it offer of 20%.

    A typical uneducated response from an avid supporter of Harlequin.

  103. Anonymous

    Katherine – so if Ames paid the Broughtons back 100% a legal
    precedent has been set. If it wasn’t Harlequin/Ames that paid them
    it would legally have no bearing on a claim that they have with

  104. Anon - reasons unknown

    What always rings through in the pro-Harlequin responses is that they play dirty. Harlequin and their supporters – dirty crooks.

  105. Anon

    Why don’t Harlequin make play of the fact that the Broughtons have been paid back.

    This would demonstrate that Harlequin are indeed happy to refund investors who seek a refund.

    This begs the question as to why Fatchett claims Harlequin is broke and investors need to pay for valuations etc.

    Whats even more bizarre is Fatchetts claim that a third party financier carried out all the necessary due diligence on Harlequin and is willing to provide finance. This surely included a valuation.

    So why do investors have to pay for a valuation if one has been carried out ???

  106. Anonymous

    If the Broughtons were paid back by HD then a precedent was established
    and all the other claimants can charge favoritism. Won’t look to good
    in a court.

  107. Anon

    Nothing to do with Harlequin will look good in any court.



    If someone post the truth on this forum about the mess Investors are in, a bunch of contributors to this forum suggests that it is the Irish builder writing. I have met both the Irish Builder and Ames on several occasions, if you ask me, I have to say that they worked together and whatever happened between them is for them to resolve, I am quite sure Ames was part of the plan to defraud the investors, but Mr Builder probably wanted to keep the funds for himself, probably because he thought Ames had enough of investors funds in his pocket.

    But what about Mr Fatchett, what is his motive? And who is his partner in crime?

    Why is it so difficult for a legal firm to evaluate the present assets of Harlequin before the trust is up and running. It does not take much of common sense , time or money to conclude that all those efforts to form a trust and secure the pathways of Buccament bay is a total failure. I would cost the investors more or less nothing to engage a local lawyer in St Vincent and a surveyor/valuator to evaluate the question marks related to the proposed security.

    It is a sad story and those poor investors are taken for a ride once again. Do not accept to send any more funds to RL. you will lose it all.

  109. Loony tunes

    Paddy got as greedy as Ames – both bad one got nicked – both w4nkers

  110. Katherine


    Simply because SVG is a nasty little island where corruption is a way of life.

    You should know O’ Hallaran

  111. Katherine

    IF THE EVIDENCE presented in an Irish court is accurate, a rich Irish developer spent large sums on a lavish lifestyle in Barbados and elsewhere.

    The trouble was Padraig O’Halloran was allegedly spending other people’s money, according to a high court judge in Dublin.

    That’s why the judge ordered the property developer with a Barbados address to pay 1.5 million euros (BDS$4.0 million) in damages for allegedly misappropriating large sums paid to his companies for a luxury Caribbean hotel project and resort.

    O’Halloran, who rented an expensive mansion in Sandy Lane where he spent holidays in Barbados, vigorously denied any wrongdoing. However, Justice Brian McGovern found that the developer, who had addresses in both Ireland and Barbados, had diverted the equivalent of almost BDS$28 million for his personal benefit in order to finance what the court eventually described as a “lavish lifestyle” in Barbados, Ireland and elsewhere.

    According to evidence presented in court, O’Halloran’s companies received BDS$100 million for the Caribbean property but he reportedly misappropriated millions of those funds to his own personal benefit, stated a published report in the Irish Times.

    The money was originally paid by two Caribbean companies – Harlequin Property SVG Limited and Harlequin Hotels and Resorts Ltd owned by David Ames of Essex England.

    After hearing the evidence, Justice McGovern found “persuasive evidence that O’Halloran had shifted funds paid by Harlequin and spent the money on matters that were not connected to the Caribbean project which was not finished.

    For instance, some of the funds were allegedly spent to buy a private jet; a race track in St Lucia; to rent a lavish mansion in Barbados; and on a $130 000 diamond ring for his girlfriend.

    In addition 150 000 euros went towards the expenses of a wedding in Ireland, which did not take place, the judge found. The equivalent of BDS$5 million was diverted to Ireland, the court stated.

    In his judgment, Justice McGovern said that the evidence showed t the developer had knowingly or “at least recklessly” assured Harlequin that phase one of the five-star resort would have been opened on July 1, 2010 when he knew a year earlier that it would not. O’Halloran has denied all the allegations.

  112. Anonymous

    Katherine dear, are you tone deaf? Ames ALLOWED this to happen.
    How can you continue to defend such stupidity? The answer must
    be that you are equally as thick.

  113. Anon

    No one got nicked yet and what’s more it is the investors who have paid for the Irish case and investors who will pay for the appeal whether the appeal is won or lost.

    Investors by signing up to the trust will under English law be liable for debts or costs Ames or Harlequin will be unable to pay.

    So if CLC win their case and the trust is established and Ames / Harlequin cant pay, the investors in the trust under UK law could be each liable.

    If O Halloran wins the appeal and Ames cant pay, and given the fact that Ames has sold O’ Hallorans assets, well sadly under UK law investors will be stuck with the bill.

    How much were these assets worth? $10 million + $5 million in costs plus $ 3 million + in damages.


    If suppliers pursue Ames and Harlequin and are successful and Ames cant pay well under UK law the trustees are liable.

    If the investors who’s actions are before the court in St. Vincent and Harlequin / Ames cant pay well trustees will be liable for this too under UK law.

    If the SIPP insurers pursue Harlequin / Ames as a result of the redress actions by Fatchett and Ames / Harlequin cannot pay under UK law the trustees will be liable.

    And the trust is being established under UK law.


    Investors need independent legal advice. INDEPENDENT.

  114. Anonymous

    If I were David Campion I would get my back-side out of Barbados
    subito-pronto-schnell-rapido immediately!

  115. Anon

    Katherine Ames continued selling properties for nearly 3 years after all this allegedly happened.

    You use the word allegedly throughout your post.

    And the case is being appealed. So its not quite over yet.

    And one can see why it is being appealed, why would Mr. O Halloran be holidaying in Barbados as you allege when his companies had their HQ there ?

    Mr. O Halloran claims the contract was for in excess of BDS $200 million. So 10% profit is $20 million. At least he built something.

    Ames took in excess of a Staggering $624 MILLION


    This UPFRONT before barely a SOD was turned.

  116. Anonymous

    Katherine – It was that nasty little corrupt island that gave your
    patron citizenship and probably be where he faces his last stand.
    What would prison be like in Kingstown? Not very pleasant I should

  117. Anonymous

    In addition to the above Anon. Lets not forget the 16 million Barbados Dollars the Ames family stole from investors to buy property in Dubai.

    Or the 3 million Barbados dollars Carol Ames paid out to her family every year.

    Or the 7 million BDS dollars Dave Carol and Dan Ames forked out for their new palatial pads in Essex.

    Or the 6.2 Million BDS dollars Ames forked out on a 2 day bash at the Grove Hotel in London in 2009. Ames boasting at the time that it was the most expensive lavish bash of its type at the time.

    Or the 15 million BDS Dollars Ames used to purchase the Blu Hotel in St. Lucia

    Or the millions on other overseas properties, or the vineyards in Australia, the planes, the Villa in Bequia, the vacations in the Maldives, the monthly first class flights to see their daughter in Australia. The offices in the UK.

    It all adds up.

  118. Anonymous

    Katherine you have taken your post directly from an article in the Nation News Paper in Barbados. The article appeared after the Irish Judgement yet the Nation News Paper’s legal team felt it necessary to use the word “ALLEGED” throughout the judgement given the pending appeal. You however have appeared to have omitted or altered parts of the article.

    The article starts by stating the following,

    ” IF THE EVIDENCE presented in an Irish court is accurate “, and this is exactly how the article starts with the first three words in bold capitals.

    See Katherine even the legal eagles and journalists and editors of the Nation News Paper suspect the evidence provided by Ames to the court may have been fabricated.

    Now why would they think that ?

  119. Anon

    Any post which high lights the issues pertaining to Harlequin seems to be followed soon after by attacks on the Irish Builder or others.

    It is three and a half years after the Irish builder was removed from Buccament Bay. A period in which Ames took close to £200 million in deposits.

    £100 million which was taken in commissions. The huge commissions. Very large dividends and failure by Ames to secure either external finance or mortgage money for investors is the sole reason why the Harlequin business model failed.

    Ames promised investors end mortgages. A promise he knew to be untrue.

    Ames paid mortgage payments on behalf of investors from new sales. When the new sales dried up so did the mortgage payments.

    Had investors known that 50% of their deposits would have been used to pay commissions and another chunk to pay mortgage payments on behalf of previous investors I wonder how many would have invested in this.

    Ames’s annual capital commitment towards mortgage payments on behalf of investors was in excess of £12 million pounds. Or for the benefit of Katherine in excess of $38 million Barbados dollars.

    Just to service this debt alone Ames would have had to sell in excess of 200 properties.

    The business plan was always predicated on using new money to service existing debt.

    But the new money was in itself additional debt. So the debt just kept increasing.

    Some in legal circles argue this to be a ponzi scheme.

    What is definite is the model as set up was a pyramid scheme. When new sales dried up the ability to service ongoing debt immediately ceased.

    The clever bit though and the bit that is taking the authorities time to unravel from a legal perspective is that the debt was not Harlequin’s.

    Ames managed to convince investors to borrow money on his behalf. Harlequin and indeed Ames had failed on numerous occasions as far back as 2006 to raise bank finance.

    Without external finance to accelerate or more importantly just to fund the build Ames had no hope of completing any of the resorts.

    And he knew this. But Ames had entered into the pensions market where vast sums could be unleashed. In 2011 Mark Sawkins then VP for Harlequin announced expansion plans into South America even though Ames had yet to purchase one piece of land in Brazil. Ames announced expansion plans into Oman, Dubai and Jordan.

    Harlequin agents even began selling properties on a Harlequin mega resort in Jamaica. With some agents claiming to have sold out the first 200 units there.

    Then Ames entered into the market of purchasing distressed properties and refurbishing them. And on the selling went but in the background little or nothing was being achieved.

    The issue of the lack of mortgages for the investors further compounded the issue.

    We need a reality check here. Many investors were finding it difficult to pay Fatchett £200 + vat. How would these purchasers have in all reality qualified for an overseas mortgage. Many investors committed mortgage fraud for just the initial 30% deposits.

    Lying about the purpose for your mortgage to you bank or financial institution is fraud, plain and simple. We have seen many cases where the Ames family openly condoned this.

    Another reality check. Ames was claiming he was going to share the net room revenue with investors on a 50 / 50 basis. This did not include F&B revenues and ancillaries such as sports revenue and spa revenue which Harlequin would have retained.

    Buccament Bay is currently being advertised on Expedia for £850 per night. Giving £425 a night to Ames from the 50 / 50 room share. In reality the figure would be 40% higher for Ames given that Harlequin would not share the F&B revenue. So Ames’s share per room per night would have been £600.

    Katherine Manderfield and all of the agents told us occupancy levels would have averaged 85%. Lets take the off season rate at £300 per night, so the average income to Ames would have been 9000 × £450 × 311.

    This equals a whopping £1.3 billion pounds a year.

    Add to this the investor take at 9000 × £250 × 311

    This equates to an additional 700 million sterling.

    Giving Harlequin revenues of £ 2 billion per year or USD 3.12 billion per year on 9000 properties.

    Now lets take the Marriot Group. They have in excess if 660,000 rooms in 74 countries worldwide and in 2012 had revenues just shy of $ 12 billion.

    Marriot are 73 times bigger then what Ames has sold.

    There is something seriously amiss here. For those not in the know Marriot own Ritz Carlton and the revenue generated by the 5 star Ritz Carlton brand is included in the USD 12 billion.

    To all those who have been to Dubai and seen the Iconic 1600 room Palm Atlantis. This was valued in 2010 at $500 million USD. Ames has told us that Buccament Bay is valued in its current state at over $200 million USD.

    I do think we all had a very serious wake up call.

  120. anonymous

    Anon 22nd 11.11pm Most relevent post as it deals with a preventable scenario ,its a situation which should arise under DD ,as I have said before Also why give up a contract with someone that owes you to become part of the company that owes, could this be deemed an unfair contract under UK law .Think about it UK law as you deal with an offshore company with no accounts,by accepting that situation any future legal issues are in your lap ,

  121. Jester

    Erica & Paddy nobody reads all these long boring posts, can’t you see people are just winding you up?

  122. Not the Irish builder

    Here’s a thought for Xmas , Fatchett by his own words has over £500,000 from harlequin clients for the trust . Let’s assume the others ,staff and Ifas who sent their forms to harlequin now pay Fatchett ,that again by his own words gives him a further half a million quid ,so one million quid in the pot to play with .Remember the fee is not refundable should the trust fail on due diligence . As yet there are no estimates for the cost of due diligence process or trust documents or legal time spent on this.
    CLC , according to Katherine the fees are 300k BUT assets are secured already to the value of the claim , so all they have to do is win the trial which they most likely will .

  123. Katherine

    Yes, but if the Trust fails you have lost circa £240 ( are you expecting people to work for free?)

    If CLC fail, well we are talking, at a guess £25,000 per person with DA costs? Have they got that?

    What options do you think investors should do? Oh wise one?

    The outcome of any Court case is a gamble.

  124. Not the Irish builder

    Morning Katherine how’s the office today full of festive cheer I hope .
    I’m not wise just factual and there’s nothing in my post to cause offence just facts and an opinion . Very sad to hear court cases are a gamble I had always had faith in the legal system in the U.K but then again I have never been to court perhaps I should bow to your obvious experience in that matter

  125. Chris David

    Who is Katherine? Manderfield?

  126. James Cannon please p*ss off and be quiet

    Anonymous@ December 20, 2013 at 4:29 am

    I have spoken to Harlequin about your comment and they know from your writing style that you are a Mr James Cannon of Eleven Capital and no fixed abode.

    Stop being an idiot or you will be contacted by the FCA. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  127. Chris David

    Who makes the last post please?

  128. Anon

    No your wrong its O Halloran. No no its Broughton. No no no its Newman but we cant say this any more because of an NDA.

    No its James Cannon.

  129. Anon

    Chris, Eleven Capital and James Cannon were rolled out by Harlequin some months ago as the financiers for Harlequin.

    Eleven Capital then did their due diligence and walked and now like everyone else face stupid threats from Harlequin.

    Really says so much about Harlequin and the Ames family.

  130. Chris David

    Thanks. I’d still like to know if anyone has info on the jiggery pokery between Harlequin and SIPP providers. Yes we have info on various IFA’s- but it goes deeper and could do with exploring. IFA’s and agents- guilty as they often are, remain a nice shield for the SIPP’s!

  131. Anonymous

    Katherine and your option would be ……….. ????

    Let me guess, even though Harlequin took investors money under false pretences and are in breach of contract. You advise investors not to take legal action against Harlequin.

    What was the point in having a contract in the first place so ?

  132. James Cannon please p*ss off and be quiet

    Eleven Capital wanted a lot of money for no results. That is what really happened but I guess anon knows more about it just like all the other anons who get everything wrong all the time.

  133. Suzanne Floyd


    Where is my usual Christmas present ?

  134. Why did Paddy fallout with Dave ?

    Did Dave enter into relations with Suzanne ?

  135. Anonymous

    As usual someone else’s fault. Ref James Cannon.

    On the subject of Christmas presents, RL are pushing hard for the SIPP trustees to give RL the money from SIPP investors balances.

    Let us hope that the New Year brings us some good news with respect to the arrest and charging of David, Carol and Dan Ames along with Daniel Dalligan, Katherine Wooler Manderfield, Simon Taylor and Simon Terry.

    Let us hope that 2014 is the year in which the above named individuals are finally made to account for their actions.

    Wishing everyone with the exception of those thieving scum a Peaceful and Happy Christmas.

  136. Anonymous

    -Anon 2:44
    I guess its tough to be a Christian…peaceful and happy Christmas to you.

  137. Anonymous

    Don’t know about Ames’s relationship with Suzanne but I remember well the great time we all had with Royd and Co. in the Cayman Islands. Lol Dave remember the masseuse you had? She massaged you in places Carol never knew you had. Oh what great memories.

    And Brazil lol. You had a smile on your face from ear to ear leaving your hotel room that Thursday morning. And it was not from selling properties. 😌😌😌😌😌

    And poor old Tammy. Carol gave you the ultimatum there. It was Carol or Tammy. We all know that pissed you off. But heh the upside was that Carol began to make an effort by trying to emulate an 80 year old hooker.

    Carol how we miss your poetry and the duck eggs.

    And we remember fondly helping you and Dave to collect all that rather dirty cash late at night. Then coming back for tea and biscuits.

    Thank the lord that you transferred all the cash over to Dan and Nicola before those bastard investors froze you and Dave’s accounts. Ha ha nice move. No one ever thought about going after Dan and Nicola.

  138. Anon

    Hard to be Christian when on the day before Christmas eve, the parting words from RL were, we want your money.

    But I have been assured that Ames and Co. will face criminal prosecutions in the new year and I have been reliably informed that they had a very uncomfortable time of it last week.

    I hope investors do try and enjoy this Christmas.

  139. 33rd

    James Cannon please p*ss off and be quiet
    December 23, 2013 at 11:57 am

    James is a Brother and did not write that.

  140. Poor Paddy and his ex.

    I have been informed Sexy Suzzy Floozy, left the Fat Irishman because of his weird relationship with Erica……

  141. Poor Paddy alone...........

    Just for Paddy

  142. Just for Suzanne....

    This one is for my world Suzanne – keep the ring.

  143. Bob & Alistair

    Bob Ladell (PHIG) is in an unnatural sexual relationship with Alistair Burns from TaylorMade (in administration) That explains a lot of things.

  144. Paddy a love sick thief plain and simple

    Paddy, did you get the ring back, just that Dave said Carol had her eye on it.

  145. Anon

    For all those who are looking to join the trust, the following should make interesting reading.

    Of Regulatory Legal, the judge says: “29. In my judgment the Claimants and their solicitors have not been well-organised and have not had a clear command of the Civil Procedure Rules or the management of the case when breach of an “unless order”… became almost inevitable”

    Read on an Happy Christmas.

  146. Anonymous

    Ouch and the defendants were ELS International Lawyers LLP. Now called ELS Legal.

    Good work Mr. Fatchett, We hope you will do a better job with respect to the due diligence you may carry out on your chums from Basildon.

    And have you advised, that the trustees of the trust will be liable for any or all monies owed by Harlequin should Ames or Harlequin be unable to pay any future claims once the trust is established????????

    Not sure you have Mr. Fatchett.

  147. Anonymous

    Now the idiots from Harlequin can resume their churlish comments.

    Well it appears that Ames did not get all of Paddies assets after all, Poor Carol did not get the ring. Oh well. At least she will get a pair of connected bracelets very soon.

    And where she is going she will not need rings for a very long time. Nor will she get any Christmas gifts. A collective awwwww by all.

    Happy Christmas Carol.

  148. wot no link!

    The link don’t work ya cock

  149. Winners

    Anon – What you fail to mention is that RL won the application.
    They are suing ELS for negligence on behalf of 120+ people.

    They won and took a few blows in doing so. Point is, they won.

    They will win here as well.

  150. loser

    A win is a win Erica.

  151. United Grand Lodge England

    December 23, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    The Trust will be Masonic members, so we can afford it, small beer to our organisation.

  152. Money Money!!!!

    Merricks Beach Resort developer says O’Halloran stole funds to woo woman with jet set lifestyle!

    Diamonds, chartered jets, a home at Sandy Lane, Barbados – apparently nothing was too good for Suzanne Floyd, or so say the court documents.

    Money can buy you love (until it runs out) ask Paddy

  153. David Mann

    Why attack RL so much ?

    Yes, you don’t want the trust to proceed.

    Why ? You want to keep the money you stole to give to Suzanne.

    Small beer for Erica. She is not worth the money you splashed on Suzanne.

    RL are pretty reasonable people. You approach things all the wrong way. By attacking them, you run up against the masons.

    You will not beat the masons. No catholic builder has the connections to do this.

  154. Bro Mick

    A few predictions.

    1. Matt Ames will get 7 years in January 2014
    2. The Trust will fail at due diligence stage in March 2014.
    3. The IFA’s / Agents will be sued in April 2014.
    4. The SIPPs will be sued in May 2014.
    5. David Ames will be arrested in April 2014.
    6. David Ames will be charged in August 2014
    7. Harlequin will go into liquidation in June 2014

    When I say, predictions, you need to know these are masonic predictions.

    They will come true.

  155. Ar bist ya

    Anon 7:11

    Worry not, RL will give every risk warning known to man. They ain’t stupid.

    They know Harlequin is a bag of spanners. However, the due diligence has to be done to prove it.

  156. Anonymous

    -Bro Mick
    More importantly when will Buccament close down?

  157. Anonymous

    @ wot no link. I take it you are one of the senior members of Harlequin or indeed related to the illiterate Mr. Ames.

    The link does not work you cock. Or the link does’nt work you cock.

    But to put it in your words. The investment in Harlequin dont work ya cock.

  158. David Man

    The names Man one N. The name’s David Man. And I have all the dirt on Ames and his wife. Dont I Dave ya cock ?

  159. Anonymous

    cocks that’s pervy Bob’s department

  160. Carved from stone

    Bro Mick.
    In stone that’s what we do. Masons.
    So mote it be

  161. Anonymous

    The link, Ironically courtesy of Fatchett’s chums at no. 5 chambers.

    @ Winners I see you are acquainted with the case. A win is a win, however I fear it was despite Garreth and his chums rather than because.

    Went down a treat in legal circles here in the UK.

    Click to access High%20Court%20grants%20first%20post-Mitchell%20relief%20from%20sanctions%20-%20Judgment.pdf

  162. Anonymous

    I am neither a mason nor an Irish Builder, but I would not touch Mr. Fatchett with a barge pole.

    He is a nice lad but well known as being a lazy lawyer.

    Harlequin needs attention to detail and this is something Fatchett is renowned for not doing.

    The judgement posted earlier is but one of many examples of this.

  163. So mote it be

    He is a nice lad. He also wins the vast majority of his cases.
    He is also a mason and extremely well connected.

    Find us a RL loses link ! bet you cannot.

  164. So mote it be

    Ps – Fatchett will not be doing the Dud Diligence. He is going to instruct No5 Chambers to do it.

    No stone will be unturned. Worry not.

  165. Chris David

    Oh CFS don’t you mean smote! No guess not- just thought it apt 😉 mote it is.

  166. Anonymous

    CD – Take it easy with the Christmas Cheer (liquid type)…

  167. Carved from stone

    Pervy Bob is in trouble with his last update, he as not done as instructed.
    The wrath of the Masonic brethren will be instigated.

  168. Jachin

    You, the great unwashed have no idea what the Masons can do. Bob will rue the day he crossed them.

  169. Anonymous

    Back to reality. What most want to see is the Ames family removed from the equation along with their merry band of second hand car salesmen.

    The trust will fail the due diligence but at least Fatchett tried.

    This has nothing to do with Masons. Ames is an illiterate, inarticulate, greedy, self obsessed conman and thief. His wife Carol whilst playing the part of dumb bitch, is indeed a bitch but she is far from dumb.

    Both have as a result of their greed put the abuse of pension funds firmly in the spotlight.

    Of course they could not have achieved this alone nor could their loyal band of used car salesmen, Dalligan, Stenning, Taylor, Dan Ames and Co. as all are just as inarticulate as Ames.

    Manderfield / Woller had more intelligence and cunning and hence was one of the primary architects of the fraud.

    She in turn was supported by Simon Terry who is as bent as a banana.

    Terry is a disgrace to his profession. He along with Harlequin’s Caribbean lawyers provided the manifestly false due diligence to the IFA’s and SIPP providers.

    This is why Ames does not need Fatchett stirring that particular bag of shite.

    Dave Man has been mentioned on this forum, a former partner of Ames, yet Ames has never attempted to stir this little hornets nest.

    Mr. Man has the keys to the closet with all the skeletons. God forbid if these keys have fallen into the wrong hands. Where is Mr. Man now ?

    Ames and his dysfunctional family, Carol, Dan, Matt and Nicola are nothing more then lowlife thieving lying scum.

  170. Black Ball

    Yes Paddy agreed, apart from the Masonic stuff. They are involved,it’s well known you are not in that club – nor would you be accepted.

  171. Anonymous

    Black Ball – It certainly is not “Paddy”. He appears as inarticulate and
    ridiculous as Ames. Whoever knows the Dave Man connection sure
    knows a lot more than me…

  172. Former ICE employee

    Appearances can be most deceiving. Mr. O’ Halloran has a lot of friends in the Caribbean and is no fool. Rough around the edges yes but a fool no. You want to find Mr. Man then look no further then Mr. O’ Halloran. Whatever Mr. Man has on Ames you can rest assured Mr. O Halloran has it now. Ames knows this.

    Many people in the Caribbean accept that Mr. O Halloran was shafted by Ames. Ames shafted most of his contractors in the Caribbean at one point or another.

    My father once told me, if you want to deck an Irishman make sure he does not get up again, cause if he does he will come after you.

    Many of us were offered bribes by Ames to turn on Mr. O’ Halloran. Most refused. But you will always find a few greedy bastards. The nature of the beast.

    But investors swallow and lap up the constant BS from Ames and Harlequin. Ames is reviled in the Caribbean. Don’t take my word for it come see for your self.

    The investors money is lost. Ames will never build in St. Lucia. The farmers he took land from took the land back because of breaches of contract.

    Merricks will never be built. And patience with Ames in St. Vincent is fast running out. Comrade Ralph will not be in power forever and he does not appreciate the heat Ames has brought upon him.

    Ames was run out of Jamaica. And has little support in the Dominican Republic.

    But you guys believe what you want. Baffle those ignorant UK investors with masonic conspiracy theories all day long. Masonic membership counts for jack shit in the Caribbean. Money talks in the Caribbean and bullshit walks.

    And Ames ain’t got no money. But he is full of bullshit.

  173. Anonymous

    Help! The only David Man I can find happens to be a gay bar in
    Pattaya, Thailand. How the hell would that tie in?

  174. Gay Bars

    If Bob Ladell there too? One of his bum buddies got upset on the RL blog when his dirty ways were commented on 😉

  175. Alistair Rae Burns (TM director in Administration)

    Mr Alistair R Burns is feeling a little down in the dumps recently, apparently the private school fees for his children are causing some financial distress.

    Let’s all feel sorry for him, all those millions nothing left ;(

  176. A mole in the TailorMade Hole.

    Yes Alistair is fed up.

    No income to speak of, huge outgoings and a mortgage the size of a small countries national debt.

    Now he knows what the pensioners he ‘advised’ feel like – what goes around comes around.

  177. The Prefect Perpendicular

    Worth over £2 million don’t feel too sorry for Mr Burns, we are watching the situation very carefully.

    More later….. we have a report.

  178. The Prefect Perpendicular

    When the major facts of an individual’s life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice – if married he might retain a mistress or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence [easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue], or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging Masons network of 600,000 contacts [2] [this number has perhaps increased by at least a third since this article was originally written in 1984, though it’s normally accepted by the UGLE that there are 400,000 members in the UK, though as I say, I believe the figure to be much higher. Perhaps Knight was also referring to other Freemasons further abroad, or other affiliations such as the Rotarians, Odd Fellows etc.], a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motives for joining.


  179. Le grand architecte, des Caraïbes

    @Former ICE employee
    It’s pretty obvious you are not on the level, or you would know better than to mock the Masons.

    Ignorant fools

  180. worriedinvestor

    They will be looking at all related companies, no doubt the Irish pig.all agents, hangers on, Harlequin are bent, so are all the agents scum.

  181. Pro Harlequin Group

    Pro – Harlequin Investors’ Group
    PHIG is not about lots of words or aggressive talk but a positive outlook, listening and actions on behalf of investors, working towards the goal of being United to Succeed. We are aware that we have not communicated for some weeks so we hope you find the below brings you right up to date, with some view of the future. While reading this newsletter please bear in mind that PHIG is run by investors, for investors on a purely voluntary, self funded, basis up to now.
    So what have we been doing ?

  182. Chris David

    I’m not sure about you PHIG- There are so many stories about Ames pulling the strings. Just not sure. I do know (I say this because weren’t you endorsing the trust?) the FCA will not be endorsing the trust and will not be asking SIPP providers to support the Trust. This doesn’t mean the claims against IFA’s and SIPPs collapse- they still have to demonstrate they did proper DD (loads of evidence say they didn’t) and also prove there was no collusion. Any comments welcome I’m sure PHIG.

  183. Pro Harlequin Group

    In December we made a right mess and confused all investors.

    Now all I want to do is get my money back, by taking a cut wherever I can, that pesky Reg Legal stopped me playing Law firms and being a Banker.

    You bunch of scrooges don’t pay my subs & Dave Ames disowned me.

    All I wanted to do is find a way of you lot paying me my refund back

  184. Anonymous

    Bob the Fag? Is that you? United to suck man seed?

  185. 3 thieves.............

    The likes of TM are just as guilty as Ames, in many case more so.

    They mis sold the product and even deliberately tried to distance themselves from the advice for the pension transfer.

    Ames, was guilty of being an idiot and incompetent.

    The Irish one – is a thief.

    All as bad as each other

  186. A mole in the TailorMade Hole.

    Mr Rob Shaw has been a little less flash than Alistair, so it keeping things together slightly better.

    Still has no income to speak of……… what a shame … what goes around an all that


  187. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas Barbados Free Press. Thank you so much from those
    of us who have a big part of our hearts concerned about the islands…

  188. Anonymous

    I-witness-news.svg is reporting that extremely heavy rains have caused
    extensive flooding in the Buccament Bay area. No mention was made
    of the resort but yikes it is bordered by the river. I can only wish everyone
    the best.

  189. Karma in now snapping at your heels

    I don’t do Xmas – but would just like to say that the IFA’s the likes of Tailormade, Ames and the Irish builder will get what’s coming to them – Karma. 😉

  190. Anonymous

    The flooding has caused extensive damage to the Resort. Unconfirmed reports state 4 people are missing. The bridge to the resort has apparently been washed away. A number of units have been reported as also having been destroyed.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.

  191. Anonymous

    Sodom and Gomorrah

  192. Anonymous

    Bye-Bye Buccament Bay Beach

  193. Anonymous

    All that sewerage flooding BB – lovely, Cabanas close to the river swept away into the sea.

  194. Anonymous

    At least Ames now will have an excuse for failure -Mother
    Nature won.

  195. Katherine

    And the fat Irish Tw4t?

  196. Anonymous

    Can the masons fix de weather in SVG 😉

  197. Anonymous

    This is not the time for churlish sarcasm. It has just
    been reported that an employee of BB was washed
    away trying to cross the bridge to the village. It seems
    that the village immediately next to BB got the
    worst of it.

  198. Anonymous

    Today is a sad day for the people of St Vincent and Buccament Bay. The Buccament Bay village and Resort have been badly affected. An 18 year old girl and two year old boy are amongst those reported as having been washed away.

    We have as yet received no update from Harlequin. Concerned relatives should try contact the British Embassy in Barbados.

    We will keep readers updated as we receive further updates. The scale of the disaster has not yet been established but many parts of the Island have been badly affected including the Buccbay Area, Kingstown and the Arnos Vale Airport.

  199. Anonymous

    A natural disaster has struck St. Vincent and on the day that is in it our thoughts and prayers are with those citizens and tourists alike.

    Today is not the day that the Harlequin trolls and anti Ames brigade engage in their normal practice of making stupid, churlish and totally insensitive remarks.

  200. Anonymous

    Weather fast becoming atrocious in St. Vincent. National weather office out of action due to flooding. Hospital flooded. Reports coming in from across the island of more people missing / dead.

    No update from Harlequin. Concerned relatives of guests at Buccbay and of citizens of St. Vincent should try contact British Embassy Barbados.

    Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of St. Vincent

  201. Anonymous

    Has anyone been able to stream a SVG radio station? I can get
    Hot-97.1 but all they have done all day is Christmas music with a
    reggae/calypso beat.

  202. Anonymous

    Our hearts and prayers go to the families of those who died in St. Vincent and Buccament Bay.

    Condolences and sincerest sympathies to the families of the Buccament Bay staff members lost in the terrible events unfolding in St. Vincent and Buccament Bay.

    The death toll unconfirmed has now risen to 14. With at least 4 of these fatalities from the Buccament Bay area.

  203. Anonymous

    The BBC has finally reported on the events in St. Vincent. The PM has cut short a holiday to the UK and is returning to St. Vincent.

    The BBC is reporting eight deaths so far in St. Vincent with a further 5 deaths in St. Lucia

  204. Anonymous

    A sad day indeed for St. Vincent. Thank you to the posters on this site. I witness news, people on FB, the BBC and those SVG government agencies for keeping us updated.

    Even sadder to note that Ames, his wife or son or indeed staff from Harlequin could not get their fat asses up from their Christmas Dinner to issue an update as to the situation at the resort. No tweets or blogs.

    Says it all really. Truly disgusting.

  205. shamed

    No one can blame Ames for this; taking a snide swipe at him at this stage smacks to me as Irish builder / Erica – give it a break.
    Sick F**ks

    And to think investors were moaning away – take a look at the above link

  206. worriedinvestor

    It was foretold a long time ago you would end up losing the lot, remember Alistair?
    This is what will happen.

    You will not be able to keep up your mortgage payments and loans, leases etc

    The cars will go back, that Black Aston Martin with a silly personal plate, not so important now is it?

    Mrs is already getting upset, what happened? What will the neighbours think ha!

    Your kids in the local comprehensive School with the great unwashed.

    No more private lessons for this and that

    The worst bit.The SFO, why would they not be looking at you?

    Proceeds of crime act…..

    You’re totally toast ……the authorities have all my documents tick tock watch the clock

  207. Katherine

    Shocking grammar and language, I will ignore the expletives. How would you know it’s nothing to do with them?

    There really is no need to be so unpleasant Erica.

  208. Anonymous

    Does anyone know of an address to send a donation in SVG. I
    prefer not to donate to the Red Cross (after seeing those fat cats) in
    action after Hugo many years ago. Maybe an Anglican Parish or

  209. PHIG - Message from Bob

    If you wish to be part of the Trust then we suggest you submit your Pink Form to the PHIG.

    As the mail will be virtually non-existent for the next 2 festive weeks, please use the e-Pink Form on the PHIG web site, which is open to all without pre-gistration,Trust. Please bear in mind that Agents too need a break over the festive season and suggest you discuss this with them early in the new year if needed.

    By sending the pink form to me I will be getting 30% commission of the £240.00, so I need that to keep running the blog.

    We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a much better 2014 than the unfortunate circumstances of 2013 have brought all of us.
    United to Succeed

  210. last one out, please turn off the lights

    @PHIG 30% of the £240…looks like 2014 gonna be a good year for you and it aint even here yet

    hmm think as a new years resolution, I will list

    1: get into the Ponzi business
    2: get into the development business (non operational of course)
    3: the blog running business

    kinda looking forward to 2014

  211. Anonuk

    Thoughts and condolences are with the lost ones and there families at this time.

  212. PHIG - Message from Bob

    @last one out, please turn off the lights Says:
    Don’t forget about my green canvas

    Come down and volunteer it’s very rewarding on a grey day.

  213. Anonymous

    The PM of St. Vincent has stated that 100’s of millions of dollars are needed to rebuild the country. Would it not be a good gesture to give 25% of the trust money to St. Vincent.

  214. PHIG - Message from Bob

    Yeah yeah, lets give 25% of BBay to SVG also, how about 25% of our income.
    Get real idiot.

  215. Islander

    The gesture would go along way. Its your investment. Its our Island.

    We need urgent help now. You guys will need all the help in the future.

    Remember our roads, our airport, our water, OUR ISLAND.

  216. Anonymous

    Charity begins at home. i remember your roads, airport……..

  217. Maddie

    Maybe Mr Fatchett could donate some of the trust money , I for one would agree to that .

  218. Erica Broughton

    Maddie, what a great idea then no money for the Trust – why don’t we all send Fatchett a donation – bet you would get less than 20 people.

    Stop being so infantile. I for one say you are a fool

  219. Anon

    Fatchett has by his own admission some 3500-3800 pink slips between RL and Harlequin giving him some £760,000.00

    £100,000 to £160,000 would go some way to help.

    Rushing to have a valuation done now may be an act of folly.

    A resort worth squillions where the islands infrastructure is all but destroyed.?????

    And where is Ames going to find the cash to repair the damage done to the Resort. They have NO insurance.

    And what the hell are the Ames family playing at allowing guests to turn up in St. Vincent today with all the huge problems the people and island is facing.

  220. Anon - reasons unknown

    I suspected for years that the resort was probably uninsured (constructed at the foot of luscious green mountains, on a flood plain, next to a river). Far too professional for Ames to remember insurance – he didn’t even have a building contract for a multi-million pound development. Prize little prick that he is.

    I also suspect that the tragic natural disaster which has hit the Island will have dire consequences on the value of the assets which investors are going to pay close to £1m to secure (having to re-read this to try to think of a way to word it so that it makes sense). Investors who’ve already paid £400m to Harlequin to own units are going to pay more money but own much less?

    OK – here goes – investors are going to pay £0.5m-£1m for the legal and professional fees required for them to relinquish their contracts and own some paths and ponds which have been devastated by a natural disaster.

    Ames of course isn’t paying a penny towards all of this, because he hasn’t got any money. If you believe that, you really will believe anything – Harlequin may have no money, but Ames has many many millions.

    I’m looking forward to hearing him announce that he will personally be making a generous donation to SVG from his wealth acquired ONLY by taking deposits and SIPPs from investors. Surely he’s already done so? Perhaps Kenton can find out from Gonsalves. I can’t imagine Ames would want to keep any donation secret.

    Perhaps people here could petition for donations from Ames and the agents who earned commissions rather than expecting the investors who’ve been well and truly shafted to donate from their pitiful “rescue attempt” fund.

    I foresee a statement from Harlequin soon telling investors they’re going to have to pay for repairs to an uninsured resort which they all own.

  221. The Real Erica Broughton

    @ Maddie,

    I have many impersonators and would never say such terrible things. I have friends who live out there and I have been very worried for them the last few days.

    The above “Erica Broughton” is a fake and sick in the head!

  222. Anon - reasons unknown

    Anyone who believes that earlier statement was by Erica Broughton should seriously stay off forums. Pathetic.

  223. Bob Storey

    @Anon Reasons Unknown. You really are one sick person. People have died, homes have been swept away and the island of SVG is now in an economic mess and all you can spew out is your usual crap. “I suspected for years the resort was probably uninsured” You don’t have a clue if it is or not, so why not just shut the f**k up and crawl back under your rock. By the way I would like my add condolences to those who have lost their lives at this tragic time.

  224. Anon - reasons unknown

    Nicely put Bob. Here’s another of my guesses: your life is going to carry on exactly how it should, and as you deserve, and in that respect, it’s nice to see you back here. How was your Christmas, loser?

  225. The End is Nigh

    The storm clouds are finally gathering and Ames know it. Ames is finished. Harlequin is finished. No insurance. No money to repair the damage. Investors assets have plummeted.

    On the night of the severe weather. Christmas Eve. Locals sought shelter. Shelter denied to them by security at Buccament Bay. Ironically on Christmas Eve the Inn was full………

    And one young woman, employed by Ames, an employee of Buccament Bay sought to cross the bridge to see what she could do for those in trouble in the village of Buccament Bay. And she lost her life.

    The tragic events unfolded on the evening of the 24th. We are now going into the 28th and we had not a single word from Ames or Harlequin. Nothing.

    Our sympathies and heart felt condolences go out to the family of the employee who lost her life and indeed to all those who lost love ones. And we pray that the Island and its people will recover.

    The PM asked locals to help and support those guests arriving today at Buccament Bay.

    Why are Harlequin allowing guests to travel to St. Vincent when local resources are being stretched to their limits. When the Islands drinking water has been contaminated. When the islands infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed.

    Its a sad time.

  226. A local

    Mr. Storey, The Resort at Buccama Bay is NOT insured.

    Why have you come back on here. Please you know nothing of what is going on. You and others claim to be in the know but you are not.

  227. Anonymous

    I’m sure that Gonsalve’s hero – Fidel – would have no
    qualms emptying the resort and housing the recently
    homeless. Any port in a storm…

  228. Anonymous

    Buccama Bay Resort was evacuated. So why Ames sending more tourists there

    Does he need money that bad. I think he does.

    And nothing from Ames or Buccama Bay. No update no nothing.

  229. Anon

    I called a well known tour operator today who openly advertises Buccament Bay. I was told that they had NO reports of problems at the RESORT nor in the area. I then directed them to the BBC coverage and I witness news.

    I was put on hold, then advised that Harlequin had not advised of any problems with the resort.

    I was offered a special flying out on Monday.

  230. Anonymous

    I have searched and searched but cannot find a telephone number
    for BB Resort think that a simple phone call (if the lines are working)
    might answer beaucoup questions.

  231. Anonymous

    Is it not time that the stupidity with Harlequin is brought to a halt.

    Its a disgrace that Ames and Harlequin are not prepared to issue an update

  232. Anonymous

    All the Caribbean News Agencies, BBC, CNN are carrying the St. VINCENT, St. LUCIA and DOMINICA disaster news story. News agencies confirm BuccBay was indeed evacuated. See I witness news svg for photos of Buccbay area devastation.

    Having guests arrive there today is indeed in very bad taste.

    Not only for the guests but for the people of SVG.

  233. Anonymous

    Number for Buccament Bay

    +1784 457 4100

  234. Anonymous

    Why not call Harlequin UK. I am sure they will tell us it is all over exaggerated. Storm in a teacup. Nothing to be worried about.

    I am sure we will also be told that NO on duty staff members were hurt. Like the diver from indigo dive. Or like the two fires at the resort that this was minor.

  235. Katherine

    So whale of a woman B roughton you finally happy now? You wobble off into the sunset with Irish lover – Mills and Boon ;).

    You are the most dysfunctional family in the UK – maybe you should go om reality TV you lot seem to like that in the North.

    How is the job hunting doing?

  236. Katherine

    It’s sick the way you try to find fault with Harlequin among this natural disaster.

    This is two separate things:

    1. SVG natural disaster
    2. Harlequin Financial disaster

    They are not related. Investors won’t help SVG, no more than SVG will help Harlequin financial problem.

    Mrs B must be wetting her herself if BB is so damaged – she is one sick ‘woman’ this is all she wanted.

  237. Anonymous

    Good riddance Erica glad to see the (fat) back of you – you are not a likable woman

  238. Anonymous

    There is a radio station that is going to have some more updated information on the situation people in the Caribbean are dealing with at the moment Global Highlights is a Washington DC based radio program which is produced and hosted Luzette King on terrestrial radio in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at frequency ranges of 90.3, 97.7 and 101.3 FM in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and streamed online at at 10:00 to 11:00 am Eastern Caribbean time.In England this program will be live at 14:00 this afternoon. Hopefully anyone wanting to help and contribute will be able to find out where to send donations.

  239. The View from Mount Pleasant

    “1. SVG natural disaster
    2. Harlequin Financial disaster

    They are not related.”

    Locally there are a number of reports that flooding in the Buccament Bay village area increased after construction of the resort, which included alterations to the river. This was prior to the major storm and had occurred over some time. With more resources available the government might investigate this properly, but I doubt that will happen as they have more than enough to deal with. In a more litigious country that might lead to claims of negligence etc.

    HP and their supporters have shown no evidence of any awareness of local ecological issues despite the greenwash in their literature and always denied local evidence of the damage they were doing. Typical of Harlequin supporters who inhabit their own me me me bubble that they cannot see the connection.

  240. Harlecon Press Department

    Harlequin has just issued a press release:
    “Harlequin has been working in a very successful partnership with God for a number of years, particularly at Buccament Bay where he has supported the Harlequin brand and enabled us to defraud, sorry, I meant to say accommodate, many guests over the years. We are extremely disappointed that he has decided to take action against the resort and let down the company and it’s investors in this way.
    Harlequin will be taking legal proceedings against God to recover its substantial losses and has instructed its legal advisors to commence action in the courts.
    We would like to confirm that we do not give a stuff about our defrauded investors, the workers at the resort, or the people of St Vincent as we have better things to do moving money to our secret accounts in Australia and elsewhere.”

  241. Anonymous

    Merry Christmas from Harlequin!

    St Luke’s Hospice is Harlequin’s chosen charity, so in lieu of sending Christmas cards this year we will be making a donation to them.

    From everyone at Harlequin, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and happy New Year!

  242. TS

    @The Real Erica Broughton

    Just seen your post about friends in SVG, you don’t have any friends 🙂
    stupid fat lass.

  243. TS

    @Harlecon Press Department

    Is that your sick joke? It’s not even remotely funny, so it must be one of the tubby trio.

    Get a life.

  244. Anonymous

    I know what you are all up to and it won’t work tick tock….

  245. Bob Storey

    I agree with you TS. How anyone can make sick jokes with witless postings while there is such sadness in SVG is beyond me. Some people are just too sick for words.

  246. TailorMade & Dave Ames take note

    I have a friend who was a multi millionaire, 300 acres of land, and a house that featured in many magazines, plus, a stable of cars to die for, and a life style to match.

    Why am I writing this?

    He lost the lot.Now drives a Taxi in Brighton, has to rent a 1 bed flat.

    TM & DA nothing last’s forever – you will get what’s coming.

  247. TS

    @Bob Storey
    Most live in Wigan and should have been sectioned years ago.under The Mental Heath Act.

  248. last one out, please turn off the lights

    @TS and anybody involved with HP and the associated crimes, should have been locked up years ago……still something to look forward to in 2014 :-0)

    enjoy freedom while you can

    by the way, I am not Irish, or Erica

  249. Maddie

    @ts I may have falsely accused Erica Broughton of posting earlier (yesterday) it’s confusing on here because people can post in any name if so I apologise .
    I intended to express that as a paid up member of the yet to be finalized trust it would be a positive thing to offer a donation from the fees paid towards the assistance of the local people of SVG even £5 from each fee paid would help and show support for the country of our investment .
    I did not anticipate the follow on abuse to that statement .

  250. Melvyn Fleming

    Why would any person give a toss about SVG we invested for a financial gain nothing more and financial gain is what I will have . Ames made promises and I want them kept , nothing else will do . I don’t care about his or SVGs difficulties I paid and want my return sooner rather than later I am no do gooder I just want what I was told I would get simples !

  251. Anonymous

    -Maddie Those two: Storey & TS -are masters of
    agitprop. They will post as any/everybody. In my book
    Erica has done NOTHING to warrant the constant nastiness
    to her

  252. Bob Storey

    @Anon if you think I am posting under different IDs you are mistaken. The floods in SVG is a serious subject and should be treated as such.

  253. Anonymous

    Any hotel that sustains damage or service interruptions that affect guests has to tell its travel partners, tour operators and agents. Evidently harlequin did not, but that should come as no surprise if so. They have literally stolen hundreds of millions, a lot of which they have paid to themselves. To believe anything they say, to trust them in any relationship/trust, or expect professional behavior would be delusional.

  254. Anon - reasons unknown

    Yes, Bob Storey-teller and Katherine Wish-I-was-a-good-mum, please put this all in a much better light for Harlequin (seeing as though the impression is they couldn’t as yet give two fucks about the Christmas Eve floods).

    How much is Harlequin going to donate? And how much is the multi-millionaire with dual nationality to St. Vincent , Dave Ames, going to donate? Millions, I’m sure.

  255. Anonymous

    Having learned from living in Miami at the time of Hurricane
    Andrew it is imperative that the employees of BB be given
    extra time off to take care of the damage that they personally
    and their families suffered. Reading that the Village of Buccament
    Bay suffered the most devastation what kind of tourist/holiday’er
    would want to stay a stones throw across the river from that. But
    I fear that if the resort closed for only three or four days that it would
    never re-open. So sad really!

  256. Bob Storey

    @Anon RU, very interesting comment from you about not giving 2 F**ks about the floods. So let’s see who does care shall we. I will match any donation you give to the flood victims. All you need to do is prove your donation. Of course that will mean showing your identity but I’m sure that under the circumstances you won’t object to that will you? After all this is more important than a personal vendetta is it not? Happy new year to you.

  257. TS

    Erica, I would love to be even an average Mum or wife – now, go and crawl back under that stone.

    The Irish builder has played you, truly brilliant……… you’re too stupid to see it!!!

    Gave me a jolly good laugh.

  258. The View from Mount Pleasant

    Some of us have already donated, not waited to make a grandstanding gesture just to score a cheap point. Complete hypoprick.

  259. Bob Storey

    How odd that you think sending a donation would be a grandstanding gesture. Perhaps you could direct me to where a donation can be made?

  260. annon


    SVG High Commission in London for anyone in the UK who would like to make a donation:-

    Via Bank Transfer to:

    National Committee of SVG Associations

    A/C No: 32458187

    Sort Code: 40 18 17

    Or Cheque payable to High Commission for SVG (write ‘Disaster’ on the back)

    High Commission for SVG

    10 Kensington Court

    London W8 5DL

    I’ll be along later with the address where you can donate for the victims in St Lucia.

  261. Bob Storey

    @Anon, many thanks for the reply. A helpful reply at last.

  262. The View from Mount Pleasant

    The information has been available online in all of the usual places that anyone with a genuine interest in the region would expect. The FB SVG page has a lot of useful information posted by local people. Trolling hypocrites with no intention of doing anything other than talking about themselves will of course be ignorant.

  263. Bob Storey

    @a view from mount pleasant. What a strange person you are. A genuine question met with such rhetoric. That also could be called ignorant.

  264. Anonymous

    To make a donation from abroad to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Society, here are the details:

    The account detail for the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Society is located on their Facebook page but here it is for ease of reference

    Corespondent (Intermediary Bank)
    * Bank of America
    17100 NW 59th Avenue
    Hialeah, FL 33015

    ABA#026 009 593

    Swift Code: BOFA US3M

    OUR Bank

    The Bank of St.Vincent and the Grenadines LTD (Formerly NCB (SVG) Ltd) Cnr Bedford & Grenville Street, Kingstown, St.Vincent

    SWIFT Code: NCBVVC22

    to the account # 200414.

  265. yatinkiteasy

    Six days after the disaster in SVG and Buccament Bay, and not a word on Harlequin`s Blog…no sympathy for loss of lives,homes …nothing…not even a statement that the resort is operating normally (whatever that is)

  266. The real Erica Broughton

    Whatever Harlequin said would be wrong, whatever they do or don’t do, will be wrong.

  267. The Real Erica Broughton

    How do we know the bank accounts posted are not linked to Harlequin or genuine?

  268. Bob Storey

    Best send a cheque to the SVG high commission if you are thar worried. That would be my recommendation.

  269. yatinkiteasy

    @271..1.51 PM
    Thats what happens when you have such a rotten reputation .

  270. Bob Storey

    @Yatinkiteasy, can you supply an update on the state of the communications around BB? Are the landlines still connected? Are the surrounding base stations still up and running or are they out of commission?
    @The view from mount pleasant, is this information available anywhere?

  271. Anonymous

    The BB switchboard was answering day before yesterday.
    What is a base station?

  272. Bob Storey

    Part of the infrastructure for mobile comms. Normally on the top of high buildings, hills etc.

  273. Is this really the end?

    Ames has no cash – fact.

    Regardless or whether BB is insured or not, the practicality is Harlequin will need some cash to repair things, some may be covered by insurance but not all.

    As usual only Harlequin know the answers.

    This actually could finish off the resort – Ames is not above using this as a reason / excuse.

    I’m not pro Harlequin nor the other extreme of Broughton and O’Halloran – just pro myself.

    Ironic that an act of God could finish off this sorry mess.

  274. CID

    You should be looking to your IFA and SIPP provider IF relevant. There is much to suggest DD was not always properly carried out and more. Comfy arrangements and all that- possibly. Also I’m not at all sure Ames has no cash. Maybe directly maybe peripherally but there is a plethora of “information” that suggests the Ames family is very wealthy. It all needs to be forensically investigated- both issues.

  275. Anonymous

    It’ll be the taxman who get him in the end

  276. EddieLizzard2

    Who altered the flow of the river?
    A clue – it wasn’t God.
    Who built a resort in the middle of a flood plain?
    A clue – again it wasn’t God.

    Answer: the arrogant Dave Ames and his bunch of money-grabbing slick-tongued Harlequin scum.

    Pictures of the devastation can be seen on I-Witness News and their Facebook page. Clean drinking water is still in short supply. The hospital is flooded. There is mud everywhere. Bridges and roads are washed away. Dead animal carcasses are rotting in the heat. Many houses are no more. Buccama is in a terrible state. People need food, water, hygiene kits, bedding, clothing and shelter.

    Please help if you can!

  277. Is this really the end?

    If Crozier & Co. done a proper job, and let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on that the freezing order would be about the value of his assets, couple of million maximum.

    That’s not a huge as many would imagine is it?

  278. Is this really the end?

    Don’t forget if Harlequin goes bust the whole family has lost their income.

    If / when that happens investors will turn on them; SFO etc will move and the gloves will come off.

    The Ames family and assets will be fair game.

    Interesting point, how do they survive now??????????

  279. Anonymous

    EL2 – Thanks for mentioning the Facebook photos.
    Very comprehensive except for the obvious that
    no reporters/photographers are allowed across the
    bridge to record the resort. That seems a bit strange.
    A question for you – I have noticed over the months that
    some of those who post on here with a direct knowledge
    of the area will call it Buccama. Is that the Garifuna

  280. Erica Broughton

    What’s Garifuna?

  281. Bob Storey

    This is not a time to bad mouth people if you are looking for help. Hopefully people will see through the stupid rhetoric and give freely. Who sent all the rain in? It’s an act of God, that’s life unfortunately. We have floods in the UK. Perhaps it’s the fault of DA?

  282. Anonymous

    Except for 26.5 acres they are technically Ames/BB’s landlord

  283. EddieLizzard2

    ‘We have floods in the UK. Perhaps it’s the fault of DA?’

    Oh please do fuck off Bob Storey FDNRM Sporting Man 36 and all the other IDs that you trolls in BASILDON HQ have posted on here.

    You have no idea.

  284. yatinkiteasy

    @ Bob, FDNRM, 36…..etc If you wish to know what is going on at BB, their number is 784 4514100…according to their website, I can get a room there from today at around US$1335 per night double occupancy AI…No mention of any problem at the resort or St Vincent

  285. Bob Storey

    Nice one Lizzard, you really have no idea what so ever have you. Perhaps instead of lashing out at your usual targets, why not read the I witness Facebook page about land management higher in the hills on SVG. Or are blind enough just to have one target? Know much about land management?

  286. Anonymous

    Good grief –from burger flipper to agrarian in a month.
    Amazing !!!

  287. Anon - reasons unknown

    From the SVG forum on TA:

    Re: Any NEW news on Buccament Bay
    today, 16:15
    just got back after being there for 14 nights… got hit by a big storm on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day… one member of staff killed… the whole place has been effected by the flooding that took place 30% of the villas where flooded some up to 4 foot deep loads of mud, insects, smell, gym flooded , kids club flooded, two resturants flooded etc etc … the staff are doing a great job but it will need at least a month to get right…

    i would go somewhere else, the company is saying that everthing is ok…. it is not !!!! well short of it… we have stayed previously and it was first rate… not the situation at the moment….

  288. Anonymous

    That about says it all…

  289. Bob Storey

    To all those wishing to dial from the UK it’s 00 1 784 etc.

  290. Bob Storey

    @Anon 291. Soya burgers?

  291. Anonymous

    Bob Storey returns. The RL site is of course closed and his masters are not contactable.

    So we have Bob once again defending the great imbecile Ames. Buccama Bay Resort was built on a flood plain. Indeed the plantation owners who once owned the land in the Buccama Bay valley understood that the valley was a natural flood plain.

    It was the French who passed some of this land onto the Government of SVG on the understanding it would remain farm land. Indeed a covenant was signed to enforce this. But enough about this now. That is one of the issues for Fatchops and his due diligence.

    About a year or so ago a number of environmental officers contacted Harlequin and Mr. Ames with serious issues pertaining to the river. Of course Mr. Ames had his trusted Rotweiller Mr. Sam Commissiong deal with this “nuisance”. Wonder how Sam is feeling now?????

    And this is where the problem lies for Ames. See Bob the insurance companies would not insure the properties.

    Now given that you have previously claimed to be the owner of one of these properties, have you ever seen the insurance cover for your property.?

    Now without insurance how will Ames pay for the repairs. Cash you say? What cash ? Will you Bob be paying for the repair to your unit?

    But don’t worry Bob. I went to Buccama Bay today and was assured by the General Manager that Ames was making a couple of million available immediately to begin the repairs. It would take a week or so for the funds to hit but we were asked to get as much of the repairs done before this.

    Now Bob which tree do you think we in SVG have fallen out of?

    If Ames does come up with the cash, Why did Fatchops tell all the investors that Ames was broke? And tell them they had to pay for the trust.

    Great timing for Fatchops, he got his cash. If Ames does not have the cash to repair the Resort, well investors will now be trustees of a flood damaged mound of bricks.

  292. Bob Storey

    @Anon, sad fool. Wasted all that time for nothing. Still going on about ” masters?” I came on this site to find out where to make a donation which I was helped with. While you and others only use a disaster to try and score points. How pathetic and sad. I wonder what the people who really need help think of your antics. Yes it is obvious which tree you fell out of, and fell on your head I think.

  293. Anonymous

    Anon 296 –

    Someday sir, when this sad, sad affair is over I hope to
    meet you. I would like to say something to Bob Storey but surprisingly
    I of a sudden feel sorry for him. The residents of Layou/Buccama
    have lost much – homes, relatives and more……all he has lost
    is a dream.

  294. last one out, please turn off the lights

    How can HP now demand completion for the units as they are now not in an acceptable condition for any purchaser to accept

    If the resort is in a flood plain and look now it has been flooded, does that not make the claim against the sip advisers stronger as it highlights the lack of DD

    Looks like the final part of the scam (should read dream)has been washed away

    Very sad for the locals and the people who were killed by the events….best wishes for the future

  295. Anon

    Bob Storey for months you came on here and defended Ames to the hilt. Defending a man who was not paying tax, suppliers or staff in St. Vincent.

    Now you claim your purpose for coming back on here was to find out where to make a donation. Then you crow about it.

    Go away Bob you hypocrite. The people of SVG do not need you or your pathetic platitudes or indeed your money.

    You are a greedy, ignorant hypocrite.

  296. Anonymous

    Storey, your masters told you to stay off this site. Tick tock and all. SFO still working with you.? You said the SFO were dropping their case after Newman. So Storey when are they dropping the case ?Thought Joe also told you to shut up.

    Were you going to pay your tax from your investment in St. Vincent? Or were you going to declare it in the UK ?

    Have you declared the returns you have obtained to the SVG tax authorities. Or did Ames tell you not to bother.

    Stay off this site you f@#$ing Hypocrite.

  297. Is BOB Storey A workshy SCROUNGER???

    And Bob Storey have you declared your investment and income to the Department of Works & Pensions?

  298. EddieLizzard2

    This eloquent letter from Mr Peter Binose was published today on Caribbean News Now. Some food for thought. It would appear to be willful negligence on the part of Harlequin Property and because of the loss of life one wonders if criminal charges should be brought. I wonder what the Coroner’s verdict will have to say?

    Was the flood tragedy at Buccament caused by greed or simply by ignorance and stupidity?
    Published on December 30, 2013

    Dear Sir:

    Buccament Bay Resort was built on a known flood plain and areas that were known as swamp. Flooding of this area has been happening since the very beginning of the valley, which acts like a great funnel draining into the bay itself.

    Everyone knew that; certainly the locals and most certainly the planners and government surveyors knew that.

    The resort area had the richest soil of the whole island; silt carried there from present day and over millions of years. The farmers that farmed the area were used to seasonal flooding; their crops grown in the ultra fertile soil were the best produce money could buy. Then along came a series of white men and they were driven from their land. Most of the farmers had purchased the land from the government. But that didn’t matter, the prime minister sought to regain the land and to sell it to developers.

    The farmers initially refused to give up such wonderful agricultural land, knowing full well they would never find anything like it anywhere else on the island. Prime Minister Gonsalves took to shaming them into parting with their land by telling them they were standing in the way of progress of the island; by progress he meant destroying their farming practices and replacing them with a tourist product. It was becoming obvious that agriculture was becoming less and less important to the ULP government; they considered tourism their crowning glory as an administration.

    The company that came to Buccament was introduced by a local Vincentian and a Barbadian business man. In fact, the introducers were at that time all part of the initial development company. They soon fell out because the current developers of the resort refused to account for monies being gathered from sales and divulge its whereabouts. They also wanted to cut corners in safely developing the site. So the local and Bajan took a payoff and ducked out. Leaving the development to a company that had no experience whatsoever; they had never done such a project; in fact, they were a brand new company. Run by a man who was at some time a window salesman in England, who knew nothing about civil engineering or building or managing resorts whatsoever. The government had failed to carryout proper due diligence, or perhaps just didn’t care as long as they were selling the land to them.

    Whereas it was planned to widen the river and build a containment wall on both sides. Then to raise the development area by some six to eight feet, including along the beach front, where the property ended and the public beach began. Then to pile the bases of the villas and cabins and place the building on piled land. All that went by the way, the river was not widened, it was narrowed so the company could claim more development land. A containment and flood defence wall was built only on the development side, thus forcing any future flooding to take place on the football field and village side.

    Several times over the last couple of years water has run through people’s houses in the village, something that had never happened before the Harlequin resort was being built, this should of been a precursor warning, because if houses became uninhabitable during normal winter rain, what happened during a major storm could well have been foreseen.

    The backfilled wall along the beach never took place; the same as backfilling and piling of the site never took place. In fact, hundreds of tons of rocks were brought in from a local quarry and the bay was filled for about 120 feet to reclaim land from the sea. This was built on, the large swimming pool and a bar and restaurant appeared on it. A new beach was created with white sand, and initially the operators tried to exclude the public from the nice pristine beach.

    The beachfront villas are built on concrete slabs at about four or five feet above sea level. This creates an opportunity for the next tragedy to happen. It has been known for a sea surge of up to 12 feet or more to hit this area during hurricanes. The villas and cabins will simply float away on their concrete slabs, because the original engineering has been compromised and the government planners are fully aware of such. The sea front at Barrouallie, the defence built there makes it obvious that the government planners and engineers are fully aware of the sea surge threat in that area, because it has happened before, yet still they allowed Buccament Resort to work to an unsafe revised engineering plan.

    Developers have built many new houses and a very nice restaurant on the opposite side of the main road at Buccament, all on the strength of the resort being a success and buyers wanting to be in close proximity to the resort. The problem is all these new buildings were once more built in an area which is a known flood plain. An area that puts the government planners within the realms of criminal negligence and dereliction of their duty, and a failure to render a duty of care that all citizens of SVG should receive as of right. All this development took place again without any protective engineering for the river in case of flooding.

    Prime Minister Gonsalves has said that nothing like this has ever happened at Buccament in the living memory of man. Well yesterday I interviewed several very old men in the valley; they told me that they remember this happening before, but before there was much development, when it was all farm land. They even told me of a big club house someway before the casino, which was destroyed and completely washed away during such a flood.

    Now through this series of ULP government blunders there has been serious loss of life. Secondly, but not as important, loss of property. Cars, trucks, plant, machinery, houses, shops, restaurant, bars, all lost all gone or damaged, some beyond repair.

    I am waiting with fingers crossed for the next flood or a sea surge. When people try and control and cheat nature, the outcome sometimes can be tragic.

    I enquire where is Julian Francis now, he is the self proclaimed friend of Buccament Resort, remember he said if anyone has a problem with the resort to come and see him, so go and see him and ask how the government negligence was allowed to affect and cause the loss of life, ask him if the government will compensate the people. Also make sure you tell him that party politics should not come into play, like what has happened in the past, where ULP supporters are helped and NDP supporters get zilch.

    I expect this to be the end of Harlequin at Buccament, I believe all their Christmas and new year clients were evacuated, let’s just wait and see.

    As usual, I will be accused of bringing doom and gloom, but I have written about this before on I-Witness and elsewhere I predicted such happenings. Yes, I predicted this happening, and I am a layman with some limited practical experience, but oozing with commonsense, something our politicians all lack. Because I knew as day follows night this was a tragedy waiting to happen. The culprits are the government, the planners, engineers and so called technical experts. This ULP government has turned out to be the biggest disaster that SVG has ever experienced, led by know all, know nothing people. People who should not be allowed to make such decisions again.

    Peter Binose
    Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle, and blowing hard


  299. Bob Storey

    @anon 298 meet me? You would have to identify yourself. Cannot see that happening can you?
    @Anonymous 301. I think the rain has affected your brain. I made no comment about the SFO dropping any case. Now all you Anons get get your acts together. Who told me to shut up RL or Joe, or was it someone who dropped out of a tree?
    @302 let me give you a little tip about how the UK works, you have to be getting a pension before you make any declaration. I know it’s difficult to understand but try and keep up. Muppet.

  300. Beggars Belief

    Interesting article. Are the environmental studies of the bay available in the public domain? I had heard about the area being a natural flood plain and assume that this can be factually verified by searching out the official documents.

    If, by building on land prone to floods, the resort is uninsurable then this is a hugely serious issue that should have been fully exposed by thorough DD.

    Should the evidence that Peter’s article be based on be sent to the head offices of all the travel companies sending guests to the resort? Shouldn’t they be aware of the circumstances they are sending guests into? Are the travel companies not also potentially liable for any losses that their customers experience?

  301. last one out, please turn off the lights

    @beggars belief…should it not also go to the SFO, it proves that is was all a big con

  302. Beggars Belief

    @ last one out.

    To be fair, on its own, the article doesn’t prove anything. The article together with decent environmental reports would prove enough to condemn the whole scheme.

  303. EddieLizzard2

    @ last one out, please turn off the lights
    Report sent to SFO!

  304. TS

    @The View from Mount Pleasant

    Few investors will contribute, its true; a sad fact. Any that do want to make a big thing about it. I will not be paying anything.

    What’s equally sad is those who are using this as an anti Harlequin soap box.

    In reality if you are feeling charitable there are much more needy causes.

  305. The Equaliser!

    Nobody, knows the facts as usual.

    However, I strongly suspect that BB is at best, under insured.

    It needs money now just to start the clear up. Insurance payout will be months off, Ames will try some scam on that no doubt.

    It would be very interesting from a freezing order point of view if money all of a sudden money started pouring into Harlequin, Ames say’s he has none?

    It could be game over, especially if it’s a flood plain – but that needs prooving.

  306. Karma is coming after you

    Condensed version.

    Truth be told Fatchett just needs to sit back now – do nothing and pick up the redress claims.

    No point in a Trust.

    The Irish builder, he won’t get blood out of a stone, as BB looks like it’s worth nothing.

    CPC go after Ames assets, then he goes to jail with his family.

    End of story.

  307. Erica Broughton

    But, what will I do now it’s my World?

  308. Anonymous

    Way back in March (I believe) KP posted on BFP what
    engineering actions had been taken in consideration of
    the flood-plain issue.

  309. Anonymous

    Don’t let the flood plain issue detract from all existing evidence that harlequin has always been one big scam, with those taking fees and commissions the winners, Ames enabling the defrauding of investors. A developer who started off with little personal wealth, and paying himself millions from investor money, before anything had been built. Flood plain issue whilst highly significant, especially for those whose lives have been affected, add more color to the crimes already committed by Ames, his family and his supporters.

  310. Beggars Belief

    @ anonymous 12.22

    Agreed, but if it can be shown that HP willfully ignored the professional advice of an environmental report then it would be another piece of evidence that they had no interest in the long term viability of the resort or the consequences for the people living in the region.

  311. Anonymous

    Bob Storey states you do not have to declare your income from Buccament Bay.

    Both HMRC and the TAX Officials in SVG would disagree.

    I know I work for HMRC.

    Thank you Mr. Storey.

  312. Bob Storey

    @Anon 316. As an employee of HMRC I take it you can read? Perhaps not. Let me point you in the right direction. My reply was in respect to the Department of Work and Pensions, not HMRC. See the difference? I’m sure HMRC appreciate your efforts, if you know what you are doing.
    Thank you Mr Anonymous aka idiot.

  313. Anon

    Christ sake Bob shut the fuck up you fool.

    You were told not to post on here. You are nothing more then a disruptive fool.

  314. Bob Storey

    Anon 318 if some idiot comes on here who obviously doesn’t n
    Know the difference between HMRC aand the Pensions department, then I’m going to show them up for the ignorant idiots they are, especially when they use it as an implied threat. And no one told me not to post on here so get that through your thick scull. Got it.

  315. Grim reaper

    It’s the end, can’t survive this BB will be sold off for pennies no trust, no investor, no insurance.

    Ames will blame God, not his fault 😉

  316. Anon

    Mr. Storey did you declare your rental income to the tax authorities. Simple yes or no. Why make a big deal out of it.

  317. Anonymous

    Storey is an ignorant gormless idiot, who’s postings cause embarrassment to Ames and Fatchett. He was warned off posting here and on the RL site. He claims to be well in with the police and SFO. He contradicts himself always. He contributes nothing to the discussions and should be best described as an “ASSHOLE”. He is one of Ames’s little puppets.

  318. Insider

    A meeting today has spelled it out. Its over unless investors are willing to help Ames out with more money. Investors will only have themselves to blame if it fails.

    Ames is convinced that people are jealous of him. Ames confirmed today that Fatchett knows he has done nothing wrong and fully supports Ames.

  319. Anonymous

    No Trust
    No Investor
    No DD
    No Hope…”this is the way the world ends,not with a bang
    but with a whimper”…….tse

  320. Katherine

    Only some sicko like Erica Boughton would ramble about Mr Storey’s tax affairs at a time like this.

    Go and try to be a decent wife or Mother.

  321. Katherine


    I know, and you know that is a lie – silly silly imbecile.

  322. Karma in now snapping at your heels

    @ The Irish builder

    Well you wanted to stop the Trust, careful what you wish for 😉 BB is worth SFA now.

    What exactly are you going to sue Ames for now?

    CPC has got all his personal stuff stitched up, tight a a drum – nothing left for you, mind you some would say you have had enough?

    What goes around comes around…..

    That applies to both you and Toxic Toad.

  323. Karma in now snapping at your heels

    TaylorMade is next on my list.

  324. Anonymous

    How do you know Katherine?

  325. Anonymous

    Karma – if what you say about CPC is correct it seems
    that Erica B. may just have the last laugh on all her
    disgusting detractors. You rock EB!

  326. another anon

    Ames will probably call Andy Smith to rectify the situation as he did in 2010

  327. anonymous

    @ all UK residents .All income no matter its source is of concern to HMRC ,

  328. Bob Storey

    @anon 330 I guess you are not aware of a “no win no fee” action against CPC then? That’s the real laugh.

  329. Insider

    If I was Ames Id go after his cash. Ooops lol the cash CLC have not found lol.

    Nicola …….. Australia ………. Dubai …………

    Someone mentioned something about reality TV and northerners. Are we talking about Desperately Seeking Sheila. The show were Dave pimped out Nicola for cash.

    She cries down the phone once a week to Carol. So Carol jumps on a first class fight to OZ on a nearly monthly basis to comfort her daughter.

    And Storey, well he has always been a stool pigeon of the Ames’s. Getting his monthly return. So Bob where did you declare that income for tax purposes. UK or St. Vincent ?

    See if you had paid the tax like you legally are obliged to do and if you had paid that tax in St. Vincent then the Government would have had a little more to repair all the damage.

    But Storey engaged in TAX Evasion. Simples and that to many decent folk is as reprehensible as what Ames has done albeit it being on a much smaller scale.

    So Storey please continue to engage in your pathetic and wholly hypocritical actions.

    You are no better then the Scum that call themselves Ames.

  330. Anonymous

    Bob can you expand on this no win no fee action against CPC that you have mentioned.

    Are CPC and CLC not representing a number of clients for breach of Contract by Ames and Harlequin?

    Is Ames now taking litigation to new heights by suing those who represent CLIENTS.

    Whatever next. Is Ames suing the SFO on a no win no fee basis. Is Matt suing the Old Bailey on a no win no fee basis.

    Is Ames going to sue God on a no win no fee basis.

    Please fill us in on your latest revelation.

  331. Bob Storey

    @insider LOL you really are a hoot. You need to get yourself a tax advisor. Perhaps Newman can help you on that. Your assumptions are soooooo wide of the mark.

  332. Anon

    Bob shut up you tart. No win no fee action against CPC lol ha ha. You are truly demonstrating that all you are is Ames’s puppet. Lol ha ha.

    Bob its CLC who are representing the clients suing Ames. CPC are just the back room boys. The engine behind the litigation.

    You are one shit stirring can of piss. Lol ha ha. Its over Bob. Best you can do is high-tail it over to SVG and bring your bucket and spade with you and start digging the 4 foot of mud and shit that now resides in your now worthless unit.

    A worthless unit for an equally worthless idiot. Lol ha ha.

  333. Anon

    Tut tut Bob. You have been warned by Uncle Dave and Cousin Fatshit not to mention Newman.

    Lets see if HMRC probe your tax affairs shall we. Tick tock. Tick tock. Please keep us updated. We will help you by reporting you lol.

  334. Anonymous

    Bob take my advice and get lost.

  335. Anonymous

    Bobby – Something tells me that no matter what you
    think of yourself you are not very popular here.
    Sorry dude… just are not sympathetic.

  336. Anonymous

    Dear all, A REMINDER


    Now taking bets.

    1/250 on, Matty Boy will attempt to seek an adjournment.

    1/10 on, he will get 6 years.

    1/25 on, he will get 5 years and serve 2.5 in Ford Open Prison.

    1/150 on , that Carol will ball her eyes out.

    1/200 on, that Carol will be dressed like a tart.

    1/1000 on, That Carol will state that Matty boy will appeal. And that the case is a travesty.

    1/5000 on, That Ames has not shagged Carol since Nicola was conceived.

    1/1 That Ames was shagging in Pattya in Thailand. 👍

    1/1 That it was a lady boy. 👍

  337. Bob Storey

    @Anon 340 yes I get that. Your comment is recognised. Just find so much bullshit and stupid comments. Just one last comment though. It was CPC that took the money not CLC so think about it. Anon 337

  338. Anonymous

    CLC are working for free lol ha ha. What a joke. Heh Storey want a bigger joke. 1800 idiots paying 200 + vat to Fatshit with no refunds for a share of 4 ft of mud. Lol ha ha

  339. Anonymous

    Heh Bob, before you crawl back under your rock, let us point out that the only bullshit comes from YOU, TS, KATHERINE and the other HARLEQUIN trolls. As for stupid comments, there should be less now that you are crawling off.

  340. Anonymous

    For three and a half years Ames has blamed the Irish builder for almost everything imaginable. For two and half of those years Ames continued selling apace. In the three and a half years Ames has gone through two more building companies along with his own HD Studios headed up by Dave Campion.

    In the three and a half years Ames accused others of stealing from him. Andy Smith, Krauss Manning, RLB.

    Ames is sick. He is a liar. He has never succeeded in business. But this time he went a step too far.

    He has convinced some of the baying mob that it was not his fault. Fatchett included. He even convinced Fatchett that he had no money.

    One wonders is it his fear of bankruptcy that has driven him mad. Harlequin’s main business is litigation. Its offices were filled with smooth talking but otherwise brain dead used car sales men. The cumulative IQ of all the staff was not much higher then 10.

    There were a few exceptions to this rule.

    Carol Ames who is no fool. But is a thundering greedy self obsessed bitch.

    Katherine Wooller Manderdfield who knew exactly what she was doing.

    And Simon Terry who is as bent a lawyer as you will find.

    The rest of the staff are basically greedy moronic idiots, who operate in a moronic robot like fashion and who’s only motivation is the size of their commissions.

    To be fair to Ames it is not him who is litigious , he is a coward who is afraid of his own shadow. No its that Bitch Carol who pushes the litigation. And Simon Terry is her bitch. Simon fancies himself as a big shot lawyer but has about as much ethics as Genghis Khan. He knows winning litigation is all about lying the best.

    So what does the future hold?

    The tragic events of Christmas sadly may not be a one off event. Weather patterns are changing worldwide. No insurance company will insure a resort on a flood plain.

    So what of the trust. All the trust does is protects Ames from litigation. What financiers will put money into Buccament Bay now.

    Fatchett may try pushing the trust through, but one does need to ask why even before the tragic events unfolded was Fatchett happy with the trust given that the Ames family were to remain at the helm.

    The heavy rains had nothing to do with Ames. The location of the Buccament Bay resort was however a major factor in the devastation wrought upon the Buccama Village.

    In summing up, The Ames family and Harlequin have demonstrated not only arrogance but their complete ignorance when it comes to the tragic events in St. Vincent. A week after the tragedy we have yet to hear from Harlequin or the Ames family.

    One has to wonder where they have been hiding. Its a case of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

    What’s more bizarre is the ignorance demonstrated by the major tour operators who were willing to take bookings for this week at the Buccament Bay Resort right up to yesterday.

  341. Anonymous

    The Ames are criminals, that is patently clear. What is disappointing are sporting celebrities still keeping their name associated with Ames and harlequin. Operators also should know better. In both cases, they supported Ames for the excessive fees they were getting. Greed – got the investors into this mess, and kept people conning those investors..

  342. last one out, please turn off the lights

    The tour operators who support BB don’t and wont get any of my money now or in the future…even they have been tarnished by Ames and HP.

    Everything Ames touches becomes contaminated…..

  343. EddieLizzard2

    Harlequin’s in-house brief Dan Abrams is blaming God and the SVG government for the disaster and denying vehemently that the resort is built in a flood plain or that they altered the flow of the river. The report is accompanied by photographs of Buccament Bay built on what clearly looks like a flood plain at the estuary of the river. They have issued a statement claiming that Peter Binose’s letter is defamatory and Caribbean News Now has temporarily removed his letter. Sound familiar? In typical Harlequin fashion instead of addressing the problem they try and silence it.

    Not a word of sympathy or condolence regarding the tragedy from the contemptible Dave Ames or the directors Dan and Carol Ames. Their only interest appears to be damage to the resort which according to one guest said ‘the villas were a health hazard and not fit to be slept in… Guests demanded to be evacuated by the tour operator because of what they perceived to be the health risk at the resort.”

  344. Bob Storey

    @Anon 343 so if CLC are working for free, who pocketed the money that the 13 disciples of Crozier coughed up? Lol ha ha

  345. Maddie

    @el2 the only sympathy Ames has is for himself . His investors have attacked him poor man .
    He has fooled Fatchett into believing he is a victim of circumstance and thievery from the Irish builder. Most of the investors believe him.
    Let’s see the report done on the land that could make interesting reading! Especially who signed it …………
    Most important now are the people of the island that has been devastated by the storm , who cares really about beach shacks….?
    people just care about the money and in the main they won’t even fight to get it back they just sit around waiting for a miracle to happen in the form of a West Midlands lawyer .

    Time to move on .

  346. TS

    CPC have to win first.

    If they don’t the ‘investors’ will have to pay all Ames legal cost’s say £300k – plus the £10k? paid so far?

    Can they afford that?

    Ironing must really pay well; land in Cyprus, unemployed husband legal fees…… wonder if Erica is getting help?

    If so, who from?

  347. Vultures circling.

    If its been built on a flood plain how come this was allowed? More bribes?

    Insured – no one knows

    Damage – no one knows

    Cutting through all the crap it’s disgusting none of the Ames family have commented publicly or offered help.


    If the Harlequin brand was not damaged enough.
    if it’s happened once it will happen again.

    Its finished, the vultures will be circling now, no investment company, just vultures l picking over the bones.

  348. In summary

    It’s simply over.

  349. Anonymous

    @TS CLC have Ames in court on breaches of contract. They were already granted freezing orders. Looks to us that the odds are firmly stacked against Ames.

    Any comment to make on the Harlequin Release. Very odd for a variety of reasons.

    Bob care to comment?

  350. Anonymous

    A man defrauds investors of $650m, and his supporters keep going on about one lady who wanted her money back and made noise to get it. And a builder who nicked $13m, and was only able to because Ames has no idea how to run a development company, and was only concentrating on how much he personally could get his grubby hands on. His crimes have ruined thousands of people’s lives, and yet his supporters harp on about an Irishman and an investor. Such people are without any form of moral compass, or a rational mind, and amply demonstrate the depths of Ames and harlequin’s self serving and odious nature.

  351. anonymous

    UK libel laws change as of midnight, should allow more freedom of speech

  352. Anonymous

    Here in at Lucia, we had the worst rainfall I can remember. It was worse than hurricane Tomas. Many homes were destroyed. However, no hotel suffered flooding or damage. The reason is because they are designed to withstand acts of god, hurricanes, flooding and so on. The response from harlequin’s lawyer is pathetic. Of course it should be built to withstand such rains, particularly as it is in a low lying area. It is like Roseau valley in st Lucia. Developers have looked to develop there, and always they talk about potential flooding as the first consideration for developing there. No one has yet developed there. Harlequin absolutely should have designed their construction differently. However, if a man has defrauded to the tune of hundreds of millions, such failure to design responsibly, and such a response from his company should come as no surprise.

  353. last one out, please turn off the lights

    be better if uk fraud laws changed at midnight so that twats like ames look through bars

  354. Anonymous

    I’m waiting for the HP press release that tells us that they were going to insure BB until Wilkins Kennedy advised that insurance was a very bad idea, almost as bad as drafting a contract with the construction company before embarking on a £xx million build program.

  355. Anonymous

    In addition to Ames releasing no status report except to demand
    that CaribbeanNewsNow remove a letter fro Peter Binose
    we have heard zilch from RL. Could we possibly be seeing
    a “scam-within-a-scam” unfolding. NOTHING can now negate
    the fact that BB is built on a flood plain. This probably makes
    it uninsurable. What possible sort of due diligence could ever
    interest an outside investor? There is no win/win here; it is
    all lose/lose.

  356. Katherine

    Your wrong about that dangerous woman Broughton, she has passed every little bit of information on anything and anyone to the Irishman.

    For a price, a very handsome price, make no mistake about that.

    The very same Irishman who stolen many millions from investors, a bit sick is it not?

    How does she afford the legal fees???

  357. Katherine

    Maybe our ‘I work for HMRC’ should look at Mrs Broughtons tax return instead of picking on Bob Storey 😉

  358. Anonymous



  359. last one out, please turn off the lights

    @ Katherine…and maybe SFO should look at your finances and how they were sourced…whats that saying about stones and glasshouses

  360. The real story

    Yeah great lets get back to Broughton , let’s not talk about dead people , scams , flood plains ,lost millions , fraud, imaginary trusts , lost homes and natural disaster . Let’s talk about a housewife who lost her pension cos that’s where the real story is Katherine !
    What a see you next Tuesday you are ,

  361. Bob Storey

    @Anon 343, have you worked out where the 7-10k each of the CPC disciples coughed up has gone if CLC is working for free? Of course the question is “are there still 13? ” LOL ha ha ha

  362. Katherine

    @The real story

    Ask my accountants for tax returns, that’s what I pay them for.

    By the way it was her unemployed husbands pension; for information she has had a refund.

    That’s why she never posts (under her real name)

    She has been taking money for information for years.

    The best of it is she things nobody knows. LOL 😉

  363. Anonymous

    Yes a refund from Ames.

  364. anonymous

    accountants prepare tax returns on information provided by clients .they then sign those accounts as being a true reflection of their dealings.

  365. The real story

    For gods sake Katherine give it a rest who would listen to a lady who takes in ironing she hardly would understand the value of any information . If and it’s a big of she got her refund good on her …..that just leaves 6999 people to go , pray wise one am I on the repayment list and who do I give information to …….

  366. Mr Macintosh

    Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of intelligence , that’s why Bob Storey didn’t get anon 343s lovely wit .

    as if CLC would work free they are one of Londons most expensive law firms…….

  367. Anon - reasons unknown

    Carter Fuck are also terribly expensive. But Ames didn’t have to worry about that as he stipulated in investor contracts that money could be used to pay for legal fees (along with other sundry stuff that might be required in the future like building resorts in the Caribbean).

    I’d love to know how much Ames / Harlequin spent on legal fees in relation to defamation. Especially against its own investors or publications those investors used.

  368. last one out, please turn off the lights

    Does it matter if Erica gave info to the Irish builder or if she has a refund and all the other stuff…the thing that matters is that HP took £400 million and did not deliver what they had said they would…Katherine and others all have blood on their hands…that’s where DA was actually quite clever spread the guilt over a lot of people and countries and keep no records…catch me if you can….OH THEY WILL …keep looking back coz they will

    A question though that someone has asked before…why no mention of any of the other scams such as DR, St Lucia, Brazil , Merricks….what has happened to the money from those developments….why no talk anywhere about that being a scan and downright theft…WHY can anybody say why all the attention is on BB, which is worth absolutely nothing … loosing money, on a flood plain and only 1% built…why are people grabbing at straws why only BB in the headlights

    Can anybody answer

    2014 needs to be the year the Ames and their hangers on (BS, TS, Katherine etc and all the dodgy sip providers) end up behind bars…maybe Ames is hoping to win the contract to build the resort with barred windows…

    Happy 2014 to all victims of HP/Fatchett and RL

  369. Bob Storey

    Happy new year to all the Anons/Anonymous posters,and those articulate posters, Anon Reasons Unknown and Eddie Lizzard 2. But especially to the people of SVG and lets hope 2014 is a better year for them.
    And a special mention to Anon 34 aka Mr Macintosh. Posting in a different name to try and justify your previous post really is crass. Lol ha ha ha

  370. TS

    I suspect when HMRC get a tip off about ‘cash for ironing’ they may find lifestyle exceeds income, they do like going after the small fish.

    That’s when the ‘special’ payments will be highlighted. tock tock…… is it 7 years they go back?

    tut tut……

  371. The watchful eye

    @TS And how far back does the The Law Society go back when investigating crooked lawyers before they strike them off…tick tock…tut tut tut

  372. TS

    @The watchful eye

    I really don’t understand your comment; I’m not Simon Terry 😉

    Tax investigations are very nasty indeed, especially when cash payments are involved for services.

    Many car wash businesses and the likes are set up to launder money.

    Tick tock tut tut……

  373. Harlequin?

    I agree with you TS you do not work for H if you did you would know all about the broughton deal but you don’t do you?

  374. TS

    I know, what I know; it’s more than enough……

  375. Mr P I Staker

    I disagree better to have it than not.

  376. EddieLizzard2

    Whilst the Harlequin trolls feebly try to derail these threads by wittering on about ironing boards and Masons here is an excerpt from a BFP comment first published on March 3, 2013…

    “Harlequin’s law firm Carter-Ruck has been instrumental in attacking any worried investors over the last few years – shutting down websites, threatening lawsuits against vocal investors and negotiating payoffs in return for investor silence. It looks to this outsider that the lawyers probably bought another free year for Ames to carry on with his pyramid scheme.

    And that brings an interesting thought… How many people ‘invested’ in Harlequin’s disaster over the last year who would not have invested had they been able to discover the truth about Harlequin on some of [the] websites shut down by Carter Ruck? How many investors were taken in the last year because Carter-Ruck was so successful in shutting down news of Harlequin’s troubles and the stories of worried investors? Carter-Ruck did a cover-up job of disgruntled investors and made sure they wouldn’t tell others.

    Should the Carter-Ruck lawyers in any way be held accountable for damages and losses caused because of their heavy handed suppression of the truth about Harlequin?”

    @ ReasonsUnknown
    It is interesting to re-read the Shipley LLP’s Administrators’ report. Of the total liabilities of £83.6 million sterling Carter Ruck (an unsecured creditor) is owed £25,050. 66 by Harlequin Management Services (South East) Limited. I wonder just how much they trousered in fees before the administration? I’d love to know too!

    as they say
    de chickens coming home…

  377. CID

    @Is its true~ Old Bean, some of them funny white guys is black. Have to say tho they did have better rhythm- even if they didn’t move much. Anyway nice to see a comment than isn’t just insulting somebody. Hope SV gets itself back on its feet in 2014.

  378. CID

    I’ve sent the Crater Ruck (thank you) article to Guardian SIPP- I suggest they seek redress as the DD failed to spot any of this. Amazing!!

  379. Anonymous

    Patent scam since day 1, and people were told so. Tiny amount of due diligence would have shown it to be a scam from 2006. Everyone’s hands are dirty, from Ames, to terry, to manderfield, to locals like soriya skeete. Net result is people have lost money, but doubtful others will pay the penalty, other than Ames who will likely face a tough time very soon.

  380. TS

    Actually, Erica has done very well out of it. A Refund plus many payments from the Irish builder for ‘services rendered’

    All will be reviled, tick tock and all that…..

  381. A Real Investor

    The fat hypocrite, what about ‘I did it for the investors BS’

    Siding with the other fatso builder who stolen investors cash, SICK.

    Something wrong with that woman – I met her once and the daughter, very odd pair indeed.

    Then she asked me for £5 for the room rental in Manchester – common low rent, totally out of her depth – embarrassing. I did not pay to that money making scam…. £5 really, come on!!!

  382. The watchful eye

    @TS if you are not Simon Terru apologies as the comment was aimed at him

  383. Mystic Fred

    2014 Remember this post.

    Matt Ames prison 6-7 years
    TaylorMade SFO investigation
    Directors lose assets
    Dave Ames and Carol go mad…..bankrupt 3rd time
    SFO move on them and TM
    CPC court case with Ames
    RL snowed under redress claims
    Harlequin finally dies
    Ames family no income
    Erica & Irish builder don’t know what to do next
    Essex offices close

  384. Anonymous

    You had me until “Erica & Irish Builder…..”
    How are they germane to anything?
    ps. – Like your initials

  385. Mystic Fred

    The Irish Rover is suing Ames, with BB kaput he has nothing to go after now, EB is his devoted concubine.

    It’s over for Paddy too

  386. Anonymous

    Ames gave P.O. the money without ANY accountability.
    P.O. could have fathered a love-child with Madame
    Gonsalves and it still wouldn’t be germane. An obsession
    with EB is nothing but denial of the important issue. But
    then if it makes your life easier go for it.

  387. Disgusted

    I think we should talk about the terrible thing that has happened in the Caribbean what must we all look like when we behave like this?

  388. doubting thomas

    @disgusted , whilst I agree with you that the investors and trolls do not show themselves in a good light I am absolutly certain that SVG will recover from this act of god . what is not so certain is that their economy will ever recover from the damage the Harlequin group have done .
    Harlequin made promises not only to investors but to local people all of which they have failed on .
    I am saddened to see that Harlequin have not issued even a statement of support for the people of SVG , The statement issued by Dan Abram was another “poor me “ example of the very attitude that has caused all the trouble at Harlequin .

    Every business faces problems and the art of good management is that the show must go on and you learn from mistakes whilst apologising for your part in the failures . I have never heard the word sorry execpt in the context of I am sorry for me …… Ames take note .

    The trolls on here who abuse and insult are here only to detract by slander fron the real situation .

    The Irish builder is just one fly in the ointment it is claimed he stole 13 million dollars , Ames spent millions on property in Dubai ( not his money ) he spent millions on the case in Ireland to get nothing back .he spent millions with law firms to shut people up .

    he litigates with investor funds which is one of the main reasons there is no money to build . Ohalloran was off site from 2010 exactly how much building work has been completed since then.

    EB only wanted her money back and according to certain people on here she has recieved it , if so good on her.
    Who has paperwork from the registry saying they own their unit ?
    who is getting their guaranteed return ?

    If no one where is the money going ?

  389. Sick logic

    You say good on Broughton because she has had her money back plus loads of cash from the Irish builder – money he stolen from investors – what sick logic you have.

    Broughton just wanted Harlequin to fail, it’s not about money for her she is a very sick woman.

  390. TS

    I would imagine it’s the cocktail of medication Mrs Broughton is on that’s addled her brain.

  391. doubting thomas

    @sick logic
    Can you prove she had one penny from the Irish builder ????? No thought not . in a long post you jump on Broughton . well done troll!!!

  392. Sick logic

    @doubting thomas

    Good morning to you.
    I have all the proof I need, and more don’t worry about that; all in good time, all in good time.

    You assume I want you to shut up?

  393. Erica Broughton

    You have no proof… As I have never taken money from anyone.
    If you wish to report me to any authority feel free
    as for the tax man at least I can provide a full set of books for each and every year I have been trading which is of course more than can be said for some people.

    As for you all having a problem with me being a “ironing lady” it is a honest living can you say the same?


  394. Anonymous

    Harlequin failed years ago. How is mrs b possibly responsible for Ames missing start and completion dates by years, and Ames not even getting planning permission for his sites, and in some cases not even owning the land he was selling on. Who cares if she wanted Ames to fail, or if she was in cahoots with the Irishman. It is clear she has nothing to do with the failings of Ames “business model” which have been in evidence for many years. When will authorities put an end to all this?

  395. Redress is the only real option

    Those who held back should now be realising that redress claims are the only real way to get any money back.

    RL are only just open today and the great man is skiing until Monday.

    The forum will be back up Monday. I have been told to expect a statement next week.

    I wonder whether Fatchett knows about the disaster while enjoying the piste ?

  396. TS

    Erica, something you are not is honest, hateful, vindictive, obsessive, Machiavellian, controlling, full of self importance and mentally ill yes; honest not a bit, you know that.

  397. TS

    Is Dave Ames skiing?

  398. So mote it be ?


    Funny how things have turned out. The lodge will be meeting next week to provide guidance to the Brethren.

    The natural disaster will be on the summons.

    A real game changer.

  399. So mote it be ?

    GF is skiing. In the French Alps.

  400. Is TS the most boring troll on BFP?

    @ TS change the record there’s a luv you’re getting repetitive! You Basildon trolls are really showing yourselves up today.

  401. TS

    @Is TS the most boring troll on BFP?

    Dear me, jumping to conclusions again. I certainly do not live is Essex.

    I’m deeply upset at your comment Erica, go and take some more medication.

  402. Bob Storey

    I’m upset now. Is someone trying to take my title away from me? Must start posting more!

  403. GAOTU

    @ So mote it be.

    Fraternal salutations!

    Yes much ground to cover next week, Harlequin will need further support.
    Operation Beehive is underway.

    So mote it be.

  404. Question.

    Maybe now…… especially now….. with the flooding the Trust is critical?

    If HP is in such a pickle who would want to be an unsecured creditor?

    Just a thought.

  405. Anonymous

    Typical Harlequin!!
    The Buccament Bay Resort which on the morning after the most devastating flood St Vincent & the Grenadines has ever seen, promptly provided members of the Black Squad brandishing weapons to clear the public beach (high watermark) in front of the resort, (VIDEO) has two workers who survived the wrath of the flood waters immediately back on the job, even though they are traumatised at the death of a third worker who was swept away in the deluge.

    The three had left their jobs at the resort together that fateful Christmas Eve in their attempts to get home, but the bridge outside the resort gave way and they all fell into the water. Their colleague grabbed at them in a desperate hope to save herself from the raging waters, but only managed to grab the handbag of one of her colleagues.

    This was not sufficient and they had to go through the traumatic experience of watching their co-worker and friend disappear in the flood. To this day she has not been seen again. In addition, the handbag she had grabbed in her hope for survival had contained all the cash, cell phone and other valuables belonging to one of the survivors.

    On Sunday, however, we learned that the resort had called out the two survivors to return to work, and they have had to be on the job every day since.

    We have been reliably informed that no member of Buccament Bay Resort’s management has spoken to the workers and they have been required to work as per usual in their traumatized state.

    Additionally checks with the grieving husband and one year old child of the missing worker, reveal that they too have not been visited by the resort. We were told the Resort called two days ago saying they were going to visit but never turned up and never said why.

    Surely this level of insensitivity cannot be accepted from a major organisation such as the Buccament Bay Resort. The needs of these workers need to be attended to before they can humanely be expected to be back on the job.

  406. yatinkiteasy

    Harlequin blog has not even mentioned the disaster that hit St Vincent Xmas Eve, the loss of life…nothing…its as if it never happened…sick bunch of money hungry , low life scum.They should be bending over backwards to try and help people in the Buccament Bay village, who they profess to care so much about..instead of that, its business as usual.
    I dont know how Mr Gonsalves, who was moved to tears when commenting on the disaster to the press, could still consider Mr Ames and company as friends of St Vincent. He even broke the rules and made him a citizen of St Vincent.
    Karma…its coming.

  407. Bob Storey

    @Anon 2.58. Where did you get the report the bridge gave way. In the I witness YouTube report the bridge is obviously intact.

  408. BBaywatch

    It is typical of Harlequin that their only response has been to get a lawyer to attempt to intimidate Caribbean News Now over Peter Binose’s letter.

    Meanwhile it seems that even the guests have all of the charms of the Ames’ too – this highly inappropriate comment was posted on Trip Advisor

    “The resort staff were trying to clean the mess but the river that came through the resort flooded the shanty town next door. As you know this area will not have the drainage system of the UK so who knows what the water contained.”

    as if no town in the UK has anything ‘nasty’ in the water after a severe flood!

    The attitude of these people is appalling.

  409. Anonymous

    @BS – A bridge does not have to give way to be washed over the
    side as long as the water is higher and the railing (if any) is lower.
    Stop defending HP! They are patently indefensible. Come to
    think of it so are you.

  410. Bob Storey

    I’m not “defending” anything or anybody. The post above says quite clearly that the bridge outside the resort gave way. Did the bridge “give way” or not? It’s a question of clarification and accuracy. Stop trying to personalize a quite reasonable question.

  411. Anonymous

    Doesn’t a total lack of books beg for “clarification and accuracy”?

  412. EddieLizzard2

    an employee of the BB resort was washed away to her death from the bridge that spans the river at the Buccma resort. According to local news reports her body has not been recovered yet. Did you see that harrowing picture of her partner standing by the river opposite the resort? Her family are in a terrible state and all you can do is deflect what posters are stating here by quibbling and making frivolous remarks in an effort to divert the attention away from the topic that is being discussed.

    Shame on you Bob Storey!

  413. CID

    On that note to give the disaster a proper hearing someone should set up a separate post. This one is supposed to be about IFA’s (and SIPP providers please) and redress against such -plus Harlequin of course as they cannot be separated in this context. That’s not being hard- its just trying to be efficient.

  414. yatinkiteasy

    BS can’t see, hear or think clearly because he must be be a bit upset as he has not yet received title to his unit at Buccament Bay.
    Other than that, its the usual crap from a stupid old fool whose job it is to defend Harlequin, even though they have not even sent out a sympathetic statement to Vincentians, and particularly to the family of the staff member who was washed away and is presumed dead.

  415. Anonymous

    It’s sad what happened, but worse happens all over the World everyday.

    What is unforgivable is the lack of response from Ames or Harlequin.

    I suspect that the long winded inaccurate post is by the Irishman, any change of discrediting Harlequin he is on it.

  416. Bob Storey

    @EL2/Yatinkiteasy. How predictable of you two to try and spin a legitimate question regarding an earlier post. Try and look beyond your rhetoric and bias and ask yourselves this. If the poor person in question was lost from a defective part of the hotel, I.e. The bridge, then that could have further ramifications . The implication from Anon 4.27 was that there was no railings on the side. That is clearly not true. Take your blinkers off and try and understand the significance to the family if the bridge structure was part of the persons loss or not. There is nothing quibbling or frivolous behind the question at all. You two really cannot help yourselves can you.

  417. Message from PHIG - Bob Laddel

    We at PHIG have been considering collecting donations via our blog and after a small administration fee sending it over to SVG.

  418. So mote it be ?

    The trust is bow the only way to avoid being an unsecured creditor,

    Shame on Bob PHIG / TM and the other agents who have delayed matters by claiming there was another viable way

  419. For good or evil?

    Let’s make two assumptions: that Freemasonry is a secret society and that it has considerable influence in how the world is governed.

    One conclusion to draw from this is that the ills of the world can be laid at the feet of the Masons on the grounds that they could prevent it if they so chose. Therefore the Masons are evil sadists. Many people here appear to have drawn this conclusion.

    However, I have an imagination and realise that the world could very easily be far worse than it is. The slightest bit of research into the history of power, in particular unchecked power, shows that the sort of person who wants it is the same sort of person who would abuse it.

    Mass public executions, serfdom, overt slavery, a complete lack of freedom of association or expression; these are the natural results of absolute power.

    I don’t see any of these things around me. Perhaps to a slight degree, but nothing close to as bad as it could be if anyone with imagination and malevolent intent had absolute power.

    So if the Masons both have absolute power and are evil, there’s an inhuman level of restraint being exercised here. And we know that people with absolute power do not exercise restraint (what would otherwise be the point of seeking and achieving absolute power?)

    Could it be that all of the fearmongering in the world, in the media, perhaps, has been engineered specifically by the same people that the Masons naturally oppose?

    Could it be that the evil in the world has been created so as to facilitate more evil?

  420. Anyone who has a dirty little deal with Ames

    Bob Ladell you are a Tw*t

  421. The ayes have it

    Quick , let’s get back to freemasonry so people stop making intelligent comments and the truth slips out .

    1. I believe that BB will not get any payout from the insurance
    2. I believe only two or three people are getting money from AMes to post favourably
    3. I believe no one has legal ownership of any units .
    4. I believe Ames met with insolvency practitioners in February 2013
    5.i believe that the real money was hidden prior to the administration
    6. I believe that Ames is playing with Fatchett and the trust will never happen
    7. I know Ames is not a Freemason and I know who are who are involved
    8. I predict that very very soon the rats will leave the sinking ship

  422. Anonymous

    1. I believe Freemasonry has nothing to do with anything
    2. I believe there is a high chance of all else being true.

  423. Erica Broughton

    The ayes have it
    January 2, 2014 at 6:24 pm
    Yes I agree with that.
    BBwatch – nothing wrong with that comment, and it’s true, I have been there the water is full of sewerage it gave me a nasty rash

  424. good or evil

    The illuminati’s agenda is to dominate, to dominate means to control, control is achieved by programming vulnerable humans to exhaustion thus lack the energy to see the domination, exhaustion can be caused by stress, stress can be caused by sin, sin results from an action that gives pleasure with a symptom of guilt, guilt can be caused by hurting others and by masturbating over other human beings, violence and pornography are exposed to humans through media, media is controlled by the illuminati, the illuminati is satan, satan resides in hell, hell is where you are told where you go when you commit sin, through committing sin your soul belongs to satan in hell, satan in hell is the same as the illuminati on earth, the illuminati’s agenda is to dominate, to dominate means to control, control is achieved by programming vulnerable humans to exhaustion thus lack the energy to see the domination, exhaustion can be caused by stress, stress can be caused by fear, fear is caused by worry, worry is caused over finance and health, finance and health have been manipulated by governments and the media, governments and the media are controlled by the illuminati, the illuminati’s agenda is to dominate, to dominate means to control, control is achieved by programming vulnerable humans to exhaustion thus lack the energy to see the domination, exhaustion can be caused by stress, stress can be caused by sin, sin results from an action that gives pleasure with a symptom of guilt, guilt can be caused by hurting others and by masturbating over other human beings, violence and pornography are exposed to humans through media, media is controlled by the illuminati, the illuminati is satan, satan resides in hell, hell is where you are told where you go when you commit sin, through committing sin your soul belongs to satan in hell, satan in hell is the same as the illuminati on earth…….

    Break the cycle by stop committing sin and then stop worrying, then your soul will be free!

  425. Anonymous

    Good Lord man; are you for real !!!

  426. 2014

    Cracking post good or evil and possibly intelligent if I could be arsed to read it .
    I don’t give a F F about Freemasons , or your Dan Brown literacy level .

    Buy your harlequin resale here , no money back no guarantee from Del Boy Ames

    Twats independant traders

  427. So mote it be ?

    But don’t you see. The brethren are in control of all aspects of this matter.

    GAOTC – our time is going to be upon us soon.

    My direction of travel is from the west. I intend to make the perfect entrance, something which I am properly prepared.

  428. All seeing eye.....

    @ So mote it be?

    I await the report Bro. X

    Foot to foot, knee to knee, breast to breast, hand to back, and cheek to cheek

  429. Jachin

    Brethren, Brethren all.

    It’s now official. You will all be the normal way.

    “O Lord, my God, is there no help for the Widow’s Son?”

  430. Anonymous

    The Shriners, an appendent body of Freemasonry supports many
    hospitals in the US. Why doesn’t a British chapter support
    relief in SVG? I guess its more fun to post foolish idiocy than to
    actually do some good. I’m sure that what was earlier today
    called a “shanty-town” (the Village of Buccama Bay) would be

  431. Erica Broughton

    it is a dirty shanty town, I have been

  432. Anonymous

    Lady –you ain’t Erica, know you no shame imposter.

  433. Anonymous

    Ames is waiting for Fatchett to return. Ames and Harlequin are finished. There are animal carcasses rotting in the waters feeding the Buccament River. The SVG department of health is warning people not to swim in rivers.

    They are issuing purification tablets to the nations people. Thousands are either homeless or are living in now sub standard accommodation many in the Buccament Area.

    Harlequin denied there was a problem. Dan Abrahams Harlequin’s in house solicitor stated that there were no issues. Trip advisor states that 100 guests had to sleep in the restaurant over night.

    Abrahams appears to have lied. One tour operator evacuated guests. The cleaning of Buccament Bay has been done using garden hoses.

    The villas need to be stripped, disinfected, repainted, and furniture replaced. Not washed down with Garden hoses.

    Its time to STOP the madness of Ames. ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

  434. Anonymous

    Dave Ames has spent his Christmas holidays on a private vacation with his wife and family including grand kids.

    The Ames family are facing a very trying time next week when Matt is facing a criminal trial.

    Carol Ames is beside herself with worry. Maybe its time to allow the Ames family deal with the issues pertaining to Matt Ames.

    Both Dave and Carol have had a terrible year and needed a well earned break to recharge the batteries allowing then to rebuild their businesses and lives.

  435. The building inspectors office

    Let them live in buccament bay …… Let’s face it as a tourist destination it’s finished as an investment it’s a dead loss and at least then it could bring some joy to some people who are homeless.

    MR OHALLORANS houses stood up to the storm ….. so they are not a bad build quality are they ?????

    Maybe Ames lied about the Irish builder …….what Ames lied , …..Never in the world

    Let’s hope Fatchett has had a good holiday cos it’s all downhill from here on

  436. Anonymous

    For a sense of how a lot of investors feel toward David & Carol Ames
    check out Nemesis ’89 -Execution of Nicholae & Elena Ceausescu.
    It will not come to that but the Ames like the Romanian tyrants
    have not shown one iota of contrition………………….

  437. Not trip advisor

    Happy that the Ames family had a lovely holiday together Robbin Island was it this year …?

  438. revenge, no....just justice...justice for 6000

    I do hope someone reports on the matt ames court case with full details… will be wonderful to read all the details and the obvious guilty verdict……oooh to watch the faces of dave and carol when matt cops for six or seven years…the look of angst when they realise that their crime is what 300 times bigger… that’s 300 multiplied by six years shall we say……don’t look like he gonna need the passport …..2014 is lining up to be a good year and it only two days old

  439. Old Bailey on Monday for Mattie Boy

    Don’t get your hopes up about Mattie Boy just yet, revenge no…
    I reckon he’ll slither out of it just like he did the last time. I must admit I would love to see Carol’s face too and the rest of the scumbag crims when their time comes. As. It. Will.

  440. all experts

    So,we have several experts:

    1. Legal experts
    2. Building experts
    3. Housing experts
    4. Flood and sanitary experts
    5. Even people who can see into the future

    No one knows, until Ames and Fatchett get back if anything is going to be saved.
    Ames may well walk away – he has already started blaming God.

    What’s the point in carrying on?

    I would walk away, with what cash I stashed and RL wait for the redress…..Let CPC fight for his assets.


  441. BBaywatch

    Leaving aside the tragic events in St Vincent and the Eastern Caribbean let us return to the original topic –

    Should financial advisors be penalized for recommending the disastrous Harlequin ‘investments’?

    Consider the case of Stadia, a small SIPP provider based in Colchester who were set up to sell Harlequin. They subsequently moved into oil production as a suitable vehicle for a SIPP but that went badly wrong.

    “Stadia director Tony Hales said the SIPP provider carried out extensive research on Armadillo, including visiting the Oklahoma oil fields, and “was not expected to carry out forensic due diligence” on the scheme.” (source IFA Online)

    That phrase “was not expected to carry out forensic due diligence” will I believe be the defence of many of these companies if brought to book. And determining to just what lengths that diligence should be carried out is the kind of legal nicety that briefs love – triple refreshers all round! If that is the defence it does rather turn the spotlight back onto Harlequin and Ames and the information that they were supplying to the SIPP companies.

    None of the above will come as a surprise to Gareth Fatchett or Regulatory Legal of course for it is they who brokered the deal between Armadillo and its investors and set up a Trust to receive the income from the company that extracts the p… – sorry extracts the oil.

    So, how’s that going then? Investors getting anything back yet or is it all taken up with fees and annual expenses?

  442. It is no more....

    Make no mistake the SIPP companies will be made the scape goat ( no Masonic pun intended) They will be forced into liquidation.

    The advice by the IFA – same for them. 🙂


  443. It is no more....

    Regarding the goat comment – Mason ride Goats as part of the ceremonies.

    The candidate is hoodwinked in the ante-room and conducted to the Chief Officer’s Station.

    CONDUCTOR – “Chief Officer, I present you Mr. Who is a candidate seeking the mysteries of our Order. He awaits your instructions.”

    OFFICER-“My friend, before permitting you to advance into this grand and noble Order, it is my duty to examine you by asking you certain questions, for your answers, which will be considered by the Lodge before starting you on your journey to seek the secrets of our Order.”

    “What is your name in full?”

    “How old are you?”

    “Are you single or married?”

    (If married) “How many children have you?”

    “What is your occupation?”

    “Have you always been able to earn a good livelihood?”

    “Do you consider yourself to be sound and in good health?”

    “Have you a good appetite?”

    “Do you eat meat?”

    “Do you like butter?”

    “Do you like soft or hard butter?”

    (Candidate will say hard butter.)

    “Very well, we will try and satisfy your appetite. We have the hardest and best butter in this section of the country. This butter has been tried by every candidate introduced, and they can all testify that he is a hard butter. Attendants, bring forth Billie, our hard butter, and administer some of his good qualities to our candidate.”

    (The Goat is brought in and the candidate is mounted and given a ride around the Lodge room, and finally returned and dismounted in front of Officer’s Station, and the following is introduced if desired

    OFFICER-“Well, sir, how do you like our butter?”

    (Candidate is liable to say it’s all right.)

    OFFICER-“Now, my friend, you said, I believe, that you liked meat any old way. I am glad to know that you do, because we have an obligation in the way of a meat test which I will have to administer to you.”

  444. doubting thomas

    I am sure that many of the posters on here are qualified in their chosen fiels ( perhaps even the mystics ) however its fair to say Ames cannot walk away he must fight on otherwise his outcome is jail for sure . As soon as this collapses the SFO will jump all over him . I doubt whether the few million he stashed with Dan Ames will cover his legal bill !!!

  445. Mystic Fred

    @doubting thomas

    Have you been looking in my crystal ball?

    Even Ames the great visionary can’t fight God. It’s over for all the Ames family. The spotlight will even be on meek and mild Danny Boy

  446. So mote it be ?

    Bro Bentley – the new turn of events means a faster resolution is needed.

    Do you concur ?

  447. Time is of the essence

    Things are moving at a great pace now. Will investors finally wake up ?

  448. Anonymous

    Fatchett’s web-site is now back up

  449. Time is of the essence

    RL must be worried. He is not back from skiing until Monday.

    There are things going on.

  450. doubting thomas

    @mystic Fred – sorry I did sneak a look … hope its not a problem theres a lot I havnt said cos i didnt want to steal your thunder

  451. Eager financier


    In the light of the tragic events in Saint Vincent we have taken the view that opening the forum and site early is sensible.

    The primary Harlequin asset at Buccament Bay appears to have suffered damage from the media reports we have read. We have received no official word from Harlequin.

    Investors will be keen to understand the extent of the damage, the extent of any insurance coverage and whether the events will affect the ability of Buccament Bay to trade normally.

    Regulatory Legal Solicitors

  452. Anonymous

    Isn’t it time RL took the bull by the horns and actually did something?
    “We have received no official word from Harlequin”…says it all.
    Suggestion to Fatchett (and you have the money to do this) – take
    the first plane you can to Buccament and give a first hand assessment
    of the situation from ground-zero. Why rely on Harlequin to twist,
    turn, convolute, and double-talk the reality. On reconsideration
    forget “the first plane you can” and take the NEXT flight…period.

  453. doubting thomas

    the tragic events occured on the 24th of December so opening the forum on the 3rd of January is a bit nonsensical. Harlequin have so far failed to issue a statement even in regard to the dead employee( shame on you Ames )
    As the islands largest employer a few words and maybe a visit or donation of supplies from the Ames family feast may have been appreciated .


    Ames needs the trust as its all thats stopping the SFO . NO TRUST , NO SECURITY AND AMES GOES TO JAIL.

  454. Anonymous

    I see that Nero (Fatchett) is still fiddling and that Rome (BB)
    is still burning. Really two “take-charge type guys”.

  455. All someone elses fault

    Why go to BB ? RL don’t need to.
    The mandate they needed was messed with by PHIG / agents /IFA’s to avoid the inevitable redress claims. The situation is slipping from Ames’s hands now.

    The trust is better than nothing. Some investors are too thick to realise this. Some are enthralled by the idiots who told them to invest in the first place.

    It matters not. The quickest way to get your money back is going to be a redress claim. Period.

    RL are not going to waste money on a trip to BB to see whether it is a half built luxury resort or not. They already know.

  456. Nonamus

    There are several (blurry) arial photos of Buccamnet on Dec 31 on SV’s searchlight facebook page –

  457. Hoodwinked

    @ Bro Bradley.
    I concur, sorry for my tardy response, I have been busy with the notifications.

  458. CID

    Harlequin have just released a press statement saying the luxury resort of Buc Bay will be features on a lightweight (but popular) UK TV show next week. Paul McKenna in attendance. No hint of any problems!

  459. All seeing eye.....

    What’s the point of RL going numb nuts! It’s going to be a bit more shit than it was before the flood…… what else can it be?

    Our Brothers in BB are sending back information.

  460. Anonymous


    Nothing washed away? The bridge still standing? Maybe its just the internals?

    It’s disgusting that HP never made a statement or offered some help- that won’t have gone down well with the workers or SVG in general – shows total arrogance and contempt.

    Ames you are an idiot and do more harm to the brand than anyone else, time to step aside, you are past it.

  461. CID

    I gave information- not passed a comment.

  462. All someone elses fault

    I bet GF comes back on Monday and thinks “what on earth is going on”

  463. Look into my eyes

    Paul McKenna could hypnotise us all into thinking the floods never happened , he has already achieved it with the Ames family and he is in BB next week with the ITV competition winners

  464. Anonymous

    It appears that the RL site is quickly becoming a “back-at-yah”
    contest (as has plagued this site at times) and appearing center
    stage is our much maligned but cherished Bob Storey who is
    fast approaching Shakespeare’s seventh age —sans teeth, sans
    eyes, sans taste, sans everything—

  465. All someone elses fault

    Anonymous –

    The RL users are pent up due to forum being down for last fortnight !

  466. Look into my eyes

    Storey is telling the RLS site that Ames has been in St Vincent helping the rebuild efforts over Xmas …… People of SVG can you comment on this lunacy

  467. Bob Storey

    How odd that posters should go onto the RL site and then comment about my RL posting on here. The stalkers are out again. Bless.

  468. Look into my eyes

    Lol …. True to form Bobby still lies spill from your mouth Ames has not been to SVG at Xmas has he ???

  469. Anon - reasons unknown

    If Ames was in SVG after the flood you can bet your LIFE he would have publicised it. Once again, Storey-teller is talking shite.

    And why do those sorry investors still pathetically soft on Harlequin (and deluded into thinking that if they keep lying and believing then everything is going to be OK) make excuses for Harlequin not making a statement because Ames was out of the country?

    Does Bucc Bay not have an FB page, hosted on that domain known as the world wide web? Obviously that illiterate, uneducated fuck Ames may not have been able to launch internet explorer on his own, but surely he could have asked one of his minions in Essex to send some communications electronically, and copy him in? Let’s just hope they’d have remembered to switch spellcheck on. Harlequin don’t do spelling, do they!

    Come to think of it, probably a good thing Ames didn’t get near a computer or ipad/phone and post something. The few emails I received from him years ago were hilariously badly written. Myself and a few others pissed ourselves laughing at his attempts to come over as some magnanimous, corporate bully – of course he actually came across as a particularly retarded and uneducated village idiot / bully.

  470. Anonymous

    I am interested in what sort of triage plan the SVG government
    will follow. Who/what is more important:
    1 – the immediate health and welfare of the citizens
    2 – the infrastructure maintenance of an insular tourist colony
    that has almost zero interaction with the island except for
    3 – the continued aid and help to an off shore embezzler of the
    first magnitude

  471. Anonymous

    BB rates for Jan are about 50% less than was quoted in December. Wonder why.?

  472. Anon - reasons unknown

    Maybe Harlequin are donating the other 50% to the SVG Flood Relief Fund?

  473. Anonymous

    Dave Ames has not been to Buccament Bay since the tragic events of Christmas Eve. He flew to Dubai just before Christmas for a holiday with his family.

  474. All someone elses fault

    Investors are starting to turn on Ames …..

  475. Anon - reasons unknown

    From TA:

    15. Re: buccament bay after the storm
    today, 8:39
    We were at Buccament Bay during the flood.

    It was a very sad time due to the loss of life and the devastation caused. There was thick mud everywhere. The sand had been washed away from the beach leaving deep trenches exposing electrical cables. Most families were moved from their larger two/4 bed roomed villas into one bedroom villas. The Kids Club, Gym, Safrans restaurant and the Spa were all ruined by the flood. The public toilets were overflowing with excrement in the restaurant where we spent Christmas Eve night and the ones in the pool area. The water in the villas was dark brown both in the toilets and the taps. My husband and I have both being feeling quite unwell with flu like symptoms and extreme tiredness since our return to the UK, which I am hoping is just a coincidence.

    I do agree that the staff were amazing in trying to get a semblance of normality back quickly. They worked tirelessly and had an amazing team spirit. They are to be admired for their determination and energy. I agree with another post that there should have been counselling and support for the staff and possibly some of the guests. It is a very close community at Buccament Bay of both staff, guests and the locals who play on the beach. In my opinion the hotel should have been shut to stop new passengers arriving. I believe from staff that it was the decision of the owner to keep the hotel open. This put added pressure on the management and staff which wasn’t needed. It would also have given time to have the hotel sanitised properly which I would have thought the insurance companies would require.

    I hope that the island of St Vincent and Buccament Bay can recover from this natural disaster.

  476. Bob Storey

    That report on TA is at odds with the Searchlight pictures. Although taken from a distance the beach still looks intact and covered in White sand. It has not been “washed away” which is very misleading.

  477. Mattvent Calender

    A new phrase has been coined –

    “The Mattvent Calendar” – like a Christmas Advent Calendar.

    We have loaded it up with 30 presents and will remove one from each door, each day.

    Day 1.

    6th January.
    Fatty Matty goes to court, hopefully this time with legal representation.
    He will have had plenty of time to prepare, Daddy sacked him from BB for drunken driving on a golf buggy!!!

  478. Anonymous

    BS still has his head stuck firmly up his arse…it’s a new year but nothing has changed . He just can’t believe or accept that BB is a f…. Up and that it is only a matter of time….months, not years, before it totally collapses.

  479. Anonymous

    From TA forum “7. Re: Any NEW news on Buccament Bay
    02 January 2014, 22:43
    Thank god someone else is reporting what has happened we arrived 27th and was evacuated 28th to Barbados the resort lied about the flood and basically had us travelling with 3 young children in tow to a resort not up to scratch very disappointing. /have you been offered any refund?”
    Liars , crooks….

  480. Anonymous

    Another report from TA
    “5. Re: Any NEW news on Buccament Bay
    29 December 2013, 16:15
    just got back after being there for 14 nights… got hit by a big storm on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day… one member of staff killed… the whole place has been effected by the flooding that took place 30% of the villas where flooded some up to 4 foot deep loads of mud, insects, smell, gym flooded , kids club flooded, two resturants flooded etc etc … the staff are doing a great job but it will need at least a month to get right…

    i would go somewhere else, the company is saying that everthing is ok…. it is not !!!! well short of it… we have stayed previously and it was first rate… not the situation at the moment….”

  481. Bob Storey

    @Anon RU, yes of course you come across as a shining light in Internet sophistication. Well done for writing a post without using the “f” word. We can all learn something from your interlect.

  482. All someone elses fault

    It matters not one jot as the key question is whether the resort is insured.
    If not, we are all wasting our time.

  483. revenge, no....just justice...justice for 6000

    It doesn’t matter to Ames if insured or not…he has the money, so no problem and he blames the failure as down to an act of God

  484. Anonymous

    Interlect – Is that some sort of Cockney gibberish?

  485. Matt Ames trial date ?

    Matt Ames is not listed as appearing on there 6th ! Any reason why ?

  486. Anonymous

    Correct, Ames took the money years ago. Investors really should have realised long ago that Ames has never been in this for successfully operating resorts, or even building them. Sales commission, fleecing of money that should have been used to fulfil legally binding contracts. You just look on in fascination as purchasers keep thinking Ames can help makes things right, or that Harlequin can somehow be turned around. It has never had the financial structure to survive, like all ponzi schemes, was purely designed to sell and take the cash. It has been pointed out rightly that Ames is not a smart or eloquent bloke, and so certainly strings have been pulled by others who have benefited from this massive fraud. Redress claims only way out, cash investors are done for, unless they can get privileges/cautions/liens on Harlequin assets for when liquidation comes, which is the only outcome and always has been. Bucc Bay is some form will very likely go on, with more responsible and experienced operators. Or, like Half Moon Bay in Antigua, it will shut down after a storm and stay shut….

  487. Anonymous

    Breaking News 4 hrs ago.

    Locals in St. Vincent calling for mass protests against Ames and Buccament Bay. Armed police protecting the resort. Threats being made against the resort and Ames family.

    Story and videos being run on line. Journalist Jerry S George SVG Times. Vincy View SVG.

    That cretin Ames is clearly redefining luxury in the Caribbean. Anyone who believes that it is safe or right to go to Buccament Bay just ask the locals. Armed police protecting the resort. Truly disgusting.

  488. Anonymous

    No water at Buccament Bay. We have no fresh potable water. Crowds getting angry. Harlequin trying to divert what little water was available to Resort. Locals calling for big big protest. They want Ames gone. Gone gone.

  489. Anon - reasons unknown

    Anonymous at 3:19pm – please can you give a link to where we can/hear see this story? It’s not on Jerry George’s FB page.

  490. Anon - reasons unknown

    Found it:

  491. Anonymous

    I have just spoken to Mr. George. Mr. Ames has not been to Buccament Bay. So not sure why Mr. Storey is stating the opposite.

    There appears to be a huge amount of resentment towards Harlequin and the Ames family. Some guests are very unhappy at the events unfolding. And feel very insecure as to their personal security.

    The locals have no beef with guests but locals are disgusted with Harlequin and Ames. Apparently some water was available at the resort and locals who have been without proper clean water asked the resort for some. And for some food. The resort management stated that the Ames family have issued very clear instructions that no food or water is to leave the resort no matter what the circumstances. The armed police were called in to search all employees leaving the resort for food and water. Buccament Bay security staff were refusing to carry out the searches.

    The situation in the vicinity of Buccament Bay is still dire. Yet Ames and Harlequin are claiming that all is ok.

  492. Anon

    Fatchett appears to want to plough ahead with the trust. One of the investors is planning to visit Buccament Bay to see the conditions for himself. We have Bob Storey rubbishing this particular investor over on the RL site.

    Fatchett should visit Buccament Bay and should bring 4 investors from his group. Between them they could report back to all investors.

    Many months ago we were told that RL commissioned a report on the condition of the Buccament Bay resort. Indeed Mr. Paul Walton was commissioned to undertake the report. This report to date has not been published. Now would be a good time to have a new report commissioned and have both reports published.

  493. Pink

    RL will be going to BBR when the balance of the pink forms are delivered.

    Up to investors now !

  494. Scruttock

    Ames has been in Dubai.

  495. Anonymous

    Two days until Epiphany… all meanings of the word.

  496. CID

    How can Ames afford Dubai with the freezing order on him? Was he visiting Harlequin Investors Property? Was he chuckling at away at the thought he can treat the SFO and British public with so much contempt? Honestly- their in not a novelist in Europe than could make this all up.

  497. Anon

    CID he was only passing through DUBAI on his way to a family christmas Holiday in the Indian Ocean.

    Do you really think that the Ames family give a flying F about anyone except themselves.

    The money from HMSSE was transferred out of Ames’s names long before the administration. A year prior to the administration Carol and Dave met with insolvency practitioners in Essex to discuss the administration of HMSSE.

    Some funds are held by Dan Ames but most are in the name of Nicola Kelliher. Ames’s daughter in Wandering Australia.

    The only thing keeping them going now is Fatchett.

  498. revenge, no....just justice...justice for 6000

    Once the SFO prove their case, the proceeds of crime team will move and trust me those peeps don’t leave anything unturned, so it will all be returned….just gonna take some time

    I am also sure that once the prospect of prison is announced there will be a few of the outer Ames family revealing all the secrets as yet untold….once the dam is breached the water will flow freely :-0)

    2014 is going to be a good year for “re-defining the crime of fraud”

  499. Anonymous

    It is still beyond me what Fatchett hopes to gain. Any chances
    of an outside investor are zero. 100% of nothing = nothing.

  500. Bob Storey

    @Anon 4.54 you are just a liar.

  501. yatinkiteasy

    I really miss Harlisuccess !

  502. Bob Storey

    @Yat, I could change my ID if it would help lol

  503. Anonymous

    Bob – I don’t think even the real you knows who you are…

  504. Anon

    Storey, an investor who is currently in the Dom Rep has stated that he is travelling to Bucc Bay to find out what indeed is going on and all you have done is to question his credentials. You have also claimed that Ames travelled to Bucc Bay on boxing day to assist the people of SVG discreetly. You claimed Ames did not want any publicity. All this on the RL forum.

  505. The detectives

    Bob , stop the bullshit .Ames was not at BB on Boxing Day . Nice to see he has armed guards on his resort today …….
    Looks like he is gonna need more help than your blogging !!!!

    Oh I hear all is not well with the SVG citizenship either …….

  506. Bob Storey

    Anon 9.08
    1 I did not question Patricks credentials, I questioned his ASSUMPTIONS on the damage to BB which he has not seen yet
    2 read RL as to where that came from
    3 I did not claim anything regarding DA and publicity
    Spin spin and more spin. You are still a liar hiding behind a ANON I D. Have the balls to put your true ID up which you must do on RL. Got something to hide?

  507. CID

    Uh no Anon I don’t believe Ames and co give an FF. Odious lot. Thanks for the info, presumably the SFO have said info you mention. But still why the bickering here. Why not just focus and ignore the fools that support Ames, Manderfield et al. This forum should be for sharing info that will help the case against Rogue IFA’s, agents Ames and the unprofessional and negligent SIPP providers that not only failed in their DD and duty of care, but continue to raid investors cash accounts when they manage nothing. They are truly as odious as the Ames lot

  508. Anon Jonny

    This joke will rumble on and on and on. Fatchett is as bad as Ames. Fatchett believes Ames is a victim alongside all the investors.

    Due Diligence, there will be none. Fatchett has discovered many issues. Enough issues that would have brought this madness to a halt along time ago.

    But he has swept these under the carpet. See he believes Ames. If he needs a question answered he will ask Ames and he takes Ames at his word.

  509. perplexed

    Reading this for months it appears that Fatchett is a total fraud….

  510. Terry

    A couple of relevant posts fom the past on BFP.
    John Chadwick
    August 12, 2010 at 3:57 pm
    You do have some valid comments but I will clarify some of your comments Ridgeview construction of Barbados started the project on B.B. Ridgeview had on site a team of staff capable of carrying out any project in the world and finishing on time and quality assured. All our construction managers on site have worked on far bigger projects around the world all our foreman had previously worked on Canouan beach resort working to high standards most of our artisans had previously worked on Canouan with myself.We had a quality assurance scheme based on Costain Construction Q.A. gates system briefly the system is no operation can proceed until it has been signed of as complete and built to spec. Records of the Q.A.system whilst Ridgeview were on site I still have access to. The planning officer of Barbados visited the site to check the quality as we were to also build in Barbados his comments were as follows it is the best run site he has seen for along time and the quality of workmanship is excellent.
    To clarify risk of flood B.B. is built on a flood plain when Ridgeview started the project we did realise this and changed the original design of the foundations from strip footings as shown on the drawings to a raft foundation Barbados engineers designed the revised design we then determined the 25 year flood level and raised the terrace levels by one meter. The only risk of flood I would worry about would be from the ocean as the beach front cabanas were built 4meters over the flood line towards the ocean as instructed by the developer so that he could squeeze another two cabanas in much to my disgust this can and should be checked.The apartment blocks were constructed by Cellate/Ice construction not Ridgeview construction I do agree Cellate Ice did not have the experienced staff on site.Ridgeview left the site two years ago you have seen the site as of today not a lot as been achieved and it has cost the developer a lot of money Colin you must have worked on the site after Ridgeview left and ICE construction then carried on any queries from anyone on re B.B. I will give you an honest answer I do hope the project finishes as I still have many friends in S.V. who would love to work on B.B.

  511. Terry

    And if you don’t know who John Chadwick is.
    July 27, 2010 at 11:18 am

  512. To be (insured) or not to be (insured) is the question

    @CID could you live on £8000 per month? that’s what him and his wife are allowed.

    Maybe Ames is considering his option like Hamlet??

  513. To be (insured) or not to be (insured) is the question

    Buccament Bay is not insured……..

    Ames has been busy looking for options with insolvency practitioners
    (again), he has enough money stashed and will leave the UK.

    He is going bankrupt…… 3rd time lucky.

    He is blaming God.

  514. Anonymous

    Terry any idea why Ridgeview left Buccament Bay?

  515. Anonymous

    Probably too professional to put up with Ames !

  516. revenge, no....just justice...justice for 6000

    Ridgeview prob left because Ames wasn’t paying….once a con man always a con man, they can’t stop. Why pay out stolen money when you can steal it twice and keep it all for yourself.

  517. Anonymous

    Please can someone, anyone, arrest the Ames family, manderfield, terry and all those who made this scam possible, and give us all back some belief that crime does not pay.

  518. Anonymous

    If anyone should like to give a donation to St Vincent,
    NBC Radio SVG is currently holding a call-in program.
    It can be live streamed

  519. CID

    @To be insured. If its true they are allowed £8,000 that’s just another joke, how does he get away with it. Presumably he continues to spend £8,000 of investors money|

  520. Karma is coming after you

    ALL THE AMES FAMILY have got blood on their hands…………….What goes around comes around. The law of the World.

  521. The Detectives

    @tbonto insured.

    Ames gave dan and Nicola large amounts of cash in January 2012 when he had decided that the scam was ending and ending bad .
    He met with Grant Thornton for advice on this insolvency , he then met with two other firms .
    Of course BB is on a flood plain why else did a certain high level relative of a certain high level Vincentian have to write the report.

    More on this later

  522. Karma is coming after you

    Blood on your hands Ames

  523. Anonymous

    I was told £6000 between Ames and Wife it’s no joke.

  524. Anonymous

    There is a back road into BB. Always muddy as hell, so who
    knows what it is like now.

  525. Anonymous

    No road, or planning permission at marquis, nor full ownership of land, similar in the Dom rep, no activity in Barbados, etc etc. only activity has been moving of stolen funds beyond reach of authorities, and the likes of bob story on payroll defending harlequin. And rl working to protect them all. All a joke.

  526. The Equaliser!

    Ames and family conning bastards, God will pay them back

  527. Bob Storey

    @anon 5.26 LOL

  528. bob story teller is a twunt

    take yer head out of yer arse bob story noone is laghing

  529. Bob Storey

    I am at stupid comments, and your spelling also.

  530. What goes around comes around......

    Alistair & Rob Shaw @ TaylorMade – have the SFO called yet? 😉

  531. Sonia Stenning le vieux chien

    Bob, Mr. Ames told you not to post.
    Please desist with immediate effect or we will stop paying you the return on your investment.

  532. Anonymous

    Today RL will give DA an ultimatum “give us the pink forms (the equivalent of the SIPP purchaser mailing list) or the Trust collapses”
    RL have never made any secret that they are in this only for the SIPP redress business. Remember, their own survey showed that their own mailing list/forum membership was 93% non-SIPP, and therefore pretty much useless for the purpose of redress so the vast majority of SIPP purchaser information still sits with HP so RL desperately need that HP SIPP mailing list.
    DA knows this and the deal was that RL neutralize the investors’ legal rights under their HP contracts and in exchange they get the mailing list from DA.
    The thing is DA knows that once he hands over the list (or the pink forms if he really has them) then any leverage he had over RL is gone.
    RL could then declare that Due Diligence has sunk the Trust, blame DA, walk away with the list and DA does not get the neutralized contracts.
    So who is going to blink first in the game of poker in which the investors are merely the chips; nothing more.

  533. The View from Mount Pleasant

    My, how times change…

    12th March 2013
    A law firm has warned that some property investments made with Harlequin Group via a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) may have breached lending rules.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors has reviewed contracts where investors have invested in a Caribbean property with Harlequin – a UK-based overseas property sales agent that is not regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) – via a SIPP.
    Both the pension adviser and the SIPP itself appear in all cases to have missed the limitation on lending where pension schemes are involved, the law firm said.
    Under SIPP rules, the maximum that can be borrowed to finance a property purchase and development is restricted to 50% of the fund’s net assets, less any existing borrowings.
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors has reviewed just under 100 Harlequin cases involving pensions and found the average fund exposure to Harlequin is 80% of the pension assets. Some are as high as 100% of investable funds, it said.
    The Harlequin Property proposition is that 30% is placed as a deposit and then a 70% mortgage is put in place at completion. The 70% mortgage would exceed the 50% allowable gearing where pensions are used.
    In the example of a £100,000 property, this would mean £30,000 is used by a SIPP as deposit, making the maximum loan against equity £15,000 (50% of £30k), meaning the total available from SIPP would be £45,000.
    This leaves a shortage of £55,000 making completion impossible unless the pension member is prepared to fund the difference, Regulatory Legal said.
    The company said its research suggests that the bulk of investors have no further funds to commit to the scheme.
    A spokesperson for Regulatory Legal said: “The conclusion is that investors will struggle to complete matters. The duty of care and obligation to protect the pension and the SIPP lies with the adviser and the SIPP trustees. It does not lie with Harlequin itself.”
    Regulatory Legal Solicitors is advising investors to make precautionary claims to SIPP providers and their pension advisers to protect the professional indemnity insurance position.
    “The Harlequin model requires 70% gearing to make it work for most investors. The limits on lending within a SIPP restricts what can be borrowed for completion. The gap between the two means in most cases that completion would be impossible to achieve,” a spokesperson said.
    Greg Kingston, head of marketing at Suffolk Life, said: “It seems like borrowing rules would have been breached in these cases. The way some of these investments have been sold takes the maximum from the outset. It is a concern.”
    Andy Leggett, head of SIPPs business development at Barnett Waddingham, the independent firm of actuaries and consultants, said SIPP providers must do their due diligence.
    “We would go through an investment committee, look for potential taxable property implications, the risk of the investment turning negative in value and, of course, borrowing limits.”