Barbados Goverment defaults on payments to health clinic builder – Project shut down

Barbados Financial Collapse

(Photo courtesy of The Nation. Click photo for large)

“Serious cash flow problem in central Government”

One of the Democratic Labour Party Government’s prized capital works projects has come to a screeching halt.

Work on the long awaited St John Polyclinic and adjoining facility that is slated to bear the name of late Prime Minister and long-standing Member of Parliament for the parish, David Thompson, has been stopped due to a serious cash flow problem in central Government.

According to reliable sources, the project’s main contractor, ADC Building and Maintenance, was owed almost $3 million before the red light was put up by Government.

… read the full article at The Nation: Work Stops!



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9 responses to “Barbados Goverment defaults on payments to health clinic builder – Project shut down

  1. Prty Animal

    What is NEW ?? we all no that this Government has the Country in one holy mess. Another one bites the dust, hold on Barack.

  2. Rastaman

    Who is going to use this Polyclinic? .The same persons who use the walk way by CBC?

  3. A free Christian man.

    Unbelievable! We are broke because Owen Arthur and his gang spent it all.

    and David Thomson and his gang spent the rest.

    Nothing left for Stuart to waste. It’s all gone!


    With all said above they all can go home now.They were there for the money now the money is gone.
    Barack , if they pay , you know we next, but wait we before you that why you not paid as yet. Before you build next time make sure you know who own the land , Yes We got that Plantation Deed also.

  5. Nostradamus

    And Mara Thompson reported in the press as wanting some “alleged” caves under some church in St. John developed like Harrison’s Cave.

  6. Richard Johnston

    Maybe they just didn’t want the embarrassment of Thompson’s name on a public building.

  7. Shout!

    De LORD doan like ugly!
    What a tragedy the selling of their souls by the s.e.x sellers and the buyers!
    For a piece o’ property
    a piece o’ prestige
    a piece a prominence, influence an’ popularity
    in a world that is passing away.

    Politics has devolved into pop culture like pursuits
    serious and sober governance abandoned
    as narciccism and self absorption render all reason obliterated.

  8. D Oracle.

    If Adrian Christie was so stupid to let the Gov’t debt accumulate to $3M before pulling the plug, he needs to have his head examined and deserves to be robbed by them…just like everybody else. There is a price for sucking up and ignoring the facts, Adrian. Seems like you’re gonna pay it.

  9. Anonymous

    @ Shout – I swear your 6:am post is poetic – iambic pentameter