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Cowardly Jamaica Gleaner editorial ignores Bajan Goverment Minister’s porn industry background

Jamaica Gleaner

Is it relevant when the Barbados Government Minister criticizing the Jamaica Gleaner for supporting the Nation journalists criminally charged with publishing child porn is himself a veteran profiteer of the online porn industry?

Damn right it’s relevant!

But the Jamaica Gleaner doesn’t have the cajónes to mention that Barbados’ Minister of Industry and International Business, Donville Inniss, has a lot of explaining to do about his connection with online porn involving teenagers, pregnant women and sex with animals.


Jamaica Gleaner EDITORIAL – Minding Barbados’ Business

We are privileged that someone of such importance as Barbados’ minister of industry and international business, Donville Inniss, who, in current circumstances, we would expect to be extremely busy, would take the time to note, much more respond to, the comments of this newspaper.

As it is, Mr Inniss has advised The Gleaner to mind its own business and to pay attention to “the rot in Jamaica”, which, like Barbados, is a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and a partner in regional affairs.

Unhappily, we offended the goodly Mr Inniss with our observations on Sunday about the arrest of three journalists at Barbados’ Nation newspaper – publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens; Roy Morris, the editor-in-chief; and Sanka Price, the news editor – for publishing a photograph of two minors having sex at school.

… continue reading EDITORIAL – Minding Barbados’ Business


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Henderson Bovell: Bajans must choose between fresh elections or the IMF and DLP – Democratic Labour Party

BLP Henderson Bovell

Editor’s Note: We had a little fun with Henderson Bovell in August of 2012 when we said Henderson Bovell loses memory, maybe his entire mind…, but now we have to admit that Henderson was at least half right – that the DLP government has been and is a disaster for Bajans. Where we differ with Henderson is that he still thinks that the BLP corruption experts are some sort of answer for the current financial woes.

Nevermind all that though: Henderson makes some good points in his latest piece.

Let ‘er rip, Henderson! …

Choose Bajans: Urgent Fresh Elections or an IMF/DLP Programme of austerity and suffering Even Worse Than 1991?

The downgrade by Standard and Poors is proof that, you can hijack the truth – even hold it hostage for a short time (as it is now crystal clear the DLP did before the February 2013 general elections) but “truth” will always escape and expose you, as the DLP is now finding out.

Before the February elections, Barbadians were assured by the same DLP that said that: it will not “cheat;” it will not “steal” and it will not “lie” – that the economy was “stable.” But soon after February, “truth” was able to escape and the country heard “for the first time” (despite an alleged report to the nation during the general election campaign when nothing was said) that the QEH could not pay a multi-million-dollar bill for medicines and that the Transport Board had spent $30 million it did not have and having done that – licked-out an overdraft for a further $10 million. You see part of why Barbados is in serious trouble?

Trademark fiscal recklessness like the Transport Board spending that $40 million it did not have  – will hardly escape the Auditor General but it constitutes the same cost overrun the dems  said will not happen – under a DLP Government?  Do you see why you need to urgently reel-in the DLP and why no patriotic person in Barbados; sensible person within the Caribbean or  respected institutions around the world –  have confidence in the DLP; trust them or want to risk taking them seriously?

The Country was suppose to be “stable” but the Barbados economy is smaller now than in 2008! Stable, but the Foreign Reserves ‘nose-dived:’ from over  $3.7 billion in 2008 to less than $1 billion by September 2013: and the free fall continues!  Continue reading


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International Press Institute calls for Barbados to allow newspapers to publish child pornography


Well… that’s exactly what  IPI executive director Alison Bethel McKenzie is calling for.

Same with the Association of Caribbean Mediaworkers.

For background, see BFP’s Barbados Nation News publishes child porn in quest for sales


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When a beautiful woman infuriated the Bajan clergy

Carolle Bourne Barbados

Tongue-in-cheek I say “Sorry old friend…”

I’ve just discovered a photo of your mum (now passed on) in her younger days.

As politely as I can, let’s just say; I can see why your father fell in love, and I can see why you are here!


Carolle upset all those fine upstanding men of the cloth…

I can see why!



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