Barbados tourism stalwart Bob Verdun convicted, barely avoids jail. Oh My!!!

Bob Verdun Barbados Tourism

A Canadian Court has sentenced former newspaper editor and Barbados tourism promoter Bob Verdun to 90 days of house arrest and other penalties for violating a court injunction prohibiting his commenting about Robert Astley, the former Clarica Insurance executive.

Verdun was a fixture in Barbados for a few years as he tried to push the aborted Four Seasons project and other developments. He became a bit of a hot topic in Barbados when he gave a speech that some folks took as racist. Up in Canada Verdun got hit with a $650,000 judgment for defamation. Wuhloss!

What does this mean for Barbados and Mr. Verdun? Does it matter? Mr. Verdun was all about resuscitating the failed Four Seasons Hotel project and that is not going to happen.

While we at BFP are all for free speech and get into furballs with the government ourselves, the Canadian court says that Verdun crossed the line.

Did Verdun really cross the line or are there other factors at play? Did the court hear all the evidence or was some proper and true evidence left out because it wasn’t printed on the right colour of paper? We at BFP are not so quick to condemn Mr. Verdun for speaking out. Then again, it’s not us doing 90 days of house arrest. According to Wikipedia, Verdun has been a strong supporter for shareholder rights and a positive influence upon Canadian law.

Will Verdun return to Barbados? Does he have the money to make the trip? Does anyone care now that the Four Seasons is dead, dead, dead and dead again?

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4 responses to “Barbados tourism stalwart Bob Verdun convicted, barely avoids jail. Oh My!!!

  1. Back in Time Jack

    Kleptomaniac that one Verdun is.

  2. Back in Time Jack

    The only man is know who takes his briefcase into the bathroom and after he leaves anything of value, ornaments or decorations are gone.

  3. Carson C. Cadogan

    Sorry to hear about this.

  4. Due Diligence

    This is from Barbados Today story at

    “Optimistic forecast
    Bob Verdun sees potential for growth in Barbados economy

    Attracting a mere two per cent of the more than 400,000 Canadians who retire annually to Barbados’ shores can lead to a rejuvenation of the local economy.

    Real estate development and marketing consultant, Robert “Bob” Verdun, had this optimistic forecast for the Barbados economy during an interview with Barbados TODAY.”

    Bob Verdun is a BS artist.

    He ran a small weekly newspaper in small-town Ontario, Canada, before he departed for the fair shores of Barbados, where he has portrayed himself as a Tourism expert, and real estate development and marketing consultant.

    He has no substance about him; but then he should fit in quite nicely.

    Comparing Barbados economy to London, New York and Rome?

    Utter rubbish.