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Loveridge: Barbados offers good value for long-stay visitors


We should be telling people about this!

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Analysis of the first nine months of 2013 in terms of long stay visitor arrivals confirms that while all major markets experienced substantial declines, the most resilient and therefore least impacted was the United Kingdom with a 2.9 percent fall when compared with the same period in 2012.

When so many discussions have taken place regarding the negative effects of the dreaded APD (Advanced Passenger Duty), some may find this 2.9 percent fall surprising. But on the other hand to maintain balance and fairness, is credit due to the BTA staff in London and the private sector tourism sector on Barbados for stepping up to the plate, despite all the fiscal challenges, to minimise the overall decline in arrivals?

It is often vaunted that the typical British visitor stays longer and spends more money, and that perhaps these attributes are where we should be spending more of the precious available marketing funds to cultivate at this time.

Politically, we know that the volume of numbers is often all-important, but should ‘we’ currently be focusing on the bottom line in terms of the overall value contribution our visitors are making?

With the recent appointment of a new British High Commissioner to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, is it time to hopefully sit down with her (Mrs. Victoria Glynis Dean) and explore ways that we can influence and entice additional UK residents to our shores? Not just from a holidaymaker’s point of view, but increased trade delegations, sporting and common interest groups and the like. Continue reading


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