Canada’s Sault College receives $440,000 to assist Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic

Keep that foreign money flowing folks… We need it!


by passin thru

Times are tough on the rock and a lousy $440,000 Canadian dollars doesn’t sound like it would buy much of anything ’bout this place after VAT is considered too.

But, beggars can’t be choosers and all that.

What’s going to happen with all this money? Well, first off it’s not coming right away. Sault College “will receive” the money from the Canadian government over the next two years as the joint programme with Prescod Poly to “collaboratively develop training over the next two years to support a growing renewable energy industry in Barbados.”

Must be something I’m missing about a “growing renewable energy industry” because the last time I looked it was a solar water heaters business was destroyed with a joint venture with Nigeria. (Like that would work out!)

After Owen Arthur threw away $2.4 million dollars of taxpayer money, Aqua Sol went broke and the Trinis bought it up and changed the name to Solaris Energy Limited. It looks like the new manufacturing facility in St. Phillip is always busy, and let’s hope it stays that way – but that is just one company. Pray this new seed money from Canada actually sprouts something and doesn’t just drip away like usual.

But hey, we’ll take the money and do the training or whatever. Just send the money.

What? No plan yet? Hey… gimmie the money and we’ll come up with a plan by sundown!

The two Institutes will work together over the next few months on developing a detailed project plan. Implementation will begin in April 2014.

“We will be planning and implementing key activities such as labour market analysis, curriculum development, teacher training, facilities and equipment enhancements as well as student and faculty exchange between April 2014, and March 2016,” says Ted Newbery, Chair of Continuing Education at Sault College.

Read the whole story: Sault College joins in Bajan school program


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7 responses to “Canada’s Sault College receives $440,000 to assist Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic

  1. Nair, a Bajan disbeliever and CYNIC and now a worried Bajan!

    Solar power for homes. More electric cars and related products. Nothing that can possibly be skimmed, scammed or frivolously spent.

  2. I hear that train a comin', rollin' round the bend.

    Freundel, Mia and the rest could blow through four hundred grand in an afternoon!

  3. taxed enough.

    Beggar nation of the world. That is where Owen Arthur, Thompy and Stuart put us. Add it up and it is 21 years of sucking everything from our taxes, saving nothing and spending everything and double on bribing the population and we bought it. We bought it all.

    Today the world is in crisis, but we are more in crisis because Barbados political class made sure we were so far in debt that there is no answer.

    Fk them. Fk them all, each and every one.

  4. Mass unrest is coming.

    Mass unrest is coming. Mass unrest is coming. Mass unrest is coming.

    Nothing Nothing they can do to put is off. Mass unrest is coming

  5. Anonymous

    Theft gone sky high! Something isn’t locked or nailed down it is gone. Has anyone else noticed this lately? Bicycles, cars, hats, laptops, books, coffee cups, everything is disappearing from everywhere. People are hungry and they have taken to stealing.


    barbados will take the money that is for sure .
    canada should help the poor ,foolish,African Barbadians
    canada that is a waste of money as most of it will end up in someones pocket. cool

  7. Anonymous

    This is madness! Where the hell did my post go!!!?