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Barbados Tourism industry and so-called ‘leaders’ suffering from ‘cloud of malaise’

“October’s visitor statistics will set yet other record – sadly not one we want to boast about…”

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner.

Up until submitting this column the Barbados Statistical Service had not yet posted either the August or September 2013 tourism arrival figures, so I suspect it will be sometime before figures for October this year are known via this critical agency.

Fortunately, news agencies like Bloomberg extract the information from the Central Bank of Barbados and publish them online, albeit some weeks later.

What we do know is that September 2013 recorded the lowest long stay visitor arrivals for any month during the last 11 years. October 2012 welcomed the lowest stay-over visitors for that month during the last decade and unless October 2013 exceeds 36,071 persons, that also will set yet other record – sadly not one we want to boast about.

I don’t think a single individual on Barbados is not aware of the current Government’s fiscal challenges, but surely there is no better time to channel all available human resources into areas where a positive difference could be made.

Over the last few weeks I have being viewing tourism from a different perspective; that of a potential first time investor into Barbados. Sadly, if ‘we’ are honest and objective, there are many areas lacking – some may even say, deficient. Continue reading


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