Lessons for Barbados from the Roma Cafe, Detroit

“You can never get comfortable with something you’ve done, even though you’ve done it for so many years.”

“The city implemented an ‘awning tax’. They taxed us for having an awning over the city sidewalk.”

“When there are jobs, crime low. When there are no jobs, crime high.”


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2 responses to “Lessons for Barbados from the Roma Cafe, Detroit

  1. Peltdownman

    The noticeable thing about this is that the owners have not given up, or thrown their hands in the air asking for government assistance. They are constantly stiving to see how they can make their business better. That doesn’t happen in Barbados. They also understand the situation that the city is in, and why they are being taxed more. These people are real Americans, and because of people like them it will not be many years before Detroit is alive and kicking again.

  2. Barbados should look more into the Spanish way touristindustries even they are down becouse of other reasons they are still No one in Europe when It comes to tourism. To keep up with Tourism and not be that depending on only Brittan per capita both Norway , Sweden spend allot more Money on vacations than Britts. Try take some of them to Barbados insted of Islands like Gran Canaries.