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Polo Club girlie upset with Ian Bourne – but is it really about corrupt government land sales?

Bjerkhamn-Edwards Barbados Polo (click image for larger)

Barbados Equestrian Association’s Angelique Bjerkhamn-Edwards tore into Ian Bourne in a very public and nasty way on Facebook.

It started off with a polite request for The Bajan Reporter to take down an article about how the polo team was doing in Florida. Ms. Bjerkhamn-Edward demanded that Mr. Bourne take down one of her internet pieces that he had republished and credited her for.

“No problem,” says Ian, “just trying to show Barbados over and away, no harm intended” It’s her post and if she objects down it would come.

You wouldn’t expect anything else from Ian Bourne, and so he did take down the post.

But that wasn’t good enough for the polo girlie Angelique: she just had to give him a piece of her mind in public…

“Thanks – I do not personally agree with all you have written or posted in you blog / paper in the past and would prefer being asked and approving what you are using if of my work – thank you for your understanding on this matter.”

“I am not happy being affiliated or used on you so called paper. Please take down the post and my name immediately – I do not want to be associated with ur work.”

Say... isn't that Angelique on the left?

Say… isn’t that Angelique on the left? (Click photo for large)

I can’t figure it out: was Princess Angelique sore at Ian because he covered the Natya Soodeen story and exposed the Barbados Equestrian Association acting like a bunch of dictators?

Or was it that Ian asked questions about why the government sold her family valuable public land for a song @ $3 a square foot?

So let’s review those stories again folks, because there were never any answers and the stories just faded away…

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Barbados Free Press: Bajan Reporter issues fair warning to the Barbados Equestrian Association

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The Economics of weight loss in Barbados

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