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Cruise ships and their passengers: Asset or liability to Barbados?

Barbados Cruise

Cruise Ship family spends a total of $25 for a day in Barbados!

submitted by a reader who wishes to remain anonymous…

This article on the Royal Caribbean blog says it all when it comes down to the poor contribution of the cruise industry to the Barbados economy.

This family spent $25 for mum and dad each, kids free, and got an island tour, free water, beer and rum punch. They also enjoyed free wi-fi, free recharging of electronic devices, seating facilities in an air-conditioned office and probably bathroom facilities at the cruise port terminal.

They had breakfast on the ship before they went on the tour, went back to the ship for lunch, and stayed all afternoon on the ship, before having dinner in the evening, on the ship.

Barbados Cruise Ship

About the cruise terminal they had this to say:

“After getting back to the ship we walked through the shopping plaza at the pier.  Of course, it’s tourist trap stuff and given its lack of air conditioning, I can’t say it’s worth more than a walk through.  However, there is free WiFi provided there so I guess I can’t slam it too much.  If you happen to be there, go to the Barbados Tourism Office because it’s air conditioned, has the best WiFi signal and has chairs for you to sit down (and electricity to charge your devices).”

Where is the profit for the ordinary Bajan in this? We are happy to have visitors from all over the world come to Barbados, but the cruise ship passengers barely covered their costs for a day of pleasure, touring and entertainment in Barbados.

Where is the benefit to our economy? A few taxi fares to pay for a cruise ship terminal? Good Lord!

Jewel of the Seas Live Blog – Day 6 – Barbados

Today is our last port day and it’s always a bittersweet day for me (well, not as much as tomorrow will be) and we are in Barbados.

As per usual, up at 7am, in the Windjammer at 8am and off the ship at 9am.  The crowd at Windjammer at 8am versus 9am is incredibly different and 8am is much better.  I think I’ve said this in past cruise reports but I’d like to see more variety in breakfast.  Unlike lunch and dinner, the breakfast spread has been exactly the same every day.

We got off the ship a little before 9am for our tour we had booked with Tyronne Griffith tours, which was coordinated by people on Cruise Critic.  Because we all booked as a group on Cruise Critic, we were able to get the per person rate down to $25 per adult (kids free) and free water, beer and rum punch.

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