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Wuhloss! Sandals Barbados serves no Bajan rum!!! WTF???

ESAF Barbados Rum

“As the birthplace of rum, not a single Barbadian produced brand was available at any Sandals outlet!”

Loveridge: Sandals generally a good experience and positive for Barbados, but there are concerns…

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Just over a week ago, my wife and I experienced a staycation at Sandals Casuarina.  An enormous amount of discussion has taken place concerning the extraordinary concessions granted to the Sandals companies and as I was not personally familiar with the product, thought it was only rationale, that I tasted what is often referred to as the Sandals ‘WOW’ factor, first hand.

Despite the website at the time showing that the hotel was fully booked until the middle of March 2014, I managed to reserve a room online for the dates of my choice and pay in full at published rates by credit card. Bookings are processed by yet another company – Unique Vacations Inc. based in Florida, and an email confirmation was sent.

Noticeably absent were any taxes or corporate information, including office address or contact details.

Having a few queries prior to our stay, I emailed Adam Stewart, the CEO of Sandals Resorts International (SRI) and within minutes he responded personally, apologising that because he was currently traveling, he had passed my concerns over to the General Manager (GM) of the hotel. Still within one hour, Josef Zellner, the new GM not only answered my initial questions but went on to monitor our reservation and ensure a seamless check-in.

Over our four day stay, it soon became apparent that Joe was a hands-on manager, frequently seen in every area of the property from as early as 6am, until late at night. Frankly, when so many senior personnel appear to find the comfort of air conditioned offices more attractive, it was a refreshing change. At this stage I think it is very important to point out that I have only stayed in two all-inclusive hotels in my entire life, the Montego Bay Sunspree Holiday Inn and the Jolly Beach Resort in Antigua, so any observations made, has to in fairness, reflect this.

Clearly, even after four weeks re-branding from Couples, there is still a lot of work necessary to fully ‘Sandalise’ the hotel, but you get the feeling that it is progressing as planned. The vast majority of the staff are friendly and helpful. When I brought up the subject of a three months probationary work period, a Barbadian waitress we talked to could not have explained it any better; She said that during the current challenging trading times that this was not at all unusual and by no means limited to the hospitality industry.

There were a number of surprises, especially the current very limited use of locally available products. These included Banks Beer (draft and cans), Pine Hill milk, BICO ice cream, BBC bottled water and some soft drinks.

As the birthplace of Rum, not a single Barbadian produced brand was available at any outlet!    Continue reading


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