The man who won’t sell his country


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  1. Nair, a Bajan disbeliever and CYNIC

    Sounds a hell of a lot happier that us, with TV, fridge, motocah, big house, electricity and ting. If he was offered $60,000,000.00 St. Lucia hasn’t yet introduced a land tax system. For his family’s sake I hope they are able to maintain the status quo when the old boy dies.

  2. Anonymous

    That man is a national treasure…

  3. Curious

    All beaches on Barbados and St. Lucia are public.
    Access… that’s the word of the day.

  4. yatinkiteasy

    @Curious…big difference between Public Beaches, and Public Access to beaches. …eg.,the only way to enjoy the beach at Sandals St Lucia if you are not a hotel guest is to get there by boat.

  5. Curious

    @yatinkiteasy — Exactly !!! Around the world… many beaches are Public in name only.

    Here’s a California beach in the news:

    Access… that IS the word of the day.

  6. Anonymous

    The man is stupid

  7. yatinkiteasy

    @ Curious…Re California story….larger scale version of Barbados West Coast.The almost complete lack of public access to our beaches makes me sick. Even when there is some access, there is usually no parking available.

  8. Guess I like stupid then.

  9. Anonymous

    @Anon 10:39 – If stupid is not turning St Lucia into the low-rise
    urban ghetto that BGI has become then I guess I vote for “stupid”.