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I always roll around in the sand in my underwear

New D.Hedral underwear commercial shot in Barbados

Former Scottish international rugby player Thom Evans rolls around in the sand with Brazilian model Paolla Rahmeier.

“It is shot on the sandy beaches of Barbados and explores the fragility of love.”



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Looking for photos of The Regent / Golden Palm Hotel / Chefette in Holetown

Barbados Holetown Chefette

Can BFP’s readers help me? Do you have any old photos of the Regent Hotel / Golden Palm Hotel or the Chefette in Holetown?

I went there on holiday in Summer 1996 when I was twelve and I loved it! It’s such a shame to see what happened to it. Unfortunately I only have one photo remaining from my holiday, a picture of the pool.

I would be very grateful if you had any photos that you could share with me, be they holiday snaps of it in it’s prime or photos when it was abandoned.

Martin Daniels

Editor’s note: Send your photos to barbadosfreepress@yahoo.com and we’ll publish them here for all to see, or Martin wants to post his email address in the comments, readers can send their photos directly to him.

Martin was looking at BFP’s article Sale Of Holetown Chefette For “$40 Million Plus” Highlights The Killing Impact Of Condos Upon Tourism And Local Businesses

2007 photo of Chefette Holetown by Gary Bembridge used with permission.

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