I always roll around in the sand in my underwear

New D.Hedral underwear commercial shot in Barbados

Former Scottish international rugby player Thom Evans rolls around in the sand with Brazilian model Paolla Rahmeier.

“It is shot on the sandy beaches of Barbados and explores the fragility of love.”




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6 responses to “I always roll around in the sand in my underwear

  1. QS9

    Both are gorgeous human beings. I’m not sure which one I’d prefer to roll around with in the sand! 🙂

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    WOW! and not a tattoo in sight!

  3. Mike

    so what if you have not done it, then its about time you do it. the sandy beaches of Barbados, are the best in that world. One must use what is given. .

  4. Passin thru

    Somehow I don’t think that my wife and I rolling around in the sand would live up to the standard set by these two.

    How about Ian Bourne? 😉

  5. zapper

    Let’s shoot the commercial with IanBourne and his wife! YES!!!!

  6. Peltdownman

    Tsch! All us ex-rugby players look like that!