BFP reader questions possible tax avoidance scheme by local business Harris Paints

Harris Paints Barbados

Contributed anonymously by BFP reader ‘Burning Gas Valve’

I just read the Barbados Free Press August 23, 2013 article headlined Barbados Inland Revenue fails to act on tax cheat information“.

The Inland Revenue should investigate Harris Paints who has laid off many Barbadians in recent years, “to cut costs”, but at the same time they use companies (Industrial Supplies Incorporated and Harris Paints International) registered in BVI and St. Lucia, respectively to siphon off the profits and avoid paying taxes, although the “management and control” resides in Wildey, Barbados.

This would be an easy case for the Barbados Inland Revenue to solve simply by doing a standard tax audit of Harris Paints Barbados and also at the Wildey Head Office. I will read Barbados Free Press to see if you can get the Inland Revenue to move on this case to get this company to pay its fair share of taxes.

Burning Gas Valve

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Harris Paints operates throughout the Caribbean. From their website

The Harris Group of Companies, commonly known as Harris Paints, is one of the Caribbean’s leading manufacturers of architectural finishes, building products and industrial coatings.

Established in Barbados in 1972, our organization was built on the goal of manufacturing the best quality products, available in the most beautiful colours, and delivered with unmatched service.

We have grown dramatically over the years, most recently with the acquisition of Brandram-Henderson (B-H Paints), a leading Jamaican paint manufacturer founded in 1962.

Today, Harris employs over 300 people across the region, and manufactures paint in Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia, Guyana, and Jamaica. We also distribute paints and related products to over 15 countries in the Caribbean.

To complement the lines of product we manufacture, we also distribute many leading international brands of paint, accessories and performance coatings, and are agents for brands including Glidden, Dulux, Flood, International Paint, Rust-Oleum, Feb Building Products, Devoe Coatings and LG Harris.

The Harris Group of Companies also has an exclusive strategic alliance with AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, the world’s largest paint and coatings company. The support of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints and the use of their formulations, colour technologies, and global best practices help us to continually innovate and bring new products and solution to our customers.

In addition to offering a wide range of top quality products, Harris Paints and B-H Paints also offer the widest range of colours, and the most comprehensive design tools and advice in the region. This makes us the Caribbean Champions of Colour!


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4 responses to “BFP reader questions possible tax avoidance scheme by local business Harris Paints


    If you rob a BANK and the police never leave the station then what are you to DO? Go on your way or ROB another BANK?
    Harris Paints if true is not the only ones, Inland rev. even tell the non bajan company how not to pay taxes.
    Inland rev and the head of such is a Massive Fraud cover up
    Violet Beckles of 92 and Beatrice Henry of 93 was removed from the records even so one was alive, These Crooks at Inland Rev were given REGISTERED LETTERS for TAX information and refuse to even reply.
    rental forms at Inland rev. READS , Who has TITLE or right to TITLE of the rentals and then must be signed for rentals, Over 5000 such properties are not recorded and there by no taxes being paid of 17.5% vat .
    lawyers , ministers , qcs mps,and other real estate agents ,do not care that the houses they renting is not the person they working for. Hundreds of Million of Dollars each year not being paid.for the student can go to UWI.
    We welcome all questions and answers ,
    The government can not make NO ONE pay taxes on land that is not their , They must do a title search to find out who owns what?

    Oh NO,.. The records are missing , removed , stolen , from the land registry, books removed , pages ripped out and book rewritten with some of the right information on different pages. Wrong Stamps on pages re written after the People have died.
    BUT wait! we page gone? the site still being rebuilt by the crooks and can not think how to fool US here so.and all da day so,
    Marva Clarke gone from the high court .. Another good crook in the last elections holding back of the papers with the elections.
    July 4th 2013 , phone called came in to the High to stop or slow down the information dealing with the Elections.. These Bitches not easy. also call in BOMBS when Ralph Thorne was sitting in judgement for Fraud.
    more to come relax ,,, We got this ,,,

  2. MoneyBrain

    Expose the TRUT!


    We are waiting for another paper to do there duty to back up what we are saying , Outsider have to show whats going on the in side of BARBADOS.
    We stand by our comments based on truth and will pull back any comments made by Us , It must be base on greater FACTS and Audit numbers. Let the Truth be known ,
    Barbados Underground and Barbados Free press , Have time to look back at our comments to see our words were ,and still is Truth till this date,
    As more begin the see the realness of these the People may hold up to the stars.
    We hope by now or sooner more will look to find out what is and what is not. Ask your loving ministers about what ever we say , do , or write and watch them turn away.
    This as many say is MY cause or our cause , Its BE-CAUSE
    BECAUSE THE blp and DLP is the ones that crook the Nation of Barbados and its People.The bank
    FIRST CARIBBEAN WHO TOOK OVER THE ACCOUNTS FROM BARCLAY”S which held Beatrice Henry Funds to Violet Beckles Estate the largest Estate in the Caribbean , Joint with Massive Land Fraud with Sir Ham and Sir COW,Then to Move in the CLICO to jam them up.
    Do your NEXT and Guest what happen NEXT.
    Oh , lets not for get the credit Unions who hold over A Billion Dollars in assets of this Estate in real estate ,

  4. Anonymous

    This is an unbelievable set of double standards here by BFP. The original email sent to BFP specifically named the real estate agents in Barbados accused of tax evasion (obvious who it is) yet they chose not to name them. They even named the tax officer but not the company. However they name Harris Paints openly and freely. What is going on? BFP tell me why you chose to choose this approach please