Barbados Government censorship of news media a diversion for 3,000 workers fired at Christmas!

Barbados Opposition walks out

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by West Side Davie and friends…

It seems to me that both the “Child Porn” (the teens’ faces were blurred, and the sex act is not well-defined) against the Nation and this latest salvo per Speaker striking a comment and paper carrying it is merely Government trying to build a case so as to muzzle The Nation. It is only a matter of time before they come after other news media as well. Why attack 6 weeks after the event? Prime Minster Stuart knew the 3,000 workers sent home was afoot an he and his DLP Government are scared as IMF is here for “Management”! This is nothing but a diversion. This is nothing except something to occupy the public’s attention while 3,000 families are gutted at Christmas.

I believe there might be a minor infraction in the Nation’s 10th paragraph that reported on a matter struck from parliament’s record – but it is minor. The fact that the DLP Government took six weeks to refer to the police indicates the smallness of the offence and a witch-hunting approach with backroom zealots poring over every report looking for media (Nation) slip-ups.

Dearest BFP: please reprint the Nation article, and ask everyone on the internet to reprint it. We must not let freedom of the press be gutted by a bunch of corrupt bastards.

Regards from the platinum coast,

West Side Davie


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9 responses to “Barbados Government censorship of news media a diversion for 3,000 workers fired at Christmas!

  1. wilmont, J.

    The charges against the nation are a setup. It is a diversion.

    God bless the people at the nation who do their best to bring us the truth.


    Well we know they look to do the same to PLANTATION DEEDS. We look that Mooris was set up and baited and he went for it , To get him From BARBADOS TODAY and offer him the top man at the NATION. He went for it and then trap him to shut his mouth with bull shit charges.
    Well hell it will be more than 3000 going home and the LIE DETECTOR test results says that was a LIE.
    Ian B. dune let you all know the real deal.
    Liar crooks and scumbags dont want the truth to be told ,,
    LETS VOTE NOW,, the new DBLP government is done , To HELL with MIA and OWEN , need new blood , We can not do no worse , At like American , end up Like American , think for self.

    All this is the result of MASSIVE LAND FRAUD , with the on going MADOFF and STANFORD PONZI ongoing by the DBLP government ,, The lie DETECTOR TEST RESULTS SAY PLANTATION DEED is telling the TRUTH

  3. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    DO not be so fast to bless the nation; they are a bunch of corruption that knows very well the surreptitious and nefarious acts of the politicians who are their friends. They report what they feel and conceal what they will. Barbados is a very corrupt society

  4. Party Animal

    I agree “PLANTATION DEEDS” I have been saying for a long time B or D the only difference is name changing, their policies are the same.
    Barbados need a new system, a new Government, we need a NEW PARTY no corrupt one’s from the past, one that would have the Country to heart , Not their pockets

  5. Sunshine Sunny Shine

    IT does not matter who take over the government; once tempted by thousands of dollars and a promise to give if a particular project is given to a particular business, No becomes very difficult to say. If you doubt me ask Owen, Noel, Mia, Clarke, Lashley, Suckoo, Marshall, Duguid and the list can go on and on. OH yeah forgetting the two Thompsons ( Liz and David) and a number old political stalwarts who lavishing in money enjoying retirement and plenty of travel.


    C . U . P December 16, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The PM is a crook and Liar, He knows why all is a mess , Massive Land Fraud of Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckles Plantations Land , Stolen by Sir Richard L Cheltenham and Sir C. O Williams need to be arrested and WARRANTS need to be issued to recover the Plantation deed he stole.
    Mark White Station Sgt of Barbados Fraud Squad have the signed papers , 40 pages and no arrest.
    For Racketeering , ,money laundering, mail Fraud , Tax evasion.

    Mr Forde at land tax, Ivan N .Jessamy at Carrington & Sealy, Mr Williams at the Archives , Also need to be Question .

    This is a bigger PONZI that Madoff and Standford , IMF and WB will not be a part of PONZI fraud until the fraud is cleanup, This Massive Land Fraud covers 200 to 300 plantations in Barbados , that have One Owner and its not COW

  7. Opposition?

    What opposition?

    These are all the same political opportunists and hacks sucking from the
    sagging teats of Barbadian taxpayers mismanaged savings and future earnings, propped up by international infusions of money that has no chance of creating jobs or stemming the tide.

  9. I want a Plantation too

    He is known to say “sorry” because he believes it is a cool thing to do. He often says, “blame me” but that too is sarcasm. He has already made it clear that Clyde Mascoll is his “quo leader.” The one thing you can say with certainty about Owen Arthur, is that he never reverses himself on anything. Owen Arthur is driven by a type of hatred for Mia Mottley, which is consistent with how Hitler felt about the Jews and even if it means sacrificing himself once it destroys Mia Mottley in the process, Arthur has one unfulfilled obsession and that is to make sure she never leads Barbados and that Mascoll (his quo-leader) emerges to become the leader of the BLP and the next Prime Minister of this country.

    Arthur’s interest is not served by being on no “Eminent Person’s Committee.” That would allow the Government to put Barbados on a stable economic path and spoil his plans. Any economist of note who Mia consults will also immediately become an offense to Arthur because it means competition for Mascoll. In order for arthur’s plan to work, he needs the crisis in the economy to continue, since it will also serve as the distraction he needs, to execute his plot.

    The plot is simple! Arthur will continue to pick at Mia Mottley in the hope that she becomes distracted and responds. A brawl that pulls in bees from both camps and creates a spectacle and confusion, would be good for Arthur. Once Mia falls for the trap, “check mate” and game over for her.

    Arthur is an old fox and he knows that Barbados is a nine-day-wonder. People will talk and then the country will quickly move on to the next hot issue. By now the country should be able to read Arthur like an old newspaper. Like most aggressors, he will always pretend to be the victim. His lead-in is to always allege that he has been disrespected by somebody. Without pausing for breath or thought, George Griffith will come with the usual lie that somebody trying to force-out Arthur. Predictable!

    Fruendel Stuart has said that you do not waste time criticising a fellow like Arthur, you explain him. Arthur has a history of using Mia Mottley when it is in his interest to do so and seeking to destroy her when it looks like she and the BLP have victory in sight.

    I do not think Arthur is planning to challenge Mia Mottley for leadership again because he knows he will lose and would come across as being pathetic and power-hungry. After all, he led the BLP to defeat in the 2008 General election, then to a humiliating defeat in the St. John by election in 2011 and then to yet another defeat in February last year, which is a record of losses that is only surpassed by David Thompson’s failures.

    He does not have the energy or stamina for the long distance neither is he able to entertain a short sprint. Arthur will therefore engage in a type of political guerrilla-type warfare and is already using his trademark sympathy card or an allegation of being disrespected. He did that exact thing in October 2010.

    On that occasion he called a media conference at the UWI to say that Barbadians will not find Mia Mottley “acceptable” even though a Wickham poll around that time suggested different and that Arthur was way off the mark. Not ‘acceptable,’ but it was the same Mia Mottley who rescued the BLP’s platform in the 2013 elections.

    On this occasion, Arthur says he has lost confidence in the same Mia Mottley, who up to February, when he wanted to win, he was using to respond to the Estimates and the Budgets. The country is now expected to become distracted and to lose focus just to listen to a tired disgruntled old man, who just led a party to a third consecutive humiliating defeat, allege that he lost confidence in Mia Mottley, but seems too senile to realise that his letter is being published the very day that the same newspaper and social media were reporting that close to a thousand people turned-up at a People’s Forum, to hear her speak.

    Throughout his 14 years, it is clear that Arthur used Mia’s popularity to make himself relevant or to prolong his political career, even when it was clear the he did not have the energy but wanted to project the party as being united.

    By now, the country should be able to see a pattern of behavour to Arthur. He runs away when defeated and re emerges when it appears that victory is in site.

    In the 1990’s it was Arthur who blackmailed Henry Forde and David Simmons to give him the leadership. Who would ever forget him saying that as much as he would like to continue, politics for him is a painful exercise and too much of a burden to carry. Once Henry Forde step aside, Arthur immediately found new energy.

    After the 2008 defeat, he ran away and left the leadership to Mia mottley who had to build back the party and hold it together. Arthur only attended Parliament to ensure that his seat would not be declared vacant. He literally ran from Thompson but once he realise that Thompson was dying he wrestled the leadership from Mia Mottley and behaved as thought the people had forgotten that he was drawing a monthly salary for about two years even though he did not attending regular sittings of Parliament.

    Same thing again. He lost in February and ran away. Now that is appear that a BLP victory is in sight, he again moves for public attention and tries to pick a nuisance fight with Mia Mottley who is busy engaging the DLP, busy listening to the concerns of Barbadians through her, “Rubbing Shoulders” initiative, or busy attending to the people’s business through the recently launched, ‘People’s Forum.’

    The major headaches for arthur is that he has already announced that he is retiring at the end of this Parliamentary term. Arthur would is aware the DLP would hardly last a full five years, so he has to move now if he want to land Mascoll.

    Out of share frustration, he has already accused St. Thomas MP Cynthia Forde of squatting on prime real estate but only because that’s where he wanted to ran his quo-leader, Mascoll. Time is running out for Arthur! He cannot resign the St. Peter seat because he would not be able to manipulate things from the outside! How does he get Mascoll elected to the Lower House?

    The only way is to get the party so annoyed with both he an Mia Mottley that the members expel them both. That would then allow Mascoll to ease into the Leadership with Kerrie Symmonds as the Deputy, Dale Marshall as Attorney General, with Mia finding herself out in the cold and Arthur would have won his last desperate game of chess.

    But even here, it is clear that arthur’s time has passed but he does not know it. He is playing a game with ponds, while his opponent literally has knights, rooks and bishops! This may very well be one occasion where the queen is no longer willing to commit political suicide and sacrifice herself for a tired old king, who is unaware that the game is long over. When last I checked, the Queen was still the most dynamic piece in the game.