Trailer: A Handful of Dirt

Russell Watson’s A Handful of Dirt  revolves around a peaceful plot of land that threatens to tear a small family apart.
The film was awarded the ReelChoice Audience Award at the Reel World Film Festival in 2011 and was among the nominees for Best First Feature Narrative Director at the 2011 Pan African Film Festival  in Los Angeles.
From the film’s facebook site:
Archie Redman is a middle aged man chasing a fading dream. Obsessed with holding on to his failing hotel, he has sacrificed everything – his marriage lies broken, his son estranged and the bank is poised to foreclose. Ben, his bitter father, ignores his pleas for help, unable to forgive an act of betrayal committed twenty years ago over a parcel of hard-earned land.
Thousands of miles away, Archie’s son Jay struggles with mounting challenges of his own. He is stuck in immigration limbo, jobless in a cold and unforgiving city and involved in a demanding relationship.
Just as an unwelcome piece of news further complicates Jay’s situation, he is presented with an opportunity to resolve his problems, but to take it he must choose between securing his own future and repeating the sins of the past.


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5 responses to “Trailer: A Handful of Dirt

  1. I hope it can be shown in Barbados again. Is there any chance of that? The trailer looks interesting, intense and realistic at the same time.


    Beatrice Henry and Violet Beckels did not sell the land and the crook lawyers of the DLP AND BLP along with the SIR HAM AND SIR COW made up agreements between self and did as they please,
    police COP , XCJ Simmons and others including the Prime Ministers of Barbados and the Mof Chris the crook along with the UDC and the Crown head crooks lawyers ,,, Nice Movie , wait till the Violet Beckels movie comes out,

  3. Jack Bowman

    Dear BFP folks,

    Please satisfy my curiosity, if you so choose and if you have the time … I just want to know if I should even keep clicking on my bookmarked link to Barbados Free Press. For years, every day, BFP was required reading in my household, even on the rare but several occasions when I wholly disagreed with the views expressed.

    My curiosity centers on this question: do you have any plans, especially any short-term plans, to curb current trends in the comments sections of your blog?

    The follow-on question is: or will the BFP blog indefinitely become home to wing-nut racist tools like the learning-disabled dickhead who posted a comment immediately above this one? Granted, there’s the possibility that the dickhead is some agent provocateur, but the dickhead (while remaining free to express his views) still needs a public pasting from one of the approximately 6.99 billion people who are brighter than he is. And those 6.99 billion definitely include BFP writers.

    And the traditional second-follow-up is this: do you have any plans to stop your blog’s comments sections from being utterly dominated by the kind of mesmerizing but ludicrously limited discussion that I can find anywhere that whinging infants are trying to share out the toys in the sand-pit? News flash: the entire world does not revolve around various name-calling, one-agenda, insufferably rude toddlers who are somehow involved on different sides of ill-informed investment decisions.

    Please bring back the brave, steadfast, in-your-face (I got the BFP in-the-face response a couple of times, and I salute BFP for it), witty, charming, never dull, sometimes annoying but ever-cherishable Barbados Free Press. Please, if you can, bring it back. Bring back what was required reading in many households.

    Watching some toddlers insult other toddlers about the toys in the sand-pit is semi-interesting for a while, but it gets old very fast when there are serious questions to be asked about the political, economic and social development of Barbados.

    All best wishes to the BFP folks, with much erstwhile admiration,

  4. iabingy

    think of a handful of this.!

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